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  1. Dobbie stays on we have a chance.
  2. Hopefully hewitson too. Clown that he is
  3. AJ out and Hewitson out. Club is a shambles
  4. Banging the drum again. CHAIRMAN OUT. Just over 900 home fans today. Critical.
  5. Worrying this is why shortly crowds will be in the hundreds. Awful stuff
  6. The board are useless too... more than just the gaffer need binned.
  7. Head still in sand for a lot of fans too. Clubs rotten hewitson out. Few years in league 1 incoming maybe we can reset and start again.
  8. We are going down. 1point from last 15 available. Spineless. Hewitson out.
  9. Do you think we will stay up? Cant beat alloa and thistle will surely get their arse into gear soon. Once Dobbie we will be well and truly fucked.
  10. At home to ayr on my 30th. And i cba wasting my birrthday watching that pish.
  11. Clubs rotten. Just over 1k home fans today Home form last 2 seasons been guff,nearly went down in a centenary year with a striker that rattled in over 40 goals. Get hewitson out. Diehards losing the will to live every week.
  12. Cant wait to be pissing about in league 1 next season with 800 home gate crowds!
  13. Punt osman and brownlie. And hewitson this cant go on..crowds are awful now soon be in the 900s
  14. Superb. Some set of results today. Can we finally hit a consistent run of form? Big 2 games coming up
  15. Surely mccarthy? In the mould of scott robertson for us. Poor.
  16. Desperate for dumfries and galloway to not stink the place out and get alister jack oot. And hopefully mundell will get served up too.
  17. In typical Queens fashion wouldnt surprise me if we end up getting beat as thistle will want to bounce back. But hopefully we can carry todays performance through to next week.
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