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  1. Thats us oot then. We desperately need another winger, creative Cm and someone to help DObbs up top. How awful has Kidd been tonight. Dear god.
  2. Hopefully a creative attacking player. Probs be paton though.
  3. Like the way Pybus came across in his interview. Hopefully stays fit and could be important for us. And encouraging that AJ was talking about another 4 or 5 to come in.
  4. I hope the board have learned from that and try give AJ a fighting chance.
  5. Inverness and dundee away on a friday night. Would be raging if that was us.
  6. Hopefully another cm or 2 and ideally 2 more wide players.
  7. That would be a dissapointing signing. Need better than that out wide.
  8. Aye a power of cringe infiltrating this thread.
  9. Its a loss no doubt but thats been the only player leaving i have been bothered about. Trust AJ to get the required bodies and standard in for us. Not the end of the world.
  10. Would defo still keep marsh for a role like you suggest.
  11. Btts saturday is a given. Be surprised if we throw it away now but you never know.
  12. Healthy and vocal away support tonight. Hope Rovers still bring a few down on sat. Sorry to go all "Falkirk " here and get a crowdwank on the go.
  13. If the team plays like today we have a good chance. Need everyone at 100 percent.
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