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  1. Harkins the difference. Hopefully that gets mentioned every week this season. As i say a couple more new proven faces to come in and we will compete. Important to get the win today and we did. Gives us a good chance after other results.
  2. Great day. Happy with signings. As was suggested earlier in the thread, another winger and a striker would be ideal. Chuffes with the way the defence is looking now.
  3. Happy enough with Marshall back on board.
  4. Be realistic here. Can make the offer but he will be at a far bigger club than us come the start of season. Hopefully the club do have a few names up their sleeve though. And the centenary year can be one to be remembered.
  5. Shite that Joe Thomson has ended up at Dunfermline. And big Durnan. 2 players i had hoped we could somehow get.
  6. What a great group. Stranraer and Edinburgh away would be good but do the top seed not play the 2nd top seed at home. Clyde away would be pish.
  7. 5000 at home v Thistle. [emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Tasty effort. In definite agreement.
  9. Got to laugh at the attendance chat. How many do we take to livingston away?
  10. I fancy Inverness to be right up there next season. Should be stronger.
  11. First thing i would be doing if i was GN is trying to get Joe Thomson back.
  12. Brechin v Queens

    This would be ideal!