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  1. How much is it for saturday and i take it it will be just register, get password then buy game and view.
  2. Looking forward to saturday now think we are in with a great chance.
  3. Hopefully sick boy to get sent off next.
  4. Hardly. We will find out after tuesday whoever wins.
  5. Sorted ha ha paid for it twice. Used wrong email from paypal
  6. Logged in and paid this is all i get no camera to click on?
  7. Should have taken a leaf out of Albion Rovers book, offered the refunds and apologise unreservedly straight away. Or offer all fans that paid for it, the next league game beyween the two teams at Cappielow for free. Just a shame this will be the pish you boys have to put up with throughout the season.
  8. Think any signings now surely have to be defensive cover at lb/cb.
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