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  1. Definitely have to get tickets online there wont be a booth or anything to get them on day at ground?
  2. You have indeed been going to long. Lie down and refresh yourself for tommorrow.
  3. Nditi sign that boy up and Connolly. Unreal most games this season. Big Debayo a unit too.
  4. Yeah shows up as being in England. No idea why i am using wifi too. Job fucked if thats the case?
  5. Not letting me get to purchase the stream, im logged in but keeps coming up with the 5.99 or 59.99 passes or a redeem code ? No option to just click purchase 14 pounds stream?
  6. Probably need a win here to get going again we have deserved more points on the board. I'd like a horrible 1 nil win instead of a good performance that yields a point or no points.
  7. Pleaaese sign Nditi up to an extra year boy gonna be a player.
  8. Nditi was clear MOM dunno how gibson got it. Gutted but we move on
  9. Go into town centre plenty boozers, the imperial, hole i wa , the granary , dickies etc also down the sands the new bazaar is decent too.
  10. AJ trying for another forward too. Good to hear
  11. Tbf he was right to highlight the tinpot management by Caldwell.
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