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  1. Nope, not for me. This type of mess in the media where the club has to respond does not bode well for the future. Lets look elsewhere
  2. Nah not for me, White piping ruins it. Will wait a few weeks see if it grows on me if not I will hang on and see what the away top looks like when they release it. The away top is usually a few weeks after the home top is it not?
  3. I wonder if offering Scott Fox a contract would mean that Kelly is not coming back. Hope to god that Hastie is not the one or two loans they are talking about. I was hoping it was Kelly and Roberts
  4. Also dont think there will be many from the youth squad will be given a new contract either. Only rumour mill obviously and could be well wide of the mark but I don't believe GA thinks most of our youth team are good enough to progress and I expect a few will be in amongst the first team squad being released
  5. I really dont see a lot of these players staying and just because Alxander has one or two playing better. The vast majority appeared to have downed tools under the previous manager and that doesn't sit right with me, they could have got us relegated. I want the vast majority shown the door. I would get rid of the following:- Fox, Chapman, Dunne, Gallagher, Polworth, Semple, Cornelius, Foley, Long, Seedorf, Robinson, Nolan, Magloire, Hastie, Smith, Roberts I would try anything to get Kelly back and I really dont think Campbell and Cole will be here come the first day back My count that's 18 out the door and if I could think of more they would go as well. I assume that the manager will have his own players in mind come the new season and I do not think any of the above 18 will be there come the first day back although I hope Campbell and Cole stay
  6. Its interesting that we have not actually offered Cole a deal yet (despite what the Scotsman is saying) but Mugabi, Crawford and O'Donnell have all been offered new contracts and signed on. Same with Gallagher although to be fair I think the club maybe think its a foregone conclusion he is leaving anyway. I don't think Foley will be offered a contract on the basis of what the manager said previously about wanting players to be able to cope with 40-50 games a season. Unlike others I am still firmly in the belief we will see around 25 plus leaving at the end of the season between the First team and youth players.
  7. From Twitter it appears Declan Gallagher is having signing talks with the dons. Not fussed
  8. they might not be given a choice...14 other clubs meeting tomorrow and UEFA seem pissed off
  9. Nothing to do with the Saudis buying into the club in any way 🙄
  10. I would have no problems with Gallagher leaving either. Good first season but he has reverted and last night was, as he has been in many games this season a shadow of his former self. Don't know if he is buying into his own hype being in the Scotland squad but he never gets out of first gear anymore.
  11. Sorry but we never deserved to win that at all, travesty for Morton. If you can't muster effort for a cup tie you don't deserve to call yourself a professional footballer.
  12. I dont know if anyone can work out the stats but I have never seen us come back from an International break and win. We always, always start slowly. Even when we have been on fire before a break as soon as we come back it takes us 3 games to get back into it...I see this after every break by Motherwell
  13. OMFG is this shit being raised again, year after year it's proposed. What part of naw do these fuckwits not understand. Its bad enough having 2 bigot brothers without wanting to double it and move them to the lower leagues..
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