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  1. Don't we get all worked up about a MegaMcGinn move every window? Still it would be nice. I wish I was the sort of fan who could let it go during the close season...
  2. In some ways it's understandable that it's a young guy making the announcement and hopefully shattering the closet door - the younger generation are demanding the rights that should've been available all the time.
  3. Delighted with this extension as he is the only player on my 2017/18 Championship Winners mug still at the club.
  4. It's less about keeping the Unionists happy than the Kippers in England, Johnson (or maybe Cummings) read the polls in 2019 that said approx. 60% of Leavers would be happy to let NI & Scotland go if it secured Brexit - Johnson will fuck the Unionists again if&when it suits him.
  5. Apparently not - CRs legal team said their is no "smoking gun" and every time CR was forced to admit she "believed" RV was personally involved this was reinforced. A combination of the missing evidence and RVs agent being unfit to testify will IMO lead to Vardy winning the case.
  6. I've always thought the Dundee job is a poisoned chalice being the junior team within the city (bit like Everton) altho a bit worse in Dundee's case as they were top dogs within living memory. Is it any wonder in a season where both Hearts & Dundee Utd. finished Top6 & their rivals in Bottom6 both Hibs & Dundee sacked two managers? Mind you I remember making the same point about ManCity a decade or so ago.
  7. Even there I think the judge has got it wrong, I think the "ordinary reader" would understand the subtle difference between saying the leak came from RV & RVs account. Anyway although I have commented publicly on the case overall I'm not sure it's one I'd like my wife or servants to read about.
  8. What is the point in Wayne Rooney appearing in court - the case spins on whether you think Rebekah Vardy personally committed or authorized the leaks. IMO Colleen Rooney thought she had wriggle room by saying the leak came from "RVs account" however with the earlier ruling going against her on that count I reckon the judge will find in RVs favour.
  9. Well it's official Handsome Jim - we're prettier than your new girlfriend!
  10. As is BTO's You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet altho it actually has a happy ending.... And now I'm feeling better 'Cause I found out for sure She took me to her doctor And he told me of a cure
  11. Surprisingly as a bit of a Dick fanboy I didn't mind the Ford voiceover in the original release although I disliked the sunny ending (outtakes from Kubrik's The Shining) I wouldn't mind seeing this version again although I don't know if it is available.
  12. Fans of managerless clubs can breathe easy now. Scott Brown: Fleetwood Town appoint former Celtic and Scotland captain as head coach - BBC Sport
  13. Yeah but I'm sure it's been mentioned earlier in the thread that an earlier ruling means Rooney has to show it was Vardy herself who leaked the stories. Rooney's legal team accept they can't prove it was "Vardy personally" who leaked the stories so like I say it might be that a judge will find in Vardy's favour while I reckon a jury would certainly not after the last few days evidence.
  14. How does that help - the case is based on Rooney posting that she set Vardy up. Vardy's defence is that she was personally unaware of the leaks. Again Rooney is open about posting the accusation, the case hinges on whether Vardy's claim that it was her agent, Caroline Watt, who leaked the stories without Vardy's knowledge is believed. ****************** Is it a jury trial - a judge might be willing to accept that Rooney can't prove her case and find in favour of Vardy but a jury is unlikely to side with Vardy.
  15. Just one month Liz, just one month!
  16. Your getting you're eras mixed up - it was JR who signed the RossStewarts - Danny Lennon signed 4 from Alloa during the Summer of Beath but only one (McGregor) was a success although Gareth Wardlaw did score the goal that kept us up in 2010/11. Any romantic notions that Paul McQuade (born on the day we won the Scottish Cup against Dundee Utd.) would prove a lucky transfer were as wide of the mark as his few attempts on goal.
  17. ....or the time one of the fermers scored with a turkey!
  18. I think "GIRFUY to Goodwin" is putting it a bit strong more "prettier than your new girlfriend" but I do want us to finish as high up the division as possible and like you hope finishing in 8th place might win Robinson back some of the goodwill he lost during our most recent poor run. Whether the move to Aberdeen turns out to be a mistake or not for Goodwin as a football manager it was a risk he had to take.
  19. Probably the only point of interest in a match that is more likely to be a damp squib is whether Aberdeen can win and finish above us .
  20. Yup unfortunately after being promoted we had two traumatic summers 2018 (Stubbs) & 2019 (Kearney/Goodwin) and frankly I'm glad just to have survived those seasons without being relegated but the last two have been better if ultimately a bit disappointing. I reckon you've got to have a target and for us it's gotta be that elusive (for us anyway) Top6 finish and to succeed we'll probably have to finish above you - so next season yeah!
  21. Like a coupla the other guys I was on attempt 6 and waiting for that last letter to turn green - phew! Wordle 327 6/6
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