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  1. Yeah, I remember during the last GE campaign Gove saying during a BBC interview that the question was a "left-wing truth" but that he had a different (presumably better) truth, without bothering to provide it - debating society tactics. In a "post-truth world" Gove is as bad as any of them, a Johnson/Trump without the outrageous persona but just as big an ego.
  2. 1. Not an opinion that is universally shared. 2. Undoubtedly.
  3. Except it's not quite that simple... So overall it'll have little impact on the bulk of what we use and might even be more expensive if no Trade Deal is reached.
  4. A triumph from his time as Foreign Secretary raises it's ugly head again........
  5. It's believable just not acceptable.
  6. Yahoo saying Amy Cohen Barrett set to be confirmed as Supreme Court judge later today (or tomorrow depending on the time difference).
  7. When we do gain Independence I very much doubt that Scots will be welcome at englands political table. Sun headlines screaming in bold, ' Scotch foreigners voting on english laws' comes to mind. So all going well Goldie and the Blurt and all other Scots unelected arselickers in the HOL might not have a cosy job for life. Must've missed the first post which it true as far as it goes, but I agree with what Sandy says if&when independence happens I reckon it'll be game up for the Scottish members.
  8. For years I've said to friends & family in the North of England they'd be better better of being the South of Scotland - quite a few of them are coming round to this POV.
  9. Current status of the squad - Flynn, Mason, any new arrivals?
  10. On a more serious note, like others have said I think means testing of the state pension might be further up the agenda in the near future.
  11. The Taxpayers Alliance, a great bunch of lads! If I was one of Alex Wild's parents I'd be a bit worried he might be looking to get his inheritance sooner rather than later - watch out for that loose carpet on the stairs.
  12. He's probably on because he's played for 4 out of the 5 teams in the group (including Thistle ) the exception being Queen's Park.
  13. Erm, who knows - I'm more disappointed that it transpired on the last day of the window again 'cos the out-of-contract market is more hit than miss.
  14. I didn't until I read the article, apologies if that sounds sarcastic, to check the name of the Trophy (Simod) but the question remains - which squad?
  15. While we're clarifying the Brandon situation with Coventry, could we confirm when the second leg of the Simod cup will be played and with which squads 1987 or 2020? https://www.thesportsman.com/articles/forgotten-final-the-unfinished-story-of-the-1987-anglo-scottish-challenge
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