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  1. I never understood why Utd./Raith/Cove issued their separate challenge - if the SPFL position is upheld then they'd be covered if not then they'd surely be looking at the SPFL for compo to cover their expenses for preparing for the wrong division. Lord Clark obviously thought Hearts/Thistle had some grounds for action bur given that the SPFL were awarded 50% costs not to much - if I were a Hearts/Thistle fan I'd be preparing for, at best, a Phyrric victory from adjudication.
  2. On a lunchbreak - those documents won't reconfigure themselves.
  3. From JambosKickback I've not seen one yet, but I would like to see it. We need to know who these clubs are, so we,as a support, can arrange to further damage them finanically, in any way possible. Find out what other businesses their directors have and work out how we can negatively impact them as well. We can do so much more damage to these teams....more than they've already done to themselves.
  4. That's what's a bit sad - Uncle Roy was saying we could revisit reconstruction next season but there's no way successful businesswoman Anne Budge will still be up for it if Hertz get promoted next season.
  5. What I don't understand is why so many Hearts fans are confident of winning the case - I'm sure Doncaster & the SPFL will have sought legal advice and if they felt there was anything other than a remote prospect of SBAB/Hearts winning they'd have been telling the member clubs and getting them to vote for a reconstruction.
  6. It could all have been so different. even 1-0 would've done
  7. I'm pretty sure if the SPFL reckoned their was much chance of Hertz winning their case they'd have ensured reconstruction occurred
  8. If Hearts are successful in their case why would they get compensation surely it'd be costs plus reconstruction?
  9. I guess this is the day it'll all be sorted - unless it isn't!
  10. Hearts are £3M down and Saints will be trousering £50k of the "secret philanthropist's" money, all down to successful businesswoman Anne Budge's misreading of the situation - that's all that's been guaranteed so far.
  11. When they'll pursue their plan to expand the top flight to 14 clubs - for fairness sake!
  12. Interesting (or maybe not) to note from the DR article in the original post (March 17) that successful businesswoman Anne Budge was already threatening legal action to avoid relegation.
  13. Yeah but that was to save Hibs after your then chairman Wallace Mercer tried to buy them - relegation was suspended in order to save Hibs at that point when it seemed certain they would get relegated - that we subsequently went on a run of form to snatch bottom place is irrelevant apart from the LoLzzzz. I would still be happy for a 14 team top flight but it took successful businesswoman Anne Budge too long to realize that she just couldn't just bulldoze diddy clubs like us into a temporary reconstruction with no concessions - with us re-signing players and making offers to others it's kinda late in the day to vote for reconstruction, and the reduced budget that will accompany this.
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