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  1. Yeah I said something similar near the start of the thread almost two years ago, there's been plenty of time to prove he wasn't there, like others have suggested an out of court settlement beckons...
  2. I'm not normally a fan of selling off your best players but the big money these days seems to be for 17/18 years old like Hearts did a season or so back - however a couple of good performances in high profile games leading to a sale at the end of the season might be the best option for us in this case. Oh and just to avoid confusion it won't be to Hibs.
  3. No idea what's been said on Twitter but "I wasn't in the chair at the time" is a well used deflection routine - he was there to represent SMiSA.
  4. Don't see why people fear McGrath will take the huff, he'll be playing for his next contract which unfortunately won't be us. My bet is he'll go for a knockdown fee in January.
  5. At least that's one of the alliances formalized, just waiting for the Scottish Cons/Lab/Lib-Dems to hook up for a saucy threesome!
  6. That was actually US policy wrt Iraq at the time, to turn a blind eye to them bullying Kuwait into land/oil concessions to help refund Iraq after their war with Iran. It was only after the invasion of Kuwait that the US began to worry about Saudi Arabia being next! It's not ancient history, I remember it being discussed quite clearly at the time...
  7. I can't see looking after Baxter's interests if & when they come come under scrutiny at the HoL will be a "big job" and anyway it'll give her more incentive to pick up those attendance allowances - having said that I agree with the general points on RDs hypocrisy and the HoL being a money grabbing opportunity for ex-politicians.
  8. Francis "History is dead" Fukiyama, who declared this famous statement about the triumph of Western Capitalism upon the collapse of the USSR in the wake of it's own Afghan debacle has declared he might be wrong - a significant day for an old class warrior like myself. I don't agree with the "something had to be done" mantra, it was a bad decision by the US (and it's client states) to invade Afghanistan in 2001 just as international pressure was beginning to change the Taliban's initial belligerence, it was always more about restoring Dubya's image and his 2004 re-election prospects.
  9. Just the Taliban - not members of the UK Cabinet?
  10. Genuinely scary movie when I first saw it with Bob convincing as a quasi-religious psychopath who you just knew would let his left hand (HATE) take control when it mattered. Charles Laughton's only movie as a director - Southern Gothic at it's best. As for Mitchum his best work was in early noir movies my personal favourite being Out of the Past (Mitchum, Kirk Douglas & Jane Greer as the Femme Fatale) - he was just phoning it in by the 60s trading on his past work much like another Bob (De Niro) does these days.
  11. The original version of Alfie starring Michael Caine is on one of the minor SkyMovie channels at 9pm. Released in 1966 when the Pill was only available to married women and before abortion was legalized it dealt with the all too real consequences of sex in the 60s. It was remade in the 00s set in New York with Jude Law in the Caine role - I've never seen the remake but I doubt it could have the same impact as the original.
  12. Not seen much so far other than the Dundee game, have we just been on the wrong end of a coupla close results - a one goal defeat against Hearts & pens against Livi are not necessarily a reason to panic but then again narrow cup defeats and that late goal we lost to Hamilton to miss out on a Top6 spot took a lot of the gloss away from last season so we really need to stop these nearlies becoming routine before it becomes another backs to the wall season.
  13. Iranian influence is huge, too. Well yeah, that's another reason I find the US losing interest in Afghanistan once the initial phase of the war was over puzzling, Ida thought it would've been in US interests to have a stable friendly government in Kabul - it's almost as if they (the US) didn't have a clue what they should be trying to achieve by remaining there.
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