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  1. Disfunctional Brit family relocates to California. Can't wait for Harry & Meghan to record their version of Changes and show Ozzy who the real Prince of Darkness is.
  2. Stiff Person Syndrome - it's made me popular with the laydeez....
  3. Shane McGowan in hospital, the odds on Fairytale of NY being Xmas No. 1 are now substantially less than 18/1.
  4. I see Labour have taken in more money in political donations over the last few months than the Tories- meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  5. Ida thought a second chamber would be relatively easy to establish - same powers as current HoL, 300 members selected by PR of votes cast in Scotland, Wales, NI & English regions at GEs, simple to put in a manifesto. Main drawback would be the people chosen would be "party hacks" - same difference really. As I say easy to implement and you could have some sorta review after 10 years to see if it was working.
  6. George Galloway in the Daily Express Strange bedfellows....
  7. Take away Scotland's land mass and prob'ly more importantly territorial waters then most of what England (& Wales) would have left if us & NI left would be adjacent to the EU so their delusion of still being a world power would be gone. Oh and they'd have to move their nukes down south which'd probably be unpopular too. ...and I suppose there's still the issue of oil to be considered. Also, it's important to understand the Barnett Formula is not a gift it's an acknowledgement of the fact that government spending is skewed towards the SE of England.
  8. F'kin hell was just under 9 months since Emgland crawled to a 1-0 defeat against the West Indies.
  9. Shame. I still have my 125th anniversary top although some of the stitching has come loose, still after 20 years you can't complain.
  10. That Gerry Baker he was a waste of space too.... You got his autograph?
  11. OK, I'll go back on what I said in the last post. Tell me what you think is "good money" and if one of them goes for said sum then I'll admit I was wrong.
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