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  1. btb


    A week shy of 41 years since Bob Marley played two gigs at the Apollo - amazing to think that he didn't sellout the venue (Capacity 3,500ish) we bought our tickets on the night (Saturday) & the gig was half full at best,
  2. The are two bad aspects to Labour chasing Tory policy Nobody will really believe them so they won't win many votes from the Redwall Rednecks and will likely demotivate their core support leading to a net vote loss. It lets the Tories of scot-free to pursue even more spiteful policies which Labour are then liable to chase.
  3. I see we're now on version 3 of what BJ knew about Chris Pincher... Nothing Nothing Specific Knew about specific allegation but considered them already resolved Telling the truth at Stage 1 would have been easier, but as always his natural inclination to lie just adds to the confusion that is his government, probably the big question is will we go back to the old standards when he goes - I'd guess not!
  4. Are Morton our rivals (I s'pose you can have more than one) but currently I'd say our main rivals are St. Johnstone & the spurious question of who are the real Saints - it's us. Since going to Glasgow Tech in the early 80s I've always considered Thistle as rivals more than Morton but I'd also say that in the internet age geographic proximity is no longer the most important issue as back in the noughties I'd have said Falkirk were the team that used to irk Saints fans most - I for one take great glee in their current woes! Currently I am developing an unhealthy interest in ICT as the guy who now has the locker next to me at work supports them, which leads me to the big questiom - who are the best Jags in the land? *********** PS - Geordie Shaw & Doug Somner, I share the love!
  5. Turning into a bit of an obsession of mine but with Starmer about to make a speech saying Labour won't seek to rejoin the Single Market but will seek to "Make Brexit Work" another ToryLite policy you've got to repeat the opening question - what is the point of Labour?
  6. Things about to get even messier with Diane Abbott saying Boris is "rumoured to like assaulting women" on BBC radio.
  7. Like Ed Milliband's "Vow" back in 2014? Like I said there isn't an easy option for Labour but promising a second Indy referendum in Scotland after the next GE would offer Labour the best oportunity of winning said GE IMO with the downside being that it won't play well with people who probably aren't gonna vote Labour anyway
  8. If there's so little between Labour & Tory policy the why not? I'm not saying there's an easy solution for Labour to win back Scottish voters but a statement like todays means Ian Murray will again be their sole Scottish MP after the next GE - and I doubt it will secure many English votes. Lesson No. 1 should be "You can't out-Tory the Tories".
  9. I think there are less undecideds now, speaking anecotally I don't know many people who have changed their mind on the issue since 2014 so we'll be looking at shifting demographics to give YES a majority. My own opinion is that if NO was confident they would go for 2023 and try to campaign positively for the Union, that is if they have any positive arguments - all I hear from them is "we were promised it was once in a generation in 2014" and a repeat of the Project Fear claims. Will there be the same level of support from down south where the three big parties (plus David Bowie) were all singing from the same sheet and any dissenting voices kept quiet - I reckon not. That leaves us with the first rate mind of D Ross to defend the Union which does give me some confidence. I also go back to an episode of the Andrew Marr show where Brian Cox where he was pleading with Kier Starmer to convince him that he should reverse his decision to support Independence only to be disappointed.
  10. For me the Epstein side of the story was always the more interesting & relevant - in a career that screamed insider dealing right from the start he let himself become too high profile and paid the penalty but he was an outsider and thus easy to write off as a wrong 'un and be discarded. Also it's convenient to write off GM as a the sum of her relationships with her father and Epstein and ignore the bigger picture, like I said she fully deserves her sentence but I doubt procuring sex in return for inside knowledge of the financial markets has become a thing of the past. Prince Andrew is a minor royal (post William having children) and quite clearly a fool whose idea that he could just tell us how it was and we'd tug our forelock and accept it backfired - small potatoes!
  11. I don't think I am, she deserved the sentence she got, but I stand by my opinion that plenty rich white men who knew what was going on are walking away unpunished.
  12. I agree, Epstein clearly being filed away as a "wrong 'un", Maxwell ends up doing the long jail sentence and the rich white men walk away unpunished. If PA hadn't felt the need to reveal to us in the Newsnight interview that he didn't sweat etc. but instead had just kept his head down he'd prob'ly still have his position & titles and his mummy £12m richer. NB - I still reckon the £12M will be tucked away under Brenda's sundry expences and that we'll end up paying for it.
  13. I don't think it can be said often enough but I'll say it again "there will never be a right time for the opponents of IndyRef2". The other argument against IndyRef2 is that it is a distraction from "the day job" but so much of what could be done is affected by the issue that I consider it to be invalid. I'll throw this at any Labour & Lib-Dem voters out there in P&Bland - Despite there being little between the SNP & Labour & the Lib Dems in terms of economic & social policies the latter two have chosen to ally themselves with the Tories - it's clear who's "not getting on with the day job". ***************************** I went into the 14 Referendum thinking "probably YES" but the NO coampaign was essentially "we love you Scotland but if you leave we'll fuck you right up" made me a committed YES. We were sold a lemon on EU membership. The Vow was never implemented so I reckon enough has changed for a second vote to be a valid request - I would note that for NI 7 years is the required gap between referendums. but I'd be happy with a 20 year guarantee after a second one within just 9 years after the first, personally I think a second NO will kill off Indepence for good. I have been disappointed with the SNPs record over the last 3-4 years but set against the Tories party I think they win hands down - there's no good reason not to have a second IndyRef and if one is held I'm pretty sure I'll be voting YES again.
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