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  1. Out of curiosity what do Caley fans think of Robertson's new position? After Alan Stubbs left we had a set-up with Gus MacPherson brought in to focus on transfers and Oran Kearney on coaching but when Jim Goodwin arrived he seemed to want to make the decisions on transfers himself and eventually MacPherson moved on.
  2. Well this makes it clear... ...it's almost as if they're guessing!
  3. New allegations over BJs Caribbean holiday, that it's nominal value was worth twice the £15k declared at the time - oops sorry @Baxter Parp. I thought it was a bit shady at the time...
  4. The versions of Get Back & Let It Be on the original elpee are different from the singles which were both produced by George Martin and his production of Across The Universe was also released before the band broke up. The Beatles also released German language versions of She Loves You & I Wanna Hold Your Hand over there which are available on various compilation albums. ********************** There are so many different versions of Beatles recordings available now since the Anthology series was released back in the 90s and I usually buy them as Sir Paul obviously needs the money. although rumours were George Harrison needed the money at the time due to Handmade Films (Life of Brian etc) being mismanaged.
  5. After his stint at Killie he won't be short of offers for next season....
  6. On the one 🤚 it's an enda season jobby on the other ✋ I really, really want to finish above them - finishing 9th would be a disappointing way to end the season. I know there's other permutations but we can't influence what happens at Well...
  7. MacPherson (contracted to 2022) has an important season coming up at 22 he is no longer, in footballing terms, a youngster, Erhahon has just turned 20 so has a coupla seasons where I'm sure he will improve before we have to make a similar decision.
  8. It seems the government have been a bit careless with the details of their Freeport legislation - Ooops! UK freeports blunder as companies face export tariffs (yahoo.com)
  9. Society is fragmenting, the Public Sector aside the big unionised workplaces which provided Labour's core support for generations have gone and those in the gig economy don't seem to see the potential benefit in voting for Labour. As you've have pointed out it's becoming the of the well educated, socially liberal middle class - that's looking unlikely to be enough to win elections in the near future. I can't see Starmer repeating the Blair trick of winning from the right on a "more competet/no sleaze" ticket (baffles me) - New Labour also had two policies which chimed with people back in 97 - Educatiom x3 and Tough on Crime Tough on the Causes of Crime - Starmer has nothing yet. To recover Labour has to forge alliances of workers/supporters who will vote for it - that means supporting public services and appealing to younger voters who are finding it hard to get on the housing ladder and tapping into green politics which NIMBYs aside is left of centre, some form of Green/Red alliance - they're not gonna win by playing it safe. I say this as someone who hopes to view a Labour recovery down South from a newly independent Scotland.
  10. Big Gordon telling us what we want... Many Scots don’t want independence, but a more cooperative union | Gordon Brown | The Guardian
  11. You're the one who said "the entire debate about independence needs to be toned right down emotionally" with which I agree and then contradicted yourself by also saying "running around in kilts wielding claymores like it's still 1745" in the same post.
  12. Sorry if I misunderstood you but putting "efforts" in quotation marks would normally be construed as you thinking they were less than 100% - as for the remaining two games I'm not too bothered who plays.
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