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  1. Obviously and not even with hindsight Mackenzie's injury was the significant factor in the match although I'm not sure if he could have done anything about the first goal, what impressed me was the confidence Scott had, a quality that seems to be totally lacking from our creative players/strikers at present - how many times did we get into decent positions only to pass the ball backwards and lose any momentum we had? What more to say - the second goal was sloppy and effectively ended the game, the third even sloppier and if Well had wanted to boost their GD even more I feel they would have. *************** What next for Saints - we've got another five games this month and a paper-thin squad especially at the back, we can only hope we hang in there till the January window opens...
  2. I remember Neil from back in the '80's when he was The Times editor and a Thatcher groupie - I've never regarded him as politically neutral. I'd fancy Neil to pull his punches against Johnson - typical Paisley Grammar boy!
  3. Not much in it for the first half hour until the goal, a weak/non-existent challenge on the Hibs striker and a bad deflection cost us. For the next half hour we let the game drift, the balance looked wrong, outside off the box Obika held the ball up reasonably well but all too often received little support from midfield, Durmus in particular seemed to give up after the ref decided not to book Naismith after about 30 minutes while inside the box Obika looked like a 5 goal a season striker. A couple of yellow cards for Hibs at the start of the second half which on other nights could've been red ended up with woeful free kicks from us. Things perked up for us after Mullen came on and hit the post but as we pushed for the equalizer we were hit with a sucker punch. Hopefully the consolation goal from Morias will give him confidence in the weeks to come. Our substitutions came too late - mibbaes worth a point but mibbaes not! ******************* We have six games to play in December will and this may test our squad with Flynn, Magennis & Mullen all looking to have picked up knocks tonight - hoping to get to the transfer window in a position similar to where we are now.
  4. Epschtinegate - could it just be a case of a septuagenarian having a bad day with his falsers?
  5. I see the, erm, affair is starting to affect his relations with some of the charidee organizations he's associated with considering his role and sponsors pulling out (ooh err missus!). As one of the supposed reasons for the continued existence of the royal family being their extensive charidee "work" it can't be long before he is banished to one of the few remaining island outposts we still hold, maybe one in the Pacific that was used for nuclear testing back in the day - hot, hot, hot!
  6. For a royal I don't think that would be too difficult - he'd have staff to keep diaries of his activities and police security would surely be a matter of public record. For me the fact that he just can't come up with corroboration either from the "Henrietta's" who I assume would be happy to say "Yah Beatrice/Eugenie were there with their pops" or the security forces despite having six months to blow this particular allegation out of the water makes me inclined to disbelieve him - but maybe that's conformational bias.
  7. Nice to see on the Beeb news that Google are making money from the election by auctioning off our search details to interested parties (sic) - k£rching!
  8. It was all just a case of cyclists droop it seems...
  9. On the "you've been mugged" front I wonder if any of the 317 deselected Brexit party candidates who paid for the privilege of representing them at the GE will get their money back...
  10. November 2019 the time for the first movie - looking at pictures from smog-ridden Dehli maybe that would make a good setting for a remake.
  11. Report on Russian interference on the Brexit referendum pulled until after the GE. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/nov/04/no-10-blocks-russia-eu-referendum-report-until-after-election Coupla questions Does it really matter, do many people change their minds due to the targeted internet I assume was the focus of the investigation? Does anyone really think we don't do similar during other countries elections although no doubt on a smaller scale.
  12. Sinn Fein (!) & SDLP both to step down in 3 NI seats to avoid splitting the Remain vote, last week the Lib-Dems made agreements with the Greens & Plaid Cymru. Out of the Remain parties it seems only the SNP are "untouchables".
  13. I wondered if the Tories would have bundles of Ruthie leaflets lying about - embarrassing... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-50256180
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