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  1. Yeah while at school we did G&S operas and I was indeed a pirate although I had forgotten that aspect of the story. My Nanki-Poo was a sight to behold...
  2. If you had a Leap Year birthday on 29th February when would you celebrate it on ordinary years - February 28th or March 1st? I say February 28th would be premature so it'd have to be March 1st.
  3. Surely all those Cornish fishermen have spare time at the moment?
  4. Glad to get the last of 5 midweeks games out of the way and be in sixth position. Overall I reckon JG has "done good" considering towards the end we were down to twelve outfield players two of whom Flynn & McAllister aren't up to two full games a week at this level.
  5. I noticed that too. However I think he was only kept on as there was no-one to replace him. He was posted missing for most of the second half as he does not have the stamina to work for 90 mins even though he may be on the park for that length of time. My thoughts too, I also think Flynn must fall into a similar category, his sparing use since returning against Dundee Utd makes me think he's not up to two full games per week, the quicker we can hobble past these next three games the better.
  6. Given the injury situation I'm satisfied with that point. Maybe not the beautiful game, more of a white knuckle ride...
  7. 14 hours - I'd have thought someone would've lowered the tone of the thread by now....
  8. There's a simple solution which has already been proposed by ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan-Smith - raise the State pension age to 75.
  9. Single - Get it On by T-Rex Elpee - Slayed by Slade Still love those Glam riffs...
  10. Looking forward to the game as our current squad is good enough to face the OF with a bit more than a "backs to the wall" damage limitation outlook. Obviously they'll be favourites & you don't often get two victories in a row against either half of the cheeks but hopefully JG can get his tictacs right again and we can party like it's January 30th again!
  11. Boris to change the messenger, usually a sign of a losing cause, sometimes you just have to accept it's the message... Boris Johnson’s Scottish adviser for union ‘sacked following furious row’ (msn.com)
  12. The escalating hysteria of his post match comments that season still brings a smile to my face...🙂
  13. Spot the deliberate error in the Beebs coverage...
  14. He was let go while still in the womb, apparently his kicks were a bit feeble...
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