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  1. Cheers ...My free £5 is on 2-1 to Villa.
  2. What's the admission price for this...I maybe pop up.
  3. Free super tips selections on Twitter.
  4. Placed bet just after the red card for Partick...
  5. Nice start to the night.
  6. In this day of being environmentally friendly he's recycled [emoji16][emoji16][emoji16]
  7. Ignore the horse bet ran like a coo[emoji16]
  8. Seeing I'm up from earlier a cheeky wee fiver in-play..
  9. A wee sweat on but[emoji16]
  10. My favourite Correct score line....hopefully more to come.
  11. Must be an important game if it's on the betting sites
  12. If it's anything like the #NedSwe game they should be paying you to go [emoji3]
  13. £6....The fans weren't happy when lithgae charged £7 to get in to a cup game last season if I remember.
  14. Aye, but say it's £6 admission for Camelon etc.... then in the next above league it's £4 more. I was going to go to a Berwick game this season. But at a tenner they can ram it[emoji4]
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