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  1. A free £1 placepot with Tote here's my selections plus Bet365 have given some a free fiver bet on Goodwood today....
  2. Seen her at Carlisle Race's she's got a surprisingly good voice But she kept going on about putting the world to rights
  3. The more demand the more we'll charge you Plus £100 is bad enough for a ticket & my budget
  4. It's ridiculous what their getting away with.
  5. Won the lottery & still can't afford a Bruce Springsteen ticket #RobbingBS
  6. ITV reporting that tonight. Tories planning a Trump style dump of Tory peers into the Lords in an attempt to guarantee their legislation gets through. Shameful but far from surprising. The thing is they've no shame & the more people get that....the better chance of getting them out & tae Falkirk
  7. They've been doing it all their day's....Looking after themselves #OneRuleForThem
  8. These two memories came up on my timeline today
  9. Off to see Bryan Adams tonight at Floors castle & then Tears for fears on Friday with Allison Moyet. Lucky they were selling 2 for 1 tickets for both concerts
  10. There's more chance of me becoming Prime Minister than that arrogant twat of a man resigning #OneRuleForThem
  11. I've never bought off Groupon before is this easy enough to do & use?
  12. Don't know how they select who receives it but I'm one of there loyal losing customers, so it could be that
  13. Bet365 are giving you a £5 free bet at Haydock today.
  14. How many workplaces have their own nightclub... ffs. The country is on it's knee's & these c***s are out partying more than normal.
  15. It's actually you are ....but I'll let you off
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