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  1. Or auld & blind pair bugger ...I'll have a word with him
  2. I thought Rangers were going to go on an win it being 2-1 down but I'll take it [emoji4]
  3. There's going to be more goals in this but 1 will do for now.
  4. I was praying it would happen but never thought it would [emoji16]
  5. I thought that myself but the guy was on the committee & happy doing it for nought. Must have cost him a few bob though.
  6. Mind Sauchie used to do it a few years ago but I didn't think it would catch on[emoji40][emoji6]
  7. Been enticed with a matching £25 free bet & ....
  8. My free bet with ladbrokes. West Brom ffs[emoji16]
  9. I'm doing better with my free bets than using my own money
  10. I'm assuming you will pay £5 when your next up at Sauchie.
  11. Well I think £7/8 is to much for me. As for it doesn't surprise you about the difficulties some people are in ...obviously you haven't been in that position. Hopefully it never happens to you.
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