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  1. I thought Rangers were going to go on an win it being 2-1 down but I'll take it [emoji4]
  2. There's going to be more goals in this but 1 will do for now.
  3. I was praying it would happen but never thought it would [emoji16]
  4. I thought that myself but the guy was on the committee & happy doing it for nought. Must have cost him a few bob though.
  5. Mind Sauchie used to do it a few years ago but I didn't think it would catch on[emoji40][emoji6]
  6. Been enticed with a matching £25 free bet & ....
  7. My free bet with ladbrokes. West Brom ffs[emoji16]
  8. I'm doing better with my free bets than using my own money
  9. I'm assuming you will pay £5 when your next up at Sauchie.
  10. Well I think £7/8 is to much for me. As for it doesn't surprise you about the difficulties some people are in ...obviously you haven't been in that position. Hopefully it never happens to you.
  11. Obviously you are comfortable enough money wise BM. A pound or two is sometimes the difference between someone going to the football or not. It would surprise you how much financial difficulties some people are in at the moment.
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