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  1. I will say that big Mio remains one of my favourite ever players - so that pays for everything....
  2. Raging that Joe McLeod and mercurial* winger Paul Kinnaird didn't make the cut. Wee Jum must have had a great laugh when Tommy took all these roasters off his hands. *and by "Mercuriual", I mean the worst player I've ever seen.
  3. Apart from anything else - a lassie in her 20's coming out with 1970's Alf Garnett patter is fucking tragic.
  4. Yep - agree with all of the above - I'm just using them as examples of players that were really good/first name on the teamsheet types for us going on to be substitutes/squad meat in other leagues - it must just be well paid boredom and as @YassinMoutaouakil says, must be mentally quite hard.
  5. Quite a few of us told Dons supporters that they weren't getting the version of Big Dec that got him his call up and our POTY/Captaincy and that's proven to be right - I'm honestly surprised Aberdeen signed him given the abysmal season he'd had (and that's why I'm always sceptical when folk say that its "all about the data these days"). It must be quite a come down from striding about Fir Park like he's the big man to warming the bench for an Aberdeen team that can't keep a clean sheet to save themselves.
  6. I don't really do the schadenfreude thing as a rule - I only reserve that for folk that think Motherwell is beneath them and act like a dick (Hi Deccy, hiya pal) - but it must be weird for actually good players who make moves to a higher level and encounter the football equivalent of the Peter Principle where they rise to a level where they are no longer good enough to do what they are there to do (ie - play fitba every Saturday). Cedric, Cole, Gillespie, Campbell, etc will all be getting paid a ton more to be at a higher level club/league but don't actually do anything other than train during the week or a few minutes on the park here and there. I know the standard viewpoint is "it's a nice problem to have", "football's a short career", etc - but it still must be a bit shite for them.
  7. I just felt everything was a bit flat - our support were louder against Aberdeen and Dundee than they were on Saturday (and it felt like there were less there but that might not have been true). The team just didn't seem as up for it as they had been - it was pretty weird all round. The team line-up also had the hallmarks of a manager that had too much time to think about it over the international break. Individually, I suppose you can justify every change (KVV has been relatively poor in a wide role that he isn't suited to, the midfield has been crying out for something different and before Saturday, McGinley hasn't been too bad since Carrol's daft red card) - but adding all that together led to a weaker team and a departure from what has been working...
  8. See that bit on Saturday when Collum was off injured and we all stood about for 5 minutes with nothing happening while the game was broken up and the crowd got quieter - having that on a regular basis while folk in a portakabin look at video replays just doesn't appeal to me.
  9. TBH - I like the period from now until the late spring when the number of people (and therefore the small percentage of arseholes that do this stuff) reduces massively.
  10. Aye - view from the East stand it moved a huge amount.
  11. Really flat game today I thought - we didn't deserve anything out of it and other than the first 15 mins, Celtic strolled it really. The team line-up was a surprise and I don' think it really worked at all. For the first goal, Slattery didn't get the foul he's been getting every week from every referee and it left us exposed - looked a good finish from where I was. Turnbull's goal was as good as it was inevitable. When you think of the penalties we've had against us this season, it's a sore yin to see us getting nothing out of what looked a clear penalty (not seen a replay). I think I prefer the 6 bookings a game, kick fucking everything version of us - didn't fancy that today.
  12. I would normally be nodding along with @Desp and thinking that we'll get turned over as people seem to be expecting us to actaully win today - but f**k it - I think we're well capable of taking something. Biggest unknown is who is going to be on the end of the Willie Collum decision that he makes so quickly that the incident hasn't actually happened yet.
  13. That McCall stuff has ruined my Friday night. A view from the Terrace better be fucking good
  14. Quite right too - we don't want bottom 6 games showing the league up - sensible choice by ESPN 8 - The Ocho or whoever is screening it.
  15. Interesting that Lamie's been doing the media round - not normally something that is put on someone who will be warming the bench on the Saturday - but who knows...
  16. Yep - oddly, the thing he is most famous for would be f**k-all to do with him getting into the HoF- dragging some shite 'Well teams to safety would get him that. Personally, I would have him in there just for his performance in midfield at Ibrox in the playoff 1st leg.
  17. Certainly if you were looking for a 21st century candidate for the Hall of Fame - McDonald should arguably have been very near the head of the queue. I can also guarantee that there isn't a player that would give less of a f**k about it - he would probably grudgingly acknowledge it 3 weeks later, with a 6 word tweet, written by someone else.
  18. Shame - I hear that Linfield are interested in his credentials..
  19. Bit of an uninviting forecast this weekend but as I was able to get some hill time, I headed for Speyside where I thought the best chance of a decent day would be. I wanted to do Ben Rinnes but that's a really long way for me to go for a short walk - so I decided to make it a twofer and do Corryhabbie Hill as well as it would be another walk that I'd struggle to justify on its own. I drove up last night after watching the Scotland game and did a car kip so I could start early. I was walking just as it got light and watched the sun come up from the shoulder of the hill I I assume that Ben Rinnes is the Moray version of Tinto - a bit of a take the family out for a sunday walk kind of deal, given the motorway path all the way to the top. It was pretty cold in the wind, which was a shock to the system after this summer and autumn so far. I might be becoming an alky as I had a weird craving for a dram even though it was 08:30, not sure why.... Anyway - views were nice and I was back a the car at 9:15am, which was er, a bit odd.. I drove 10 mins to the start of the Corryhabbie walk (where the f**k are you meant to park for this one?) and headed off for walk 2. In truth, it was a massively dull trudge (didn't even take any pictures) - not much to recommend it really other than a decent long view of the Cairngorms from the top. I didn't hang about and was finished this one by 1pm, which allowed me to get home at a decent time. Knocked it off with the weather, so not a bad a day at all..
  20. Aye - I liked Ramsey when he played against us - looked a player, dived all over the place, took pelters from the East Stand and gave it back. Liked his style.
  21. This is it for me. A goal in football has "rarity value" more than in practically any other sport - much as we all like a nice pass or seeing a mental midfielder halfing the opponents best player - it's really all about that moment when teams score. That moment might win you a cup, save you from relegation or humiliate your biggest rivals - and these very rare "big" goals and the memory of them can keep you going for years. If you f**k with the good stuff, the game becomes a lesser thing - less interesting, less memorable and less fun. Decisions being 100% "correct" has never been a feature of football - VAR doesn't deliver on that anyway - and I think the assumption that trying to achieve that automatically makes football better simply isn't proven (and the evidence so far could well point to the opposite)
  22. I was saying at the game that at times, you need to step back and admire how much Mugabe has improved as a player since he first came in. If we hadn't brought Solholm in - I would be quite content with Ojala and Bevis as our first choice pairing (and I couldn't imagine saying that before) I think this is always a problem for players with long term layoffs - they seem to suffer from strains and knocks for ages while they re-adjust.
  23. For me, McDiarmid and Ibrox have always been a black hole as far as a data signal goes (on O2) - most others are more or less fine apart from congestion at half time. I think one of the design characteristics of 5G is more, smaller cells that can be installed where there is concentrated demand, rather than big towers that we rely on a lot still - so maybe this is something that will improve over the next few years.
  24. I don't think there is any need to over react to today. If you give away a daft penalty in the 2nd minute against a team with confidence and a decent bit of quality - it's a mountain to climb. I think basically our most reliable player had a bit of an off day, which has been really rare but meant that we had no real chance to get back. I think we are competitive this season, our squad is so much better than it has been of late and we've had one of our best starts to the league in years and better 'Well teams than this have taken bigger doings at Tynecastle over the years. I thought midfield was tough today and highlighted that we haven't quite got that sorted in the way that I think we have with defence and up front. Talking of upfront, I'm coming to the opinion that KVV is a bit wasted in that wider role. I get the Tony Watt has 100% earned the right to get that central role that all strikers want but I think he is more suited to playing the wide role than the bold Kevin and that might be a tough decision for GA going forward.
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