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  1. I think Obika would be the choice - From the limited amount I've seen of him, Mandron looks like he would be the KVV role in the partnership. Obika seems to be quite unique in our squad as he is there to hold the ball up and bring others in. Efford was thriving in a system that we haven't been playing since Hammell went - so I'm not sure where he fits currently.
  2. I think VAR unites (to the extent that could ever be possible) match-going supporters as it has made the experience of going to a game worse with very little appreciable benefit. The main reason that clubs or the governing bodies didn't meaningfully consult on VAR was because they knew what the feedback was likely to be. The single worse thing about VAR generally is that it has conditioned (some) people into thinking football works on objective decision making when that has simply never been the case.
  3. I think Van Veen is a (the most?) popular player amongst supporters - I think we can read too much into on-line stuff. I think KVV's "attitude" stuff actually comes mostly from last season - where he was played wide when Watt was having his goal scoring aberration - he was probably justifiably pissed off that he signed to be our number 9 and suddenly wasn't. This season, it feels like he's picked up way less daft bookings and to my eyes, has worked his arse off at times that the team was creating absolutely f**k all for him and have been chucking them in at the other end. I think we have genuinely been spoiled by having so many high scoring forwards over the years - we have managed that as consistently as any non-OF team in the league and I'd assume that most clubs in the league would have KVV if offered. I think playing with two up is the Motherwell Way and should be a contractual obligation of any new manager.
  4. The state of someone doing a public apology thread on twitter like they're a government minister owning up to an affair
  5. A lot of it is to do with the time in your life games happened - I'd guess that most of us will have a bias to when we were younger*. Being as objective as it's possible to be as a football supporter (ie - not very) - there are certain teams/era's that were just better than others - and that early-mid 90's period was hard to top, despite other teams coming close. I'd have no problem with someone younger than me arguing that McGhee's first team was every bit as good, ditto McCall's best team as they were great times to be a Motherwell supporter. *That said, I get quite nostalgic for the Thunderdome team and that was only a few years back.
  6. I'm pathetically desperate for us to sign him - if he'd scored from that today it would be up there with Krivocapic vs Hibs back in the mists of time.
  7. I said as much at the time - but I expected it to go into the far top corner. As bad as his part in it was, I think the frustration of the free kick shouldn't all be put onto Kelly BTW - it was a stupid one to give away and extra frustrating because Rangers had created f**k all up until that point, even if they were in the ascendency.
  8. It's a small thing - but at least we made a reasonably competitive game of it today - I walked out not too bothered by that loss (and no real damage to our goal difference). If Kelly was an outfield player, we'd all be expecting him benched for a few weeks but really we've got no idea what the other guy is like. Without the benefit of seeing it again, the equaliser from the freekick looked terrible and his general kicking and handling has been gash for months. Slattery looked vaguely out his depth all day and I've got no idea if he really did elbow that cheating bastart - but an early booking for him was always likely to end up one way. If we're serious about Miller, let's get him in at Slattery's expense.
  9. Given that the Butcher/Casey/McGinn thing has pretty much been an unqualified success so far, I'm paranoid about us changing it in any way unless we are forced to. It will likely be tested to destruction tomorrow, but it has definitely been effective against every non-OF we've played and so even if we get pumped by Rangers, I'd hate to see a knee-jerk reaction to that.
  10. When I started going as a young boy - they got the entire ground apart from about a quarter of the shed. There was no segregation on our side of the fence - so it was pretty intimidating in a 20k+ crowd.
  11. The first wins over the OF that I saw were late 80's (the Richard Gough OG game at Fir Park and the Bobby Russell Shimmy King game at Parkhead) - it was the point where the club first went from hanging on trying not to relegated to building something good under Tommy McClean. From the point that Cooper arrived (I still think he was the most important signing we made in my time watching us), the mentality completely changed playing against them to the point that in the 90's, you were turning up at Parkhead and Ibrox expecting to take something - and Fir Park really was a difficult place to go (and the fact that Dougie Arnott genuinely gave international defenders the absolute fear was one of the most enjoyable things in my whole time watching us). I think the worst thing about our recent games against them is the overwhelming sense of apathy that goes around them. In the 90's, a midweek league cup tie against Celtic would have been a great atmosphere and a hard game for them but this season, a smaller home crowd than you'd get against Ross County turned up, sat in silence while Celtic strolled about without being unduly hassled by a Motherwell player and got an utterly routine win - for a supporter it literally wasn't worth being there. In unapologetic Yer Da mode - I'd genuinely be happy if we just attempted to make Rangers as uncomfortable as we did with Hearts a few weeks back. If that means being physical and kicking them all over the place, so much the better TBH. They will be too good for us and will win but trying to change the mentality around these games where they actually need to work for the win would be a big change for the better.
  12. Was at every one of those and it's no surprise that for me 90's Motherwell was the best Motherwell.
  13. Articles in the Record about big clubs hoovering up the best Scottish talent incoming.
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