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  1. Did you use paypal? I think you can get refunded in these sort of situations (or at least I did but it was years ago and their T&Cs are maybe different now)
  2. I'd be wary of rogue stewards enforcing it off their own back - I'm taking my credentials
  3. I think there is a level of safety going for the ancient/vintage kits, which were basically an amber jersey with a claret hoop - but there is probably still some commercial value in the retro stuff, especially as clubs like ours "re-imagine" them all the time (and the companies that made them as still in the business of making strips today)
  4. Was this one that posted the 94 away shirt on this thread somewhere or something else?
  5. It's good to see Hearts complain as I think the only complaint that is valid is from the affected team (we didn't complain when it was us, so we are only along for the ride here). The problem with the complaint though is twofold - firstly, I think they changed the rules, so Rangers and Celtic aren't actually in breach of anything as long as they can justify it as "COVID" (which will be easy for them to do). Related to that, the governing bodies will have zero stomach for getting into a fight with the OF about this, so absolutely f**k-all will happen. I think there should be a fairness principle where there should be a guaranteed away support regardless if it inconveniences a small number of home supporters. I don't buy the fact that Rangers or Celtic couldn't find a seat for a few hundred displaced home supporters in amongst the comps and other non-paying people that will be taking up a seat at Ibrox or Parkhead on normal matchdays - so they are at it basically. It's been interesting to watch penalty claims for Watt at Ibrox and the Utd player at Parkhead at the weekend played out to a deathly silence where a shout would otherwise have been. Watt's was slightly more arguable (but still a clear penalty) but does anyone think if a Celtic player went down under the challenge that was waived away that no penalty would be given? Referees are already heavily influenced at Ibrox and Parkhead, this just completes it.
  6. If there was no control in place, every single team in the league would be at it. A striker going down with "concussion" and replaced with a defender would be useful in some circumstances. I don't know anything about this law, so might be miles out but it must be open to abuse...
  7. I assumed (probably wrongly) that if you used the concussion sub route, then you automatically miss out if there is a game within a set period. Otherwise, as you point out, there will be a shit load of concussions in tight games this year.
  8. I think anyone that has played for Thistle, Livi and Motherwell probably (fucking definitely) knows how the vast majority of supporters of these types of clubs feel about the OF and all the shite that goes with them. You are employed by clubs who are supported by families that explicitly rejected the easy path in the West of Scotland and so choosing to be part of Staunch Twitter means he is too thick to get that or doesn't care (or both). There will have been countless players down the years (including ones that we all saw as heroes) that were supporters of either side and they had the professionalism not to let it matter.
  9. To be on the points we are after trips to Ibrox, McDiarmid & Livi (places we tend to get nowt) as well as having Aberdeen and Hibs at home is good in any season. I guess you can argue that a lot of the teams we have played weren't on great form but that's not something that is really considered when we look at other teams' points totals. If we can come away with something on Saturday, I think it would rival the result at Ibrox in some respects but our record at Tynecastle isn't too bad over the past few years..
  10. I think if Hearts attack like they did at the weekend (as far as I saw in the highlights), it will be difficult but I'd hope we'd make it harder for them than a knackered Livi team did (it was interesting to hear Robbie Neilson reference that in his interview after the game) On Ricki Lamie - I'll maybe whisper this, but he hasn't let us down at all this season and played pretty well on Saturday. I think having Ojala next to him helps a lot and for a game like this, I'd rather have a fully fit Lamie than a half fit Sol or Bevis. There I've said it.
  11. Tough one as Hearts are going really well but it seems to be the sort of game that this 'Well team is set up for. We haven't been conceding many (I think only Hibs have scored more than once against us in the league and that was before we bought our culturally Scandinavian defence) and have been really clinical at the other end - so I'm hopeful we can make this a close game. We probably need some Hearts supporters to do a St Johnstone and remind us how shite/what a wage thief Tony Watt really is
  12. get him behind George Newell or whoever our 10th choice forward is at the moment
  13. I really think more needs to be made of Lamie's pass yesterday - utter filth and unbelievable in every sense of the word (and directly responsible for keeping the good stuff happening)
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