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  1. Me when Tony works his ticket at Utd and is available in January
  2. Just as well it was after - shouting "get it up ye, ya bearded tit" during a wedding ceremony is usually frowned on.
  3. I think the most important thing for us all to get our heads around is what a successful season looks like under Hammy. Normally, I judge it against our peer clubs (and the ones that are a bit smaller than us) - if we finish ahead of them - good, if we finish ahead of some larger budget clubs too - great. This season, we're obviously starting from a far lower point than last season's league finish indicates. We're realistically a team trying to shake off relegation form (and performances) and expectations should be calibrated to that. I think this season is about staying in the league and actually making some visible progress in changing the style to something more entertaining and actually implementing a more medium term plan rather than a season by season rollercoaster reactive mess that we've become. I joked a few months ago that last season's angry football purists will instantly change to this season's angry "results are all that matter" pragmatists - and I think that is still a risk. It's easy to say that we all want good football - but will the majority accept that if we're sitting 9th or 10th for prolonged periods? (There are folk in our support that are perma-raging for their own reasons and hate everything regardless (or shout "get it up the fuckin park!" after 3 passes, before presumably giving pelters to the club twitter account about entertainment) - there is nothing to be done there) The last time we played good football - the brief Young Motherwell period was brilliant fun during a mediocre bottom 6 finish - so it is possible. TL;DR: Sign Gboly.
  4. I think this is spot on - except this season was - explicitly - not meant to be that as we supposedly built the team last season so we could be up and running with only a small number of ins-and-outs. Surely got to be one of the most frustrating things amongst the wreckage of GA's time.
  5. One other point - lots of us (probably me included although I can't honestly remember) had reservations about 'Flow getting his job at time as it seemed like a "lazy/cheap option" - but I think these were proved massively wrong and having someone that is so tuned into the club has been a massive plus in his time so far. The upside of Hammy being appointed is that no modern manager of ours will have been so much immersed in the club and interested in more than just the short term/first team (which feels like another very thinly veiled criticism of GA).
  6. All of our managerial appointments end in tears - it comes down to what happens in between.
  7. There will never have been a Motherwell manager who I want to succeed more - and I think he'll get more patience than most - but I still stick to my principal that no-one should be getting their first gig at a club like ours.
  8. Exactly - I would imagine we could 100% rule out anyone with any sort of OF connection (that's why we know it's not Lambert, Ferguson, Thomson) - there is literally no chance that would be kept secret, never mind one of the highest profile Celtic people.
  9. If we are going to appoint someone today (or even tomorrow) - the lack of ITK or the fact that hacks seemingly don't have a clue at this very late stage is interesting. [baseless speculation] If it was Simo, something would have leaked from Finland - if it was Hammy or another well known Scottish fitba person, it would have been known to the hacks here. I'm going mystery box 3 - someone that has not been involved in Scottish Football before [/baseless speculation]
  10. I tend to have a close season for hillwalking in late June and all of July because of holidays and family stuff - so I decided to start the new season with a bang and finally do something that's been bugging me for 20 years. The Cobbler was the first hill I ever climbed but at that stage, I had no idea I would end up getting into this as a hobby and so I took one look at Threading the Needle and said "err, no". 400+ hills later, it remained as the only technically "difficult" summit I still had to do - so when I saw the forecast for this week (and the nice dry rock that would result), I decided to finish work early and go for an evening walk to avoid the mad crowds (the main reason I haven't been back). I headed off from Succoth at about 6pm, said hello to about 100 people on their way down the zigzags of doom and was soon up at the Narnian boulders enjoying the perfect weather (light breeze, no midges). I don't get to walk on many motorway paths all the way to the summit now and I made good, sweaty time - and was up on top not much more than an hour and a quarter after leaving the car. First time looking at the dreaded needle for a long time I would have the summit to myself, which was a massive bonus - but there were two guys about to head down that offered to hang about and take a picture of me on top - so that was me committed There is a lot of hype about this but when I climbed through the window in the rock, the ledge was wide enough that the exposure was a lot less than other stuff I've done - and the two scrambling moves were straightforward and not that exposed. The only part of the whole thing that was both exposed and CERTAIN DEATH if you came off was a little saddle that you climbed over once you were on the summit pinnacle - but even that was technically straightforward. Short story - if you've got any sort of head for heights, it's very do-able. Obligatory evidence photo I climbed down, got my phone back and felt confident enough to go back up and take some photos. the down-climbs were the part I was interested in before but for a 6ft person, they were easy and I never felt any exposure. I hung about at the summit for a while enjoying the peace and warm rock and then wandered off in the (vain) hope of getting any edible food in Arrochar after 8:30pm. Oh, and there is always someone that puts your minor scrambling adventure in perspective - b*****d.
  11. This one looks so hilariously one-sided that I'm almost (but not really) expecting a shock result and an early season derailment of the Aberdeen Hype Train. The sad thing is, the current Motherwell team couldn't even go out and kick Aberdeen up and down the park effectively for 45 mins - an (enjoyable) tactic that worked well last season at Pittodrie - they seem a pretty meek bunch this year.
  12. It’s the best “take a beginner” walk in Munro world - if you do the ridge, it pretty much covers everything they’ll be doing for the next couple of years as they build their experience.
  13. I think it would be bizarre if we tried to get Malky the racist - especially as it was mentioned at the AGM how central to the future direction the whole “ethical community club” thing was in terms of reaching beyond our current fan base. This is hard for me to say but I’d rather have Alex McLeish back (and hand him a big transfer budget) than Malky McKay.
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