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  1. Atmospheric day in the Highlands today - I had a last day of holiday to take, so went for a midweek bonus walk and did a couple of Corbetts in Glen Orchy. I always forget how great an area this is - the views today contained some of my favourite hills - Cruachan Horseshoe, Black Corries, Ben Lui, Ben More/Stob Binnein (looking particularly nice) and a great view down to Bridge of Orchy and beyond.
  2. Yep - I think it needed a Don Goodman equaliser to take it to a replay - that was then called off 30 mins before kickoff at Fir Park. A bit of an epic.
  3. I remember Goram taking a goal kick and it ended up behind him
  4. Yaaaas! Was there for the last ones - I think the only game I've been at that was abandoned for high winds. That's a proper draw for a change.
  5. Late to this but I don't care that this was in a run of the mill league game against newly promoted jobbers - if you want to see what that team was about - it's the best example. Also would be at/near the top of my list. Instead of the big meaningful goals - here is my Run-of-the-mill league game favourites that I saw live: 1) Bobby Russell Shimmy King - first time I saw us win at Parkhead and a fucking delicious last minute winner to do it 2) Easter Rd for Coyne's 2nd ever goal for Motherwell (he'd just scored his first) in a loss 3) Easter Rd again a few months later for Mio's all time classic break and celebration 4) Ojamma vs Celtic - looks like a goal from a higher level than us 5) Ross Forbes vs St Johnstone - video quality is honkin, goal isn't. 6) Chris Humphrey against Utd - didn't get enough attention as it was a low key midweek game 7) Seedorf Vs Hearts
  6. I see there is the hillwalking equivalent of culture wars happening - albeit in a very small way. The guy who jointly defined the list of Grahams (hills between 2000 and 2500 feet that includes stuff like Stac Pollaidh, Suilven and Tinto) has unilaterally decided to turn "his" list Metric - so it's now 600m instead of 2000ft(610m) which means that 12 new hills are on the list as of yesterday. Amusingly, Walkhighlands still uses the imperial list and now calls them "Fionas" after the other person who defined the original list in the 90's (because the guy is asserting copyright on his list). I'm sure people will get massively bent out of shape about this but outside of a few very popular ones like I just mentioned, these are the least popular category of "big" mountain - most are only climbed by hill bagging fanatics* (I think only a couple of hundred people have done them all as opposed to 7000+ who have done the Munros) and so this will affect a tiny number of people. *I'll admit that I climbed the two least visited Grahams during this mad expedition a couple of years back
  7. Don't underestimate how long it takes to get to Tob from Ben More - doesn't look long on the map, but based on long experience (my Mrs is from Mull), it takes forever. Garbh Bheinn is on my Nice Day list. Also - Benjamin Nevis?
  8. I don't post every walk I do on here as a lot of stuff you do when you're trying to do a round of hills (Corbetts in my case), you end up doing some pretty dull hills and/or walking in atrocious weather. Yesterday was both of those - in Glen Roy, there are three hills next to each other all called Carn Dearg and I was doing 2 of those. November is the worst month of the year for walking IMO (limited daylight, autumn colours finished, everything is a bog) - so I tend to do hills that I wouldn't do at other times of the year. Yesterday's walk started with the clouds literally down to the car, so it was 20m visibility on the hill and nothing more than navigation practice, until on the 2nd summit, the sun suddenly appeared hazily behind me and things cleared in a nice way. The only reason I mention all this is because I then saw 1 thing which I see very occasionally but it's still rare - a (really good) Brockenspectre - and one thing that I've never seen - a (hazy) Fog Bow. Dull walk was suddenly worthwhile (wouldn't recommend anyone do these though)
  9. I'll just be happy if we've got an excuse to say #bitored again - thought those days were gone.
  10. Some might see "interceptions" - when I see three Motherwell players in there, I'm reading that as "last ditch tackles".
  11. McGinley is the weirdest one - I don't think the nature of his injury has ever been mentioned to the best of my knowledge (happy to be corrected on that by someone more attentive/ITK than me) and normally with very long term ones, we at least know roughly what the issue is. In any case, losing Penney after a short spell will be a sore one and not something that a fit again McGinely is really going to compensate for.
  12. I assumed that Kelly would go in Jan or the summer and the boy they signed under cover of darkness in the Summer was here to be his replacement...
  13. We must be the most open team in the league - and we've gone from being the polar opposite under GA in a very short space of time. I've been watching some parts of games through my fingers over the past couple of months but I still can't honestly say if it's by accident or design that we have conceded relatively few goals despite being on a fairly dire run of results. Despite having very little defensive capability in midfield - we are not getting pumped by anyone, even though the goals that we do end up conceding are fucking dire. Confused.
  14. Not much to pick out of that - I'm still reeling from the bizarrely long remembrance session (I'm not sure it needed a speech, some wreath laying, two stone cold classics on the bugle and a bagpipe solo TBH). If the game had been VAR heavy, we'd still be there. I'm always happy with a point on the road - so would take todays result anytime but the lack of wins is obviously hurting us. Kelly looked bad for the goal - not quite a Craig Samson effort but in the same category. Our goal was a pleasant surprise more than anything else as we didn't look threatening at any point after Saints scored. 2nd half was a little better - a bit more composure and we could have scored again. Moult making 90 mins was an unexpected bonus, even if he was burst after 60 - he showed a couple of classy moments but still isn't as sharp as he would be if he had been playing lots (understandable). Glad just to make it to the break - hopefully it's not much time off and lot of work on the training ground as we really need it.
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