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  1. I like a naan with roughly the dimensions of a double duvet - the rest of the curry is basically secondary (but necessary) . I used to live across the road from the Raj down the Shore in Leith (don't think it still exists) and they used to do a fucking king size naan that required it's own carrier bag. Oh - and Garlic naan with a normal curry, like a peshwari with something hot.
  2. They'd always have The Biscuit Game to fall back on.
  3. Literally the only reason I'm in favour of allowing bevvy at the game is because Rugby are allowed it - and it's a boast that I'd love to deny to the wax jacket/salmon pink jumbo cord wearing, 2 games a year brigade.
  4. Our tactic should be to let Cadden batter up and down the wing until his heart's content and let him cross it unimpeded. Then once the ball has drifted harmlessly out of play, we'll have possession. Can't fail.
  5. If that one had nicked in off the post late on, it would have been a perfect Wednesday performance. Unfortunately, we've got a Saturday to put up with next
  6. I know what you're saying - but if there are 2 players of similar ability and one is a product of our youth team and one is a loanee/short term signing, I'm unapologetically going to prefer the youth team player. We've been well served by bringing players through and we need to keep doing that basically. On the other hand Dom Thomas syndrome where people massively over estimate how good a player is simply as he's "ours" is a massive cringe - as is the propensity for such a player to actually get better the less they're seen in the first team.
  7. I thought last night we were going to lose out in midfield - but both Crawford and Campbell played well - Maguire had a poorer game but wasn't that bad.
  8. He did what you want a wide attacker to do (even if it didn't always come off), he took decent set pieces and even shot from outside the box (gasp!) - so I was more than happy with him without going overboard. He arguably gave a better 90 mins performance than we've had out of Long too.
  9. That was the sort of performance that a team in relegation trouble should be putting in. Faintly horrible to watch, lots of playing it safe and big punts out of danger and kept ourselves in with a chance of nicking 3 points. I think they deserve credit for showing a bit of character after the last 2 clusterfucks - and I really didn't think I'd be weighing up whether to give Roberts or Crawford the MOTM award....
  10. Will take that with a wee tinge of disappointment. Miles better than the last 2 nightmares and if we keep that up, we'll not be bothering the bottom couple of places.
  11. Weirdest thing is how little Saints have tried to put pressure on our shonky centre halfs so far.
  12. Got a better shape tonight - but I'm just expecting us to concede our soft goal de jour
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