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  1. The mention of the winger was interesting as it surely confirms that at least one of Frear and Gboly won't be here next year (Gboly obviously isn't our player anyway).... The other one (that I had suspected might happen), is the 2nd chance for Donnelly to get himself fit and have a go at it....
  2. Scott MULLEN is always spot on with 'Well stuff
  3. Aldred was one that I would have loved to see hang around but we all know the way it works with money, so good luck to him. Until the day he goes, I'll remain mystified that Bury and their supporters didn't rate him. Apart from all the football, the wee video of him and Bowman dancing after the SC Semi win over Aberdeen was one of my favourite things last season as for me it summed up that when you take the wage budget stuff out the equation, some of these lower league English players can get involved in games up here that will be career highlights for them.
  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    I personally hope Clarke stays at Killie - but based on his comments when he got sectarian abuse at Ibrox, his house and family are still down south. The Scotland job, aside from the games themselves would largely involve watching English games to check up on players, with occasional commutes to watch some Scottish stuff. Being back with his family down south while being paid a lot more would be an attraction, no?
  5. Yep - a great listen and not really what I was expecting to be honest (and that's before we get to his casual use of "Pedagogical"). I can imagine (just as was the case with Craggs) that young boys will listen to what he's saying as he seems pretty focussed. It's easy to get carried away - but although as supporters we worry about/focus on the first team - the Academy and Reserves seems to be run properly given the amount of money we are able to throw at it.
  6. Nothing will beat the Dom Thomas Day meltdown.
  7. That wee shimmy for the penalty....
  8. Hillwalking Thread

    Local bivvy last night - on the flat summit of Pykestone Hill (737m) - amazing sky and a very icy tent as it hit -7c, which I wasn't really expecting. Wandered over Middle Hill and Drumelzier law on the way back in warm sunshine this morning...
  9. Yep - brilliant stuff and genuinely makes you proud to be part of the whole thing....
  10. That goal was the VCR equivalent of Marvin's goal against Rangers - it was rewound so often that it became unwatchable... That was the one time I was on the pitch at FP at full time - I think it started the whole end of season "tradition" that's now stopped by some b&q chicken wire....
  11. That's a bad ratio - it must have been some 3 days
  12. I've never been a fan of the approach that some players take when they try too hard to please supporters (badge kissing, calling their current club "massive" when it patently isn't, putting #COYx at the end of every we go again tweet, etc). Main has been the polar opposite of that though - he's never come over as being remotely enthused about ending up at Fir Park and in a clearer way than most, it's all been about the stepping stone for him. I'd imagine that he'd take any option other than us in the summer. That said, I actually liked him as a player - I thought in our good spell from Jan until he was dropped in preference to Scott he was pretty effective as a loan striker (apart from er, actually scoring goals). I think in the right setup, he'd be a good partner for another striker that does actually score goals and I'd assume that is where other managers see him. It's weird this year (and it's probably a result of a very non-descript season) - but there is a strong feeling that pretty much all of the out of contract players are eminently replaceable and are welcome to seek the bigger wage packet that you can get almost everywhere else. The only ones that I'll be genuinely sad to see go will be Tam Aldred and the bold Gboly.
  13. MJC must have got to him first.
  14. I think it was also the game where Robinson thought "Cadden = Wing Back" as a result of Ferguson getting hooked...
  15. Did he ever score a tap in?