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  1. I bet they spent weeks dreaming up "Kent Football United"
  2. Really poor that you missed that - need to up your game before pre-season goes on much longer
  3. That was a fucking delight seeing him chased about by a Motherwell player. And then kicked.
  4. You couldn't hear Kane for booing and I fell asleep 8 seconds into Southgate's first answer - you missed nothing.
  5. Wright going down a logical cul-de-sac that ended with him blurting out that England were lucky to get a point was a highlight
  6. The ITV commentator and Lee Dixon spent about 30 mins talking about Grealish before he came on - total hype job and so it was brilliant that he was pish (and got halfed by SOD on the halfway line at the end for his trouble )
  7. Even if he was still at Killie, I'd be delighted for O'Donnell - proud as f**k of him and the whole team - a proper 90 minute performance. Loved watching Gilmour - surely will never be dropped from now on.
  8. In the Borders, you don't get a choice - English coverage (which can be great if things go well )
  9. Right - I'm off onto Burrows twitter feed to hurry him along before some c**t mentions Freddie Dindaleux. f**k.
  10. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that a Motherwell player would move to the next wage tier in our league - of course not. But in Campbell's specific case, it's been obvious to everyone for about 18 months that he's off to the English Championship, rather than a club just out the Scottish Championship. Even if this guy's fantasy came true and he did go to Hearts - if Campbell played well and caught the eye, the best he would realistically do is get a move to an English Championship club like, er Luton.
  11. Long after the Reply Guys have stopped demanding all the details via Burrow's twitter account, *really* patient geeks find out 18 months later at the AGM. By which point, no one cares
  12. I think we've tried that in other deals - I think it's a good approach in the right circumstances. I guess the question is if Wee Al can make another step up after this one....
  13. Easter Rd is a place we seem to play well more often than not - and if we were allowed into the ground, that would be a great trip to bookend our last away trip to Edinburgh in March 2020. In December. But as the first game is at home - Can't Fucking Wait.
  14. Now that would be a genuine pisser if he ended up at a rival as I think he was sincere in wanting to stay on - but it's times like this that the boring fact that we won't/can't over extend ourselves needs to be remembered and if Utd are willing (able?) to go further than us, there's nothing we can about it. Of course, if English clubs took notice of how well he did for us - then I doubt Utd will be able to compete either. In other news, surprisingly managed to get tickets on Friday for the Scotland game - so SOD needs to start today so that I've seen a 'Well player at a major tournament (I've stopped counting Gallacher).
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