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  1. He's spent an inordinate amount of time injured and out of favour I guess...
  2. We're doing well by our standards and are a decently high scoring team - but I doubt anyone at the club or in our support would argue that we're world beaters (in fact, I think there has been a lot of realism about the whole "work in progress" thing lately) so there's no reason to be making rash predictions here. In Robinson's time, he's had a good attitude to these games unlike some of his predecessors and so I think that we'll give Rangers a good game at least. I'd love to see us getting at them with a bit of pace - which we have a lot of - as I think that is when they have looked suspect at times this season against better opposition than us. It would be nice to come out of this with a point to keep pace with Aberdeen in 3rd after the weekend but I honestly can't see more than that.
  3. I just want to say that I'm a massive fan of high pitched laughter and forgetting to actually film what's going on in club highlights videos - 10/10
  4. Anything that gets ye olde Donkey Chant out of cold storage is fine by me - the funniest 5 mins of the season.
  5. I was happier with that win today than either the St Johnstone or St Mirren wins precisely as it was never a sure thing. I thought we saw the game out really well once Hartley came on and it was a different type of win.
  6. I think the safety margin in the league this season will be waaaay lower than 40 points - we might be safe already
  7. Not the best game but probably one that illustrates how things go for you when you're having a good season - we've been on the other end of that result so many times where there is nothing in the game but the other team takes their chance when it comes. Hearts to me looked better than St Mirren or St Johnstone but they clearly have zero confidence. The goal was a thing of beauty, the ball ran for us early on in the build up but it was a good attack and a genuine top quality finish. Long is probably the most frustrating player in this years intake - he clearly has some real quality and he has good pace but he hasn't fully clicked yet. That said, I'm loving that our forwards are taking it in turns to be the main man each week. I also loved the East Stand connoisseurs' round of applause for Donnelly's cynical tackle on the half way line when Hearts were breaking late on. We all say we want to see good football but secretly love a big fucking hack. 9 out of 9 points, 8 scored and three clean sheets against this season's dross is a brilliant week's work - actually looking forward to Rangers coming to Fir Park....
  8. You completely imagined that I committed a grammar crime.
  9. The win at Tynecastle earlier in the season was my favourite game so far - a worldy from Seedorf and some of the best boo-ing I've ever heard in a scottish ground made it pretty memorable - so looking forward to this one. I think our record against Hearts and Fir Park is pretty decent and obviously they are going through a bit of a shiter at the moment, so we should be confident of taking something (usual Motherwell caveats apply). Robinson may choose to make some minor changes but no-one would complain if it was the same starting 11 from Wednesday night's stroll in Paisley given that we have a week's gap until the next game. Hoping for a 9/9 points for the week but is it ever that easy for us?
  10. Given the season we're having, that's the most Motherwell supporter statement ever - in the league for 35-odd years and we still see ourselves as a yo-yo club
  11. He's saving it for a run the length of the park, last minute winner in the Cup Final.
  12. Yep- like so many other guys we bring in from English non-league, it's taken him a while to adjust to the higher level but he's really looking the part recently. Another one for the "don't judge a player in August" scrapbook.
  13. Stephen Robinson was far harsher in his criticism of Donnelly than supporters were - he didn't play enough to become much of a discussion. He got his arse kicked about his fitness levels, took it and has come back this season looking like a good player at our level - so I don't think patience was an issue. If anyone other than a couple of perma-roasters off Steelmen has been giving Polworth stick, I'd be amazed - to me, only Gallacher has been a more effective player in our team this season.
  14. The change in Donnelly from the shambling wreck of last season is properly bizarre and he massively strolled it tonight. The nice thing about both our midfield and forwards this season is that despite it being rare that they all have a brilliant game at the same time, they seem to take it in turns (and it was Donnelly's turn in midfield tonight). We were competent tonight, looked like we knew what we were doing and when there was a bit of quality, it mainly came from us and that was enough. We are used to very physical games in our league but I thought St Mirren were probably the least physical team we've played - they were pretty soft in all honesty. Great to see Scott have a good game tonight - maybe the spell out the team will have helped him as he looks like he could be a properly good player in time. Time to be greedy and look for 9 out of 9 points for the week against Hearts at Fir Park....
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