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  1. Not legitimately that I could find. I've watched the first series and half of the second. Its funny but its exactly the same every episode
  2. I've bought this again for the PC. It looks absolutely amazing Theres not a huge amount of mods but I did find a fast travel one and, even better, a save from just after the tedious snow tutorials
  3. I paid £80 for a 750 modular from PC World. They have loads of 750W and above PSUs in stock
  4. You can, unless you have Sky Q and you didnt specifically ask for a certain type of LNB when it was installed apparently. The standard LNBs they use for Sky Q dont work with most freeview devices
  5. The issues before the game is the pa. There's a speaker right above the gantry and trying to talk while the music is playing is difficult, even more so when the announcer is reading out the teams. That's why it doesn't usually start until after he's finished. I agree about the end of the game
  6. Commentators, replays, dancing girls, half time show, red arrow fly past, blimp shots We have some of these things and more
  7. I knew you were going to ask that! Im not sure you could do that much better for the money but you could do a fair bit better by spending another £300-£400, maybe less. Its not a great time to be buying a PC though with the scarcity of graphics cards and the knock-on effects
  8. You havent read the Falkirk thread then? Or any of Particks press releases?
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