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  1. Yes, thats right. It has that message for a few days then sometimes a holding image with the match info on it
  2. Letting users set their own password is, how shall I put it, "under discussion" To be honest, the extra security aspect is one thing but the system holds no info on you at all, other than your email address, so its about as low risk as you can get
  3. There already is a link to get a new password sent out 2 has already been answered. The only restrictions is you can't watch on 2 devices at the same time
  4. Mr X


    All seems pretty reasonable. I would have preferred the real start dates as an option but the rest seems fair enough I guess theres a chance they might actually get the Scottish lower league finances right this year
  5. Mr X


    The recruitment stuff might be ok. The rest, pointless
  6. Buchanan is vice captain. Being captain would make no difference at all.
  7. Nothing to do with the TV Register then buy the game. You'll get a password emailed to you, then login, purchase and straight in. The password will then work for future games (and ParsTV games too)
  8. Hypocrite? If he's clearly dived, then, yes it's a second yellow. I don't think the footage shows that he clearly dived. The footage does clearly show that buchanan was deliberately fouled and that if we wasn't he had a clear goal scoring opportunity. I'll admit "ridiculous" was probably over the top
  9. *were Ah, deflection. The title of Chapter 4 I wasnt talking nonsense. The rules are pretty clear that it should have been a red card. Opinions mean nothing
  10. Scrabbling around, in this context, means grabbing wildly at anything to deflect from the fact that you're horribly wrong. You didnt just say the rules had change, though, did you? You jumped in proclaiming "NONSENSE", telling us all that the rules had changed. When it was pointed out to you that this didnt apply and it could still be a sending off but maybe wasnt because Buchanan maybe wasnt getting the ball you flipped to agree. Then you're justification jumps to whether or not it was a deliberate foul or accidental. Next comes the classic tactic of playing the man rather than the ball and we finish with everyones favourite, the "just get over it". I dont know if anyone is writing a book on scrambling round on a forum but if they are you are the source material
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