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  1. Mr X


    Safe is by the same writer as The Stranger.
  2. Mr X

    The Walking Dead

    He has been up till now, but it looks like he's about to change after last weeks episode.
  3. Mr X


    WOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSHHHHHHH! Sorry, boss ... thought it was obvious
  4. Last time I tried, none of them were particularly good. I don't believe there's that many so probably worth just trying one and see how it goes. Bluestacks was generally considered the best but apparently Remix is also good
  5. Mr X


    What, asking her to do her job? Yeah, what a dick. I know its all edited and she probably gets a raw deal from the doc makers, but she pretty clearly just didnt get it. They'd spent months trying to market the game and beat the attendance record. At half time she looked like she didnt give a shit. They obviously wanted the crowd figure to announce to the fans and her comment was "if we dont get it, we dont get it"
  6. Mr X


    He's a bit of a dick and a bit of a twat but somehow very likeable.
  7. Mr X


    Did they? Must have missed that, which is entirely possible
  8. That doesn't really change, although robots are introduced! There are other ways to approach combat, I'm sure, but the difficulty doesn't really go beyond chucking more at you as opposed to making you think. The weapons are largely a variation of each other which is also a bit boring. I've come across some robots too. Thats kind of my problem with the combat. The landscaping also seems to force you into combat a lot of the time. Its not open world enough to be able to sneak around things.
  9. What was it you got bored with? Mainly the combat, I guess. Everywhere was full of either those dinosaur type things or the bad guys, or both. Possibly didnt help that I kept dying a lot
  10. I got bored with this on the second or third planet, it was all too samey. Maybe I'll go back to it now I have some time on my hands
  11. Mr X


    Yes, she took one of them and Bernard popped up on the screen. I thought that scene was meant to be before the "current" stuff ie the backstory of Charlotte
  12. Mr X


    Nothing after the credits on Sky this week. Im guessing its just teasers for the next episode you're seeing? Another quality episode. This season has been superb so far
  13. Mr X


    The apps goosed, you say? You really should have let people know
  14. Mr X


    I meant to say, I still only found one bit after the credits of the first episode. You do know the bit with the car isnt part of it, right? ETA - I've googled it and I can only find one scene - Maeve in Naziworld
  15. Forgiven. I have spoken
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