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  1. Thats quality info! However, we watched flash, supergirl and legends but none of arrow. The cross overs were still pretty easy to follow. We did, though , have to make sure we'd watched the right episodes of those 3 before the cross overs.
  2. Might be a stupid question but is the TV on when you switch the laptop on?
  3. Have you got it set to duplicate displays rather than extend? You could also try setting the TV as the main display but not sure that would make much difference
  4. Haven't watched Arrow but you're spot on with the rest. Legends in particular has descended into utter nonsense.
  5. It's been in place for a long time and is why clubs, like Raith, could only stream outside the UK pre-covid. It was changed last season while fans weren't in the ground but it was always coming back. I do think it's a bit of a dick move for the FA to enforce it so soon, and to lower league clubs especially, though.
  6. The rest of the league will have played 6 games. Its impossible to be 17 points behind after 5 rounds of games
  7. We've played a lot better than that this season and lost. First half was decent but we sat too far back too early and offered nothing for the majority of the second half. Raith looked powder puff up front but we looked pretty solid at the back and, somewhat surprisingly, held out under pressure.
  8. If you are in Scotland, I would get in touch with Raith tv and explain.
  9. Mr X


    You just might be slightly biased there though
  10. You dont https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/ps5-stock-where-to-buy-playstation-5
  11. Mr X


  12. Depends on whether you make changes to the team, I would have thought.
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