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  1. No idea, to be honest. Maybe he just identifies targets but he must have some involvement. Maybe. But based on the facts that we have, hes still on furlough full time
  2. But theres nothing to suggest that the manager has come off furlough to work part time. Something you'd think the club would "shout about" if it had happened
  3. It doesnt matter how much of the wages it covers, it also covers 100% of not being allowed to work. No one has signed yet. Maybe the manger has been, unofficially, talking to players. Maybe he even has some who've verbally agreed to sign. The club are hardly going to be stupid enough to shout about it in public though
  4. Maybe. Im not convinced that 3pm kick offs on TV would make a massive difference, in this context. If they're of a mind to go to a local game there would be plenty of opportunities when their "big club" are not playing at 3pm. If they're not of a mind to go then adding a 3pm kick off to the already saturated TV isnt going to make much difference
  5. Im not sure that matters, in this context. A young kid is far more likely to grow up supporting Chelsea, Liverpool etc or the OF because they can watch them on tv. The fact that the game might be Saturday lunch or tea time or a Sunday isnt at all relevant. I think thats the key question. Personally, I dont think many "hard core" fans are going to chose to watch a stream rather than attend the game. There will definitely be those, less regular fans, particularly from further afield who might chose to watch a stream rather than go but in my opinion they are also the fans who would chose not to go because of the weather, cost, a pending night out or any number of other reasons. The fact that they could spend less money and watch a stream instead might actually benefit the clubs. Theres also, then, the more distant fan who cant attend games who, again, could spend money with the club they cant already. Of course, you then have the floating fans. Are they more likely to watch a stream than go to a game? Honestly, I dont know. You would have thought if they only had a casual interest they'd be unlikely to bother watching a stream, but as was pointed out earlier, if a mates paid for it, or the local pub then they might well decide not to attend. You implied that the 6/7 year old wouldnt be taken to games because they would be able to watch a stream instead. If they're watching the stream that might generate interest to go along. The question of watching Dumbarton over the EPL is a totally different one. I think I've given some scenarios where streaming could be of benefit to the club. You're absolutely right, though, if fans were to turn their back on attending games in favour of watching a stream its not going to be good for anyone.
  6. Im not sure theres going to be a huge demand for streaming from the casual fan, particularly ones who have never attended a game. Of course, you could flip your argument and have a 6/7 year old who happens to see a Dumbarton stream and becomes interested enough that they want to be taken to a live game.
  7. Which is also an argument for domestic streaming. There are plenty of fans who used to go to games but can't for health or geographical reasons who have no interest in watching the EPL but woikd love to watch their team. The question is, are there more of them than fans who would chose to watch a stream instead of going to the game?
  8. I'm not hugely convinced by pixellot either but as the SPFL are paying for the infrastructure and systems, I think it's fairly safe to assume there will be an obligation to use them. I agree that clubs should offer streaming, if possible, as an option for fans but your scenario of a guy buying a season ticket only applies while there are crowd restrictions. Once they are lifted and we return to the previous streaming rules you won't be able to offer streaming as part of a season ticket. Nor will you be able to base a businesses model for streaming on UK fans using a vpn.
  9. There is going to be a centralised system. Once the cost of it has to be covered by the clubs, there's no way it will be profitable for clubs at this level. That's not to say it won't be possible for clubs to run streaming at a profit. But if your costs are £15 a month, for example, and you make £20 a month I think you'd have to question whether or not it's worth it. Once the geo-restictions are back in place, it's highly unlikely clubs like Queens and Alloa will be streaming to more than a handful of viewers.
  10. Livi stream was non-existent first half and the Motherwell stream was pausing every fewer seconds. Both improved significantly second half
  11. But they won't, though. As easy as you might find it to set up a vpn to get round geo-restictions, it will be beyond the vast majority of fans. There might be a reasonable take up of streaming while games are restricted, it will be interesting to see, but any demand it's almost certainly going to fall off a cliff once the UK ban is re-imposed, for lower league clubs.
  12. Mr X jnr hasn't played anything else since it cane out!
  13. Mr X


    You can see your viewing history online https://www.netflix.com/viewingactivity I have no idea how far back it goes though
  14. The one I subscribe to, through a poster on here, had all the SPFL premiership games last weekend
  15. Use the link I posted. Not sure how you've still got that link
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