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  1. Designated Survivor

    Just finished the new series. I have to say I thought it was poor. The election stuff was boring. The new characters were awful stereotypes (apart from Green, the only bright spot of the series) and why did they feel the need to shoehorn every possible minority into the show? It seemed like every character had to have some side story no matter how tacked on and forced it was. Really disappointing considering the quality of the first two series.
  2. E-Chat Quick Question Thread

    Should still be in your app drawer. I dont think its physically possible to delete the app
  3. The Blacklist

    You really do! One of the best seasons yet
  4. Fallout 4

    Went back to play it a bit and found out I had some brightness bug. Everything was white! Managed to find a mod to fix it, then slogged my way through some more of Nukaworld for a bit
  5. Broadband Issues?

    Good advice but thats been the case since dial up died
  6. Fallout 4

    Yeah. Starts off well enough but soon turns into a pretty slog
  7. Fallout 4

    I started playing through skyrim again last year and had completely forgotten pretty much all of it! Fired up fallout last night to see where I was. Turns out I was trudging through the tediuos nuka cola dlc. Remember why I stopped playing now
  8. Fallout 4

    This. Now I want to go back and play it again!
  9. New Laptop Help

    How intensive is the video editing? Unless its really basic or short stuff you might need to look at something with more RAM, a bigger hard drive and possibly a dedicated graphics card
  10. Chernobyl

    It is covered in the podcasts. Im not sure hiring Russian actors was ever considered, but they talk about the accents. They also talk about using "comrade" a lot Cant really add to what others have said, an absolutely fantastic piece of television from start to finish. Again, as others have said, the podcasts are pretty much compulsory listening if you enjoyed the show.
  11. Dobbie was "once in a lifetime". If you're going to claim Oliver is underwhelming then Holt is overwhelming.
  12. Apart from when we signed Holt last week, of course.
  13. Yes. At least according to Wikipedia and Football Manager
  14. The Blacklist

    It finished a while ago in the States, so the episodes are all out there. Definitely no spoilers!