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  1. It is listed separately for league games, so I can see where the confusion might come from
  2. Game Giveaway Thread

    Quite enjoyed the first day, interesting little game. The second season is out now, which I assume is why they're giving away the first one
  3. Shenmue 3

    Im bumping this rather than starting a new thread - excitement builds (well in the X household anyway) for the release of 1 and 2 on PC next week
  4. Free Weekend Games on Steam

    I really enjoyed some of the early Rainbow Six games, so thought this would be a nice opportunity to try one of the newer ones ... then I found out its primarily online Nice idea for a thread though
  5. Queens v St Johnstone

    No Kane? Not even on the bench? Can we have him back please?
  6. Sell me a cheap laptop

    I meant run a VM on a newer machine, rather than buy an old laptop
  7. I have a feeling you didnt need to read articles to know all about Sheffield Utd youth teams. I never said he wouldnt know how to play it, I said he doesnt look mobile enough to play it at this level. Jacobs is more than capable of playing as a defensive midfielder
  8. That might work if we had another Jacobs type player who would sit deep and defend, allowing Harkins the free role without any real defensive responsibilities. I say might as Im not convinced Semple or Fordyce are mobile enough to play in a three
  9. Queens v Dundee United

    You claimed it was a "straight forward block" for Martin. That was harsh.
  10. Queens v Dundee United

    Because that means playing one up front which isnt allowed. Of course if the defence did their jobs it wouldnt matter
  11. Queens v Dundee United

    Look where Clark is. A midfielder should be picking him up. If not, the very least they should be doing is covering for Fordyce after he was dragged so far out of position. The first picture demonstrates what an absolute shambles our shape was in the first half. We're missing two midfielders yet we have a striker in the picture. If it was a counter attacking goal I wouldn't be so harsh but Utd had the ball for a good while and we still couldn't get the shape organised. I think it's extremely harsh for the defence to take the blame for the second. Jacobs is in both pictures. He goes forward to press the ball but has it passed by him. Stirling comes inside to press the same player leaving acres of space in the left back area where the pass comes from. Harkins has gone out wide right for some reason, tracking someone out there, not sure who. Im not arguing that the shape isnt all over the place but if the midfield are picking up midfield players the defence has to take some responsibility for picking up the forwards. Im not blaming the defence but both Fordyce and Semple, like Jacobs and Harkins and Stirling could have done better. Its an all round poor goal to lose, despite the quality of the run and finish
  12. Queens v Dundee United

    Im not defending the tactic, just pointing out that it didnt look like the intention to line up that way. Naysmith admits the Utd formation caught him out. Maybe we had lined up and intended to go at them but it wasnt working - which it clearly wasnt.
  13. Queens v Dundee United

    But Clark is a centre forward so why shouldnt Fordyce go with him? Its a fairly regular issue for us when forwards drop deep. The centre halves dont seem to want to go with them and the midfield dont pick them up.
  14. Queens v Dundee United

    No, I agree with him. Neither Fordyce or Semple do enough for the first goal. With only one player to mark, one has to track him and the other go to the ball. Fordyce tracks the run but Semple just stands in no mans land. He doesnt do enough to get across for the second, to cover behind Fordyce, either. Later on he plays Loemba onside by being several yards deeper than the rest of the defence. Fortunately for us, the linesman put his flag up. Criticism of Martin on the second is pretty harsh. Its a tight angle but its a really good finish, far from a straight forward block. You seem very defensive of Semple - something you want to tell us?