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  1. Dont think we did an awful lot wrong today but still managed to lose the game. We defended well - Brownlie was MOM by a mile for me - and there was some nice football going forward. Unfortunately, the two best chances fell to Kidd and McRorie, after a "worldie" in the first half, gifted two goals to Thistle Gutted
  2. Any hint of a deflection? The flight of the ball kinda made it look like it looped up off a defender
  3. You should definitely bet on a Partick win
  4. This. Far more likely to be idiocy and lack of self awareness than racism
  5. That came out weeks ago. Happened after the filming had ended
  6. The robot labo is down to £20 in Game
  7. Anyone else tried Steams new link play? Got FM2020 streaming to my mobile and laptop. Works really well, although the navigation on the phone touchscreen was a bit fiddly
  8. Just took off from the first location tonight. Really enjoying this. It is the usual "go here, do this, come back" stuff but its nicely written, looks good and the combat is pretty decent
  9. The amazon fire tablets are supposed to be decent. Unfortunately, you've just missed their Black Friday discounts
  10. Maybe she did make that argument, a lo gets cut out of the boardroom. The only thing she maybe could have done differently was put the two guys together and go do the perfume herself, but that wasnt what she was criticised for! I think Lottie is a little from column A, a little from column B Really? I dont think its part of any plan, I think shes just genuinely that privileged and entitled that she actually believes what she says and simply doesnt care. Still wid
  11. Really? You've kept that quiet for 10 weeks Also more than a little ridiculous that Pamela was getting stick for putting a marketing guy on the marketing team on his own. The other PM went on the perfume team and it wasnt mentioned
  12. I not sure the battle will have much to say, to be honest
  13. Interesting. Did I read further back that theres no Redzone equivalent in the US? I wonder if that is to do with TV blackout rules. I assume they still have local TV blackouts
  14. It is in a UEFA statute, but it looks like you're right, it came from the English bodies, so they could get rid if they wanted.
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