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  1. In other words, you've got a great idea, you just need a nerd to finish it off
  2. This. Ayo brings a defensive stability to the midfield but he really isnt that great on the ball. Hopefully Pybus is fit enough to start on Tuesday. Dickson did well in patches on Saturday but I think Pybus is better in that role and gets forward better. Arguably, we played a front two in the previous two games where we had a back three and both Dobbie and Shields in the team, but other than that you're point stands. I'd agree that the idea we should be more attacking that we were against ICT is an odd one. Im not sure I'd agree about the long balls though. We've looked really dangerous playing balls over the top and into the channels for the front three, Shields in particular, to chase. The issue isnt playing long balls its playing bad ones. Thats not to say we shouldnt be also trying to pass the ball too.
  3. Ah, the sin bin. We should definitely bring that back
  4. lol wut? I couldnt care less what happened on your part. My post you quoted was directed at another poster. Do you need a "look at me" gif too?
  5. "No grass"? Are you 12 though? Theres no issue with calling out other posters and pointing out something you disagree with, no one has said there is. That isnt what happened here though
  6. Clearly not done with this. But really should be done with this
  7. How much attention do you need? Just so we know when we can stop reading your "look at me" posts
  8. No, its not allowed, which is why the post has been removed. Presumably because you reported it. I mean, you did report it, right? You wouldnt just quote it to complain, would you?
  9. Sky Q with a mini box in the bedroom would be the "official" way. You can get wireless hdmi transmitters but the last time I looked they were pretty expensive and you'd be limited to watching the same channel. Another option would be casting from a phone or tablet
  10. You're right not to agree, its clearly wrong. We only need one more win to avoid finishing 9th
  11. I know he was down and the commentary team mentioned it but I must have looked away as I never saw it. I imagine it'll be in the highlights. Given how he was it wouldn't shock me if it was indeed a foul. Possibly not the easiest to see but Dickson gets to the ball first. 99 times out of 100 this is a free kick
  12. I thought it was a pretty clear foul on Dickson just before the ball went wide for ICTs goal. Frustrating not to win after going ahead but Im not sure either side did enough to deserve to win, or lose, so a draw was pretty fair overall.
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