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  1. Homer Thompson's post in How can I change my username? was marked as the answer   
    If you're lucky Div might do it from the support request.
    Other than that, your choices are pay for Platinum membership or create a new account
  2. Homer Thompson's post in Why have I been demoted to Gold level? was marked as the answer   
    If Div doesnt reply to this you might be better using the Support link at the top and raising a ticket
  3. Homer Thompson's post in Netflix on Ipad Help was marked as the answer   
    I'd uninstall it and install again, if you havent already
    What are these "detailed instructions"? Anything other than directing to silverlight?
    Also, are you 100% sure its the proper Netflix app? Just sounds like very odd behaviour
    ETA - apparently theres a setting in your Netflix account. Login to it on a browser go into settings and there should be one to set HTML5 or Silverlight. If its set to Silverlight, change it.
    ETETA - although I cant see it, so maybe thats an old solution
  4. Homer Thompson's post in BT Broadband was marked as the answer   
    Because Virgin pay to lay fibre cables into your flat and BT dont, but you then end up paying more for it.
    Unless theres some reason why you'll never get BT Infinity its likely to be available to you pretty soon. You can check here. Pretty sure you can upgrade to Infinity at any time if you already have BT broadband
  5. Homer Thompson's post in Spoiler was marked as the answer   
  6. Homer Thompson's post in Hard Drive Clean Up was marked as the answer   
    Treesize is a great way of seeing how much space files and folders are taking up on your drive.
    Ive never done it, but seems there are a couple of ways to delete files automatically, but only based on their date. Theres no way an auto process is going to know whether or not you want to keep the file.
    Command line
    Ive used Treesize but not the auto delete stuff, so they come with no recommendation! Its probably worth going through the files and copying those you want to keep over manually before you run anything like that. To be honest, if you've done that, it might be just as easy to format the drive and install windows/programmes again
  7. Homer Thompson's post in Build Me A New PC (#34788) was marked as the answer   
    $500 buys you jack on that site
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