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  1. 45 minutes ago, Greenacres said:

    No cash gate on Saturday at least that is one thing Queens have got right .

    You can decide at the last minute to go to Palmerston as I usually do .


    You can still decide to go at the last minute. I never buy online tickets in advance, I usually do it in car when I arrive 

  2. 36 minutes ago, Rjc-1988 said:

    Ayr showing real grit today to come back from 0-2 - something that we just never look remotely like doing.

    A win last night and things would have looked so much better. 

    Unbelievably, we still have a chance of 9th. To try and somehow score goals I think we need to partner Cameron with Connelly up top. That is the obvious pairing - I am no big fan of Cameron but we need to get Connelly firing and you won’t do that playing him in a wide role. I don’t think a Roy:Connelly partnership would work.

    All these must win Cup Finals and we lose every one - surely we are due some outrageous luck for once?



    I would definitely play Connelly up front, he never gets as involved out wide. Hes far more dangerous picking up the ball centrally and taking shots than he is out wide crossing.

    31 minutes ago, qos_75 said:

    You are right Flash.

    However, The Count takes no pleasure in saying Queens will be relegated in 2 weeks.

    That said, he does look forward to 1 January 2023 when he starts his countdown to Queens winning the league. 😀 




    Welcome back, Count :) 

  3. 3 hours ago, cb_diamond said:

    Remember at the start of the season when we tried to warn you that Ally Roy was a diddy and worse than a man down at times? Then he had his one storming league cup game per season (against us ironically) and the Queen's fans were all "haha GIRFUY Airdrie fans", "Ally's the boy" etc etc. Well...

    Karma for you in particular @ALOREBURNE

    No, actually. I think you've imagined that. 

    Roy has always been average at best, I don't think many Queens fans would claim otherwise. 

  4. 6 hours ago, mizfit said:

    Maybe it’s because I’m 31, and Jimmy Saville was not as relevant as he once was but I can’t remember seeing him on television much.

    After watching that Netflix documentary I cannot understand how he even got close to the relevance he did.

    You're too young. He was never off the TV when I was a kid

  5. 59 minutes ago, Against The Machine said:

    Is Cochrane any use, generally? He looks like the odd one out here, on a different wavelength from the rest of the Queens midfield. 

    I thought that was his best game for us. He's shown quality in patches but looked up for it tonight. Absolutely baffled he was taken off

    30 minutes ago, Flash said:

    According to BBC stats Queens have had one shot on target out of eleven attempts.

    As did Thistle. The difference, of course, is that they scored

    28 minutes ago, Monkey Tennis said:

    Do we have to play these remaining games? 

    This. Absolutely done with this season and watching the same thing happen every game. For the first time in over 30 years I think I would consciously choose not to go to the remaining home games, if I didnt have to. No chance I'll be going to Dunfermline.

    24 minutes ago, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

    Tiffoney man of the match? I thought Gibson was outstanding. 

    I mean, he did score the only goal. Apart from that he did hee-haw other than get booked for a ridiculous dive. Honestly dont think I've ever seen a game where I thought he looked as good as the hype

  6. 16 hours ago, BFTD said:

    The Epic Launcher just popped up on my taskbar to tell me that Football Manager 2022 is free, so I clicked on it immediately, just to discover that the game only has a 33% discount.

    Not impressed, Epic. That's just mean.

    Pretty sure the new version is on game pass 

  7. 19 minutes ago, well fan for life said:

    I watched all of the first series over a couple of days. The first couple of eps were pretty cool but it absolutely went to shit at the end. Don't think I can handle another series. 

    I saw the trailer for this when it first came out, then forgot about it! 

    Watched the first episode last night and it was pretty batshit already 

  8. 34 minutes ago, forameus said:

    You're the one that thought the Witcher was an absolute masterpiece, and that its cutscenes were pure unadulterated art, right?

    But seriously, as someone who has played a stupid amount of Witcher 3, you end up seeing that they've used the same template to build Cyberpunk.  You hated the long-winded cutscenes in Witcher, but I think they're all but eliminated here.   Most of your interactions are in engine stuff rather than on-rails interactions, so if that was your biggest problem there, you should be good here.  The world is wonderfully put together, even if it is maaaaybe a bit of style over substance.  If you can get it reduced I'd say it's definitely worth it at this stage.

    That's right, I looooved the Witcher cut scenes. Really helped build a sense of engagement.

  9. 1 hour ago, Monkey Tennis said:

    I don't think this game even feels very meaningful for us any more.

    I might revise that if we somehow win it, but we're now needing too many things to happen for us in a handful of games, when they've scarcely happened at all over dozens.

    If it's cold tomorrow night, I might just take it in on the telly.

    I think it's very meaningful. If, and it's a big if, we win then we can at least take a playoff place down to the last game by matching Dunfermlines results. We don't necessarily need to beat ICT or Arbroath if Dunfermline lose to Killie and Ayr. 

    We do, almost, certainly need to win a couple of games after tomorrow, most likely the last two games. 

  10. 1 hour ago, 19QOS19 said:

    Too early for me to make a recommendation in all honesty. I'm still finding my feet with it and am still kind of clueless as to what's going on.

    I'm enjoying the shooting aspect of it just now. Dunno what it is but there's a bit of satisfaction behind it. As I say, that's me just hit the title so I think it might start to fall into place a wee bit more. The part with Reeves was brilliant fun and it had been going along at a pretty slow pace up until then. So if it continues at the Reeves pace then I expect I'll thoroughly enjoy it.

    TL;DR - I'm not sure just now!

    Im sorry, thats not really acceptable.

    You know I cant make these decisions by myself :( 

  11. On 05/04/2022 at 00:27, 19QOS19 said:

    That's a whore of an opening sequence is it not? Must have played about and hour or two before the game title came up emoji38.png Just on to the Keanu Reeves bit.

    Should I buy this? Will I enjoy it? 

  12. 2 hours ago, Always next quarter said:

    Just watched the most recent compilation from the spfl and have to say their coverage has been excellent.

    Social media output, match action, fans and kids at half time and allowing fans rather than some corporate to give MOM and the trophy was fantastic. 

    I fair enjoy ripping them a new one when calamity calls so fair play 👏


    Just a shame they cocked up ticket arrangements and thought everyone attending the match would want to eat a pie. 

  13. 30 minutes ago, Rjc-1988 said:

    I must admit that was a tactical disaster today. A huge game today and we experiment with Cooper at left CB and play young McKechnie in an unfamiliar wing back role. On top of that we play Liddle ahead of Cochrane, Paton and Gordon all of whom offer infinitely more than he does. Liddle was very fortunate not to see red for his early lunge and the sensible thing was to hook him immediately and not let a hothead run the gauntlet for the remainder of the match. To make matters worse his second booking was apparently for dissent. Hope I never see him in a Queens shirt again.

    For a game of this importance the lack of urgency and attacking intent from the players was criminal. WG keeps talking up this attacking policy but there has been little evidence if it and today  was a woeful performance clearly not helped by Liddle’s crass stupidity.

    We had the personnel to slot into two banks of 4 in a basic workmanlike 4-4-2 but instead of that we get a 3-4-1-2 with several players out of position. Gibson himself must have played in at least 4 different roles and if he had just picked himself at RB and stuck there for the 90 minutes he might have given us half a chance of getting a result.

    Dreadful stuff, total lack of urgency and tactics that did not play to strengths.




    I saw someone else say the booking was for dissent, has it been confirmed anywhere? I just thought the ref took his time before giving the yellow. Once he had decided it was Liddle who fouled it was a pretty obvious booking for stopping a promising attack, or whatever the wording is.

    I'd like to see it again but it looked like Liddle was fouled first then brought down the Hamilton player as he was going down.

    Neither of those change the fact that he should have been sat on the bench at that point, either because he didnt start or because he'd been hooked. As you say, he looked lucky to get away with a yellow the first time

  14. 32 minutes ago, Fullerene said:

    Yes.  Sugar is prepared to say "what do you need me for?"  

    I have seen it on Dragon's Den as well.

    It was my first thought when she started talking about 6 figure profits. Maybe the sister is in charge of the money and she can't touch any of it. 

    Next season they need to ban anyone who already has a business and make it all about the idea. Removes any controversy about other partners, takes away the candidates "I already make xx profit" argument and makes the final them genuinely setting up their business. 

    Looks like harpeet kept the name she came up with going by social media Kathryn has binned hers and gone back to the original name. 

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