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  1. 1 minute ago, Fae_the_'briggs said:

    If that's the case it's crap. Do you know if the Terracing turnstiles at the Arena side will be open this season or are "Red Zones" still in place. Referees and Away teams changing arrangements should surely be back to pre-covid situation of them all using the main stand dressing rooms. 

    Pretty sure the red zones are gone and all the changing arrangements are back to normal

  2. 1 hour ago, Fae_the_'briggs said:

    Ticketing blurb for the Annan game on the OS says tickets will be available on the day of the game from the Arena, will the booths at the East Stand not be open? 

    No, I dont believe so. As far as I know, the plan is just to have one ticket office in the arena

  3. 29 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:
    36 minutes ago, Homer Thompson said:
    Im doing it now. In fact, I had to stop doing it to reply to your post asking me if Im doing it emoji6.png emoji38.png
    ETA - and now its done

    When you purchase a ticket does it just need to be looked at by the turnstile operator rather than require scanning or anything? I wont get there until 15/20 past on Saturday so the turnstiles will likely be closed.

    It needs to be scanned. If the turnstiles are shut, I think you'll be able to go in at the office

    29 minutes ago, Flash said:



  4. 5 minutes ago, Flash said:

    Any plans to put a link in the “Next match” box on the OS? Would be handy to have something that stays on the homepage until the game.
    Anyway, hope it all goes smoothly. And good that paper tickets can still be bought on the day.

    Im doing it now. In fact, I had to stop doing it to reply to your post asking me if Im doing it ;) :lol:

    ETA - and now its done

  5. 14 hours ago, Glenmavis Diamond said:

    Falkirks team is full of jobbers they want shot of but gave 4 year contracts to. I'd rather be in our position of not being stuck with journeymen who didn't try a keg last season. Queens have a team that got them relegated, same as Dunfermline. Not concerned by either of them. Let's just see how we do over the next month. 

    You know teams change during the summer, right? 

  6. 23 hours ago, Alex Nesovic's Barmy Army said:

    Have we to guess? Any chance of a clue?

    Don't worry, I don't think you'll have to wait much longer to find out 

    58 minutes ago, Zen Archer (Raconteur) said:



    I really appreciate the fact that they're streaming the game, but £10 for a friendly? 

  7. 10 hours ago, Parttimesupporter said:

    Slightly surprised that there has been no announcement on season tickets yet.  Admittedly it is nearly 5 weeks until the first home league game, but in the (hopefully temporary) absence of our resident ITK poster does anyone have an inkling of when we will make an announcement and what the price might be? 

    A tricky one for the Board.  Relegation and the cost of living crisis would suggest that there has to be a cut in prices from last year, but is there clear evidence that reducing prices leads to an increase in crowds?  The fans who drifted away are likely to return if we have a winning team, and it's debatable whether a £1/£2 will be a factor.

    I can see the argument for holding the walk up price given we could have some decent away supports, but trimming the season ticket price to make it more enticing.  Last year the walk up price was £18 with a season ticket at £285, just under the price for 16 home games.   Personally I would go for holding the walk up price but reducing the season ticket price to £265/270.

    Hopefully the delay means that the Club are planning to launch season tickets in combination with an exciting announcement in relation to a new signing!  Regardless it would surely make sense to have prices announced ahead of the end of the month when a lot of folk get paid.

    I've no idea on prices but I do why they're not available yet. It's nothing to do with pricing

  8. 4 hours ago, Otis Blue said:

    Generally agree with this post. 👍

    Just one thought on the matter of ditching the full squad each end of season ... we're laying the blame for this strategy at AJ's door, but (to be fair to AJ) I do wonder if this possibly was a cash-saving constraint imposed on AJ by our BOD?  Could it just be possible that in taking on the job Gibson has told the BOD that he'd only take the role provided he gets to offer some longer term contracts for key signing targets to try to build in some increased commitment and continuity moving forwards?  Just a thought ...

    We've always signed the odd player on 2 year deals, Chima and Paton last year for example, if I remember rightly. 

    Hard to see how it can have been a board strategy. If that was the case there would have been no 2 year deals at all. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Honest_Man#1 said:

    Agree that Will is the worst, he’s blatantly much older. That being said I don’t really care that much if actors are clearly older than they’re portraying unless it gets completely farcical.

    The actor that plays Will is 2 years older than Will actually is. He's the youngest of all the actors 

  10. 48 minutes ago, qos_75 said:

    Or buy Park Farm and build a new stadium with training and corporate facilities. I think you might need a few Euro Millions winners to club together for that though. 

    I've thought a few times about other locations where a stadium could be built. Im not a fan of out of town stadiums, so somewhere in the town but I cant really think of anywhere! 

  11. 28 minutes ago, QosLoyal said:
    58 minutes ago, qos_75 said:
    That would be good, but as always communication isn’t their strong point. 
    The old stand has had its day and really should have been pulled down decades ago. Maybe it is just the moss that is now holding it up.
    When you think about the amount of wood in it, how it still gets a safety certificate is beyond me. 

    Would it be replaced with a similiar stand to the East stand? Be good to have a stand that covers the whole length of the pitch.

    I don't think you could go much further towards Terregles Street than the current main stand because of the houses. 

  12. 13 hours ago, SweeperDee said:

    Just started this. Got a Series X and decided it would be a good game to test it out; not disappointed. Looks gorgeous. Still very early in the story but loving it so far.

    How early? The first part is a bit of a slog but once it opens up and you can go explore its amazing. 

    I found a couple of mods that look interesting, one let's you have a dog as a companion, the other let's you have one of the gang members as a companion. Might have to start a new game :)

  13. 1 minute ago, 19QOS19 said:

    Some crackers taken away. If you haven't watched them I'd suggest finding an alternative source to watch them.

    They did pull "Sweet Dee's Dating A Retarded Person" as well but for some reason that got reinstated. Must be less 'offensive' to use the word "retard" ;)

    Watched the billboard model one last night. Definitely worth it, just to see Dennis getting kicked in the balls 

  14. 5 hours ago, peternapper said:

    Will the rules for clubs streaming their games to the UK revert back to pre-covid times now. I always go to games myself but have seen a few folk saying they would be happy paying to watch a clubs stream to avoid having to travel. As far as i am aware games could only be streamed live to folk living abroad previously. not sure if clubs made cash off the service or not, how do other feel about it?

    Im not sure its been officially confirmed but its almost certain things will revert to pre-covid and the UEFA blackout will be enforced. It was already in place to stop streaming to England last season.

    Whether or not clubs make money will obviously depend on size. Of the clubs who streamed pre-covid, Im sure it was worth it for Raith and Dunfermline but I doubt East Fife made any money out of it. Like a lot of things, it will only be possible for a lot of clubs if they have volunteers willing to run the service

  15. 12 hours ago, IrishBhoy said:

    Started watching this a few weeks ago after a recommendation from a work colleague. I’ve skipped past it on Netflix a hundred times over the past few years, the mix of child actors and unnamed monsters had been putting me off. 

    I started off the first episode of season one a few weeks ago absolutely certain I would hate it, but there’s something about the show that has me absolutely hooked. It manages to be somewhat believable and outrageously far fetched and I can’t work out how they’ve managed to do that. The only scene that nearly had me turning off was in season one when Nancy encounters the tree that has the portal in to the ‘upside down’. The absolute last thing that anyone would be doing after encountering a tree like that, would be climbing inside it. I’m glad I’ve soldiered on though as I’ve enjoyed it up till now. 


    Anyone, except Nancy. Isn't that the point? 

  16. 42 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:



    I can't @ on the app so will quote a random message. Will we still be streaming games next season do you know?


    No, highly unlikely there will be any streaming. 

    I haven't heard anything official yet but its pretty much guaranteed the UEFA blackout will be enforced, as it was pre-covid, so we'll only be allowed to stream outside the UK. Given the number of fans that would be it isn't really worth it. 

    I think the spfl media centre, or whatever its called, is still in place for next season so possibly our games will be available on their for overseas fans. 

  17. 4 hours ago, die hard doonhamer said:

    At this point I'm convinced you are trolling here.


    On the actual content, I'm in agreement, an experienced defender and a right winger (preferably Fitzpatrick) appear the biggest needs to me.

    Im hurt you would even suggest such a thing.

    However, I am re-signed to the fact that I wont change your mind

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