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    I quite liked that.
  2. Homer Thompson


    I know Im the only one watching this, but the new series just keeps getting better
  3. Actually, you made a comment on what you DIDNT watch because "your mate" was too cheap to pay £10 for a stream. Theres no need to watch Scottish games on an illegal stream when you can pay for a much better quality product pretty cheaply, but here we are. The fact that you missed important bits of the game delights me immensely. If you'd watch the proper stream, you'd have seen them twice
  4. Sure, sure. "My mate" had it on. Maybe next time, suggest to "your mate" that they stump up the very reasonable tenner for the proper stream rather than watching the pirated one.
  5. I missed two of the goals and wanted to see the red card again. Ive not intention of watching any more!
  6. Just realised you can go back and skip through the game on the stream
  7. It does. Glad you pointed it out, mine had defaulted to 720
  8. Dont know for sure, but it looks like it is
  9. The game is on https://www.qosfc.com/news-5590
  10. Watched this the other day. It was decent enough, certainly better than expected.
  11. There's different kinds. The offcie chair ones have morel aimed at pc gamers sat at a desk. Theres also the ones DHD posted which is more kid/console
  12. Those plugs look older than me, and I wasn't born in the 90s. That's why I asked. It's almost certainly OK but worth checking
  13. They look pretty old plugs. Has the ariel, presumably on the roof, been upgraded to receive freeview?
  14. You used to be able to get them, I'm fact I think I have one in the cupboard. A quick Google searches didn't come up with anything so maybe they're just not sold anymore. Can't imagine there's much of a demand any more.
  15. Because the league rules don't allow it. Outside of this season and last, obviously, when the rules were changed because of covid. Can't see sky being keen to let it be changed or eufa wanting to relax their blackout rules
  16. The fan guide is well out of date. The link shouldnt be there
  17. I always clear out shit scouts and try and hire an assistant manager with high judging attributes. It's probably really obvious but it's not as easy to see which scout did the reports this year.
  18. Make up your mind, is it so you can plan in advance or deal with a late surge in sales? If the away end sells out then you can stop selling walk ups from a ticket office and stop online sales. All-ticket games are a straw man. The game wasn't all ticket and there was no suggestion from arbroath that tickets should be bought in advance because there could be capacity issues. If you expect to sell out then only selling online in advance is fair enough. If you are still selling online up to kick off then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to sell walk ups too.
  19. Homer Thompson


    Another good episode this week, feels like things are building
  20. Someone else's doing something wrong isn't really an valid excuse. Queens should have the option to buy tickets online but that has absolutely no bearing on Arbroaths arrangements, which really should include a walk up option. I'd be pleased if Queens stared selling online but really disappointed if we didn't offer a walk up. Reason enough for Queens to sell online right there.
  21. If you're suggesting the ref favoured Queens then this conversation is definitely over. Nouble absolutely tore us apart earlier in the season and has done so to plenty of other defences.. He didnt today so, yes, he was quiet. The video quality was fine on the main stream. I did think they were zoomed in too tight, though, so it was difficult to really follow play.
  22. He certainly gave some soft fouls to Arbroath, yes. Both sides had really good chances to win that, so it would have been harsh on either side to lose. Frustrating that Queens, once again, sat so deep after going a goal ahead only to, inevitably, concede an equaliser. Also a bit baffled as to why we played the ball on the ground when Cameron was up front yet decide to start punting it forward to Roy after Cameron moved out wide. That was probably Debayos best game at centre back and him at McKay kept Nouble pretty quiet. Unfortunately, Arbroath have plenty of other quality in the team!
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