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  1. The dedicated app doesn't work anymore. You can download Tapatalk or just use the mobile version on your browser
  2. Still under £15 on the site I bought it from https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/840-buy-cyberpunk-2077-pc-game-gog-com/
  3. Thistle to hammer Ayr and us to win this game would be almost guaranteed, did we not look so incapable if winning right now.
  4. Queens have had 8 different players play centre half this season, if my count is correct.
  5. Im enjoying this series a lot more than I thought I would. Its also given me my proudest moment as a TV viewer when I said Judi looked like Davros and Greg said the same thing
  6. Well, the internet connection worked fine today, so happy with that Im definitely more gutted than I thought I'd be. I think thats because we came so close to taking it to the last game. Had Dunfermline won, or we'd played out a dull 0-0, which looked like happening, I dont think I would have been as bothered
  7. Me too Clearly its possession before free kick. Same as a "promising attack". Not every foul on the edge of the box is a booking for deny a promising attack but a free kick on the edge of the box is a promising chance to score. Had their been an Ayr player behind Gibson who the ball would have went to had he not caught it, then that would have denied the opposition possession. Flash has given some more detail on the rule, so the idea of just possession isnt as relevant as denying a promising attack. Again, either way, it wasnt a booking no matter how many Ayr players, coaches or fans claim otherwise
  8. No, no he shouldn't. See above I have literally no idea what you're talking about.
  9. No, that's not what I'm saying. You've literally just seen an example today where a handball didn't deny the opposition possession Do enlighten us then.
  10. Maybe. Either way, he didn't deny the opposition possession or attempt to stop a goal, so it's not a yellow card.
  11. This. Looked like he misjudged where he was and thought he was already over the line.
  12. Research into what? Whether or not those songs are directly associated with Rangers? We did that research M9. Turns out they are
  13. FTFY Which he is, by the way, which is why he was recalled
  14. Queens 2 v 0 Ayr (Cameron hat trick) Then we lose to Dunfermline and/or Partick lose twice and go down
  15. It would be quite a Queens thing to do, to win this but then fall short anyway. I did say that about Saturday though.
  16. Its not over. Three wins and Partick beating Dunfermline then Ayr would be enough to finish 8th, unbelievably. ETA - depending on whether it goes to goals scored or GD Its not going to happen but its not mathematically done yet Well, it wont matter, no. Technically, it could if the above happens. Three 1-0 wins for us and three 1-0 defeats for Dunfermline and Ayr would see us have a 1 goal better GD. Im not sure if its goals scored before GD though. All of which will become completely academic when we lose on Tuesday, for course ETA - messed that up a bit, as Dunfermline and Ayr only have two games left! Three wins might still be enough but we'd need to win by more than one or hope Partick put a couple past Dunfermline/Ayr
  17. It's a bit jumpy but not too bad. My main problem is that the camera is too tight on the action so its swinging back and forward a lot.
  18. You only scored thanks to Broadfoot heading the ball back into the box.
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