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  1. I dont know. I just know I asked the same question last week In other news, Cochrane has signed for two years https://www.qosfc.com/news-6087 Very happy with that.
  2. They have not. They haven't been released at the shirt draw for a few years.
  3. It's only old news in that they got it from his post match interview on the website
  4. I would say that's pretty decent. Will certainly cope with what you're doing with no problems
  5. Cochrane has played really well, but it was McGrory with the assist for the second.
  6. Also forgot Gauntlet! And the 4 player TMNT
  7. Can't believe I forgot Dragons Lair
  8. Yes! I remember that too. Do not remember whatever it was called though.
  9. House of the dead for me too. Side note, it had a cracking dreamcast port with light guns. Early doors, Pacland in the local chippie, Commando at the holiday park and Kick and Run with the pedal in the local arcade.
  10. Something non-racist. Is that the first time Todd, Wilson and Cochrane have started together? They totally dominated the midfield in the first half.
  11. He chipped the keeper, ran round him and took two touches before scoring. Hows that immediately?
  12. No, that should be £10 Eta - you can buy tickets on the day but the ticket office is the opposite side of the ground from the away turnstile, so buying online is easier
  13. What's that small roundish thing next to falkirk on the scores?
  14. I just can't understand how every year every one of them has a shit business plan full of mistakes and missing info.
  15. Good info. Except turnstile 4 was shut when we arrived and the main door says season ticket holders only. The steward sent us to turnstile 1.
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