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  1. Sorry, it's a level of detail I would never remember when watching a show! Something like, "were the cows small or far away?" , would be more my level.
  2. It's working again on Android for me, although it's a while since I tried it last. Probably a coincidence
  3. I gave up with Tapatalk and just use the browser version.
  4. Except they didnt really. Mileson kept telling everyone he did but nobody bothered to check and when he went everyone found out he'd lied.
  5. I've literally just finished watching it again.
  6. I thought the original cinema release was on the recent blu rays, but it isn't. It's probably on a special edition dvd that you'd have to pick up second hand.
  7. I picked up the 4k version and rewatched it a few weeks ago. I was really surprised how well it held up - it had been a few years since I watched it last. The music in particular sounded amazing with my atmos setup.
  8. I know this is a championship play off but as both clubs are currently in L1 it makes more sense to have the thread here rather than the championship forum
  9. Visit twitter, I'm sure there's plenty of them there.
  10. They are a professional club who employ part time players, not a semi professional club
  11. If you can make one post without banging on about experience, I'll give you a million, billion pounds
  12. Its odd because he looked decent at Alloa last season but he really has been awful for us, so much so hes basically become a parody of himself.
  13. I guess it's a similar question to lowering gate prices. If you charge half as much to get in then you have to sell twice as many tickets. Is it likely we could seller many more shirt draws at a lower price? I'm not sure we could No
  14. Has there not been rumours that there is an overlap and Walt and/or Jessie will appear in BCS? I always thought Jimmy would eventually do something so bad that it would drive Kim away. Since the beginning of this season, I'm starting to think it might be the other way round!
  15. It's hardly trekking across the himalayas. I imagine there will be quite a few already booked on the travel club buses as its the last away game but I cant see many others bothering. That's more down to how bad we are than the journey. There will be plenty of central belt based Queens fans who won't bother.
  16. The dedicated app doesn't work anymore. You can download Tapatalk or just use the mobile version on your browser
  17. Still under £15 on the site I bought it from https://www.instant-gaming.com/en/840-buy-cyberpunk-2077-pc-game-gog-com/
  18. Thistle to hammer Ayr and us to win this game would be almost guaranteed, did we not look so incapable if winning right now.
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