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  1. Dissent against who exactly? And which game was he delaying, when he had a ball in his hand?
  2. Definitely better in possession than last week but then Montrose aren't putting us under the same kind of pressure Clyde did. I thought the pass was the right option, just wasn't hit hard enough. Seemed to hold up in the pitch, which looks awful
  3. And who would have played midfield? We were already missing Wilson and Todd before McGrory went off injured
  4. That sounds really good. Lets be honest, though, its not something the Board are going to do. Theres only one person at the club, realistically, whos going to do something like that and he already has too much to do. Which really leads us back to the same problem of not enough people. I genuinely dont know how they can do it and we cant. Maybe they got lucky, like we have over the past 10 years or so, or like someone like East Fife did with their streaming which is done by a couple of fans who just do it for the love of it.
  5. No offence but don't you think if it was easy to turn around it wouldn't actually be an issue? ETA - oh, and the last time we asked for volunteers we got one response and that was from a journalist who wanted paid.
  6. Whats the answer then? No ones arguing that things could be better so make some suggestions on how to fix it
  7. They werent trainees, they were volunteers. We want(ed) them to do matchday reporting but I dont think they are all that keen. They seem to be more interested in doing video content from training. We should all appreciate the work Finlay did, he's been a massive loss. To be honest, we've been incredibly lucky for years with match reporters. After Colin we had a couple of guys who knew football inside out, then had 4 journalism students from UWS, who were all really good and all went on to get decent jobs in the industry. UWS dont do journalism in Dumfries anymore which is why we were even luckier to get Finlay for a couple of years. Of course, he has also gone on to get a job as a journalist. As far as I know, we do have someone writing the home match reports, just not sure which will be their first game. They couldnt make the cup games. What it should make you appreciate is how difficult it is to get volunteers to do things on match days.
  8. Minor blip with the timings on the system. Should be available now
  9. As far as I know, the strip we wore at Elgin is as close as makes any difference to the strip for the season. The dates quoted for when the strip is available is usually for the retail stock not the playing squad kit. The 2nd strip was voted by the fans, so we're all to blame if its a stinker
  10. There were no programmes for the cup games but I'm pretty sure there will be for the league games. The online subscription was ran by the printers not the club. Not sure if they plan to do it again this season or not
  11. Not by Queens fans, we're still charging £18 too
  12. As others have pointed out, and as is pointed out every time this subject comes up, highlights are done by a volunteer who has a full time job and other commitments. I have no words to explain why you think that its disgraceful they havent given up even more of their time. If you're that keen for the club to produce highlights, please help out. Thats an open offer to anyone else who can help
  13. A wifi card will be cheap enough to add but if he wants to stream you should really go wired. Streaming should definitely be easier. Theres a bunch of free software that will fit the bill. A default build you can tweak is as good a place to start as any, to be honest. Have you checked the min/recommended specs for the games he wants to play? If he's streaming add a bit onto them to cover that and then see what you can get thats within budget. Another option would be to pick up something second hand. People who build high end machines will quite often sell them on when they upgrade. What was a high spec machine a few years ago should be enough and might be a bit cheaper Unfortunately, its a difficult thing to give general advice on but if you want to post some builds you're looking at and some of the games he plays, theres plenty of posters who'll be able to give an opinion on how the build looks and what you might want to upgrade.
  14. Or you'll end up even more confused having wasted a day! I think you need to know what level you're aiming for and more importantly what your budget is. There's not much point spending a day comparing the 3090 founders with the ti if your budget is only £1000
  15. I would say it very much depends what they want to play. That will dictated whether you want to go low, mid or high end.
  16. Fair enough if the guy doesn't want to do commentary. Not fair enough that Elgin couldn't get any sound at all and still charged £10
  17. I didnt see that. I wouldn't be too bothered about no commentary but charging £10 to watch a pixellot stream with no sound at all is taking the piss.
  18. Does anyone have any sound on the stream??
  19. You've already been warned about referring to Stevie May as a centre forward
  20. It's been switched off. There's an announcement on the announcement forum
  21. There are 4 groups where the second place team could end up with 9 points, so I'd say more than a long shot
  22. 94th minute penalty for Annan....... Scores. All academic now. Well done Annan. Not looked great tonight but deserved group winners
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