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  1. I'm on a mobile but I think I've fixed it
  2. A game Fox couldnt have played in anyway. Motherwell wouldnt let him get cup tied.
  3. Won't be streamed in the UK, it's still covered by the blackout rule.
  4. Greedy b*****d. I didn't have lunch. So I had one before the game and one at half time Yup, very tasty
  5. Am I the only one who likes the pies? I had two on Saturday
  6. There werent 45 away fans. It was 13 or 14, dont remember which. The communication has broken down somewhere between the confirmation of the crowd, it being read over the tannoy and put on the updates.
  7. I think you should listen to Patons interview I mean everyone should listen to Patons interview anyway but he talks about playing through the middle with Gav
  8. I can't bring any of these youngsters, as the game says I have four domestic loans... I have two plus one from England
  9. Nothing against the actor but the character is fuckin awful. Totally one dimensional and not funny at all. Still, an enjoyable series
  10. I'm four episodes in and finding Colins new girlfriend far more annoying than Cathy. She also looks about 20 years older than him
  11. I dont know if he is or isnt. All I can do right now is go and tear up his contract in my Football Manager game
  12. If you had witnessed that second half you would be angry
  13. Dont think we can loan anyone in until January, can we? What did Hendrie do? We all assumed it was dissent, but there didnt seem anything controversial about the goal at all
  14. Embarrassing is the only word to describe that second half performance. I get the Alloa fans are happy with the result but I wouldnt get too carried away, you will not come up against a worst defensive performance than that again this season - well maybe three more times I dont think I've ever seen such a turn around in performance levels between one half and the other, nor such a spectacular collapse in any game I've watched. First half we were reasonably comfortable and, after scoring early, had several good chances on the break to extend the lead. Second half, we were never, ever in the game, offered nothing up front and no control in midfield. Obviously, we were also awful defensively. The back three couldnt deal with crosses or any high ball forward and Currie did his usual line inspector impression, watching as Alloa played the ball past him. The whole defence were at fault, but surely now Currie is finished with us? Fox has to start next week and lets hope we bring Cowie back as soon as possible as back up.
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