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  1. Rebooting the router would be the first thing. Have you got anything connected via network cable? If so, check the speed on there. If its the same then chances are it's a line fault. If its OK then its an issues with the wireless router or the devices. Presumably you've checked on more than one device?
  2. Sugar doesn't like people who listen to others? Who's going to tell Karen, Tim and Claude?
  3. Anyone says Clockwork Orange and they'll be getting banned!
  4. Oo, good question. I suppose the obvious one is Blade Runner.
  5. Final season of Better Call Saul... if we're lucky
  6. Shouldn't be too difficult. If it's the old ariel connection then most tvs still have those. Some still have component/rgb too. If it's scart you can get a converter to hdmi. You can also get adapters for rgb if you're tv doesn't have connections. The only thing I haven't been able to find is a converter from ariel to hdmi.
  7. Fair enough. I thought I'd read it was happening at the same time but must have been wrong
  8. Is it after mandalorian? I thought it was at the same time
  9. Still waiting on an N64 at the right price but I've moved onto consoles I never owned and added a mega drive II to the collection. I also have a couple of early Madden games coming as I start collecting some old game series too
  10. Roy is a penalty box striker. He'll score goals if he gets chances in the box. Unfortunately, his play outside the box isnt as good
  11. Maybe he thought one of the two defenders standing watching the ball might have dealt with it.
  12. That was my reaction live. The replays werent from a great angle but still looked onside. After the last couple of weeks penalty decisions I couldnt care if he was 20 yards offside
  13. The world of fantasy. A wizards wand is traditionally brown, basically just a stick. I think youre thinking of a magicians wand.
  14. I've considered going back and playing 1 as well but can't help feeling I'd be disappointed. I didnt 100% it either. I still have some animals and fish to get which satisfies the itch every now and again.
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