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  1. It’s the kind of thing my Grandad used to eat. He used to also love some rancid cold mackerel with a dash of mayo on the side. Old people in general eat disgusting food I find. Pasta is an exotic dish to them.
  2. Absolutely no one is claiming that they are ‘overly healthy’ though, are they? Oaksoft has some cold meat with mayo for his lunch so I don’t think I’ll be taking nutritional advice from that culinary expert any time soon.
  3. I read something horrifying today on the topic of obesity. They want to take away our meal deals. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/calls-ban-meal-deals-tesco-23947171 Interesting article in the Guardian. Not as fat as the Maltese: https://amp.theguardian.com/society/2022/may/03/obesity-epidemic-proportions-across-europe-world-health-organization-who
  4. Tbf I might be wrong but I don’t remember Fisher and Ralston being ‘condemned’ (especially Fisher). I recall them both being reasonably competent, if not setting the heather alight. I get the impression you’re the kind of guy who still wants Liam Caddis playing centre mid for us though.
  5. St Johnstone related things worse than our performances this season: Exhibit A: Exhibit B: ‘not too shabby’
  6. Signing a paedo, having a shit ticketing system. Why not just admit these things aren’t on rather than constantly staging a bizarre defence of your club
  7. Tickets will be like gold dust for this derby. Get yours now to avoid being ticketless.
  8. The flare shouldn’t have gone on the pitch but it wasn’t aimed at anyone and wasn’t even close to hitting anyone. It would be like me saying the tennis ball ‘protest’ was an attempt to injure the Dundee players. There’s a slight (massive) difference to that and showering a player taking a corner with projectiles but you’re thick as f**k so it’s no surprise you’re unable to realise this.
  9. Only one team whose fans have struck a player with a bottle this season and it’s not ours. Better luck next time.
  10. I think the best we can hope for is our goal difference not to be decimated and for our players to avoid being struck by missiles thrown from the crowd.
  11. I enjoyed a nice Innis & Gunn whilst watching ‘The Battle of the Saints’ at the ‘SMISA’ Stadium earlier this year. It was the only thing that made the experience remotely bearable tbh.
  12. I’d quite like to see Shagger Martindale lead the Lions into Europe tbh.
  13. Good stuff from Saints. I remember getting free tickets semi-regularly growing up (I think from the Saturday morning football at McDiarmid) and it definitely helped to get me interested.
  14. And the goalie has made an absolute dog’s dinner of that and it finishes 2-2, after being 2 nil up. The weather turned the game into a farce tbh.
  15. The state of the weather in this Kazakhstan v Scotland game
  16. @senorsoupe what are the chances of David Wotherspoon getting back in the squad for it?
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