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  1. I watched this tonight and genuinely really enjoyed it. Is the albino actually 24 though or was that some sort of ‘in-joke’ that went over my head. He picked Spoony for his five a side team so I actually quite like him now. I’d take him out for a steak dinner.
  2. In the absence of a commemorative Poppy Saints shirt I’ve just picked myself up one of these for the living room. Lest we forget x
  3. Interestingly enough, the vast majority of United fans are from Angus. Those from within the city boundaries are almost exclusively Dundee fans.
  4. Are there any window experts on Pie and Bovril - people knowledgeable in the field of glazing? My windows seem a bit shite tbh, these metal framed efforts that look pretty old and I was thinking about getting them replaced (tenement flat). Would the cost of putting in nicer double glazed ones be a total waste of money or would it be made back quite easily over the years in terms of energy efficiency and reduction in condensation etc.? There seems to be a Green Homes Grant available that gives some funding towards windows but only if they’re single glazed I believe. I think mine are double glazed just shite old ones. Anyway, please keep all your chat about windows in this thread.
  5. IMO you should get one extra goal per youth product. Would be a great way to encourage development of home grown players.
  6. Where will 8MileBu buy his jeans? Ruddy disgraceful!!!
  7. When I did my traineeship I’m pretty sure there was a clause in my contract that meant my employer could claw back the costs of training if I left on qualification. I’m not sure if they would’ve enforced it but it’s definitely something that is in place in the UK.
  8. The Edinburgh Christmas market is absolutely terrible. Seems to exist purely so vacuous birds can get a pic for Instagram and pretend that they actually enjoyed being freezing cold, crammed in looking at shite overpriced generic tat. It’s a no for me. Won’t be missed.
  9. You are absolutely rattled and it’s fair to say that’s given me a wee spring in my step this afternoon.
  10. Scottish Power - surely the most useless b*****ds of all the energy companies?
  11. Aye good way to do it. Shame you’ve gone for the inferior qualification but 😉
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