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  1. Spent a few minutes of my evening reading Kirstie Allsopp being absolutely triggered by a joke by ‘comedian’ Paul Black.
  2. Have to side with your man Stormzy on this one. Being allergic to grass is for wimps.
  3. I don’t think you quite understand how incredible the safety responsibility is. It’s a highly, highly skilled job which only those passing the most strenuous concentration tests can manage.
  4. Yeah, would agree. I’d rather fill the squad with talented #perthshire boys but what can you do. If Considine’s fit he’ll be a decent signing for a season or two though I suppose. Big if there.
  5. Robbie Deas would fit into that category - would be a very good signing but can’t see it happening.
  6. My gf’s just been on holiday with a mate who works in Aus who gets paid probably double what she does, plus paid overtime and generally better conditions. Think she was fairly sickened by it tbh. The number of her contemporaries currently over there is mental, and I can see her itching for us to move elsewhere at some point of things don’t improve comparatively here.
  7. A service they'd receive whether they were paying for it or not. There's something a bit off about Mrs X having to pay £500 a week for her care and Mrs Y paying nothing yet both receive exactly the same care. The system is a bit mental in that regard IMO. How is that different from someone receiving Housing Benefit vs people who can afford to paying for rent/mortgage?
  8. Yep, RMT Union looking a bit silly with that one sadly - being unable to read past the first word of a bio.
  9. Have you ever been right about anything? Lower league teams have made the final of the Scottish Cup five times since Gretna did it.
  10. Looks like a hair transplant! Long overdue. He’s going to come back like David Silva next season.
  11. How can I hate women? My mum’s one! In all seriousness, you’re in your 60s or something and commenting that you ‘wid’ shag young women. I find it pretty creepy if I’m being honest and wouldn’t want to hear my Grandad or Dad hitting out with that patter. You’re one of the most banal dullards to ever post on The Forum as well. I literally live with my girlfriend of three years so not sure the ‘incel’ chat really makes sense. I also wear GANT polos round the house and am generally far more attractive than you, you silly boring c**t.
  12. Most have been sound, but one pulled us up about it on the train up to Inverness. At this point all the beers were still in a carrier bag in the seat next to me and fucking hawk eye still spotted them and said if we opened them he’d report us to the BTP. Thankfully he never returned up our side of the carriage so it wasn’t an issue.
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