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  1. The scary thing is the amount of people that are fully on board with the announcements about the Glasgow restrictions.
  2. Perth will be a riot next weekend should we win the cup and I’d expect Leith to be the same.
  3. Hope Rangers have the biggest gathering possible today and everyone else does whatever they want as well.
  4. Weirdo happy-clapper found. Political parties aren’t football teams.
  5. Fucking hate the SNP. No doubt their oddball fanboys will cheer this decision on as usual. I’m no longer staggered by their incompetence
  6. Would say Tierney is more of a Toyota or Honda of a player. Extremely reliable and proficient, and would do a great job for most people (teams in this analogy), despite not being flashy or ostentatious.
  7. Are you saying that African countries back the persecution of minority groups in China because... colonialism? So it’s nothing to do with the billions in funding provided whatsoever? Interesting take if so.
  8. It would appear so. What’s the elephant in the room?
  9. Some amount of funding the Chinese give them like.
  10. I got a text today from my GP advising me to go and get tested for COVID as soon as possible.
  11. He had a bad game tonight, yes. He’ll be in the team of the season though, as he’s been the best left back in the league this year. Tierney has played one season in the PL so far, and spent a fair bit of it injured, so your ‘one good season’ comment sounds a bit ridiculous. ‘Streets ahead of both’ such a stupid comment. He’s been better than Robertson this season but Robertson has achieved far more in the game than Tierney has. Rolls Royce of a player is also a horrific turn of phrase.
  12. It’s the only fair way possible. Hibs fans would be up in arms if they were playing the Old Firm and they received a higher percentage.
  13. Not to worry, one of the SNP’s biggest backers/donors is a massive god bothering homophobe so you’ve still got that area well covered.
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