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  1. People can only complain if they end up dying from coronavirus IMO. Anything else is trivial by comparison.
  2. The majority of games are actually very, very dull, so it’s no surprise that having a drink makes the whole experience more enjoyable. f**k being one of those weirdo anoraks that turns up on their own with a wee notepad to jot down their thoughts and snivels at folk to sit down.
  3. It’s because she’s in surgery just now and they are trying to send as many patients home as possible. In fairness the medical wards are pretty full of corona patients apparently.
  4. My bird has been sent home today because they are too overstaffed. Surely a first for the NHS to be overstaffed 😂
  5. Not sure the ‘tournament’ patter was even funny 700 pages ago tbh.
  6. I went for a run today near my house where I normally go and it is usually dead quiet - today it was pretty packed and I had to dodge all these random old folk. If I’d taken the car instead and gone somewhere slightly further but more remote I imagine I would come across barely anybody. I’m not a frail wee dweeb so wouldn’t trip and have to go to hospital with a sore ankle.
  7. Not heard from either EasyJet or Jet2. I paid with my credit card so should be able to get my money back that way if worse comes to worse. What a total c**t taking that massive dividend and not refunding people with cancelled flights. If you search ‘easyJet refund’ on Twitter there’s hundreds of folk in a similar position.
  8. They must have removed that option now then. 😬
  9. Not sure if I’m being dense here but where on the mobile app? I was able to login on the website and it only allowed me to change the date of my flight.
  10. It’s not even letting me login at the minute. c***s.
  11. Has anyone had a flight cancelled by either EasyJet or Jet2? No idea how I’m meant to get a refund just now tbh.
  12. Should knock down the City Hall and build a stadium there. Al fresco coffees at Willows post-match.
  13. I got the t shirt. I try and get a lot of the end. collab stuff if I can.
  14. Taking your kids swimming seems absolutely mental. I’m not surprised there was no one there.
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