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  1. You would’ve thought, given his Perth connections, he would’ve been honoured to come home. 😢
  2. Anyone lived here (or even visited)? I’m curious to know what people’s impressions of the place are. Good quality of life? Cost of living too high? Better/worse than Bermuda?
  3. Why are all St Mirren fans raging boomers who struggle to work the Internet?
  4. The ‘Best Team In Thirty Years™’ absolutely put to the sword by glorious Chris Kane.
  5. Hard one to take today for St Mirren’s ‘best team in thirty years’ 😔
  6. The tragic thing is that it’s actually middle-aged men coming out with the ‘Saints, Saintees, Fakes’ patter. Grim.
  7. It’s just embarrassing being below clubs like St Mirren. It must be well over a decade since that’s happened.
  8. I remember being in the first division and thinking we could beat anyone. The game away to St Mirren (last game at Love Street I think) was a particular highlight. Rocco Quinn with a beauty.
  9. Bit unfair on Sam Parkin. Anyone got any good vids of Scotland in action for Saints? Here’s a few I found, including a couple of headed goals Radford 😉. The run from Stanic against Motherwell, absolutely class. Some great moments supporting Saints
  10. Don’t care what formation you’re playing, Jason Scotland is in my team every time. What a fucking player.
  11. Two or three replies is obsessive? Ok mate. You’ve came into a thread which is a bit of a joke about meal deals thinking you’re super cultured & knowledgable because you’ve lived in Spain or whatever with your expat parents ffs absolute loser.
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