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  1. Tinder

    I want to know what sort of disgraceful homophobic filth Rab B Nesbit has been spouting.
  2. Good Trainers For Fives?

    Wtf are you wanting here? Are you playing indoors or on Astro? Go on prodirect and pick a pair of fucking trainers for the right surface to play your pishy game of fives in.
  3. Good Trainers For Fives?

    Playing football in Sambas is surely one of the most Yer Da things possible.
  4. Tinder

    What was the vile post?
  5. Tinder

    Because he’d be getting lots of love, you fucking dweeb.
  6. Tinder

    Marshmallo’s actually on Grindr. LOL.
  7. Twitter

    What’s the appeal of that onlyfans? Paying £20 a month to see some schemie bird’s poor quality nudes when the entire internet is at your disposal for free? Don’t get it.
  8. Football League 2018/19 season

    embarrassing stuff from ‘Principal Flutie’.
  9. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Most cringe part is getting your old man to post what goes around comes around on P&B for you.
  10. St Johnstone FC Thread

    What goes around comes around He’s sure stuck it to us, the third choice goalie has quit, what an absolute nightmare. Karma. The real question is, what’s that bird thinking going out with a balding albino.
  11. Heart of Midlothian Season 2018/2019

    Absolute state of that hairline, he looks a bit like Chris Kane.
  12. Car advice

    Really? MOT’d until August but the official dealership weren’t interested at all.
  13. Car advice

    How much did you get for them? f**k knows, tons of things it seems. No one seems to be able to get to the root of the problem tbh.
  14. Car advice

    They’d just recoup the money by whacking up my premiums, unfortunately. Decent suggestion though thanks.
  15. Car advice

    Hit with a £2500 odd bill to fix my car when it’s value is about £3000 and it might not even be guaranteed to be fully sorted. Any advice on how best to get rid of it (i.e. get the most money possible)? Scrappy is offering about £100.