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  1. Is winning a game better than drawing a game? It sure is a tough one.
  2. Jamamafegan and I have tickets for the Czech-Croatia game too. 🙄
  3. Would it not have been qualifying for Europe? I remember invading the pitch against Motherwell with a big crowd there. edit: just saw the date and I’m miles out 😂
  4. I like how out the whole outfit that it was the shoes you picked up on.
  5. If anyone was wondering what the back looked like. Such a lovely piece.
  6. Yeah slightly misrepresented in that tweet. 😂
  7. Anyone got access to this article? Behind a paywall and am I f**k giving the Telegraph any money. Likely to provide more evidence that Boris is ideologically opposed to the NHS and is a snivelling lying c**t.
  8. A vote for Jo Swinson is a vote for poor oral hygiene, her teeth give me the fear. How can we trust her to look after the country when she can’t even look after her own teeth? That should be Neil’s first question posed.
  9. This was posted on the St Johnstone Banter Facebook page. This is a grown man. I don’t even think it’s official club merchandise, maybe a knock off from a Turkish stall.
  10. What are you basing your claim of ‘business in general is doing well’ on? I’m not having a snipe at you, genuinely interested in your sources. Productivity and real wages still not reached 2008 levels. UK economy grown this year at it’s slowest rate for a decade with a contraction in the second quarter this year and narrowly avoiding recession in the third quarter. Purely anecdotal, but I wouldn’t say any of the companies I’ve worked at over the past few years have been positive about the impact of Brexit - ranging from SMEs, to larger multinational firms. I think it’s a bit naive to assume that post-Brexit everything will go back to normal. Several larger companies I’ve worked with have set up subsidiaries in other EU-member states, with the implication being that they will invest in these and reduce activity in Scotland post-Brexit, should it be a negative outcome. Companies with a high proportion of EU suppliers have been incredibly negative about the impact Brexit will have on tariffs and what this will do to profit margins. Other companies have built up a large excess of stock in preparation. Other companies have been fearful regarding how it will affect their workforce, being employers with a majority of Eastern and Central European workers. I just get the impression that it’s slightly disingenuous to suggest that all the investment held back will just ‘come forward’ after Brexit. Maybe you’re better informed though.
  11. He never said anything about being able to vote. As you said earlier, it’s time for your bed, you’re clearly overtired.
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