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  1. I’ve never really been bothered about how ‘comfy’ trainers are tbh. As long as they don’t give me blisters I’m not bothered really. If I wanted comfort I’d wear a pair of ugg boots everywhere. You’d never go to your mate ‘aw those trainers look dead comfy’. You’d be like ‘those trainers are smart’. So that’s my thoughts on that.
  2. I’m quite bitter about the fact that the city has all this money and yet has still managed to remain a complete shithole. It’s like when someone wins the lottery and has no clue how to spend it. That’s Aberdeen. With a shite accent.
  3. I don’t have an issue with it, if they’re good enough then they should be able to compete against men. Sadly they aren’t good enough and wouldn’t be signed by any team higher than the Juniors, let’s be honest. If even that.
  4. ‘Body positivity’ and ‘fat acceptance’ are pretty prevalent cultural movements bud. Have you not managed to hear of BLM either?
  5. Yeah I absolutely agree with you. My post comes across as fat-shaming which I definitely don’t think is the right approach. The amount of health problems caused by obesity and the strain this puts on the NHS is staggering though.
  6. The whole ‘proud to be fat’ thing winds me up like. Being a slug of a human isn’t anything to be proud of.
  7. Superdry is an objectively terrible brand. I didn’t know people still wore it. Christ, this is 2020, not high school in 2008.
  8. Was it McNamara who slid in late in the second half? Great challenge btw.
  9. Where’s the best chance of a wee weekend away or something in September?
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