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  1. Every time RandomGuy discusses accounts it causes me distress. Please stop
  2. Interesting idea. I plan to sit in the corner and glare at people for the full night.
  3. I think that’s only the case if it’s a mate of yours tbh. I’ve got a couple next year where the only person I’ll know will be my own gf. I’ve only met the bride in each very briefly as well. I honestly wish I wasn’t invited as both are going to be shite and there’ll be the lingering temptation to get too drunk to make it bearable.
  4. Fortunately we live in a world where you can’t give chase to people in your car and mow them down without repercussions. Fucking bizarre that people are trying to justify those actions. The potential burglars receiving such a meagre sentence is the only injustice I can see.
  5. Brazil should have picked their starting left back for the squad, then this wouldn’t have been an issue!
  6. Slaters is shite man. Such a ‘Glasgow Da’ place to go for a suit The service is decent I suppose.
  7. How many minutes of Premier League football has Brazil’s starting left back played this season?
  8. The term ‘low block’ that seems to be ubiquitous these days. It’s called parking the fucking bus.
  9. Just a shame there’s no Mane. Can see Senegal getting a wee draw here though.
  10. Just me who thinks the Dutch side looks a bit shit on paper other than at centre half?
  11. Why wouldn’t they? They’re a decent team and given the brackets should make the quarters at least. Then likely play a France side with a depleted midfield and then maybe Spain or Portugal? I don’t think they’ll win it but they’ve got a good chance of going deep. I said the same thing at the Euros and most folk on here were denying it then too.
  12. I’ve turned it off - the game’s done, and seemed that way as soon as England got the first. Iran look dogshit so it’s hard to judge how good England really are, but it’s been very comfortable. Bellingham looks very good. They appear relatively solid at the back and Maguire always seems a changed man playing for England. Shaw and Trippier are pretty decent full backs. The pace of Saka and Sterling will cause teams problems, but I don’t think much of Mason Mount. I could see England having a reasonable tournament tbh.
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