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  1. I’d be shocked if they all survive tbh. Horrible stuff. Genuinely gives you the fear as to how it could happen though.
  2. Nah I haven’t. I’ve seen plenty of videos of folk getting battered on trains for being out of order though, which I think is the much more likely scenario.
  3. Definitely didn’t sound great, think a few people are at Crosshouse. Horrible news really.
  4. I think if a drunk guy on his own lunged for a girl then that would be a pretty normal reaction. I couldn’t imagine a situation where everyone on the train sat and watched her get given a hiding. It’s slightly different to the situation described earlier where the girl was subject to (unacceptable) behaviour, but wasn’t in any immediate danger physically.
  5. Not that relevant to the discussion above but I remember being in Dundee Union and my mate from Czech Republic spanked some bird’s arse as she went by. He seemed confused that this was considered unacceptable behaviour by the rest of us. He then told me that they have a festival in Czech Republic each year where all the men go door to door spanking the women’s arses (possibly with whips). Absolutely bizarre stuff.
  6. Irrespective of the result, it was actually great to see a general lack of Glengarrys cutting about. There was one boy in the pub pregame though who had so many campaign badges on his Glengarry that his head was weighed down to one side.
  7. South stand upper was bringing the atmosphere today, that’s all I’m going to say.
  8. There’s Dundee fans on this very board defending Griffiths asking for nudes from a youngster. ‘Not illegal’ apparently
  9. Aye one is at City, one’s at Watford (?).
  10. I see Mebude scored in the same game. Is he involved in the Scottish squads?
  11. ‘Winning the ball’ is fairly irrelevant as to whether or not it should’ve been a red card. Big ‘Porto’ has gone in recklessly, in a fashion that could have endangered Aribo, which is fairly typical of the big dunce. Was there any need to fly in as shown in the below image? Look how high is foot is, if he’d caught Aribo it could’ve been a serious injury. Hopefully ‘Porto’ can use his suspension to reflect internally on why he’s such a thug.
  12. Don’t agree with some of these shouts at all. The Culloden visitor centre is actually pretty good and the tour was dead interesting. Thought Sagrada Familia was pretty breathtaking as well. Niagara Falls the town is shite though. However the surrounding region is unreal for a wine tour - Niagara on the Lake is a class wee place as well.
  13. It was quite clearly an (admittedly poor) joke. Thought that would’ve been obvious.
  14. I saw objects going onto the pitch (including someone jumping the ‘barrier’ when Spoony was sent off) from the middle of the East Stand in fairness.
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