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  1. I didn’t realise he had been released actually, just knew his loan had ended. He looked a cut above at lowland league level, great at dribbling and taking players on. Seemed to score a few goals too. Plenty of time to develop too at that age. I would much rather we took a chance on exciting young players released from higher up the game than compete jobbers from league 2 or lower. (Not a criticism of this years recruitment btw, more the last few years).
  2. Young lad Lennon Walker (18) on loan at Bo’ness this year from Dundee United. Has looked a cracking player few times I’ve seen him. Bit of the Scott banks about him. Would love to see him in a Clyde shirt next season.
  3. He was a central defensive midfielder, although he did from memory fill in as an emergency left back on a couple of occasions.
  4. Let’s hope he has Danny’s phone number…
  5. We gifted you 10 points and still finished 5 above you [emoji41]. We also picked up 10 of our points from East Fife. If it wasn’t for us you’d have been relegated outright.
  6. David Goodwillie doesn’t currently play for Clyde and the keeper came on as a sub for Currie the regular keeper. Good post though, would read again.
  7. And in Hamilton no less [emoji23] this time next year we’ll be millionaires.
  8. Do Hamilton own their stadium or is it rented from south Lanarkshire council?
  9. Not much point on posting any further on here as it seems to be turning into a disgraceful witch hunt behind the scenes. However, for what’s it’s worth, I’m not attacking the club but I do believe the decision to bring DG back was fundamentally flawed. That in itself seems enough to make you a target for those who disagree. The Glasgow Branch are some of the most loyal supporters who follow the team all over the country and support a lot of good causes around the club, that’s a fact. But imo they’ve backed the wrong horse in supporting the return of DG. Surely it’s to the benefit of the club to move on from this now. Singing his name at matches etc is not going to have any effect other than further tarnishing the clubs standing. This is not a dig at the Glasgow branch specifically btw as this issue has split the fan base and there seems to be an element backing him from across the fan base. The good of the club should come before the good of an individual. Especially one who would be quite happily playing for a different club if circumstances had allowed.
  10. At least I’m not trying to call out fellow supporters on a public forum for disagreeing with your pro-rapist narrative. You fucking snake…
  11. I’m guessing his name is Kieran as he probably isn’t bright enough to think up a pseudonym. No surprise to see our resident rape apologists queueing up to green light it. You’re not a real Clyde fan remember unless you agree with destroying the club to allow a rapist to play football.
  12. I had the strange feeling that any words may have fallen on deaf ears. If you are still championing a rapist at this stage after all the publicity it’s had I doubt a quiet word from the more enlightened present would have made much difference. You could perhaps forgive the teenage lads joining in for their ignorance but dozens of grown men, I’m surely not alone in finding it cringeworthy and embarrassing for the club. I assume from your response you see no problem with it?
  13. And so it’s just coincidence that the c***s singing f**k NLC were also singing about Goodwillie?
  14. Decent point in the end, great tenacity from Rumsby (twice) and splaine in winning their 50/50s in the build up to the goal. Pleasing that all the teams behind us lost and we gained a point on them. Onto next week…
  15. Predictable but embarrassing to hear the clowns doubling down on support of their favourite rapist today. Griffiths lambasted as a paedo followed by songs in support of a rapist. You couldn’t make it up…
  16. The retail park usually has plenty of spaces, especially down the end nearest to broadwood. Although can be tricky to get out and round the big roundabout if your heading back to the motorway. Broadwood farm is a good spot for making a quick getaway from the traffic to the m80 but is about a 5-10 minute walk.
  17. I think Clyde and the colts are the only tenants at present. Scottish rugby have used it in the past but don’t think they do now. I doubt there would be a long list of potential candidates to replace the income provided by Clyde renting and certainly none with the ‘stature’ of an SPFL club.
  18. They are obviously keen to have the North Lanarkshire taxpayers burdened with a 8000 seater white elephant of a stadium and only a glorified boys club to play in it. The relationship between Clyde and the landlords had improved considerably in recent years but maybe that has changed with the ownership passing from NLL back to NLC, I’m not sure. Like you I’m not really sure what they have to gain from chucking us out, other than some cheap publicity by using the Goodwillie fiasco as a catalyst.
  19. I’ve made my position on DG coming back to Clyde abundantly clear on this thread but I’ve been thinking more about the NLC statement. Aren’t all player registrations ratified by the SFA? If so then the SFA have no objection to DG being a footballer at one of their member clubs. Do the SFA vet players before giving their registration the green light? If the SFA have signed off on DG as a footballer surely NLC can’t block him from doing his job. What do the SFA make of this? Is DG a PFA member? Surely the PFA can also make a case that one of their members is being blocked from working. I’m not sure the NLC threat actually holds any water and I’m not sure it would stand up to any form of challenge. It just seems like cheap opportunism from them more than anything. In saying that I am extremely glad we didn’t double down on challenging it, he should never have been back here in the first place.
  20. The council banning a player from setting foot in the stadium does seem a unique move and sets a questionable precedent. For example could we object to an opponent who had a horrible flasher as their star centre back and have the council ban him? Where does it end? Can privately owned stadia ban players from opponent sides if they wish? It’s opening a massive can of worms. On the plus side it might lead to less scumbags being employed at football teams.
  21. What a predictable, embarrassing and thoroughly avoidable state of affairs. We really are a rudderless mess of a club run by imbeciles. We’ve jeopardised the future of the club to let a rapist kick a ball about for another couple of years. The board need to take the fall for this as they are spineless idiots. Get DG to f**k, maybe we could make him honorary president of the Glasgow ‘Rape Apologist’ Supporters Branch. As for the clown pulling the strings financially that forced this through, get him to f**k too. As soon as you start threatening to pull funding if you don’t get your own way then it’s the end of the road for me. Shame our board were too stupid to see that…
  22. Read this as well and found it astounding. I imagine it was written in crayon for a start. Probably a direct plea to the singing his name, bring wur captain home brigade. Like everything else surrounding DG it smacks of caring only for himself and loaded with his own self interest, exactly as the judge described his character. Let’s be honest here if raith fans hadn’t kicked up a massive fuss at his signing he wouldn’t give a f**k about Clyde right now. He wants to turn the clock back and come crawling back with his tail between his legs now and c***s are lapping it up like a returning hero. It’s sickening.
  23. I think you’ll find the Glasgow branch Facebook page or official forum to be much more akin to toxic echo chambers than pie and bovril. Hence the repeated calling out of those championing a rapist.
  24. It’s reassuring to see posters [email protected] [email protected] posting sense and echoing a lot of my thinking on the situation. The short term thinking behind this move, the lack of reading the room after the raith reaction and the fact we seem to have bowed to the pressure of one wealthy sponsor and a minority of vocal fans all very worrying factors.
  25. In other news, even with a god awful mainly reserve lineup out, a 9-0 hammering off rangers kids is an absolute minter. What’s the actual point of the Glasgow cup.
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