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  1. Really hope we can find a bit of form before the cup tie or we are in real danger of an embarrassing exit. We have plenty of players that can play a nice game on a good surface when given the opportunity to do so. But on a horrendous surface against a physical team that will turn it into a battle I don’t fancy us. We are soft as shite and will probably result to pumping long balls. Could be another Stranraer away.
  2. Clyde01


    Greta van Fleet gig at the O2 academy on weds. Anyone going? Anyone got a spare ticket?
  3. Away games on heavy grass parks have been a bit of an Achilles heel for us. Doesn’t suit our passing style and forces us more into hoofball territory. With that in mind any kind of win today would be fantastic.
  4. This hasn’t aged well, turns out you Stirling boys were onto something Darren Lee Smith just might be a player after all! Looking forward to him rattling in a few against you and kissing the Clyde badge.
  5. ‘He doesn’t touch him’ as Gomis scythes down Lamont for his first booking [emoji23]. ‘Chris Mcstay’ scoring our goal [emoji23] McNiff half a yard offside - wrong. And what the f**k was Dixon backing off for at the goal [emoji23], horrific defending as he backs off and lets smith get the strike away.
  6. That’s never offside, I’m claiming 0-2.
  7. [emoji50] bumping b*****ds, any other suggestions then for nearby parking?
  8. Happy enough with a local trip to Forthbank in Round 3, a ground I always enjoy visiting, and a winnable tie for us. Will be sad for Binos fans to see their greatest ever player is only a jobbers squad player for us. The loser will be made to give Daz a lifetime contract.
  9. Fair play to Danny and the players for turning that round. Completely outclassed first half yet bossed the second half. Ballsy from Danny to make all subs by half time but paid off. If I never see petkov in a Clyde jersey again it will be too soon.
  10. Miles off the pace. Petkov a complete passenger until his removal. Tallest man on the park and couldn’t win a header. Smith not much better. Defence all over the place. Grim viewing.
  11. To be fair he could definitely have framed this in a less bizarre way but the sentiment behind it is bang on. The amount of soft as shite, prima Donna youths this country produces is embarrassing. Boys that chuck it at the slightest criticism and are not even that good to begin with but too arrogant to listen to advice on how to improve. The Spanish in-house system develops players right through from youths to first team (another big fault of ours is the disconnect from youths to senior team). Far far better than the shite we are churning out.
  12. Anyone else reading this in Morgan Freeman’s voice?
  13. If we are a one man team then that man is Raymond Grant [emoji7] Of course we aren’t though, as there are a whole bunch of those lads who are (nearly) as enjoyable to watch as the Scottish Pirlo.
  14. Not like them to react so promptly. I doubt the appeal will be successful sadly.
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