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  1. As for Broomhill, they are a tacky novelty act based on chronic patter and whoring themselves to armchair old firm fans. It’s embarrassing seeing unsustainable, financially doped pish like that challenging for promotion to the SPFL proper while promotion from below is throttled to slow the progress of genuine big teams from the WoS in particular. The lowland league is an absolute shit show and the sooner b-teams, uni teams and glorified boys clubs are flushed out of it the better.
  2. The lack of any quality at all in the full back positions is killing us imo. Need to get Cuddihy fit and playing RB, not sure how we fix the LB issue, Kennedy has looked about the best bet but again fitness issues. A back 4 of Cuddihy sula McLean Kennedy is about the best we can offer. Not at all impressed with Peter Grant or Thicot at this stage and probably would go as far as saying they are money that could be better spent elsewhere, given they are likely 2 of the highest earners.
  3. Lost 4 in a row conceding 13 goals. Same pattern every week, missing our chances at one end and letting in cheap goals at the other. I was buzzing after the performance at QOTS but sadly that’s been a major outlier and things seem to be getting worse each week. Need a turn around quick or it’s time up for Lennon imo.
  4. It’s not much use being far better than Peterhead when we can’t beat them ourselves and will likely gift them 10 points in matches against us.
  5. Giving this a miss as £18 to watch from a different post code is scandalous. Sadly I see falkirk and Dunfermline have already taken decent numbers through but I think away fans should boycott to send a message. Wishing Danny and the boys all the best from afar this weekend.
  6. Duthie injured after getting assaulted last week I assume. Hope he’s not out long.
  7. Nah, he’s not been binned, just odd that with a natural left back (Rodden) on the bench Danny chose to put Kennedy on there after Hendji came off. Fair play though, Kennedy had a good game there.
  8. Some boy down the front was giving him pelters in the first half. Also heard his kicking being criticised. For some reason some of our fans just haven’t taken to him. All about opinions I suppose.
  9. 100% this, some mental shouts at him today. His penalty save was a huge part of us winning today as if queens went 2-2 (completely undeservedly) then who knows what happens. He’s a proven goalkeeper at this level and miles better than our alternative.
  10. I’m assuming you can just rock up and pay at the gate for this?
  11. The last 3 seasons have been better (football wise - obviously the covid spell was a bit shite from a fans pov) than most of the decade before where we struggled in the league below this one. As mentioned by another poster trips to falkirk, Dunfermline, airdrie, qots, etc are light years ahead of being stuck in the basement league and regularly getting done off Elgin, Berwick, etc Looking ahead at the shifting landscape of lower leagues in Scotland I think league one is as good as it’s going to get for us and actually staying at this level for any length of time will provide a serious challenge in the seasons to come.
  12. What exactly are you expecting? Newsflash - we aren’t going to win the league. There are several full time teams and better run part time teams. Realistically this season will be successful if we maintain our League 1 status.
  13. Naming themselves after a podcast and targeting armchair old firm fans, no thanks. An absolute abomination of a club.
  14. It’s small conciliation but Peterhead look in bad shape too at the moment.
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