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  1. It’s classic when running this story to throw in a comparison to a Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. Having a b-team is of course the ONLY reason these clubs are so damn successful. Rangers and Celtic will be on a par with them in no time once their reserves are playing against our lower league teams.
  2. This is utter bollocks and needs to get in the fucking sea. For a start if the premier league sides are reserves then the strength of their side will vary massively throughout the season depending on first team circumstances. How is that fair on the other sides? For instance, Celtic have Edouard and mcgregor coming back from injury and playing against Clyde then the next week have a big European match so the kids play against Dumbarton. The crowds argument is utter pish as well. The crowds in challenge cup games have been pitiful and there’s no chance old firm glory hunters are going to want to see their kids getting pumped off Peterhead away. If they want kids playing with and against experienced pros then a reserve league is the way to go. Not ruining the competition of the lower leagues.
  3. Seems unlikely.... BATE have lost their opening 2 league games.
  4. Surely binning the champions league and Europa league for a season to allow time to finish this seasons European and domestic seasons is a no brainer.
  5. This sounds remarkable similar to the two 12s splitting to three 8s model for the top two tiers that was bombed out a few years ago. Any proposal that involves colts sides is still a non-starter for me (and plenty others I’m sure).
  6. So you would play 24 out of 38 league games against the same 6 sides. It’s hardly the breath of fresh air you are selling it as. Listen, I don’t think the 14-14-14 model is completely without merit but to go to such a drastic realignment I think you need to give clubs notice and a full season of matches to transition to that structure. Who knew that the difference between 6th and 7th in League One would be so massive before a ball was kicked. Dumbarton get to join the second tier and play all the big clubs while its back to Elgin and Annan for us? Hardly fair to pull that out of the blue. Also there is no place at the table for lowland/highland league winners. What would be much fairer and more interesting is to promote 2 and relegate none for next season taking us to 14-10-10-10 and then looking at how we transition for the following again season to a 14-14-14 from there. That way everyone knows what’s at stake before the season starts. ETA: from 14-10-10-10 we could also transition to a 12-12-20 which I think is quite a nice model too but without the headache of relegating clubs out of the league to reduce 44 clubs back down to 42.
  7. So Clyde will console themselves with still on paper being a third tier side but having swapped games against Raith, Falkirk, Airdrie, potentially Thistle for games against Elgin, Cowdenbeath etc with their 3 men and a dug supporters. Right you are then [emoji23]. Your last point is also pish as you claim playing 4 times a season is turgid and want to replace it with leagues of 14 where we play (you guessed it) 4 times a season. Eureka!
  8. In a 14 team league the split would be better if it was 6-8 as well to save a team sitting out each week. That means 36 total games for the 6 and 40 total games for the 8. Every team plays each team home and away a balanced number of times, unlike current system.
  9. So Clyde, Peterhead, Forfar and Stranraer are effectively relegated. Cove win the league for nothing and Brechin survive meaning Kelty and or Brora are denied promotion. What a pile of shite. ETA: you would be better promoting the top 2 in each league with no relegation and promote kelty and Brora. Go 14-10-10-10 with the potential to revert back if that was the consensus.
  10. Just don’t open the transfer window until the fixtures for this season are complete. Clubs could give players short term extensions or if players refuse to stay on they wouldn’t be able to sign for another club until the transfer window opens.
  11. It’s not just based on a health emergency though, it’s based on them being shite all season, being well behind in last place and having spent most of the season there. Realistically Kelty or Brora will batter them in a playoff.
  12. Why is it ok to reward teams by promotion based on 3/4 of a season but not relegate bottom teams in similar circumstances. Brechin and Stranraer are both pretty much tied on to finish last in their respective leagues.
  13. Being able to choose or nominate the region you will drop into is a farce. There needs to be a clearly defined border, as is currently the case. If Brechin have any ambition to return to League 2 then the Highland League is definitely a much more likely route. You only have to look at Berwick as an example of what could happen in the Lowland League. Plus it’s constantly improving with fresh blood slowly pushing the dross down, which is not the case in the HFL either.
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