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  1. It’s missing... We spread the fcuk out of covid Fair play to rangers winning the title so early. It’s easy to say they won it because Celtic [email protected] the bed but they have been a far superior team all year.
  2. It’s been a long time since Motherwell did the obvious managerial appointment, think malpas was the last one we all saw coming, so I do think it is a stretch to call it natural shout we were going to appoint Wright. The fact is that article is an embarrassment and the writer really needs to get Wrights knob out his mouth.
  3. Yeah they are playing Celtic, so they are pretty much guaranteed 3 pts.
  4. That is something special, he really has a hard on for Tommy Wright. I loved this bit in particular ‘And he was the manager Motherwell’s club captain Declan Gallagher wanted to play for when he decided to leave Livingston a couple of years ago.’ Was he really? Why didn’t he sign then?
  5. I won’t sit down and watch an English, Spanish, champions league etc game on TV but i will happily go to a game if I am in the area. Barcelona v Juventus the pick of the bunch. The English league do an amazing PR job, sky, bbc, talksport all do a great job talking it up and getting the fans down there believing that it’s the greatest in the world but in reality it’s average at best. Top 6/7 walking over the rest and then a complete snooze fest when the play each other.
  6. Maybe lamie can’t play with Gallagher, that’s why he’s been better without him.
  7. all your devices have now been infected and all your bank accounts raided to finally pay the creditors of Rangers (1872 version)
  8. That was mcleish’s strength, did the same with mclean’s team with us but as soon as he had to get his own players it all started to fall apart. Same with hibs and Birmingham.
  9. Suppose the good thing about the split is County don’t have to play Celtic again
  10. The panthers can Fcuk off, he’s coming to the broncos!!!
  11. I do think there is an element of the compliance officer will catch it, a bit like VAR in England. Why send someone off for what i thought i saw when someone else can watch it 100 times and get the 'right' decision. Why does it mostly happen to Rangers i have no idea, in seasons past you could blame the fans/atmosphere but thats not happening this season. The last 2 with Roofe (?) and Morelos appeared to be absolute stick ons and the ref seemed to have a clear view of them but until refs can be questioned on their decisions we will never know.
  12. Eagles are eating some amount of dead cap though!
  13. I get this a lot. my wives favourite punishment is to stop the wee one going on her ipad (youtube, disney+) but that punishes me as i have to deal with the fall out from it. the conversation in our house this morning Daughter - talking back about something Wife - OK, there will be no Me - (Jumping in) WOW, lets think about this now... she only got it back at the weekend Wife - If looks could kill, i would not be here right now! i do worry about her screen time, esp now she has 2 hours of live lessons a day, but there is no way the wife and i would be able to do our jobs without her playing on her ipad. Everything was great in the run up to christmas, all her sports were back, she could see friends and go to school. Now she is back in the house with us full time, no wonder she is acting up. I am the exact same.. just not in the way she is.
  14. The wife hasn't watched the netflix one but there are 2, yes 2 seperate ones on Discovery +. both are pretty much the same with the same footage but the one i caught was being a bit mental and trying to drum up drama. pressing buttons in the lift to get to another world... even derek aconda wasn't this bad.
  15. By the sounds of it they don’t have much choice. We have the cap space for him but it all depends on the price.
  16. Broncos are the best placed team to come to. If we fix right tackle he’s got a good line in front of him, terrific young talent at WR and TE. Defence is solid with Vic calling the shots. The only downside is pat shurmer as OC.
  17. Don’t forget old rangers voted to allow new rangers directly into the spl. Then those pesky players refusing to tupe over to the new company/club But yeah keep it at demoted if that helps you sleep at night. Now demoted, is that not what hearts say happened to them??? Yeah cousins after all
  18. Can't wait for Star to come and i can watch 24 all over again. tremendous tv. although the last season when its just 12 hours was a bit of a waste.
  19. Same can be said of McCall’s time here too. He admitted it himself that he had run out of ideas and couldn’t turn the team around. Robinson will always be looked on fondly (IMO), and rightly so, for getting 2 cup finals in a season and for completely changing how his team plays mid way through a season. But I am happy he decided he’d had enough and stepping down as I don’t think he could have turned it around. Alexander has tweaked the team and has brought in competition. Despite St Johnstone fans’ objections I think we have a better manager than Tommy Wright. Guess we will find out in the summer when he has to build a new team... here’s hoping we sign a few players he has lined up for killie.
  20. Was it not jock brown and Ally McCoist that commentated on the 91 cup final? That’ll be my favourite game he commentated on then.
  21. they have released the schedual 10 years in advance???? i know covid sucks but i am sure we will get back to normal before then.
  22. Watched the Vanished the other night. couple go on camping/holiday home holiday and little girl goes missing. I am not sure if i liked it or not but like most things i had to explain it all to my other half when it was finished.
  23. Come on the new Texans GM and HC won't be as bad as Bill O'Brien, they will get a decent player with it... and our second rounder, and next years first, second etc. etc. etc.
  24. Had a few hours sleep, so thankful to be working from home. It was teriffic game if you were a Bucs fan. they played the perfect game on defence and the offense picked a part a very iffy Chiefs defence. Saw it in a few places, the refs did not cost the chiefs the game, the chiefs did that all on thier own, the penalty at the field goal was the worst. For all the praise Beniemy/Reid get last night showed how 1 dimensional they are. The Bucs double covered Hill and Kelce and they couldn't/wouldn't change it. I really want to dislike Maholmes but he can do amazing things. those 2 throws on the last drive (?) where he was scrambling for his life, and every other QB would have taken a sack, were amazing to watch. I do fear for the longevity of his career though. that OLine was letting the rushers through at will and his legs/ankles have already had a fair few injuries. Lets hope next year we can have a proper training camp and Deshaun Watson at QB for the bronco's
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