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    90 Day Fiance TLC

    We are up to the bit where David has knocked on the door to the flat where he thinks he ukrainian women stays. I don't care how desperate i was for my hole there is no way i would drive into a war zone on the off chance the foxy blond lassie, who has ditched him twice already on this trip, is there. he is a complete wrong one. Yolanda is amazingly stupid, she deserves to be taken advantage of. Her daughter must feel like slapping her. I don't mind watching the lesbain couple as they are wids but the american lassie is a mess of paranoia. Surely at the end of the trip they will go their seperate ways. No neck Ed is a weirdo but to be fiar i doubt i would want to sleep in her house for long. the shower with her dad was hilarious. How desperate is Sojaboy to get to america? Lisa has zero redeeming qualities and the mum constantly says no. I don't mind Geoffrey, its obvious his woman is desperate to come to the US too. Other than the 2 huge obvious things, why is Darcy still on the program? although tomorrow we should see Tom arrive at her house. We also had the start of 90 days lockdown on Sunday... its it bit strange but Colt from Vegas should just marry his maw.
  2. Watched all 4 (?) seasons and they are a terriffic watch but i would gladly stamp on both head coaches all day long. Its hard to watch some really talented kids piss it up the wall because they can't behave. Highlight of series 1 and 2? Mrs Wagner, she actually cares for the kids and tries to get them the results they need (and a complete milfy wid)
  3. Milne never explained why he voted to keep the 11-1 vote but by doing so he kept us in the dark ages. I get the whole blocking the sharing of attendance money, has anyone ever asked for that? A 75-80% majority should be enough, they could even put in a rule about attendance money changes needing 11 votes.
  4. Now that was funny! Paddy power won’t care they are already being boycotted and missing out in the blue pound.
  5. Inverness statement just doesn’t make the correct impact... there is no exclamation points !!!!! Got to love that their only agenda was was that no club would be negatively impacted by this. Of course it was, like every other club they were looking out for themselves (and as they should).
  6. Think the Inverness website has crashed. Getting a holding page... how good is this statement??
  7. That is one hell of a statement. Only issue I have is there is not enough ! marks in it. Everyone knows you should do it like this !!!!!
  8. they should really do the 2 games back to back. the country needs cheering up, so they should just put this on repeat
  9. are they bullying clubs into voting against it???
  10. doesn't make itlook better for the spfl though. An important communication from a member club sitting in their spam filter unnoticed for 3/4 hours and because they announced the result early Dundee know they have the power. If their vote didn't matter, do you think they would have changed it?
  11. The dossier is a pile of shite but Cockwomble should still be removed from his post. the handling of the vote has been ridiculous from start to finish. putting a 5pm on Friday deadline and that uncast votes count as no's only to then announce that there is 28 days to cast your vote announcing the results of the vote before it was finished. Naming the team that hasn't voted, cranking up the pressure on them Not accepting the Dundee vote once you found it in your spam filter having an investigation that looks at one minor bit of the issues round vote but ignoring the rest. etc Yet again Scottish football looks like an amature run outfit by the people in charge and Rangers/Sevco making it worse.
  12. I forgot all about Dean Brill. was he not about 30 stone when we signed him?
  13. We were rotten, but we had Lionel and that game against killie
  14. What impressed me more was his dedication, you don’t normally get that in a loan player. He had a dodgy knee for the last few games but kept on wanting to play and he got stitched up at half time, after Handsome John tore his leg, and wanted to play on. He’s had a fairly decent career down south, it was great to have him for that season
  15. I’m sure it was a good game with some nice goals but I bet they never had a goal like the Jukes.
  16. that explains it. its annoying, wish i had waited now until it was all released.
  17. Not happy with Netflix drip feeding The Last dance (Chicago Bulls & jordan, not stricly come dancing). Thought their whole business model was droping entire series'?? I can't stand Basketball but this has been facinating and thoroghly entertaining. Never realised that Rodman was a good as he was. maybe wait another 2 weeks until the last 4 are released.
  18. Surely sky will show the post match man of the match interview with Nish and juke. Nish looking near suicidal. scoring a hat trick and having to hand over the champagne is just cruel
  19. It’s creepy but not that bad... Was just going to post this According to ESPN, Smith is accused of having sexual intercourse with a 17-year-old girl multiple times at his home and in his vehicle between August and September last year. Florida Statute 794.05 classifies unlawful sexual activity with certain minors as a second-degree felony and applies to any adult aged 24 or older who engages in sexual intercourse with a person who is 16- or 17-years-old
  20. Holy shit. Former Jaguars LB Telvin Smith has been arrested in Jacksonville and charged with unlawful sexual activity with certain minors
  21. It was nice to go to hamden and win something for a change. It was a fantastic performance and they totally outclassed Hearts.
  22. The pats will be fine, Bill will find a way to win... might not be legal but he’ll find a way [emoji6]
  23. Hill just $20m+ to stay with saints. It’s a strange one, the obviously don’t see him as a qb otherwise why play bridgewater over him last year and this season sign Winston.
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