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  1. There used to be a complete fantasist in my old work who amongst many, many tales told these 2. I had not long started, so didn’t know her and she brought in her ‘demo’ tape for everyone to hear. Just a normal clear see through tape. Into the radio/cassette player and it was Whitney Houston’s I will always love you. Few murmurs that it sounded exactly the same as Whitney and people pissing themselves laughing behind her. Got to the end of the ‘demo’ and the radio one jingle came on! She still insisted it was her, it’s just that tape was all they could find. She was on holiday for 2 weeks and I’m sure the lassie that sat beside her had said she was book to go to Skegness. I had been there for 8-9 months and after the Whitney stuff I had been told everything so everyone was looking forward to her coming back. She came back all excited with some cheap Argos ring on. Apparently she had been to the Bahamas but couldn’t tell us as her new husband was in MI5 and he might have to work when he was there. They got married on the beach but right after he said I do he had to jump in a jet ski to chase someone, he did come back 30 mins later for the first kiss and first dance. He had to keep disappearing during the honeymoon but always came back to her. She wasn’t allowed to change her name as it could lead to him being tracked down. She actually believed every word she said. I am sure she would pass a lie detector. she was a decent worker and certainly kept up staff morale with her tales.
  2. I don’t think they will win in court (if it gets that far). I do think they will get a slightly larger parachute payment because they didn’t get to complete the whole 38 games. It then comes down to how pissed the other clubs are at their actions and as much as I would love to see them expelled from the league I reckon a fine and slap on the wrist will be their punishment for taking the spfl to court. Maybe for the amount of extra they get in the parachute payment. If it gets to court and they lose.. them being ordered to pay legal costs isn’t going to be cheap.
  3. i am sure it's been discussed before but Money Hiest is superb viewing. i have flown through 3 series and have most of 4 to go. i have found myself at 2am saying "just 1 more and then bed"... 2 episodes later and the next say is screwed. it just keeps you gripped!
  4. I should add contract law is not her specialty, but yes she says the whole thing should be ripped up if the judge agrees with them not just the cherrypicked bits that effect them.
  5. Spoke with the wife, who is a solicitor, and he first question was ‘who’s is the firm’ and then said ‘why them, they are not a big firm for this. They are property / insolvency experts’ She then read the petition and shrugged ‘could go either way but without reading the answers, your only hearing one side’ She did say if she were the judge she wouldn’t be impressed with them only wanting certain bits overturned. The champions and European competitors should all be part of it, you can’t pick and choose the parts you don’t like.
  6. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    Finally we get to the tell all show next week, it looks amazing!! Can't believe Lana agreed to marry David, although who in the right mind would get engaged to somoene after 3 very awkward kisses and when you say 'i love you' she just stares at you? I will admit i will be delighted with any pain he goes through when she f*cks him over. The email to the private detecive put the nail in the coffin for me. He deserves all that is coming his way. WTF was going on with Lisa's wedding dress? and gettning Sojaboy as his legal name at the wedding was something special. How many hints did Varya drop about getting him to propose again, and then acting all surprised when he did. The main program is good but i love the pillow talk, the abuse Big Ed was deserved. i have to say they have all grown on me, even the woman in Georgia annoys me less. They announced that Other way is starting on Wednesday here, i see the mad old woman is going back to India after he was abducted last time. We had the baby special with lorien, it was sweet but my heart went out to the baby with the snipping of the foreskin! no wonder he was crying the place down.
  7. It will give us time to get up to speed, no getting caught cold this year.
  8. steelmen

    The Wire

    ssshhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt Breaking bad isn't even close to this. (i liked it but it nowhere near as much as others.) The wire is amazing but i do wonder how many viewers it lost during season 1. it is very slow but you can see it is building the characters and getting you to buy into the realism.
  9. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    we are stringing it out a bit here. still 1 more episode until the tell all starts. Still to have Usman and Lisa's wedding. i was in tears when Lisa thought that Usman's brothers were going to support her when she was saying he's so argumentative. And for the 30th time she claimed.. it's over, i'm done with this. I am struggling to see who is more desperate for the wedding to go ahead. I know i would have walked away by now. The non lesbian is coming out to her mother.. what is she going to say? i thought i was a lesbian but i'm not? kind of find it werid the way Ash and Avery left it, the whole passport thing is just strange, loved the pillowtalk asking Siri "how long for an austrialian passport" answer "2 weeks" not exactly a year. it certainly is TV gold
  10. St. George’s are crazy small, 12-13 kids in a class. Ours has 20 but they are split up into smaller groups when it comes to maths, reading etc. The one thing we do have space and lots of it. My bosses wife works in their kids school and there largest class by area can normally hold about 37 and a teacher at a push but with social distancing it will only have 11 and a teacher. The rest of the classes are smaller. Their daughters class has 31 kids in it so they are preparing for her to be out of school a lot.
  11. Ha ha, not me. Only choice we had when we worked but didn’t stay in Edinburgh to have her with us. Then we moved here we couldn’t take her away from her friends.
  12. Where is the magic money tree coming from to pay all this compensation? Where does it stop? Hibs as they were moved out of the top 6 and got less money, the whole of the championship as mathematically they could have reached the playoffs etc
  13. Erskine Stewart Melville school, although being a girl she is in the Mary Erskine school.
  14. Great work on the list JG (haven’t been in this thread in a bit, the restructuring thread takes all my reading time). Lot of kids for one football forum site. It’s seems crazy to me that they are talking about kids having to be in blended learning all the way through this whole school year. August seems so long away, granted lockdown feeling like it’s been going on for a year! Julia’s school, ESMS, have announced they will not reopen until 26th August as planned and they will know more this week how it will look. St. George’s have announced they will be opening as normal, 5 days a week but with special measures in place to separate the kids. Guess it’s easier with only 15 kids in a class.
  15. Wow, the last few years this has been a funny thread about the police scamming their bosses to get money to play in golf tournaments. Now we have people justifying leaving kids in hotel rooms to go for a meal/drink. No, it’s completely wrong. There is a reason it is classed as a criminal offence. judgement of the McCann’s is clouded because, imo, they are very unlikable people. They have not acted like you would expect a parent who have just lost 1 of their children. Very cold and calculated. I lost sight of my wee girl in Sainsbury’s once, she was hiding on the bottom shelf!, and the wife and I were manic looking for her. Do I believe they killed her? No, but there is a lot of holes in their story and I can understand why people believe they had something to do with it. Washing her toy was just strange. Will we ever find out what happened? probably not, unless someone confessed to it.
  16. The wife is watching Space Force, i am only watching it in the background, my god it is unfunny and completly shit!! I like steve carrell, i like john malkovic, how did they read this script and say 'i am doing this'?
  17. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    we have 1 more week go go before the tell all. Usman and Lisa's wedding must be next week. Still got the quarantine series going on and next week we have the pregnant lassie, lorian(?) from pillow talk with the build up to birthing day.
  18. The invite is there but we all need to start in the lowland/highland league. We are not worthy of a place in the senior leagues. We should know our place and accept the big boys offer all for the Blue pound( can’t say green pound as it’s only ‘understood’ they back it)
  19. Lennon wins manager of the year... well I am surprised [emoji50] Seriously anyone playing football manager could replicate what he does with Celtic.
  20. Your missing the best bit. Rangers and Celtic colt teams right into the 3rd division other premiership clubs can apply but they must start in the lowland/highland leagues. Arseholes
  21. Got to love an open letter... don’t look out for you own self interests because we’re not. They should prove it by accepting relegation but allowing Dundee and Inverness to come up. Then they can spread the maroon pound round the championship.
  22. They’ll need to form a queue behind his own team mates by the sounds of it.
  23. If the clubs/sky can make a success of people watching every game from home, you can imagine they will find a way to keep this going even with fans back in the grounds.
  24. Aberdeen are amateurs at the being saved game. We’ve been saved by reconstruction and then they screwed Falkirk, rightfully so, to keep us up. Motherwell don’t need to demand reconstruction they would just do it for us!
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