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  1. The judge mentioned that the SPFL are conifident that it can be delt with quickly and without delaying the season.
  2. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    Tell all finished last night, what a laugh that was. Ed absolutely pissing himself at David's actions with Lana. I do wonder how much money David has.. as he kept telling us he has plenty. He genuinely believes its illegal to talk to her off the site, but still gave her a phone? I am guessing she got the ring valued and discovered it wasn't a diamond and that’s why she’s ditched him. Even Yolanda had a go at him for being scammed. Talk about pots and kettles Can’t believe that Tom actually said that Lisa was ‘looking good’. Not even Usman believes that. Avery I can believe though. Tom is just horny. The whole Usman and more wives was an interesting chat. Everyone knows that Lisa is not going to give him a child… not a chance. For the whole series, I don’t think that anyone really came out well in it. I liked Erica and she seems to be normal and not fame hungry. We never got a pillow talk for the last hour and the MORE program. That really annoyed me. Other way round started and it’s pretty crap to start with, it will warm up. Got an advert for Happily ever after, that starts next week.
  3. I don’t, but this thread alone has 101 different theories about this case. Some sensible and some extremely far fetched. I get that the McCann’s behaviour and actions can lead people to believe they know more than they have revealed and it’s not how other couples with abducted children act but the only crime, so far, that can be proved against them is they left their kids alone and went out for food/drinks.
  4. I did find it strange they were going on about being done with SD. The judge cancelled the 3rd year of the current contract and I was sure it reverted to SD with their matching rights. Shouldn’t effect the money that much as they should still get whatever puma we’re offering as SD had to match their offer.
  5. I have a feeling this is the first of many clubs going into admin, the lower leagues in England love spending money they don’t have.
  6. The slating comes from signing a player from Scotland with zero intention of playing him. He would have been a better player by staying where he was a playing at a high level each week. Of course hastie has to take most of the blame, he agreed to the move knowing he would be back up / squad player but if someone were to offer me to multiply my wages I would probably do the same thing.
  7. Never thought of that, just assumed it had been all paid by now. They don’t like teams defaulting on football debt, but I’m guessing we would just take our place in the queue with the others and get pennies in the pound Or we can just take him back and sell him again???
  8. We still have a contract with them, so if he is sold we get our cut. If he’s released... we get zero.
  9. there is no real ‘win’ for hearts tomorrow. It’s a procedural hearing. They can send it back for arbitration or it can move towards a proper hearing (think that’s what the wife said)
  10. You seriously think that would stop the conspiracy theories? They will just change it to the McCann’s handing her over to him to take her away. Sadly I don’t think we will ever find out what happened to Madeline.
  11. Sleepers. must be at least 10 years since i last saw it. terrific film 10/10
  12. Watched that a few weeks back, and just watched Athlete A. The abusers are sickening enough, but the fuckers who enable them and turn a blind eye are just as bad. Athlete A was a tough watch. Penny (?) the marketing guy turned CEO is only cared about getting sponsors, he did not give a stuff about the girls. You would like to think that in the fall out from it a good few people would be jailed over it. Who do you trust your kids too? my wee girl loves gymnastics, thankfully not good enough for any camps!
  13. Now school is finished i expect it to get a bit easier and she can see her friends so that’s good. Roll on sleepovers being allowed to give us a break! I just hope when school goes back she can get back to doing gymnastics etc as she’s missed that more than anything else.
  14. Ha ha it just felt like an obvious move for them / him. Stidham(?) might amazing but Cam is a good other option.
  15. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    turns out we have them too, the Mrs watches some but isn't hooked as much as 90 days. Other way round starts this week, this is going to be fun.
  16. We're on season 2 and I'd agree. A lot of it is crazy nonsense a bit like 24, but for me, as long as a programme or film is entertaining, I'll forgive the plot holes and inconsistencies. So much screaming on Saturday night!!! i thought they had it wrapped it up at the end of season 4... but no, it is left for season 5. Really enjoying it... but they should have wrapped it up in season 4.
  17. From the wife. Tuesday is just to see if there is any common ground and what the next step is. She thinks it will be forwarded to a proper hearing but with the current backlog it could be a while before a full hearing a n take place.
  18. As long as it’s not Craig Brown he’s talking about we’ll be ok.
  19. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    We just had the first 2 hour tell all here, the ending was amazing with Tom being a drama queen and hanging up. it wasn't until the next week highlights we get part of the explination from Avery about the messages. I really think stephanie is unhinged. Her and her friends having a right go at Erika and then saying 'we can be long distance friends'. There was no need for her friends to be so abusive to her, the guy came on the screen raging, shaking his head at everything. I did like Rose, speaking in her own language and everyone wondering WTF she is saying the interpreter was awful. Do TLC do anyother programs other than 90 day spin offs and Say yes to the Dress??? We have other way starting on Wednesday, This is still going and on Sunday we have the lockdown version. I haven't saw an advert for Happily Ever After yet (not that i remember anyway)
  20. Your mental health is not worth messing with... you can really stop reading here. I was in a job for 10 years, been passed over for promotion twice by people who couldn't do the job and openly admitted they only went for it because of the extra money. I kind of accepted it as although I was technically good, I wasn't really ready to manage anyone yet. The 3rd time it came up, the job was essentially written for me but again they ignored me and the girl I worked with (she should have got it if I never) and gave it to someone who never had 3/4's of the essential criteria. To make matters worse they were expecting me to train him in the job. My wife was off on maternity leave at the time and she noticed straight away, I had completely changed really angry going to work in the morning, and raging coming home It wasn't fair on her or the baby as i was taking it out on them at home. She pushed me to leave. Within 2 months i had a new job, wee bit less money but i was happy and was back to my normal peaceful self.
  21. Heard a rumour, from someone who has been right before, that Ohara and Lang were done deals after they were assured Robinson was staying.
  22. nah, this womans face is a bit chubbier and, i know i can't see how tall she is but, a bit shorter. who is it?
  23. nope, as he didn't exist. Although it might all be true, just shes not really allowed to talk about it. In her late 30's when i started there. She was just full of stories, I tried to stay away from her. Most just shook there head and got on with their work.
  24. We're on season 2 and I'd agree. A lot of it is crazy nonsense a bit like 24, but for me, as long as a programme or film is entertaining, I'll forgive the plot holes and inconsistencies. Ahh you used the word We're... i am glad i am on my own watching it or we would still be going at Christmas!
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