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  1. i think gate sharing is a non starter, a bit like cup games the attendance figure is massaged to there were more comp tickets than paying punters, then there is police and stewarding fees taken off before you get to the figure to be halved. As Stu says above, how do you account for season tickets. what the smaller clubs would probably try for is changing the split of the prize money. From memory when Rangers died there was a change made to give 3rd, 4th more money. i am guessing that was reverted when newco finally got up to 2nd.
  2. My eyes must be going as I keep seeing that as Oscar Pistorius and wondering if that’s him out of prison.
  3. we have a policy here of pick your own email signature and i would say about 90% of people just have what their actual HR appointed job title is but a couple of our network engineers took their competitiveness a bit far. Both started as Network engineer, then one put senior network engineer, the other responded by putting lead network engineer and of course the other guy put senior lead network engineer.... so after much complaining to their boss (he must have the patience of a saint to keep them both employed) they were told to put it back to Network engineer. couple of days later the qualifications started appearing BSc (hons), CCNA... and of course they started complaining to their boss again and he ended up saying no signatures allow other than Thank you, *****
  4. Fair play to the Stirling Albion players for releasing a decent statement, that’s not the tin pot thing…. What is tin pot is someone signing it ‘Stirling Albion players’ just leave it printed.
  5. ill be honest i was fully in the camp of this is no time to sack him... blah blah blah but now i don't think we can afford to keep him. Sack him and keep lucketti and co. let them quit or follow him to his next gig. That will save us cash
  6. steelmen

    The Orville

    it certainly feels a much more serious series this time round.
  7. Schofield was awful for us, i thought he was out the league as i haven't heard much about him in a while. Do the 49'ers need the money from Jimmy G to pay Debo and company? There are more and more people saying that Lance isn't ready yet to take this team on and it can't be easy to cut a player who, despite his perceived limitations, has taken the team to a superbowl and last seasons NFC championship game. i can see a way that he is still on the team at the start of the season, unless they really need that money.
  8. anyone know why some of the RED32 logo's are in gold and some in white?
  9. Is the roll bar the bright yellow thing? I looked like that broke off early in the slide, I thought it was his helmet but turns out that was a dark coloured thing. The halo looks like an annoyance, having something down the middle of your vision must be off putting, but it’s certainly saving lives.
  10. they do like to put that web link on everything. I must have gotten it on every single correspondence I received from them and the regulator I had one last year and because of the wife I had to reply to it (she's a lawyer and petrified it would show on her record. she's really smart about law but no common sense) i appealed the case to them because it didn't look like a car park as it was a waste bit of ground with sh!te lying everywhere, i was there for a very short period of time (11 mins exactly) and the penalty was excessive, £60/£100. Naturally they rejected my appeal as why would they allow it. I did find out that I was only in there for 11 mins and if I had left before 10mins nothing would have happened. The next step was to appeal to the regulator, but they advise that if you do that you forfeit the right to the smaller amount even though I was still within the smaller fee timeframe. i added that threat to my grounds of appeal. They also rejected my appeal and sent it back to the company. I got the standard letter demanding the £100, to which I replied saying I was willing to grudgingly pay the £60 (my wife was forcing me) as I was still within that time limit but i had no intention of paying the £100. week later they wrote to me saying it was now £170 as they had added an admin fee to it. Again I wrote back saying I was still offering to pay the £60 but if they insisted on the £100 or £170 I would be delighted to see them in court. that was September and its been silence since. I would have been pi$$ed if they had backed down and agreed to me paying the £60, but they obviously thought they had someone who was going to end up paying. The signs in the car park are gone now and it is officially a waste bit of ground
  11. made it to season 15 at the weekend, so 20 weeks to do 14 series and now the wife wants to watch the final season with me... I'll probably finish it in December!
  12. whilst technically true, the fact that Rangers refused to show him the contract doesn't help. Doncaster should have been shown the door a long time ago, he has been extremely poor at his job but he hasn't been helped by 1 club undermining him publicly at every opportunity. The whole Parks' wanting an apology can get in the sea.
  13. It’s a simple tweak to the rules, you can’t sign a contract that blocks any league sponsors being advertised. Wonder if uefa have a similar rule, just cinch to advertise the European trophies (they seem to sponsor everything else) The vast majority of blame here lies with Doncaster no doubt but rangers/parks haven’t acted in good faith. Sounds like they heard what was coming with cinch and entered into this contract with Parks to not advertise any competitors to parks’ used car business (including not sponsoring parks’ used car business) but hey it’s worked they get to tape up all cinch signs going forward and not look pathetic doing it.
  14. Course they will. It all goes into the one (small) pot and divided up between the clubs. With them coming second they will get a larger share than most. Let’s say they win the league next year, will they raise their own custom flag again? Will the they be called cinch premiership champions? The spfl have fcuked this royally.
  15. I’ve no real idea who is right and who is wrong, the arbitration panel can decide that. My issue was it took a judges order, during a separate case, for this conflicting contract to appear. The rangers board could have shown it to the spfl board way back when they informed the clubs about the cinch deal but they never. They were playing the awkward card again. I just hope the spfl have withheld their £3.75 share of the money.
  16. I think businesses are in a tough place here. We have all proven that we can work from home over the last few years and successfully in most cases but companies have contracts for buildings/spaces that I’m sure aren’t going to be easy to get out of. Add in plenty if middle managers who believe they can only manage by physically seeing their staff and you can understand the rush back to the office. But, and this is from my place, companies will struggle to recruit / retain staff if they don’t offer agile working. If your competition is offering 2-3 days a week from home or even allowing you to work remotely from you work location then they will have an advantage when you are competing in the same talent pool. My work was 100% against working from home pre covid but now from July we are 2 days minimum from the office. Suits me as I like working from home but love the feel of being in the office and getting out the house.
  17. I know it’s the sun but st mirren looking for £350k for Charlie Dunne is hilarious! £350 is maybe closer to his true worth. Nice guy, decent player but his best friend is the physio.
  18. very very proud dad, she has been picked to be on the P6 swimming team at school. She tried out last year and was absolutely gutted that she wasn't picked, so much so she didn't want to try out this year. thankfully she went along and made it!!
  19. Could spice Monaco up by having potholes all over the place.
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