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  1. No need to rearrange them, we are being awarded to 3-0 wins
  2. Saw a report over the weekend that the football team might stay called the football team for a while. It’s different
  3. steelmen

    Week 11

    Tremendous TD by Brown but awful defending.
  4. What if it was 2 first team fixtures that were banned for 7 games? Say Kent and Hagi, I’m not sure fans think it was lenient then. I do think 7 games is a bit much, 3/4 would have acceptable.
  5. Looks more like Ian Black. We live in an HD world... how can the picture be that awful. Ibrox isn’t that big that it’s taken from 2 miles away
  6. steelmen

    Week 10

    I did like how quickly the commentators back tracked. Diggs scores - he’s the best WR in football this season Hopkins with his catch - diggs is one of the best but Hopkins is THE best. FWIW I agree with you. Michael Thomas is close but Hopkins is something special.
  7. I get it, they have so many conferences of different strengths and I don’t have an alternative way of doing it, I just don’t like the way it’s decided
  8. They just need to ditch the people voting on who gets into the playoffs.
  9. And all the ‘expert’ pundits dropped him for McKenna. You wonder what Craig halkett as thinking. He was considered the better centre half leaving livi. Dec is now an established international and should be playing in a major tournament next year and well on his way to another big move and halkett is in the championship.
  10. To be fair to Watt he could have just downed tools and not bothered after Robinson played everyone but him at the start of the season but he seems to have risen to Robinson challenge to get fitter and fight his way into the team. We look much better with watt and Lang together in the team than any other combination we currently have.
  11. Watching the highlights and I just got the feeling the gase/jets threw that away ‘deliberately’ starting with the 12 men on the field at the FG they did everything to lose. I know they jets are honking but the team definitely changed
  12. 158 games with mcleish was 158 games too many! Surprised butcher only had 20 odd more. I thought he had much longer
  13. Old enough to watch police story, prisoner cell block H (original) and tour of duty late Friday night and make it to school football the next morning.
  14. steelmen

    Week 8

    All in the one stand? Not sure that’s how social distancing is supposed to work. Although some maybe cardboard
  15. steelmen

    Week 8

    There was a lot of fans in the stands, has philly returned to normal? I saw it on a field goal and behind the end zone was packed with pretty much no gaps.
  16. It wasn’t a funny joke, Stuart Baxter and jimmy were constantly linked to every job going... and the thread is about Stanley Baxter. Never knew that about Jimmy though, horrible disease.
  17. steelmen

    Week 8

    I thought red zone ran until 1am?
  18. steelmen

    Week 8

    Wow, what a finish!!! Thought we had screwed it but the penalty saved us and then the line judge said it wasn’t a TD! 4th game in a row the chargers have blew a massive lead now?
  19. steelmen

    Week 8

    Why punch someone in the helmet???
  20. Just the 3 ejections... saw a few more players swinging punches
  21. It’s been a while since he was linked with a premier club, is he still managing in Finland? While we’re at it where’s jimmy Calderwood?
  22. Remember them announcing the prices at the start of the season and think WTF. Everyone else was £10-15 and boom livi want £20
  23. My fear is other teams having issues. We already have a fixture backlog, 1 or 2 more games cancelled due to Covid or weather and no matter the size of our squad having to play 3 games a week will take its toll
  24. steelmen

    Week 7

    Slightly in bad taste for a recovering alcoholic.
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