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    90 Day Fiance TLC

    I try to stay away from googling anyone in the show in case it ruins it but the wife does it on episode 1, so she had saw about his dodgy (recent) past. I am not touching the spoilers but we aren't that far behind you. Ed just told the lassie he doesn't want kids and she went to town on him, rightly so. the STI test, the bad breath and now knowing she wants kids he tells her he's having a vasectomy. Lisa is continuing to get on my tits, everything is someone else's fault. Like not bringing your divorce certificate when you want to get married, a quick google search would have told her that. i was screaming at the tv when she got Stacy to tear up the letter!!! i was dying to find out what that said, although i am sure a producer would have rescued it. It is going to be a bit uncomfortable for Tom if his new woman watches the show because what he told her and what he was saying to the camera are completly different. It's on tonight here so i might be able to open the spoilers tomorrow. i must have missed the series with the lassie and the German friend, i don't remember her at all. Got to love Pedro's gaming set up. can't work so i will play games all day. smart boy. Did you believe Ceaser actually met with his Ukrainian lassie? i get the feeling he was talking shite. i will keep my eye's out for it.
  2. I watched it a few weeks ago and the amount of times Brady is hit in that game is scary. How it all came down to a failed 2 point conversion shows how poor our offence was that season.
  3. Don’t tell me Levein is back as manager? Have you not suffered enough.
  4. Not having a go but why have a split? Can we just announce fixtures at the start of the season, play them and see what the final table is? As you can tell splitting the league gets right on my tits!
  5. I would hazard a guess at very little. There is a reason that 4 old firm games are in the contract and 4 Hibs hearts games aren’t.
  6. I get what you mean but I still think the clubs will see it as more money for 12 compared to 14 and that is why reconstruction is doomed to failure. Personally 16-18 team leagues (would be happy with 2 leagues of 20) Ditch the split and play each other twice Fire Doncaster (the cockwomble not the town) into the sea. Have a complete clear out of the sfa and spfl That would do for starters... but I don’t get a vote
  7. Then the question changes to.. do you want £1m each for a 12 team league or £850k for 14. Clubs desperate for money won’t turn down 150k just to save hearts etc
  8. There is zero chance in anyone diluting the small amount of money we are ready get. Threatening with legal action is just an empty threat. If there was something concrete in there it would have been brought up already.
  9. The conversation with the premiership clubs.. Budge - let’s add 2 teams to the top league. other chairman - what about the prize money. Budge - split between 14 instead of 12 Other chairmen - silence Budge - hello, anyone there????
  10. abosolutly loved the whole series, the jumping back and forth really gave you an insight into everything that happened with the team in that whole run. Definatly one of the best programs i have watch recently. It was about Jordan but you got a fair insight into the other players on the team. You really do wonder if they could have won a 7th with all of them on 1 year deals. Loved Rodman, disappearing to appear next to Hogan while in the middle of the finals was something specail but even more impresive was Phil Jackson's management of him. Many many coaches would have booted him but he appreciated that he was a tremendous player and his off court stuff never effected his court performance. the pizza was obvious as soon as 3 folk turned up to delivery it. no chance i would have touched it, but fair play to him for playing though it. Nice touch by Malone going on to the bus, real class.
  11. I await the release of the wee red book. If it has and asterisk that’s good enough for me. It’s a completely factual document!
  12. I might be missing something (not unusual) but didn’t all 12 clubs agree on Friday to the ending of the season?
  13. If it was due to be Aberdeen v Aberdeen last game of the season... who was taking out the goalkeeper this time?
  14. And that’s it, we finish 3rd. Europe might be interesting... if there is Europe.
  15. before having a kid i was dead inside and the only thing that got me welling up was the end of It's a Wonderful Life. Last week, watching Rudy when he was carried off the field had me in bits. I have watched it a several times before being a dad and nothing but now my eyes are flowing. As much as i love Lord of the Rings, that scene does nothing for me now after the first time i saw it as i know the crap that is coming after it. First time i saw the hairs on the back of my neck were standing up.
  16. No at all, this image is coming from my own experience working there. Had one guy where if worked half as much as he did avoiding work he’d have been great. Not saying everyone is like that but the ones on my wives team really take the piss and despite her having numerous chats with HR and senior management about performance plans etc they are ignored as they can’t upset them. The lockdown has just exasperated it. I left to work in a non unionised work place and neither is my current place and they are far better than the civil service, far more relaxed too.
  17. My work is dead set against us working from home and I get it we need to work in teams to get stuff done. I much prefer face to face rather then over zoom. But at least I can work normally through this. The wife’s work, civil servants, are a bunch of work shy lazy, lying b*****ds. 1 guy refused to answer his phone for 2 weeks so no one could speak to him. He refused to answer the door when the courier turn up with his laptop but finally they got him after 3 weeks of trying. He is now claiming he is working 15 hour days but when asked to show what he’s been working on he just waffles. But of course he’s a civil servant so f**k all will happen to him.
  18. I’ve saw him live twice. Think it was the kings theatre first time we were 2 rows in front of Elaine C Smith and he was amazing. Second time it was secc and was ok until he started some religious nonsense and the crowd were silent so he walked off. He’d only been on just over 30mins. The crowd were not happy. He will definitely go down as my favourite comedian of my youth. Some of his stories actually hurt my sides laughing, crucifixion being one of the best.
  19. Come on there are ways and means of bringing up grievances with the people running the league. The way rangers went about it was certainly a bit extreme including, as several sources have said, releasing confidential financial information into the public domain. Although I am sure everything will be swept under the carpet a bit like the investigation into the charges brought against them that started about 8 months ago. They will drag it out until everyone forgets about it.
  20. I watch it but as said above it is nowhere near as good as the film. its watchable for an hour a week.
  21. steelmen

    90 Day Fiance TLC

    We are up to the bit where David has knocked on the door to the flat where he thinks he ukrainian women stays. I don't care how desperate i was for my hole there is no way i would drive into a war zone on the off chance the foxy blond lassie, who has ditched him twice already on this trip, is there. he is a complete wrong one. Yolanda is amazingly stupid, she deserves to be taken advantage of. Her daughter must feel like slapping her. I don't mind watching the lesbain couple as they are wids but the american lassie is a mess of paranoia. Surely at the end of the trip they will go their seperate ways. No neck Ed is a weirdo but to be fiar i doubt i would want to sleep in her house for long. the shower with her dad was hilarious. How desperate is Sojaboy to get to america? Lisa has zero redeeming qualities and the mum constantly says no. I don't mind Geoffrey, its obvious his woman is desperate to come to the US too. Other than the 2 huge obvious things, why is Darcy still on the program? although tomorrow we should see Tom arrive at her house. We also had the start of 90 days lockdown on Sunday... its it bit strange but Colt from Vegas should just marry his maw.
  22. Watched all 4 (?) seasons and they are a terriffic watch but i would gladly stamp on both head coaches all day long. Its hard to watch some really talented kids piss it up the wall because they can't behave. Highlight of series 1 and 2? Mrs Wagner, she actually cares for the kids and tries to get them the results they need (and a complete milfy wid)
  23. Milne never explained why he voted to keep the 11-1 vote but by doing so he kept us in the dark ages. I get the whole blocking the sharing of attendance money, has anyone ever asked for that? A 75-80% majority should be enough, they could even put in a rule about attendance money changes needing 11 votes.
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