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  1. I am guessing there might be a bit of a fudge in the wording due to there being no definite number of home games. I remember us calling out the spl, because the way the league split the fixtures left is with 17/18 home games instead of 19.
  2. Unfortunately, the makers have confirmed that they haven't filmed this season. They have said if something changes ie promotion they may apply to do another
  3. We are both working from home and she knows that headset = on a work call... doesn’t stop her coming into the room hollering what she wants or the internet isn’t fast enough. She gets the ‘f**k off’ look and then starts having a go for looking at her like that. Added to this she thinks her work is much more important than mine, so if internet is a bit slow I should log off. Never mind she has Netflix on the tv and the wee one is streaming YouTube on her ipad.. it’s my laptop causing the issues. If we really are here for 12 weeks... all 3 of us aren’t coming out this house alive!
  4. Same here i felt last season was much better to watch and a lot more indepth. I was gutted they stayed down after watching season one but now after seeing the fans reaction (worse than series 1) and that knob Methven I am delighted they fucked up the cup final and play offs.
  5. Took the wee one a walk today and there was a guy with kids doing football training in the park... some folk just don’t get it
  6. I can understand why your work are being iffy about it. They give you a loan to buy the ticket and expect it back. They won’t stop collecting it because you can’t use the ticket. Especially if you are wanting a refund. Scotrail will eventually give you what you lost back but how much should they give you? 1 month, 2 months? No one has any true idea about how long this is going to last for. It’s sucks you are paying for something you can’t use but your just going to have to be patient on this one.
  7. We can do a swap, we’ll have Sam Martin and you can have have coby shankman... perfect at kicking out of bounds 10 yards downfield!
  8. Lord of the rings is my favourite book and film series, nothing comes close imo. While watching Return of the King in the cinema checking the time of the film and coming to the realisation that there is no time to do the battle for the shire at the end. I can live with that because the way Peter Jackson did the film the battle for the shire would be another while film BUT to replace it with the complete shite ending they filmed aways ruins it a bit for me
  9. I am doing more work from home than I do at work maybe it’s something to do with the wife and daughter tearing into each other in living room and me staying well away from it!
  10. The discount is a whole £10, so you are not missing out on much. I have been speaking to Sky about it as i would prefer it on the sky box than allowing the wee one to go and mess around on the TV. They have confirmed that they will have it but indicitive pricing is £5.99 a month to get it through them whereas Disney are only charging £59 a year (without discount) turns out i will be able to sign in with my disney account once the app is added.
  11. From the BBC... [\quote]When asked on BBC Scotland's Sportsound, PFA Scotland chief executive Fraser Wishart hoped his members could benefit from the scheme. "The devil is in the detail," he added. "If they are talking about employers which clubs are, and employees which players are, and the clubs want to keep them and the players are unable to work, it seems to me they do meet the criteria.[\quote] I thought that it was companies that were the employers and the players were employees of the company but just played for the club?
  12. Brady will be a $30m disaster. He wasn’t great last year and now he doesn’t have belichick or McDaniels and their cheating ways to help him.
  13. The greatest comeback of all time in on the BBC site today again. The only bit missing is Colin Nish having to give juke the man of the match trophy... that was cruel [emoji23]
  14. Panthers making a run for Bridgewater. Cam to patriots?
  15. Ahh browns will be browns!!
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