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  1. We played breidablik a few years back when we were knocked out by Roy Carroll’s team?
  2. What did you use when you were caught the last time???
  3. The legal fees don’t come into it, they knew the risks when they raised the case. Now we have a precedent that you can take the spfl to court, force other clubs to spend money defending themselves and all the SFA will do is give you a tiny wee flick on the wrist for breaching their rules. Expulsion was probably too severe, but the fine should have been a fair bit more. Hearts fine could have been up to £100k(?) yet the get £2,500? Cop out.
  4. Good old SFA. what a way to deter teams from breaking the rules, fine them a sum that most fans could stump up.
  5. Not wanting to compare to the English league but they have finished their league relatively new quickly. A shutdown of a couple of months can be sorted by 2 games a week and an extended season (imagine both of the OF wanting that) There is no perfect answer but I do struggle with null and voiding a season with a good chunk of games played. Imagine utd were told that promotion was cancelled? They have invested so much money this season to get out of the championship and had pretty much achieved their goal only for it to be null and voided. They would have just lost a year of their players being under contract and got nothing for it.
  6. I think it should be 50% or more of games played then the season can be called on PPG, less than 50% then its null and void. Although in both senarios, esp less than 50%, you would hope that they would give it time to try and get it played later on. Half is usually around christmas so you have 5 months to try and complete the season.
  7. Half way through the last series of Last Chance U. finally they have a coach who isn't a complete and utter C u n T and the players are likeable too. Imagine sleeping in your car so you can go to school and play football. I have enjoyed all series but i would gladly mute the head coaches in them all but this series he seems to genuinely care for the players rather than continually berate them.
  8. Apologies, that feels so long ago I have forgotten most of the dossier stuff.
  9. Wouldn’t say the 12 team league is thriving but it’s not as bad as people make out. The split is shit, always has been and always will be. What have Stranraer done wrong? Sure they weren’t happy but they accepted their position. I have a feeling Hearts wanted Partick involved because they had a better case than Hearts. Not much of one but they had played a game less than their rivals. You missed out Inverness from your rant, they are the one play off team fighting with sevco and then hearts.
  10. It’s the Scotsman.. it’s half a step away from being a fanzine!
  11. He stepped down a few weeks ago, this was just today. Is there a fit and proper test for CEO’s? Thought that was for owners and chairmen. He not been convicted of anything yet so he’s not done anything to cause him to fail it.
  12. Depending on additional donations from your fans and James Anderson’s millions is not strong financial management!
  13. I get that but offer the games they are showing on ppv for non season ticket holders and sky sports subscribers.
  14. You would think that sky would try and get in on the action and charge to watch individual games too
  15. BBC has been updated with cracker of a line... Hearts and Thistle also wanted up to £10m in compensation, but could now face paying costs, with arbitration continuing for "submissions about expenses".
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