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  1. If you’ve done a London game, it’s 100 times better than that. London is fun but being at a real game out here is special.
  2. I’m heading to the saloon for the Saints game and I’ve found the broncos Austin group so I’m off to lavaca for the bronco’s game. Just need redzone for the early games.
  3. I need redzone and chicken wings. Shouldn’t be too much to ask.
  4. This is my third all expenses paid trip. Our head office is out here so I’m out for a week of meetings and freebies. Got the longhorns game on Saturday and then a sports bar all Sunday long before a week of meetings! Fogo da chao is my favourite so far, Brazilian meat restaurant with the red/green tokens. Tomahawks at Perry’s a close second. Just stay a million miles away from chicken fried steak. Even mouthwash couldn’t take the taste of that shit out my mouth. We went down to the bat place but it was wrong time of year apparently.
  5. Now you shouldn’t laugh but I’m going to hell anyway…
  6. a massive +1 for this. Meacodry Arete One this is one we got, it got an amazing write up, costs something like 3p an hour to run. We have managed to get 2 loads dried the last few days without turning the heating on.
  7. When I found out I was going to be in Austin this weekend I had a look and they were looking for $500 for a nose bleed ticket, that was before the start of the season. Now the cheapest is $200.... but the flights are $400-$500. I'll make do with watching it in a sports bar at a normal time. Saints game starts at 8:30 and the chiefs game finishes around 9pm. Its going to be a great day.
  8. So looking forward to next week when i don't have to stay up to 1am (although all games were done by 12:30 this weekend) and then record the 2am game... as i am going to be in Texas. First game at 8:30am all the way through to 10-11pm With the exception of the first half against the Seahawks the Denver D has been really really good. and if the offense ever clicks we could do some damage. Raiders in LV this week could be fun. can we get McDaniel's sacked again? or will the usual happen and Raiders win 27-3
  9. Think your being a tad harsh. the injuries are bad and are to blame for a lot of your issues. You do have to ask why do they keep happening. is there something wrong with the training scheme? the Chargers always seem to have a litany of injuries to deal with. Be interested to see the stats of how many games lost they have had for starters the last few years. Staley needs to protect his QB. the game was done last week and again this week so why is he out there at the end of the game getting already injured ribs made worse. The whole he wanted to be out there doesn't work for me. Staley is the boss and should tell him to sit down.
  10. I could tell you but then i would have to kill you..... I am much better at the spread than i am in normal. my league for that is really bad. Chiefs, Bills and Chargers let me down.
  11. Now hes a Bronco's player i love Russel Wilson BUT he is smarmy and very very cheesy. it just so happens he is our smarmy and cheesy player.
  12. Seriously?? Stop red zone for this pish!!!
  13. pretty good game, few homer calls but hey it happens.
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