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  1. There was an article after the game that hit the nail in the head. He pulled his strikers off when we started the comeback and essentially invited us onto them and defending wasn’t exactly that teams strength. Sure the team [email protected] it but he didn’t help them much.
  2. Lukas’ goal was the highlight of the night but watching Nish hand over the man of the match trophy is something else. He was completely gutted… nice to see
  3. Ja'Wuan James files a $15m grievance against the Bronocs. Interesting to see how this shakes out as the NFL office (or was it the players union?) did remind players they weren't covered if they were injured away from team facillites. IF we do have to pay the claim does it count against the cap? Edit. he’s now signed a 2 year deal with the Ravens. They do know he’s done for the year and made of glass?
  4. I have no idea but you would think if bought more shares it would incrase a bit, not as much as buying existing shares. But even if they by Kings shares it will still be diluted but more being released only this way King gets his money back and the club gets nothing. My back of fag packed manths..... 10,000 shares and they own 2% (200 shares owned) another 10,000 shares released they would need to buy another 200 shares to stay at 2% but if they bought 250 they would increase their shareholding.
  5. That’s it, thanks. Wonder would the board be happier if that money was directed towards this share issue? It just increases their shareholding, rather than spreading it around but it does mean they get the money rather than King’s retirement fund.
  6. This makes some sort of sense, although aren’t one of the fans groups fund raising to buy his shares? I just find it strange that no matter how many shares are sold the price never changes. Surely Dave’s aren’t worth the same price he paid for them.
  7. As long as it's the 4th Quarter Tebow will lead them to the win. Tebow is never going to be the best QB but i loved watching the 4th Quarter of our games with him as the QB. Always exciting. Remember he has a play off win under his belt against a good Steelers team.... can't believe this was 10 years ago
  8. I get it, he never worked out for you guys but he has been a model professional for us both on and off the park. For some people they just click at a club, seems like Motherwell is Tony’s cub.
  9. Nah, it’s in the walking dead. His Mrs is a zombie!
  10. Complete and utter ‘yer da’ post coming up.. Why the fcuk are people filming the players celebrating, if your lucky enough to be invited to the party join in and have a bit of fun. Really boils my piss when you see folks first reaction nowadays is to whip their phone out. Live in the moment and enjoy it.
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