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  1. It’s the same all over the league. Von Miller gets held every week but they don’t want it to be like the last drive in the jets cowboys game at the weekend were there was flags on 7 (?) consecutive plays. It’s infuriating esp when it does against you. If I was a lions fan I would be raging they lost that game on the back of those 2 penalties. They weren’t even that close
  2. Course they can, they will bury their heads in the sand and sing ‘la la la’ It’s the same with the Dave king stuff, they can’t afford to not pass him as fit and proper as they can offend the team formerly know as Rangers. Same with the idiots at Parkhead with their banners etc.
  3. Got it finished at the weekend. Really enjoyed it. Got the twist and went WTF.. could have told us that a bit earlier. I cringed like fu[k at the interview woman crying... i did wonder where he was going with the story. Hope Netflix pickes shows the next couple of series, hopefully they move it around after series 2. it'll be a bit suspiscious if the hold it in the same place. I do struggle to believe that Robert is a teacher. who in their right mind, espically they have now saw him in his house, would employ him to be near kids?
  4. steelmen

    Week 6

    How do they both lose??? Guess we will find out tomorrow
  5. Got to love Texas v OU After a pre-game skirmish, referee announces that every Texas and Oklahoma player has been issued an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. A second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for ANY player after the game kicks off will result in an ejection. Saw someone say this game should be allowed to be played under prison rules
  6. I'll bite... Why are you so down on your own country? why can't a scottish MSP/MP negitiate a good deal with the EU? They EU isn't perfect, everyone will agree with that but they are not some big bully that insits you kiss their ring piece to become a member. They are making nosies that we would be welcomed, i see no reason why that wouldn't be true, we can bring a lot of good to the EU. Nice shortcut to ROI for one. A chimps tea party? seriously? I'll be honest i have a lot of negatives about the scottish parliment and the way it is set up. whoever is in power has an easy way out, "it's not us its westminster" I am sure it is true, they can only work within the powers they have. Even with that I would much rather have an SNP goverment here than be complely governed by the Tories and Labour because they really couldn't give a stuff about what happens up here.
  7. You, me, and the rest of the world!
  8. Thanks for this.. i have a new game to get angry at!
  9. How tall is the lesbain's wife? like 7ft tall. hopefully get it finished tonight but the only person that they will get any real feedback from is the ex marine. the rest are just surviving or in the giner lassies' case having fun!
  10. yeah i got through 10 of the 14(?) episodes. really enjoying it, but it is blooming annoying how they keep reminding you what's going on despite it happening 30 seconds ago. Gutted the guy in solitary never got stabbed in his sleep.
  11. I agree being at the game and it being played under the floodlights is amazing BUT as I am not at the game I want it to be a 2pm start time to compliment my 7 hours of uninterrupted football with red zone!
  12. And councillor Soryia Siddique suggested learners in the city could put forward designs for a uniform, with each school adding a unique touch. So each schools badge isn’t unique enough??
  13. Always thought this was a strange set up... I used to work in Hamilton and the office manager (married) at the time always brought his brother in law with him (his sisters wife) to nights out. No big deal you might think but they would always go out on the pull afterwards. Heard they were quite successful too. Then they got caught pumping a typist from the work after a Christmas night out. Shit hit the fan after that as someone from work told the managers wife and her and her sister in law kicked them out. Heard the sister took her husband back but I’d left by that point so may not have happened. Can’t get my head round encouraging someone to cheat on your family like that.
  14. For a Thursday night game that was great. Great back and forth game, rams struggling to get TD’s and settling for field goals killed them. Not a fan of the seahawks but Wilson is something else. Always looking for someone to be open while getting chased for his life.
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