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  1. Remember them announcing the prices at the start of the season and think WTF. Everyone else was £10-15 and boom livi want £20
  2. My fear is other teams having issues. We already have a fixture backlog, 1 or 2 more games cancelled due to Covid or weather and no matter the size of our squad having to play 3 games a week will take its toll
  3. steelmen

    Week 7

    Slightly in bad taste for a recovering alcoholic.
  4. steelmen

    Week 7

    Don’t remember Dalton being that bad a qb. He’s now playing in the regular season the way he played in the playoffs!
  5. steelmen

    Week 7

    It’s the jets, you could have half a team playing and still put up 20+
  6. Everyone praying it Lamie?? It makes sense that it’s him to too because contact tracing says he’s been nowhere near anyone... same during a game
  7. steelmen

    Week 7

    Both of them will and it will end in a draw.
  8. Ouch and everyone said that Rodgers was the problem in Green Bay. McCarthy looked completely lost on the sideline on Sunday.
  9. Whenever I see Kyle Murray run I assume I have it in fast forward. His wee legs are a blur
  10. The jets season is finished. keep him in charge until the end of the season and don’t risk the new coach bounce knocking you out of the number 1 pick. Hopefully this will stop him getting another head coach position
  11. steelmen

    Week 6

    Just making the game interesting, Cam has never beaten the broncos... never in doubt [emoji15]
  12. steelmen

    Week 6

    Wow the pats get the game put off to get Cam and Gilmore back... and cam plays like this???
  13. Has to be, st Mirren have said they can’t fulfil the fixture.
  14. steelmen

    Week 5

    It does make it that much sweeter that it is Josh Norman. if only he had hit him harder
  15. steelmen

    Week 5

    Commentators were spot on foles is a very streaky QB. Can look awful for spells and then boom he’s hot for a few series’ and then cold again. I don’t mind the Bucs normally but for some reason I can’t stand them this year... well played bears
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