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  1. @Sergeant Wilson is yer man here. He'll pop round and add your feathered friend to his growing army of winged assailants
  2. Both my first and second names have ditched the superfluous letters which although saves me some time when writing my name, is a pain in the arse when I have to advise of the spelling anytime I speak with someone. I will neither confirm or deny if big team has been found
  3. The one they did for that Batman film was quite decent in fairness
  4. Some fantastic Library patter on show here. Bravo
  5. On that subject, who ever orders a Baked Potato from a takeaway?
  6. Pub for half ten for a few pints and a free roll and sausage then will be taking in the glamour friendlies of Larkhall Thistle vs Accies then Newmains Utd vs Accies. Don't know how I'll contain the excitement
  7. What are these? A quick way to a scraped face I normally find
  8. From nothing more than experience with people from work and friends, we seem to be going through another wave. Seems like loads of folk are getting it and it seems to have worse symptoms than the previous wave around Christmas time but it's certainly nothing worse than the a bad dose of the flu and should be treated the same
  9. Exactly, why can't they just be adults and say "I gave him a w**k then he fingered me senseless"?
  10. On the subject of pensioners, I've never known a skint pensioner
  11. Would be very nice if they didn't have such a daft sponsor logo
  12. What's with all this tagging of @oaksoft??
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