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  1. I've still got that Head bag. Could fit a small corpse in it. Probably.
  2. I was there in August staying in the hotel in the background, could've been me etc...
  3. The usual lassie that does my hair has moved barbers and is now charging £25 for a skin fade and whilst although I'm affluent, is taking the piss and her second in command at the regular barbers is fully booked from 9am tomorrow until 3pm so I'll have to forgo my usual trim and wait another week.
  4. I suggest you never attend a Motherwell match. Good chance of the Motherwell clapping chant and Twist and Shout. Subhuman scum
  5. Some amount of gear he's punted if true
  6. Really enjoyed this series, the highlight probably being Colin wanting to tell everyone he'd pumped a woman from Kilmarnock
  7. I worked with a South African fella when I was younger, very racist but apart from that he was a great lad
  8. I'm in a similar position, was always renting and couldn't get the funds together for a deposit on a mortgage. During Covid we were getting double time overtime, plenty of time to work since I had nowhere to go and nothing to do and no money getting spent down the pub every weekend finally got me enough money to buy a flat so in that sense it worked out well for me
  9. 47. Is the correct way to decline the advances of an amorous female to A.) Politely advise her you're flattered but just not interested B.) Pish yerself
  10. Frank Zappa's son, Dweezil is also in there as Mick Fkeetwood's right hand man
  11. Had a feeling it may have been, watched it Sunday and you're spot on tbh. Think there was one with Tom Selleck back in the 90s
  12. You'd look like you've wrapped your feet in bacon
  13. Will just confuse the police when they drag the river for dead prostitutes
  14. I prefer glory hunters who support the likes of Man Utd or Liverpool over people with a tenuous link to a club like they saw them win against a big team on Saint & Greavsy back in 87 and decided to follow them
  15. I find committing enough petty crime to avoid jail or a fine but just about enough keeps you off the radar for jury duty
  16. Well yes but I don't see how that relevant to this discussion
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