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  1. Nice ending from Fenners who has always came across as a decent bloke
  2. https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/philip-schofield-had-affair-much-30088079.amp
  3. You'd think Bill Gates would have someone to do these things for him
  4. I'd seriously just go and get my arm amputated tbh
  5. Like when Homer Simpson attempted to design a car
  6. Many moons ago me and my mate pilfered a large Toucan (not a real one) from outside O'Neills in Hamilton Not so much stealing, more salvaging but one morning I woke up hungover and realised I dragged a five foot decorative mirror that used to be on the wall in the pub round from my flat. The pub closed so I doubt anyone wanted it but ended up leaving it propped up against a wall under the cover of darkness rather than drag it back
  7. Rolf and Kenny in one week, the boy Raccoon is off and running
  8. Got two wrist tattoos and inside bicep done in the same sitting, that was fun
  9. I'd comment but he'd probably have his heavies round in the middle of the night for a "conversation"
  10. In my day we'd throw bricks at portakabins and it was free
  11. Poundland used to do Vimto Bon Bons that were outstanding
  12. Only positive point is that it's over. It's been painful from start to finish, a few plus points but far outweighed by the negatives. Everything in field and off has been an unmitigated disaster. Good to get a break from it all as it's draining. We go again next season but cannot say I'm confident in the slightest. Decent scran the lower you go down the leagues in fairness
  13. Had some Birthday Cake Vianetta the other day As council desserts go it was pretty decent
  14. On that subject, George Foreman has twelve children, five of whom are boys all called George. One of his daughters is called Georgetta
  15. I pished next to James McFadden in a pub in Hamilton last Easter. Unfortunately I didn't look
  16. As pulling techniques go, asking a deranged woman if she's married to the point she accuses you of sexual harassment is a new one tbh
  17. Saving myself for Saturday . As for the game, meh. If we could finish we'd be well out the way and wouldn't be in this position in the first place. Ridiculous how many dangerous free kicks and corners we had and did absolutely f**k all. Not over but a massive effort required Saturday and not sure our team is up to it
  18. I met him in Bez's Acid House tent at Glastonbury about ten years ago. I was out my tree but I imagine he was as well
  19. Would've expected mid table for Accies so disappointing and if we go down, even winning the Challenge Cup would see a terrible season for us
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