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  1. Absolutely this. Especially if the test takes you back to the actual answer in the training you've just skipped any time you get a question wrong
  2. A tad unfair, @Bairnardo tells me Abbys wife is an absolute ride
  3. Not one mention yet of poor Buckells, heavily involved in the OCG or just a gullible c**t? Either way I have a certain amount of sympathy for him
  4. You get the feeling absolutely no one likes Douglas Ross, If he wasn't a Tory c**t you'd almost feel sorry for him
  5. Nicola...Nicola....Nicola...Nicola
  6. Typing is just a waste of time. I like to just dictate my messages into my phone. Davies 30 minutes, played here in the Park Day price. Although that causes problems when you're watching a football at the same time.
  7. Quite saddened by this. I tried to fire into her one year at Glastonbury. Despite her rebuffing my attempts it's still a very sad story
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