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  1. Looks like they've taken the videos down but they'll no doubt pop back up
  2. In fairness around 80% of those views have probably came from the core six or so posters who seemingly can't live without that thread, very odd behaviour
  3. Yeah have to agree, fantastic performance as always from Graham but Jodie Comer stole the show. Very hard going in parts and heart warming in parts, sad to think how close to reality it actually portrayed
  4. Their Timbits are pretty nice but I have no opinion other than that
  5. I think it's more that Danielson can't just jump straight into a title shot without actually having any wins (the whole wins and losses mean something here thing they have) so giving him a non title match makes perfect sense really. Probably lose through shenanigans then have to fight his way into the title picture
  6. I'm not saying they don't have their place in the world, but in a world where you can get Sticky Toffee Pudding Hobnobs,Rich Teas belong in the cupboards of the elderly who think having a gammon salad for dinner is a treat. ETA
  7. Rich Teas above Custard Creams? Rich Teas are the most beige biscuits going. You could cover them in chocolate, cocaine and glitter and they'd still be boring as f**k
  8. In fairness, if Alina was my Mrs I'd be pumping her until it fell off
  9. I went the second year and it was pretty much a mudfest, but yeah, was a cracking festival. Great bands, a good atmosphere and a great selection of food compared to your usual burger and chips shite. Would love something like that again but don't see it ever happening up here again, certainly not on that scale
  10. I think it's because every time they've attempted the alternative it's went down like a dose of the shits, examples being when they booked Nick Cave and Nine Inch Nails to headline the second stage at T In The Park and hardly anyone turned up or Connect festival that lasted two years or even the earlier Rockness line ups which were pretty diverse. Although a decent alternative would be great, for most promoters it's not financially viable
  11. I'd like to say I'm more picky than that but I think we all know that's a lie
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