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  1. "Mary's telling me there's a deadly virus coming............and she loves dick "
  2. Spot on. I left school in 5th year and now earn a five figure sum. Complete waste of time.
  3. The whole Coronavirus situation has been horrific for everyone in many ways but it seems to be affecting some worse than others but seeing folk posting from the minute they wake until they sleep is just concerning. Think a break would be good for some, a circuit break if you will.
  4. I've had a warning for angrily shouting at strangers "THE ANSWER IS GEORGE LAZENBY!!!" but I've never encounterd any Noel Edmonds hijinx.
  5. Seems like a lifetime ago I'd spend my Saturday evenings shouting and playing Pointless on the machine in the pub on a Saturday night. Halcyon times.
  6. Bad enough Craig feels the need to investigate every crime on the street himself, he's now took to trying so arrest armed robbers with no assistance at all. Some boy.
  7. I genuinely don't even know where to start with this tbh.
  8. Presents normally end up being shite anyway. What you want is something memorable like getting all your friends and family round for a big party. Even better get them to rent out a pub.
  9. I wouldn't really say it's a view tbh.
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