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  1. Reminds me if the time I phoned a pizza delivery and ordered a thin and crusty supreme, half an hour later Diana Ross turned up.
  2. But you're not "bothered" Random commas aside while you're bashing at your keyboard.
  3. Honestly quite sad to see a poster like Marshmallow losing it. Used to be a strong poster and still has his moments but Falkirk's incredible demise seems to have broke him badly. So sad.
  4. My name is Philpy and I am a nosey neighbour.
  5. Philpy209 Move Two Metres apart, you have ten seconds to comply.
  6. If you get bored during the lockdown and you have a spare hour, give this a listen. Probably not for everyone but so much 80s nostalgia.
  7. I've always said all Motherwell fans are wrong 'uns.
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