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  1. TRNSMT Festival

    Think between Summer Sessions and even the acts playing The Bandstand this year, TRNSMT has really been left short on headliners. Nothing wrong with having a couple of breakthrough acts to headline but you could be doing with a big name headliner in the mix as well.
  2. Coronation Street

    Is Tyler one of Lee Griffiths love children?
  3. TRNSMT Festival

    Severely lacking star power IMO. Saturday looks decent enough but the other two days are woeful.
  4. Calling Cards of Morons

    Glenns ok then?
  5. Valentines Day

    Update? No fucking idea tbh.
  6. No, we relegated you but I'm glad it still strikes a nerve.
  7. Quick Question Thread

  8. We're in there Premier because we relegated your diddy team champ. Keep up.
  9. Thought we looked a lot better in the second half and at least we kept fighting for the ball until the final whistle. Bad day results wise for Accies but still far more confident of staying up than I was under the old manager.
  10. Coronation Street

    Amy - "I'm Tweeting Joe Sugg" Tracey - "From Madness?"
  11. Valentines Day

    Oddly, I received an anonymous card, about two weeks ago. I would've suspected it was from my mum out of pity but it was ordered off Moonpig and she doesn't know how to work the Internet.
  12. Two Doors Down

    This is his first series, really good addition to be honest.
  13. Two Doors Down

    That was excellent last night, Christine telling the deaf girl about all the disabled people she'd met was hilarious.
  14. Calling Cards of Morons

    Martin Canning didn't even have a Plan A nevermind a Plan B.