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  1. This is what I imagine the majority of folk that post on P&B look like
  2. Everyone knows a decent skin fade can take a 6/10 man and make him a solid 9/10
  3. There really was no way Shazia could stay unless she had an amazing business plan. She is so arrogant that she refuses to believe anyone else can have an idea that's better than hers. Clearly thought she could save herself by admitting to her failings but I genuinely don't believe she actually thinks at any point she made any bad decisions. Good riddence
  4. Highlight was a young Jim White interviewing the detective in charge of the case
  5. Only got round to watching this last night and have to agree on both points, some great acting and a fantastic soundtrack. Thoroughly enjoyed it, heartbreaking but also life affirming in equal measure
  6. I caught a bit last night when I was visiting my mother and from what I could see the celebrities are basically just getting pulled around an ice rink by a professional ice skater
  7. Saw him mentioned in another thread but always get mixed up with Fred Dibnah and Fred Dineage
  8. Spot on, I've just bought a multipack of Roysters and there's about seven crisps per pack
  9. I used to live across from a guy who clearly got a lift to work, 6.40am on the dot everyday some c**t beeping their horn. Arseholes
  10. First time in a while my life's actually quite decent so I'd like to see how it pans out
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