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  1. Grassing

    I regularly grass up people on here anonymously for the most pettiest of things just for a laugh.
  2. Joking aside, I think he's genuinely got something wrong with him and he should seek help.
  3. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    I thought we played some decent football in the first half and Miller looked good when the ball was at his feet but we didn't look dangerous at all. Don't think we won a high ball all game yet we insisted on punting the ball. Piss poor all round and Canning so still hopeless when it comes to making subs.
  4. Horrific club photos

    I'm far better looking than all three of them.
  5. Horrific club photos

  6. World Cup Gambling Thread

    Cannae complain.
  7. League Cup 2018/19 Group F

    Unacceptable. We really need to stop treating these games as friendlies. Fair play to Annan, well worth the win but we were awful.
  8. The 2018/2019 New Kit Thread

    I may have been drunk when I posted this but I'm not too sure.
  9. The 2018/2019 New Kit Thread

    I like the simplicity of that Livi top but it looks a bit too polo shirty for my liking. Still pretty decent.
  10. The 2018/2019 New Kit Thread

    Bit too much going on with that St Johnstone top but no too bad really.
  11. Horrific club photos

    Take your pick.
  12. Still Game & Best Bits

    No doubt we'll get a fairwell live show just to fill their pockets that wee bit more, not that I blame them.
  13. Horrific club photos

    Don't really see the remake of Brokeback Mountain taking off tbh.
  14. The Home strips ok, the Away looks like generic Adidas gear you'd buy for £10 from Sports Direct for the gym, the Third kit is lovely though.