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  1. Junior Cup Final

    Cappielow would have been a good choice for it if it was available.
  2. CSAFL

    Issue for me is teams join a stronger better league and then the minute they start getting a few defeats they want to chuck it. These teams not used to losing and playing in a competitive top division
  3. The MOTD Thread

    Pickford is fucking awful. Zaha at CP is another player that seems to get an easy time from english press, the guy is over rated
  4. Rudden must have been into double figures for the amount of fouls he gave away tonight. Red card is 100% spot on. Really difficult to break down a team when they have 10 men behind and not interested in going forward. Out set plays were terrible tonight, most of them nit getting past first player.
  5. Morton v Ayr

    Today showed just how poor this league is. Ayr are rank. Any neutral watching that today would’ve had no idea what team is going for promotion and fighting relegation. Time for Mcallister to hang the boots up and become a traffic warden. Great at pointing. Piss poor at football.
  6. CSAFL

    Poor result for harestains on Saturday.
  7. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Is the same bannockburn team that were trying to attack a ref a few weeks back while trying to leave the park?
  8. Time to draw a line under it and move on. McKinnon did not want to manage us so moved on. No compensation so he could have just walked. We have more important things to worry about than a former manager who was here for a few weeks. Lets back the team and make sure were not dragged any further towards the bottom.
  9. Ton v County - Friday night

    Thinking along same lines. If out of contract in the summer then would be best to get rid off him now if he aint going to be fit to play.
  10. Ton v County - Friday night

    How long a contract did he sign?
  11. Ton v County - Friday night

    Thought that we looked decent in second half and deserved the win. County looked decent on the ball but lacked any cutting edge. Great to watch county lose the plot at the end.
  12. Cant wait for you to get the managers job.... plenty to say without the ability to back it up. Im guessing you won the champs league on football manager?
  13. CSAFL

    Standard bannockburn behaviour. Not first time side lines has tried to intimidate a ref.
  14. Seems to be that if a team gets a player sent off then it should be an automatic defeat...... once players short its more difficult to break them down as most team go into defensive mode. Not giving right to win games against 10 men
  15. Would suggest an easy 3-0 home win if our players so same effort and attitude as they did against Alloa