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  1. Probably an element of truth in that. Peaso McDonald said that when he signed for Morton a lot of his injury problems disappeared and he put this down to not having to sit in a car back and forth between Glasgow and Perth everyday. Disappointing to see some fans on social media being so angry towards Millar. It's not as though he choosing to break down in games. He has been trying various different options to get to the bottom of the issue with his hamstring.
  2. Disappointing to lose another late goal and to concede again from a set piece. Bizarre decision to rest Alston and Millar after their performances midweek. Thought Paton was one of our better performers, but struggle to see what Liam Craig offers us in the centre of midfield. Once again Graham Cummins was very poor. He has never been the same player since he got injured last season. If it is true that Gormley won't be back, would like to see us bring in two strikers in January. Very impressed with Thistle. Edwards, Barton and Osman were all outstanding. Good support as well.
  3. That's the same guy who a few years ago on WAP was adamant that Martin Hardie was Egyptian! He was being serious as well.
  4. Good shout. Caws bar opposite the Wellgate is another decent place. Good atmosphere, your missus will love it.
  5. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/no-clause-kane-hemmings-going-nowhere/ Seven figures??!! [emoji23][emoji23]
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