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  1. Enjoyed that today. Played well 1st half and as said by others EF gave us a few problems in the 2nd half. We’re playing well but my worry is not converting good possession into goals often enough. Hope Kerr is ok for next week as I think he’s shown he’s really improved the midfield since he arrived and is a must pick. And by the way your mince pies are boggin.
  2. It’s anyone’s guess how the game pans out in these conditions. It’s wild out there.
  3. Wow wtf happened there. Ref was booking anyone that looked the wrong way at him. Not surprised they equalised so late as we had two defenders, two centre mids, a winger and FIVE centre forwards on at the end. Ecstatic with the 3 points but we make it hard for ourselves.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to the new Falkirk Stadium. We are starting to look like a team. They all know their jobs and substitutes can slot into the system. Think we missed Watson marauding down the right but Walker settled eventually. Easton was excellent and Gallagher & Smith work well together. If McGills effort at the end has been other side of the post score line might have been more realistic but can’t complain about a performance and result like that away to Falkirk. As a Bairns fan said earlier McInroys a player. Hope we can hang onto him beyond January.
  5. Anyone else having trouble buying tickets online? I understand away supporters can pay at the gate on Saturday but is it cash only?
  6. Yeah it works from time to time but as someone on here said a while back he’s got a 1st touch like a brick wall. I like Gal but think he’s a finisher 1st and foremost. I get frustrated watching us being so defensive at home with no width. Get the ball in from wide areas and he’ll give you a return but we are playing with big McGill wide right. Pleased with the result and a lot of aspects of our performance. expected a good bit more from you guys tho and thought we were in trouble when Sammon came on.
  7. I know it may be forced due to availability of players, injury, covid etc but playing 4-1-4-1 at home is murder. Gal can’t trap cement up front and nothing really sticks to him so it’s hard going. Pleased with the win tho and with bodies hopefully returning this could be the start of a wee run.
  8. Clueless, inept, gutless, pedestrian, boring, insipid s#ite. I really don’t know how that can improve. We play with no width, no pace in midfield (I’m 54 & two stone overweight but I think I could give McCabe and Agnew a run for their money in a sprint) and worst of all no heart. Do you think I’ll be able to get my season ticket refunded?
  9. Fantastic 2nd half tonight. The support have needed a result like that for a number of seasons now. Hopefully give the manager, team, support and town the belief to take this on and get back to where I believe we should be. A decent run of results gets punters back gives teams a lift. Here’s hopping this is only the start.
  10. Didn’t take too long to slam the brakes on and go into reverse. Don’t understand their rationale at all.
  11. I understand they’ve took a hit over the last 18 months but this is a bit much I think. Especially with the lack of communication. I think they’ll lose more than they gain. I’ll be getting my ST - glutton for punishment.
  12. Doesn’t affect me personally but I’m hoping it’s a typing error and it’s meant to be 65 rather than 75.
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