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  1. Can any Partick fans advise on entry prices for Saturday? Can’t see anything on your official site.
  2. I thought he was ok some decent passing and covered a bit of ground. Wouldn’t be adverse to giving him a season or an extended trial period. Not sure who he is tho.
  3. Meant to say I’m not a fan of the strip would be better if it was a red back rather than black. Anyway I’m too old and fat to be wearing football tops so not really an issue[emoji16]
  4. That was promising. O’Reilly was pick of the bunch for me and I was delighted to see Cammy Russell get on the scoresheet. I think he could be the answer to our goal scoring problems. Eckersly and Fordyce looked the part and the big centre half, Kerr, looked comfortable on the ball. Will reserve judgement until I see him up against the more senior forwards in L1 such as Samson at Falkirk. Roy put the work in but missed a couple that he really should have stuck away. Not sure about Wedderburn and Miller in the same midfield. I’d prefer only one sitting midfielder and I prefer Millers mobility. I’m sure I could go on but looking forward to the start of the season proper. Might even take a trip to Firhill next week.
  5. Who was the sub who came on at centre forward for you guys this afternoon? Must’ve been 5 stone overweight.
  6. I'll be renewing my season ticket on my return from holiday. Looking forward to this season (as I was last season and the season before that). I was on a bit of a downer given the sidelining of the supporters trust and I think the owners are missing a trick not getting them on board and utilising all that community and charity work experience and their success in raising the profile of the club both locally and nationally. A lot of good people only with the clubs best interests at heart. While I still have nagging doubts about the owners especially how they are going to fund it all, the pace of the change has been impressive - the turnover of playing staff in both getting guys out the door and the early recruitment is something we haven't seen for a long while. It remains to be seen if the signings match the expectation, they didn't last year. The communication with the supporters utilising social media is night and day compared to some previous regimes and it's a breath of fresh air. The manager and director of fitbaw all saying the right things and bringing an air of positivity. I'll be backing them to the hilt and expect to take in a lot more away games also this year but there is still that wee bit of me that is still expecting it to go pete tong.
  7. Ally Roy, NI u21 international released by Partick. A tad under whelming.
  8. 5 ft 7 - bandy legged short arse
  9. Kyle MCDonald from Them. Murray seems to be going for youth. Will need a bit of experience at some point.
  10. My daughters talked me into doing a 10k in September. Never done any kinda distance run. I’m a 13st 52 year old who toddles about a gym twice a week. Is an hour a realistic target or am a better off just concentrating on finishing.
  11. Cheers! Thought Miller was not flamboyant and quietly went about his business. Lot of room for improvement tho. I just don’t think him and Gallagher worked well in the same midfield and one had to go. Was expecting a lot more from him considering the hype when we signed him. Time will tell.
  12. Kieran Millar and Dean Hawkshaw signed on. Im assuming part time. Happy with that.
  13. Would’ve been nice to relegate thistle via the play off, can but dream. Here’s hoping next season is more enjoyable than this that’s what keeps us going I suppose.
  14. Yup it did. It shows with the wrong man at the helm it goes wrong no matter the cash paid. Full time or part time or hybrid it can go tits up without the right manager. I’m still to be convinced by Murray but yesterday’s news is at least something positive after the last six or so depressing months.
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