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  1. That was a horrible couple of minutes, seeing Peterhead had won and waiting for the Mo result. Chuffed to bits for you all.
  2. That's "tackle" in the Graeme Souness/George McCluskey sense. One for the older readers there. We're a bunch of thugs and deserve to go down.
  3. Just popping by, did anyone get a screenshot of the punter on RM decrying someone who called for Sevco players to start breaking legs, saying "we're a civil lot, not like the *****s" and the post above and below were calling their own players c***s? And many, many others were calling for them to break players legs and end careers. Despicable bunch and I will continue to enjoy their pain.
  4. I'm fairly sure Montrose won the Second Division title in 84/85 (Dougie Somner up front) and won promotion again to the second tier a few years later. I'm assuming the fan referring to Marco meant Mark McLaughlin, in which case I think he is 43 this year, not 39.
  5. I see us repeating the old mistakes. How is Cochrane not at least in the U19s? Other countries fast track their top talents. Rooney and Walcott got full caps at 17. Erikssen of Spurs was an full cap at 18. Remember that Georgia team that beat us with three players aged 16-17? Sure, Cochrane has a lot of filling out to do but he should still be tested against older players. If he can hold down a fairly regular spot in a top tier midfield, he can surely handle 18 and 19 year olds. U17s may be too easy for him.
  6. We are still too slow to promote the top young talent. Cochrane is with the U17s where there is surely a case for him to be in this squad. Similarly with Lewis Ferguson in the U19s instead of this one.
  7. Wait, you trust a tabloid to quote him verbatim, and not put words in his mouth for their own agenda? Not clicking that link as it gives the scum revenue.
  8. If I could have given you ten likes I would have. Shady people who see nothing amiss in having a convicted fraudster and former gangster look after the interests of most of their young players. And he often sits in the directors box. I wouldn't give Accies, under these folk, the steam off my piss.
  9. Forgot about the BBC2 showing, only caught the last game and then I find the repeat on HD, ie the good one, isn't on because of American fucking football! Another joke from the BBC.
  10. No, its the terrible choices of main features. They already covered Aberdeen - St Mirren live, we only needed the goals not 20 minutes devoted to it.
  11. Reading this thread back, it seems there is one main match left and it's not the only top tier derby of the round. That is utterly pathetic. Maybe if it drew the crowds Killie-Ayr would get it would get greater prominence but still no excuse (not that I'm dying to see more of our dire display.)
  12. Celtic game was about 16 minutes. No excuse for that to be their main match. Now we're getting full highlights of their live match, this should be kept till last. The Lanarkshire derby or the game at Dumfries should have been their main match.
  13. Donald Trump is a c***'s c***. Leave it to the Tory to lionise him.
  14. Their coverage of the Lanarkshire derby was atrocious. So much they didn't show, missed Hartley's assault and even seemed unaware how serious it was, despite the fan's footage being all over social media.
  15. Hartley will miss the cup game as it's a straight red card, doesn't matter what the competition is. He will surely be hit with at least a five match ban. It should certainly be longer than any punishment dished out to Skondras.
  16. Couldn't make the game, watching Sportscene results it looks like they missed Hartley's thuggery so maybe the beaks will need to view Garry's footage.
  17. I said this after Accies started the ball rolling ( four wins and a draw in five remember before we went to Ibrox) : Beating the newest club in Scotland, despite their delusions of past grandeur, isn't that big a deal anymore. I predict they'll lose at least three more games before Celtic get to play with them at New Year. Actually thought about writing four more games, so come on Well next week!
  18. I see some on Ragers Media still giving it the "world's most successful club". Totally deluded. I'm sure Real Madrid looked on enviously when old Rangers beat Falkirk or QoS in a cup final and wished they could trade one of their twelve European cups.
  19. Well, quite. Three lower league titles and the Challenge Cup. One appearance in Europe, one embarrassing scudding.
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