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  1. And we still won the title that season! As for Rice's demeanour in those photos, he is a dour character. That's just the way he is.
  2. On Sportscene results, Jane Lewis said Thistle had just scored to make it 3-1, then she went quiet but you could still hear the crowd. Minutes later we were told it was still 2-1.
  3. The newspaper that supports an independent Scotland couldn't be bothered to mention the Ayr-Dundee Utd match yet had a large report on Arsenal- Man Utd which kicked off later and finished very late, so their usual excuse about deadlines doesn't wash. Had a quick look at their Sunday. Big article on FA cup but couldn't see anything on our three leagues outside the premiership.
  4. Surely a decent bet would be young up and coming tactical genius Martin Canning. Ex Hibbee. Steeped in Hibbeeness. Worked wonders on a shoestring. Would devastate Accies fans across the globe but that's football.
  5. Yummy Fur - Annan twice. And he's kept us up for three seasons not five. You can't count our first season as Neil's side accumulated such a points total as to make relegation virtually impossible. He might keep us up for his fourth season in a row...might. Some of the abuse has been OTT but his record since last January is indefensible and any other club would have made a change. But I don't want Imrie anywhere near the job. Jim Goodwin or Stewart Petrie for me but that would mean behaving like a normal football club so I can't see that happening.
  6. Has anyone thought of singing "You're NOT getting sacked in the morning"? Having seen the TV footage, I would guess we had no more than 600 home fans. The crowd was actually 98 more than the second midweek win over them in 16/17 but maybe their support was less or more likely, the club are at it!
  7. That was a proper strip too, really hate the current one. And back then you could have white shorts v white shorts away at Perth, whereas now we wear all-black for some reason.
  8. I thought Stenny had a chance to win it? Not shown. Haha "Canning, canning get to f**k", loud and clear!
  9. Not starting with one of the three shocks is typical Cup Sportscene. Counting Raith, Maybe not that big a shock but also a derby with a huge crowd.
  10. Scored Rochdale's late late equaliser against Spurs last season and came in for Blackpool recently against Arsenal. Seen better days, bit heavy. Different to what we have though.
  11. Ryan Tierney is almost 21. Not a kid anymore and he should be getting closer to the first team. He was loaned to Airdrie last season and scored two on his debut at Albion Rivers but he didn't seem to do much else. Maybe best for him to get away and get some first team action. Then again, Ross Cunningham is sitting on the bench a lot for Forfar.
  12. Fair enough, but three seasons in the third tier is not to be sniffed at. More of a concern is what happened to all the gate money for healthy crowds against Airdrie, Ayr and Dunfermline? Why were you reduced to recruiting players from the third tier of the juniors? Does anyone know why the Dunlops opted to drop down a division?
  13. Did they though? They built a much needed terrace that went on to accommodate the bigger crowds in the third tier. Should they not have bothered doing that or indeed winning League Two in 2015? Should they not have shown ambition in signing Alan Trouten? I think it's fair to say that the rot set in when they lost the Dunlop brothers in central defence. They were never properly replaced. Had they stayed, they would likely have been comfortable last season.
  14. Played right back, looked half decent then was either injured or dropped and rarely played after that. Last I heard, was struggling to get a game at Hartlepool in the National League.
  15. That's now just two home wins out of the last twenty Accies-Killie Killie-Accies games, Accies Twitter has just confirmed.
  16. No, think you'll find our recent record at Rugby Park is very decent. In fact, going back as far as the early 90s, it's been not too shabby. The only ground I've seen more Accies wins at is Cappielow.
  17. The home team rarely triumphs in these fixtures. Can't see that changing.
  18. I see that we kicked off and get somehow Woods had to race from his goal after 25 seconds to save us. I take it it was another " let's gift the opposition possession straight away" Accies kick off?
  19. I started listening to this just as Livi won the penalty and listened agog( agog i tell you!) as the goals flew in every time Livi went up the pitch for the next eight minutes. But at no time did Rob MacLean or Houston or anybody else mention how close together they came. In the end it was five goals in fourteen minutes and I listened till the end and still this was never mentioned. They can't have covered many games over the years that had so many goals in such a short period, maybe it's just me but I thought that would have warranted a mention.
  20. The National, and presumably The Herald too, say Adam Hammill's wonder goal was from fully 50 yards. Do they think pitches are only 100 yards in length?
  21. Don't be daft. We're Scotland. We get the FA Cup rounds 1&2 live on BBC2 but our fucking cup draw, where the big guns come in, is hidden away.
  22. I mrie scored against Aberdeen from almost that exact spot last season but he leaves it to that duffer!
  23. The National twice says that Scotland are only one match from qualifying. As they take the bulk of their sports pages from The Herald, I'm assuming they are the same.
  24. You know Albania qualified for Euro 2016, right?
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