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  1. Back in 2012, a few of us contributed some new features to the programme. We kept waiting for them to be used; finally they were included for the last match of the season. It made it so much better but the sales would have been poor as usual as nobody knew it was going to be any better than the usual dross. I've given up on it and tend to only buy one a season as a record of how appalling it is! It seems to be basically two people producing it and one of them has many other tasks to do. I dont know why they can't get some more professional help with it.
  2. Some of these programmes by the smaller clubs, many of them non-league, put Accies' efforts to shame, and that's just the covers. Many years ago, Accies were up there with the best in the land. Now they must surely be the very worst. The same cover design now for three season, page after page of adverts (seven pages in a row in the one I have in front of me), very little on the excellent youth teams that they are usually not shy to brag about. An On This Day in Scottish Football feature that has wasted space for what seems like decades now. A recent banal example " 1956 Berwick Rangers signed full back Harry Airlie from Seaton Delaval". This one has four full pages of this guff, although it was a double issue at £2.50. They also waste half a page on an Unacceptable Conduct warning, which used to be a full page. Does any other programme do this? And what sort of effort is it where the final four pages are all adverts?
  3. Did you miss his great tackle seconds later? Can a player not make a blunder but then still go on to have a good game? He didn't see a lot of the ball in the first half but was more involved in the second and did well.
  4. Mimnaugh was decent, very composed at times. Not out of his depth but agree, never MotM. Ziggy, Davies and McMann were better candidates. St Mirren deserved at least a point and should have had a penalty in the first half. We came out the traps far better after half time and Rice made the correct subs, though big Marios barely won a header. Can anyone remember the crowd split that was announced? I know the crowd was 3096 and Saints brought 1700 odd.
  5. Obviously Kilgallon can't play three games on plastic in a week. Looks like a weakened team but is it really? Weaker than Saturday? The players left out can't have any complaints. Still, -3 goals for Livi @ 12/1 is tempting.
  6. I take it the cameraman was from your show?
  7. I thought the thread title was a subtle dig at Bet365, who had Stirling Albion's recent stats listed instead of Rovers'. If you clicked on stats, it actually said Stirling v Cowdenbeath! What a goal it was from Byrne, about 25 yards and it was still rising when it hit the net. He's more than made up for his kick out at home to Stirling, when the home fans would gladly have seen him lynched. Two superb stops in either half from Morrison, a candidate for MOTM along with Byrne and Osodolar. Hardie was a good choice though. Thought the crowd was high 300s, not low 300s. Better than many midweek crowds when Rovers were in the higher level.
  8. Kay Burley's a San Marino goal away from orgasm, not to be sniffed at at her time of life.
  9. Why was Mullin not starting?
  10. Speculate to accumulate...Just not in the case of John Gemmell.
  11. That's the high winds started. Should all matches not have been called off this morning, given the horrendous forecast for rush hour of 60-70mph winds? Could be like Gayfield on a bad day.
  12. Opinion. We lost 4-0 in his first game there with him in charge. i can understand Rice changing the defence to bring Kilgallon back but it looks like Ziggy has forgotten how to play right back. Hopefully he'll now stick with McGowan. We were out fought all over the pitch and they just had better players. Only plus side, taking a decent 553 fans over.
  13. You also had £82,500 x 2 from televised cup games (if that's still the amount, doesn't seem to have changed in years). Built a new terrace which should have paid for itself with the large supports of Dunfermline, Ayr, Airdrie etc. It just seems to be catastrophic mismanagement and the ever changing board can't help matters.
  14. I think their penalty was fair enough. How many times do you see a referee blow too early for a pen only for someone to stick it in the net, and you think, why couldn't the ref have waited a couple more seconds? Can't complain when one does wait, it was excellent refereeing. Not giving us the Oakley penalty was rotten refereeing.
  15. Canning had some awful capitulations against the arse cheeks, 0-3 at home to Celtic, who had a man sent off at 0-1 springs to mind. There was also this season's late collapse to Rangers. Strangely he had a few very respectable narrow defeats away to them, including 1-0 this season at both grounds. Rice made a mistake not playing 451. We're still at least three points better off than if we'd kept Canning. He was never winning that St Johnstone game.
  16. Left at half time along with at least five others. Team selection was crazy. Rice insists Mimnaugh there on merit, impressed in training. Gogic and Martin must be really shite trainers. Andreu a waste of a shirt today, those fucking awful free kicks! Fake crowd figure released. More like the 4688 that watched the Celtic game. 5827, aye right.
  17. Agree with this, very similar to McGregor's on Lewis Ferguson, studs catching the player in the shins. Had it been a Killie player and he'd been shown a red, I'm confident that Stewart and Thompson would not be arguing with the decision.
  18. According to the stats I can find, both pitches are identical in size (105m x 68). There aren't many bigger pitches than Accies'. Celtic Park is the same. I think ours looks smaller because we sit quite close to it and see the others from a higher vantage point on TV.
  19. The Rovers second half trialist looked to me like Ryan Tierney, who has just left Accies. He had a good chance right away but his shot shaved the post from a tight angle. A different game had that went in. Ryan has been a standout at U20 level, scoring many goals and scored two for Airdrie at Cliftonhill last season. Not sure why he didn't make more appearances for them. Rovers just have no quality in midfield. Young Wilson looked decent, cracking shot that I admit I thought just hit the post but a corner was given so credit to the keeper. Newell has good feet but is a bit of a lightweight. Three times I've watched Rovers this season and I've yet to see them score. Scandalous what has been allowed to happen after the many cup windfalls. I think you are doomed and only 150 or so folk cared enough to go. Crowd was 183 and I think Elgin had about twenty.
  20. Even the kick off was refreshing, attacking straight away rather than an aimless punt or passing it back.
  21. We came back from a goal down under Canning just a few weeks ago at home to Killie, YOH. And against Thistle late last season, when we came back to win. Miller maybe wasn't 100%, didn't he miss the Celtic game?
  22. A very even game. We didn't deserve to lose but definitely had Woods to thank for two wonder saves. How did Oakley not score early on? Would have been a difference match. Boyd came close just before that and played quite well, a little surprised he was dubbed but credit to Rice for going with two up. Ziggy played well but was perhaps fortunate not to be sent off. MacKinnon and Woods good candidates for Motm. The last home game v Dundee saw a crowd of only 1,788 with 435 away fans. Today the crowd was 2,297 with 887 away. On an absolutely Baltic day, that's quite decent.
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