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  1. 58 minutes ago, Accies88 said:

    After seeing the highlights think Fon Williams was unlucky with the second goal swerved a good bit and was wet. AJ could have been sent off good takle in my opinion but these days its prob a red. 2 stonewall pens. 

    Where can I find the highlights? Seen Oggy's goal on Accies twitter. Early days but hoping the Accies TV cameraman can zoom in a bit in future.

  2. 9 minutes ago, d_t_b said:

    Seriously worried about us this season if that is the state of our defence. Gogic was absolutely abysmal, as was Easton before he went off injured. 

    And why in God's name did McGowan take that penalty?! 

    You're George Oakley and you have a one on one with the keeper to open your account for the season, and you let the right back take it! You're in the wrong job if you're not grabbing that ball. I'd have also thought Cunningham might have been keen to get his hat trick. Six out of six just rubs it in.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Ye Olde Hamiltonian said:

    Well,that was 'Canningesque' and so reminiscent of last season's Betfred Cup stage.

    A weaker defence minus Ziggy,Kilgannon and even Sowah who came onto a game,McGowan on the bench and central midfielder Ronan Hughes playing right wing back where he was dreadful under Canning shows Rice is not learning from his professor's mistakes.

    Still no creativity in midfield and there needs to be a big,big improvement otherwise we won't get through this group.

    Well done to Queens Park,been the early 1980's since their fans were last in Hamilton(at the old Douglas Park) and they were well organised and should be nobody's pushover this season.



    We played Queen"s Park in the Scottish around 2003, drew late on at Hampden and won the replay at NDP. Twas the days of Gareth Armstrong and Allan Russell (whatever happened to him).

    Letting Sowah go and signing Easton will surely go down as a terrible decision. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Owsley said:

    Six defensive minded players at home to fourth tier Queen's Park? Okay. Would have thought this was the ideal game to play Lewis Smith. Don't see a lot of creativity in that line up.

    Called it. So Rice couldn't pick a team to beat a side of amateurs who had seven making their debuts. That's encouraging. And he wanted to get to the final!

  5. On ‎23‎/‎06‎/‎2019 at 12:50, pozbaird said:

    Same reason as us - lazy cnuts like Packy Bonnar & Co commentating regularly for the BBC wouldn’t know a St Mirren or Accies player if they were sitting next to them, but they know every Sellik player without needing to see their number over their green hooped jerseys. Jim Spence was a particular fcuking gobshite on this matter, regularly talking out his arse about St Mirren’s numbers being too hard to make out over our stripes. Lazy cnut would recognise every Arab player just by sooking their boaby. I once heard Spence say he was going to have a word with our chairman about getting patches on the backs of our shirts. Think it was on open all mics.

    Saddens me to see Gordon Scott and Tony Fitzpatrick ditching the last few seasons of fully striped kits, and going back to white backed shirts. Mind you, we will need plain backed shirts when Fitzy oversees us in the top 4 and then onto Europe.

    That can't be the actual reason though. I would just like a decent kit that I might want to buy, I'll never buy all-one-colour backed shirts, whether they're red or white. Tradition matters.

  6. 10 hours ago, YER SISTERS YER MAW said:

    Did Marcus not say that we're getting the hoops back and front this season? I remember he said that to someone in the Vaults after the last game, although he might have been pished by then.

    Hope so. I can even accept half hoops on the back and the rest white for number clarity but then Celtic can have a fully hooped back so why can't we?

  7. 21 minutes ago, Coventry Saint said:

    When the adrenaline has gone, in the cold light of day, once the dust has settled, I still want a full fucking steward's enquiry into Beaton's performance there and I expect the corrupt c**t to be hanged, drawn and quartered.

    Beaton should never have reffed again after allowing that Moshni goal to stand against Albion Rovers in 13/14. The man is a cheat.

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