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  1. Could someone ask Duncan C to speak up a bit, I really struggle to make him out.
  2. The club have always said gate money has little or no impact on club's finances. The next few months will certainly put that to the test.
  3. How are we going to pay players when we might not kick a ball until next year? How will the club survive?
  4. I picked precisely the wrong moment to take a swig of tea when he said "we are a very astute club".
  5. Sky News saying the number of deaths in Italy has risen today by "more than 150". Just say the figure, 168, we can take it!
  6. Did they not mention Motherwell's win on Wednesday night?
  7. Filmed after the midweek games but no mention of Accies win. I would have thought that Gerrard was a contender for the Blackhole of Punditry after that shocker. The piece on Cappielow was up there with the Arbroath feature from last season.
  8. They're Bolton fans. Fair play to them, it would be easy to just ignore Scottish football. Seen a few of their vlogs and found them quite entertaining. Pity they seem to have chosen Rangers Mk2 as their Scottish team. And a bit of research on the Accies players wouldn't have gone amiss.
  9. Hopefully this is what we'll get tonight on Sportscene. Final whistle included. Love the Lewis Smith run and nutmeg at 2.08.
  10. They've only got 1.09 footage up on the red button, hopefully they'll show the final whistle on Sportscene tonight. What not to love about 20,000 orcs doing their dinger?
  11. Love the balls of the guy "Hamiltuuuuuun" , what could possibly go wrong!
  12. Shades of our cup win in 1987 when there was applause for Chris Woods breaking a shut out record in the first half but later in the second half bottom side Accies shocked the home crowd after a Dave McPherson(Connor Goldson) blunder. Spooky. Also, a beaten manager who is a Liverpool legend and a stunning goalkeeping display McKellar/Southwood.
  13. We kept a clean sheet at Ibrox with Hamilton and Want at CB. Football doesn't make sense anymore. I'm guessing they were both immense.
  14. And all that with our two best footballers not in starting XI, Templeton and Miller. That's the BIG result we were missing. St Mirren and County still not out of it. If we can win at Ibrox we can win in Dingwall. Bloody well done players, Rice and the sixty odd mad b*****ds that went along!
  15. I like the cut of Daniel Stendel's jib. f**k it, get into them, they're nothing special. Contrast that with snivelling, small time Brian Rice in the last round putting out a weakened team against Sevco. I'm sure Hearts will be OK.
  16. Accies said 1,182 but there was a picture posted of the away support, taken at half time, on Accies twitter and including those queing at the kiosk, didn't look any more than 800. I wonder if we massage the away figures as well. Doubt there was much more than 2000 there yesterday. We class Motherwell as Category A but they class Accies as Category B. Oh the shame!
  17. Gonnae tell Joel that Accies v Well is not a North Lanarkshire derby on account of Hamilton being in South Lanarkshire. Enjoyed the show. Does anyone know the junior ground featured in the freestyler segment?
  18. I think folk are so outraged by the prices because at Fir Park I gather it was only a couple of quid extra for a child with an adult. The adult price was only a quid cheaper. It's never been £28. We don't charge away fans extra.
  19. Lowest home derby attendance in forty years of supporting Accies. Probably the lowest ever. It's what they deserve.
  20. I'd give you ten greenies if I could. Not everybody can afford a season ticket. Maybe not such a valid argument when they were £150/£180 but now they are back at a more normal price. Not everybody needs a ST if they only go to a few games a season. So for us to charge that amount is utter madness. But then we charge £25 for a fifth round cup tie and leave out our best players!
  21. I can't see Accies fans ever banding together in the way Motherwell and now Patrick are doing. A few years ago we had the Accies Trust. I was involved on the periphery and many fans didn't want to know because they felt it was cliquey. I remember the trust put on an excellent event, a Q & A night with referee Brian Winter. I think about forty showed up. The very nature of these trusts is that some will be in charge but I got the impression some fans weren't interested if them and their friends couldn't run it.
  22. Or if he adjudged the defender has made no attempt to get the ball...I think.
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