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  1. Stephen Robinson repeating the nonsense from Anfield earlier in the day, saying Motherwell would have won 2-1 if Irvine's goal had been disallowed. What's so difficult to understand about the whole course of the game being different?
  2. It was Aaron Martin who was the nearest to Melamed, though Stirling had his arm up claiming for offside which wouldn't have helped him to get closer. We all want to see Odoffin in midfield but it does seem crazy to needlessly disrupt the defence with minutes to go.
  3. Former Accies secretary Alan Dick's memory is clearly failing him, he says in the Record that Saint and Greavsie visited the ground just before a Saturday match. No they didn't Alan, think about it...
  4. The Accies connection came after a comment he made. He said "You'll Never Walk Alone" not sure the context then added " unless you support Hamilton Academicals". Accies then got in touch and invited him to come up to visit. I think they hoped he'd come up for a game but filming commitments made that impossible so they came up in midweek. This was around 1984/85. The next season we won the First Division so got a mention on the show now and then and he also mentioned us in his Shoot letters page. Our captain at the time, Alex Hamill, even made an appearance on a Michael Parkinson show when Jimmy Greaves was a guest to present him with something from the club. I doubt Ian St John ever mocked Scottish goalkeepers especially as the most prominent one during the show's run was Jim Leighton, who always showed up well for Scotland. Always liked Ian, a sad day but a man who had a great life.
  5. Well done Saintees. So jealous. Hope your players get bevvied and are still completely wiped come Wednesday!
  6. I'd love to watch this but I'm not sure how I can. I'm with BT and Premier Sports isn't even listed as an option under Sports. A quick search and it mentions channel 95 in BT vision, I've no idea what that is.
  7. We still have players to come back. There's something about Nathan Thomas's career that tells me he may have a part to play in the last few weeks. No idea if he's injured again mind, the club tell you nothing.
  8. Anyone see Channel 4 News and the staggering comment from Rangers? Along the lines of the abuse concerned the old CLUB which was liquidated and didn't apply to the new club.
  9. Steven Thompson reckoned Accies top scorer was Odoffin with three. It's actually Callachan with seven. Not bad Thommo, only four out.
  10. I'm really annoyed at myself. Had a tenner on Livi at Parkhead, a tenner on them at Tony Macaroni and £1.50 on Accies but today I only had it on a BTTS bet...and it didn't bloody come up. But we'll done Saints, from an Accies fan.
  11. To be fair, it was a half volley. Two vital goals at Tynecastle too, I'd happily see him back.
  12. ITV news just showed more of this, the rant, than STV news managed.
  13. Gloriously unexpected. Well haven't been THAT bad lately, you played Dundee United off the park last week and drew with Aberdeen recently. We're without our ball winner in midfield, about five more certain starters and our forwards have only got about three goals between them, and one of them is injured anyway. This is up there with the 5-0 in 2015, make no mistake. And credit where it's due to Brian Rice. He shouldn't be there, but I'm glad for him and hope he succeeds. Now if we could just get those suspended points back...
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