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  1. Looks very tall, taller than Stubbs. Encouraging that Palace gave him a new two year deal recently but why the long wait to get him out on loan?
  2. The number of times we get either Rangers or St Johnstone is frankly disgusting.
  3. Not showing the large Broxburn support was pretty poor. Cutting back to the studio and they're all laughing was so unprofessional.
  4. Are there no Airdrie fans that want to show the saltire? Strange bunch especially when you consider they've elected an SNP MP three GEs in a row.
  5. 929 Accies fans in this picture according to our Twitter. So they even lie about the crowd when STs aren't valid and we have to give the other club about 40% of the takings. Bizarre.
  6. Just a crazy thought. If someone isn't good enough for the bench in the English fourth tier, maybe they're not cut out for our first tier. Did he get into the Dundee side when they lost ten in a row?
  7. What an attitude to have after a comeback like that. On another note, does anyone know how many Accies took? That's as big a home support as I can recall for a derby. Thought we maybe had 500 but having seen a couple of clips on Twitter, that seems optimistic.
  8. Take it you weren't there? That was a sensational second half and Rice deserves huge credit for changing the formation when it clearly wasn't working. Agree with what's been said about Scott McMann, even during our poor spell today, he was the one shining light.
  9. I think the lowest numbers we've taken across since we got our first recent promotion in 2008 was the first derby of last season ( Steven Boyd's amazing winner). Usually one club or the other tweets the exact crowd split but Accies have been reluctant to do that these past two seasons. That day it was 377 according to Well. Many regulars are giving this one a miss so it could be in the low 300s. Our best recent away numbers were 671 for the cup tie in 17/18. 2-0 Motherwell.
  10. So close to perfection. It's Academical ya fud!😂
  11. I stuck a tenner on Hearts to finish bottom in September at odds of 66/1. After yesterday, I could cash out for £64.45 profit. Tempting as after Celtic in midweek they play the Hamilton Accies Charitable Foundation. Any team in need of ending a bad run just rolls up and hey presto, bad run ended! For the sake of a tenner I may as well let it run. Cue it dropping to two quid after Saturday. Oh for the days when Accies could pull off an unexpected win. Last season we beat Hearts and won at Pittodrie, both under Rice. This season we've really only had Killie in week 2. We don't win these crunch mid-season battles yet we somehow pull off relegation escapes without them.
  12. The Albion Rovers song at the end deserves a bit more praise. Excellent lyrics and sung in a Scottish accent. One of the best yet.
  13. No thread on the Stenny game so I'll mention it here. Turgid first twenty or so minutes but some goal from Euan East to wake everyone up. Took the throw in, picked up the lay off and lashed home a stunning shot. Then a bit of joke defending, when several defenders did well to block the cross then one of them poked it straight to the onrushing Stenny player ( didn't catch the players name, no teams read out the tannoy for the second home game in a row and no team sheets cos the printer broke!) *tannoy became granny there, just as well I spotted it* Morena fired home after they couldn't clear a free kick but Rovers didn't half miss some clear cut chances in the second half, especially Byrne and the otherwise excellent Daniel Scally when they were one on one with the keeper. Rovers then had their keeper (Goodfellow?) to thank for a great late save to stop there being an injustice. Crowd was only 209, had to look it up, not announced at game. Thought it looked a bit more but then a few players were seated near me and I don't suppose they are counted. Good to see a mini Rovers Young Team, all three of them, twirling there scarves behind the goal for most of the second half. Just a pity there's not another ten or twelve of them like the Sons fans featured on A View from the Terrace last night. Saw Craig Telfer at the game, Craig your prediction was spot on!
  14. I wasn't there and I'm sure Williams did make a howler however I thought he was unfairly criticized last week when it was Cunningham who gave the ball away. Williams was at full stretch for the shot and no defender followed up. Then he saved us right at the death. All that being said, maybe Southwood now deserves his chance.
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