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  1. Bit worrying that Cunningham struggled to get off the bench at Forfar and Hughes didn't always start for fourth tier Stirling.
  2. Looks like McMann isnt rated by Rice. Bit of a gamble bringing in an injury hit player and another with no experience of Scottish football over a young lad who seems decent enough and should keep improving. Unless he sees him playing left midfield.
  3. Beaton should never have reffed again after allowing that Moshni goal to stand against Albion Rovers in 13/14. The man is a cheat.
  4. Justice done. An awful game but the worst performer was John Beaton.
  5. The Tony Watt segments are dreadful, especially that intro. Just because you know your lines Tony, doesn't make you a good presenter. Put a bit of life into it! However overall, having watched all but one episode, a very good show. I take it they didn't know they were getting a second series until filming stopped?
  6. And it would involve quite a pay cut. We pushed the boat out with Kilgallon, who must have been on £2k a week. Macleod will likely be on even more so can't see it happening.
  7. Sowah? Inconsistent, but who isn't? Did well in the centre on Saturday but his best position is surely left back. Is Hendrie definite or just speculation? He seemed to be out of favour at Southend latterly. We surely won't sign both him and Easton. I quite like McMann too but I rarely travel away. He seems to play well enough when I see him.
  8. Lovely ending, great Superman dive from the Harry handsome. Well done Killie, well deserved. Hope Steve Clarke works miracles in his new job. Accies end up with a better record at Rugby Park than Sevco.
  9. I bet they'll show plenty of Saints fans in the pre-match build up though. They completely ignored the Accies support two years ago. T hey we're desperate for United to win but with Saints having a decent support they might be less biased this time. United were impressive last night but the ridiculous penalty turned the game. St Mirren are unbeaten in six and I think they'll edge it in two tight games 2-1 on aggregate.
  10. They had a shot cleared off the line today in the first half, I think that counts as a shot at goal. Another shot just went over and landed on the top of the net. Another couple went high or wide. Sorry that doesn't fit with your little conspiracy.
  11. It's our second win against them this season, did they lie down that time too?
  12. We did clear one off the line at 1-0, McGowan the colossus.
  13. No chance, Rice was just after saying he wants to bring the age down. Expect well see a lot more of Reegan and Lewis Smith.
  14. A strange game. Accies plugged away without ever doing a great deal. Defence were solid, young Want doing very well, McGowan outstanding. MacKinnon running the midfield yet I felt Saints were the more threatening side and didn't deserve to be behind at half time. Second half followed a similar pattern, we were ok but nothing more. Davies was about to be subbed but big Mario wasn't quite ready, seconds later he fired in a beauty. Nae luck Paisley Saints. Saintees played quite well and we couldn't relax until the board went up. Great support and a good turn out but I have to say St Johnstone brought far more than 249. Add a least a hundred to that.
  15. Are we the only club in the Western world that doesn't have an awards do in May?
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