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  1. Of course discussion can be healthy and positive if it is rational and constructive, but, on the back of a bad performance, there can too often be knee jerk negativity aimed at specific players, sometimes less than fairly, especially in our present predicament where many players are being asked to fill unaccustomed roles. For instance there was a bit of flack aimed at Goodie after Saturday when it seemed obvious to me he was struggling from the effects of the knock he took early in the game. How can that be anything other than negative? McStay prompts a lot of "discussion", understandably perhaps because he can be inconsistent, but I don't think his commitment can be questioned and we do get more good games than bad from him.( IMHO of course).
  2. I'm a bit perturbed by the level of negativity on this thread recently. I'm as disappointed as the next man at Saturday's result but let's get things into perspective. We are a part time team, adjusting to a higher league, hugely handicapped by a high level of injuries, and had a tough mid week gig at Methil in atrocious conditions which must have have been energy sapping. In addition we lost a key defender in the first half and Goodie took a sore one early in the game which I think could account for his comparative lower key game. I don't know what level of miracles we expect but surely we need to get back to encouraging the team, not mauling them!
  3. Can someone remind me of the New Bayview pitch is grass? We really do need to turn up with a much better attitude and game plan than we did yesterday, regardless of who is available. There will certainly be a backlash from East Fife so we need to be prepared for it.
  4. Goodie added to the team that held Inverness should be able to see us through if they approach the game with the right attitude. I watched Stirling beat Albion Rovers a couple of weeks ago and saw nothing that should worry us, but it's the Cup and it's Clyde, so I'll take nothing for granted.
  5. I don't imagine Arbroath were either. Danny will rightly assume they will be approaching the game professionally so why feed them information?
  6. When you compare that tackle with what DGW got sent off for at Peterhead it just highlights the level of consistency/incompetency we have to tolerate at this level! I agree that Peterhead are never shy about using physical tactics/gamesmanship, and yesterday was no different. The two problems are that firstly they are allowed to get away with it by poor officials, and secondly we never seem to learn how to deal with it.
  7. On that showing, Peterhead are in for a difficult season. I couldn't believe how unimaginative they were when we went a man down. Apart from our dreadful start we were never put under any dangerous pressure and I can't recall one difficult save from our keeper. McAllister looks a shadow of his former self.
  8. And yet you still managed to knock out Dundee United at Tannadice! Not the tie any of us would have wanted, but if the weather is kind and we bring our A game it'll be a decent match. We are well overdue a result at Gayfield!
  9. I much prefer him coming on as an impact sub. For whatever reason he never seems as effective when he is on from the start. (the stats will probably prove me wrong).
  10. Let's not forget that Rankin is probably still a bit away from full fitness, and DGW may also not yet be fully recovered from the ankle injury he picked up in the last game. Any news on them?
  11. It's a Long And Winding Road down to Annan, and we could be in for A Hard Days Night when we get there. However, I'd hope our Norwegian Wood get an early goal then All You Need Is Love, with a little Help from Goodie adding another to it and we can hopefully take a result back to Broadwood. With A Little Help From Our Fans, We Can Work It Out and earn our Ticket To Ride up the Leagues and Get Back to where we once belonged. This would leave Galabank as one of the Places I Remember from Yesterday. Imagine, that would really be Something. And this team is more than capable of making the Clyde Revolution Come Together, with our own Lennon leading the band. Come on The Bully, Please Please Me!
  12. We were totally off the pace and clueless as to how to deal with Cowdenbeath's muscle man tactics. The officials were probably the worst we've seen but we have to acknowledge that Cowdenbeath know how to play us, much better than we have been able to find a way to deal with them. They had a game plan and stuck to it with a predictable outcome aided and abetted by the sheer incompetency of the officials. I suppose that if we were going to have a bad day at the office then that was the game to have it. We really need to get back on track and get our game raised for the play offs.
  13. And only Danny, along with Alan, will decide who is here next year so it seems pretty futile discussing it on here.
  14. I wouldn't be discussing who we would or wouldn't be keeping while there's still a job to be done and we need to keep players motivated.
  15. That was a particularly satisfying thing about yesterday. Highest attendance in Leagues One and Two, in spite of a poor away support and bad weather. Plus for once we didn't choke in front of a bigger than usual crowd. Hopefully this is a taste of things to come.
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