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  1. You are opted in by default. There is /was an option to opt out but you had to take the required action. It was all explained on the OS but I can't remember if there was a time limit for opting out.
  2. This is an absolute shambles. Not one player in white looking capable of contributing anything positive. Even damage limitation looks beyond us now. Worrying times ahead.
  3. Looks to me like Danny's picked the team with the Thistle game in mind.
  4. Nope, can't even get to pay for it so I'm out!
  5. Can't get past the Paypal login page. Don't have and don't want a Paypal account. how do I get to pay by card?
  6. Absolutely! 2 at home to Falkirk and Thistle. Only 1 away to Peterhead, Forfar and Montrose.. Couldn't get much better travel wise.
  7. Absolutely no reason to feel guilty about being unable to afford donations. There will be many supporters in the same position in these difficult times, indeed there may be many who will find it difficult to even attend games when we are finally allowed to. Some of us are willing and able to donate and do. Some of us are willing and unable - no problem. Some of us are able but unwilling to donate - again no problem. It's all voluntary, and doesn't make any of us better of worse supporters at the end of the day.
  8. Certainly seems to be a very possible scenario from what is being said. I take the message to be that we need to take a reality check and be prepared for difficult times ahead. There will be clubs in all the leagues in similar or worse financial positions than us so it is perfectly feasible that some may not be able to compete. The present uncertainties make planning impossible and all the reconstruction nonsense is only making matters worse. Time to throw whatever financial support we can at the Club and cross our fingers crossed for a.workable starting date.
  9. I would be disappointed if the 200 fund doesn't continue at at least the same level as this season's. I'll certainly be renewing mine. Maybe I'm just a boring fart, but I'll also continue with making a regular donation utilising the donation facility in the Club site. Easy to use and you can vary the donation according to your financial situation month on month(or week on week). My only comment regarding that feature, which has been mentioned on here before, is that it could be more prominently displayed on the OS.
  10. Not really surprised. For every fan that is riding this situation relatively comfortably financially, there will be one who is finding thing difficult, so it's never going to be anything like every supporter who will be able to or indeed want to donate. There will possibly be others who are buying extra lottery tickets rather than making straight donations, and also some who will make further donations as time goes on. I'm also assuming the numbers quoted are solely for those utilising the Official Site Donation facility? I'd say it's an encouraging start.
  11. Totally agree. This lock down is affecting all our lives and finances in different ways. Some, like myself , are spending less but have the same disposable income so are able to donate without any pain. My starting point was figuring out how much I would have spent on travel etc if I had gone to the postponed games then added a bit. Others will be in a situation where their financial position has been compromised to various extents and will not be able to donate at all even if they want to. As haufdaft says, what you comfortably can, if you can, when you can.
  12. Probably because Syvertsen doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and spelling it correctly would be a challenge! 😣 Norway just seems to work for whatever reason.
  13. Reading between the lines, does this mean Norway is nowhere near fit?
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