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  1. Started watching when they see us, just a coincidence with the current goings on the US. Have never heard of this story before but two episodes in holy f**k if a fraction of its true and not dramatised then its a fucking disgrace.
  2. Not always been NS biggest fan but her statements are clear concise and without bullshit. Those fucking idiots down the road could learn a lot from her
  3. Yeah that's my understanding as well. Problem is the 18th June feels like a lifetime away after being couped up all this time
  4. Looking at how these infection numbers are falling anyone got any ideas on what this means longer term for those in the sheiding category. We are in this category because of a three year with Asthma and I totally understand it was to protect the vulnerable but at what point does this become counter productive. I say this because I know the shielding period is up for review shortly and I am preying that there can at least be some minor adjustments to it because not going to lie beginning to struggle with it in its current form. Although my gut tells me they will be waiting until some evidence that the rates aren't increasing for general population once we moved into the differebt phases. This isn't aimed at you Todd is God it was just because you provided the figures.
  5. What is the fucking point of this c**t. Aye follow the guidelines but only if they suit you eh Boris
  6. No but have getting a bit of a headache when watchin telly recently so was gonna get an eye test but maybe I just need to drive back down to Barnard Castle instead
  7. Was in Barnard Castle in early March...... Could have been me.
  8. Maybe the news could lighten the mood by showing Aleksandr Usyk about knocking his fucking head off on repeat. I certainly don't tire of seeing it. Eddie Hearns reaction also raises a smile.
  9. I usually shop in either Tesco kingsway or Riverside in Dundee. I have noticed a marked difference between the different stores of customers following the guidance. Riverside has been fine with a few exceptions but was in kingsway 4 or 5 weeks back and a high number of people didn't appear to give a f**k while I was in. Have no idea why my experience has been so different in two stores in such close proximity but sticking to Riverside for now.
  10. Yeah thats my thought as well. I imagine each phase particularly the early ones will likely cover 2 review periods
  11. Great Post. Loved the whole series he was just an absolute animal his will to win was unbelievable. The performance while suffering from food poisoning was incredible. Absolutely crazy that they got rid of Phil Jackson. He went onto win another 5 nba titles at the Lakers and the bulls haven't won even a conference title since.
  12. Made me cry as well with how factually inaccurate it was. Lot of shite
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