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  1. Find Murrays fights boring as f**k to watch
  2. So her answer to all this is to shut pubs in high risk areas and close them at 6 in Others with no drink. They have lost the fucking plot if they think that will make any significant difference.
  3. Bit harsh on Frampton since he has broken both hands in recent fights and in build up to fights.
  4. Come on man that's sheldons twin sister you are talking about [emoji23]
  5. Pretty certain Jason Leitch was asked a question about this on off the ball on Saturday. With the current rules of 6 and 2 households he confirmed that this rule still applied that two households could form a bubble with another provided that the other household was a person living alone or with children. This bubble then would essentially be classed as one household. He obviously didn't answer anything about if this changes if mixing with households was banned however I would think this would still be allowed to give support to persons who are alone or living alone with young kids.
  6. Joyce certainly seems quicker on his feet there than in recent fights. Usyk would do same to him again
  7. My two year old suffers from childhood asthma/lung issues and is very susceptible to viral type infections and his body often struggles to regulate his temperature which can lead to febrile convulsions which while terrifying we are fairly certain he will grow out of it. This is obviously considerably worsened during the winter months. We are acutely aware that if he was to contract covid 19 particularly during winter when he struggles anyway then it could cause him very real significant issues which doesn't bear thinking about. So apologies in advance but you are talking shite. Just because people have an underlying medical issue does not necessarily mean that death is imminent.
  8. Just finished season one and really enjoying it as well. Agree about the teenager bits. Loving the 80's nostalgia with the flashbacks and the Reo Speedwagon scene was superb.
  9. Thought Marrocco was class and didn't particulalry rare Hernandez thought he was a bit meh.
  10. Only centre half we have had who could do Cruyff turns on his own 6 yard line without giving you a heart attack. Vaguely remember him doing it in a huge game possibly the 2003 Cup final. Although he had a very decent career I thought he would have gone further particulalry during his early days at Dens. Thought he has phenomenal ability and composure for being so young.
  11. The boy does it every year. He is a mercenary nothing more nothing less
  12. He trots out this pish just about every time he moves. Clearly came to us last year as a last resort as he had no better offers and off as soon as he gets the chance. Wonder what his excuse will be next summer when he moves on again. He has just achieved his own personal 9 in a row so no doubt he will complete the ten next summer.
  13. Simon Murray is absolutely gash and is just coming back from a serious knee injury. Sounds like the prefect Dundee signing.
  14. Careful what you wish for if he is being replaced by Sam Matterface who is an absolute cock. The way he says De Bruyne really gets on my tits.
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