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  1. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Watched up to end of episode 4 and it has thrown up a lot more questions than answers. I get that people think it’s very far fetched for people to think that the McCanns had involvement but a few things make me question them. Firstly I found it a bit strange that she immediately assumed she had been taken before running back to the restaurant leaving the twins asleep in the apartment. I also find it odd that the twins who were what 18 month old slept through all the commotion without making a peep. Also the fact that she apparently repeatedly checked they were breathing through the night is extremely odd unless they both had some sort of illness/virus etc which is unlikely given they were leaving them alone at nights. Doesn’t prove they were medicating the kids but certainly raises questions. The dog evidence also raises a few concerns. Why was Gerry so reluctant for the blood/ cadaver dogs to be used. Now I don’t dispute that the findings of the dog are inconclusive but it’s very coincidental that these dogs raised suspicion at the same parts of the apartment, also on the teddy, piece of clothing and also the hire car. What’s the chances of that? I do fail to understand how they would be able to dispose of the body some 3/4 weeks after the fact when the eyes of the world are on them. There is also little to know evidence of her being abducted as far as I’m aware apart from the unreliable statement from the friend which appears to have been bottomed out anyway. There are to many unanswered questions from their end for them to be completely discounted in my opinion and while it would be completely far fetched and fucked up if they had some killed her be it accidentally or not but part of me still thinks that they have done this and staged the abduction knowing full well that telling the truth would see them losing the other two children, both their careers and pretty much their whole lives. Far fetched I know but with some of the fucked up shit that we often hear about nothing would surprise me. And no I don’t believe the world is flat [emoji23].
  2. Boxing Thread

    I find Khan a strange one on this subject. To me it seems like he is happy to fight someone way above his level as he doesn’t think it tarnishes his reputation eg Canelo, Bud etc. Yet seems to me he is terrified to fight someone like Brook as if he loses he has nowhere to go after that.
  3. Boxing Thread

    Khan has never troubled a top pound for pound fighter at any stage of his career I don’t see a 32 year old punch drunk khan starting now
  4. Boxing Thread

    Anybody any ideas what story with the Taylor fight? Is this going ahead or what? Just booked hotel and will be gutted if this doesn’t go ahead
  5. Netflix

    Watched Fyre last night and like other say absolutely mental and agree Ja Rule seemed to have a lot of influence but got of scot free and is a complete dick. Also watched little boy blue last night. I know it’s been in ages but if anyone’s not seen it would highly recommend it only 4 episodes as well. Stephen Graham as usual is superb and expect him to be the same in line of duty
  6. Guitarist Thread

    Very nice
  7. Boxing Thread

    No interest in seeing a 43 year old WK two years out of the ring make a return. Call me cynical but seems to give AJ an excuse to avoid the real challengers a bit longer.
  8. Still Game & Best Bits

    Think my favourite line is in oot with the Fred Astaire discussion. “Hud on the noo the buildings on fire” [emoji23]
  9. The Prodigy

    Don’t agree with that. They had some absolutely cracking tunes. Would have loved to have seen them live as seeing their live shows from various festivals on the tv over the years they look fucking amazing live and really knew how to put on a show and have the place bouncing.
  10. Boxing Thread

    Notice Carl Froch staying classy as usual when talking about another boxer. Took all of 3 seconds to make it all about Carl.
  11. Still Game & Best Bits

    It’s fucking turned in a Scottish version of Mrs Brown Boys it’s so forced and predictable it’s unreal. As other have said the original run was so well written with decent stories and the gags weren’t forced. Now you can see the punchline coming a mile away.
  12. Guitarist Thread

    So been playing for about 9 months now and would say I’m becoming semi competent but still a long long way to go. Started of with an Ibanez V50 and then got myself a Epiphone dove. I also got an electric guitar which was just a cheap Les Paul Special that I picked up on gumtree. Bit have now decided to spend a bit of cash and have ordered a Fender Strat Player HSS In three colour sunburst that should hopefully be here early next week.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Joshua talks constant pish about his legacy. In reality he has zero interest in legacy it’s all about money.
  14. Boxing Thread

    Froch now involved in a twitter spat with Andre Ward and is embarrassing himself claiming Ward didn’t have the “minerals” to fight him in the UK. Froch is an absolute imbecile of the highest proportion.
  15. Guitarist Thread

    I have an Epiphone Dove lovely guitar and looks and sounds a lot more expensive than it is. I paid £265 from Guitar Guitar.