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  1. Wonder how much the bouncer got paid to do that.
  2. Absolute fucking idiot. All that talent bit apparently zero brain cells. Seems he needs better management
  3. The words plea and bargain spring to mind
  4. Think that incorrect. Will wait for the no doubt barrage of evidence to contradict this but he could maybe learn a thing or two from his ex stablemate Carl Frampton. Bit of needle before a few of his earlier fights but always seems to conduct himself with a bit of class and is a hero in. Northern ireland.
  5. Be amazed if he fights Usyk. Pulev is a much easier fight for him
  6. WILL hearn put him in with Usyk or will he ditch the Wbo?
  7. Think Eddie ensures that AJ avoids Fury and particulalry Wilder even more than before given he now knows how vulnerable he is.
  8. Sorry didn't see that. Yeah he does look better. He does love the mind games
  9. Reckon Ruiz is actually totally trying to mind f**k AJ with this. He admitted wearing the new York knicks top to remind Joshua of last fight. Reckon in reality he is similar weight he was for last fight and better conditioned. Wouldn't put it past him to have eaten and drank a shit load of water and stuck some ankle weights on before the weigh in. He loves the mind games.
  10. This black Friday nonsense gets on my nerves an absolute lot of shite Young lad wants a Nintendo Switch and Currys are selling it with a game for £310 yet three weeks ago its was £280 with a game.
  11. Totally agree Taking into account the point off that last judge is scoring that 8-4. That's bullshit
  12. Totally agree. As much as Canelo is a great fighter I honestly find it hard to like him given the various tactics that he adopts as you have mentioned and for the names on his record are very good but for me a lot of them past their best. Right now for me it's Loma, Usyk, Canelo, Crawford and Unoue. Loma is just amazing to watch and his big pal Usyk is just a mad crazy b*****d and I love every thing about him
  13. See canelo now ranked 1 in pound for pound list
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