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  1. Yeah that's as bad as Matterface's DeBruna
  2. Can't be any worse than how that utter cock Sam Matterface pronounces De Bruyne
  3. I have been on numerous LNER Services in last two months and there is an announcement on everyone that its a dry train and no alcohol to be consumed
  4. Trains are dry and have been throughout the pandemic
  5. Wee man has the Forza goals in the back garden. Come in various sizes Plastic numbers but good quality, posts and nets stand up well to balls getting fired at them
  6. If we get a draw on Friday and beat the Croats if results go our way we can qualify in second place. A big ask though
  7. Clark said Tierney had picked up a knock, now I know he doesn't gave the best injury record but f**k sake if it's just a knock surely he is worth the risk. He might not get another chance at a major finals. The blind optimism is coming back so we get a draw on Friday, Croatia beat the Czech then we beat Croatia last game and England do over the Czech in last game and we take second place.
  8. Mcgregor should be nowhere near the first 11. Put gilmour in the boy is clearly good enough. Type of game he would thrive in
  9. Well today has certainly took the wind out the sails for this trip hopefully perk up over the next few days.
  10. Thought mcgregor was anonymous when he came on and is lacking form and confidence. He should be nowhere near starting 11 regardless of past perfromance
  11. Get a fucking grip Marshall had some great saves today and kept us in the game it was an absolutely beautiful strike by the boy. If anyone is at fault it's Jack Hendry his decision making at that point in time when he can see pretty much the entire team in front of him is shocking.
  12. They might need a fucking boat to be fair [emoji23]
  13. How the f**k can they justify cancelling trains that hundreds of folk have booked and paid for with a weeks notice while knowing full well all the other trains out of Edinburgh are full that day.
  14. They fucking shouldn't be considering every train is fully booked. Even then because of covid you need a seat reservation to even get on a train there is not standing etc like there used to be. Going to be absolute carnage at Waverley next Thursday I suspect
  15. Why the f**k they discussing topics like that on the news with josh Widdecombe
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