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  1. Boxing Thread

    I think Josh needs to be fighting a lot smarter now at this level. To often he was needlessly getting drawn into a fight with Baranchyk. Think it was the 11 when he was caught and forced back. When he was actually using his skills he was making Baranchyk look foolish swinging wildly and missing. Think he has the height and reach advantage against Prograis so he has to use that and not get drawn into anything silly.
  2. Boxing Thread

    So what’s the predictions for Taylor and inoue fights. A double of Taylor by knockout and inoue rounds 1-3 is about 20/1
  3. Madeleine Mccann Missing Girl

    Hello Gonçalo
  4. Line of Duty.

    Has ever done anything that’s not at the minimum decent? He was superb in little boy blue and even all those years ago in snatch
  5. Line of Duty.

    Enjoyed the interviews but like other has said ending seemed a bit rushed and quite obvious. It’s a great show but I hope next season is the last because it showing signs on them running out of ideas
  6. The New MILF Thread

    You not a fan o the spickin?
  7. Line of Duty.

    Surely there will be people who work on show who will have knowledge and can lump on some of these
  8. Boxing Thread

    Don’t really see how Whyte passing up title fights to face Óscar Rivas is taking a chance.
  9. Horrific club photos

  10. The New MILF Thread

  11. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Absolutely shite celebrations. They think they have just scored a last minute winner to put themselves into a champions league semi final and they celebrate like they have just gone 3 up in a pre season friendly. This is how you celebrate a goal in a big match
  12. Parking fines

    Got a demand through from firm In Glasgow about one ticket I haven’t paid and £160 is outstanding Take it advice is still the same ignore them and they will f**k off.
  13. Decent box sets

    Made it to series 4 of 24 and by that point for me it got a bit repetitive and boring. Although to be fair that was binge watching it just last year. Might have been different watching it week by week when it was released. It did look dated but to be fair it is almost 20 years old
  14. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Have you ever actually spent any time in the east Neuk? It’s filled with inbred arseholes who don’t like “incomers”. Strange strange place.
  15. 83rd Masters Tournament

    A lot of people may not like Woods but if he does go onto do this it’s got to be up there with one of the great sporting comebacks.