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  1. I would agree. All have to start, or none start.
  2. Woodgate was so far out of his depth it was embarrassing. Knowing a few Boro folk Steve Gibson was being blamed as much for appointing him in the first place. They’ve been lucky having dung like Luton and Barnsley in that league this season. Gibson likes his dull, dour, pragmatic managers, no? Karanka, Pulis, Woodgate, now borrowing Colin w****r from the Natural History Museum.
  3. High levels of delusion on BBC HeartsSound today. Big Elvis "waiting for the right offer" and dismissing loftily the prospect of taking over at Tannadice- as if he'd even be considered. A bit like the jobbing brickie who's fucked up several retaining walls waiting for a call from Barratt Homes. What next- a half hour podcast with wee Robbo explaining how gutted he is not to be considered for the job? A soft focus interview with @TEnglishSport on Hearts; the Glory Years? Embarrassing
  4. I was at your famous cup win at Firhill that season, as a neutral. A fine snd brave defensive performance, although that game could have continued throughout the intervening 27 years and that Thistle team still wouldn’t have scored.
  5. Tom English confirming himself as an embarrassing busted flush and propagandist. What a minter of a tweet.
  6. another week of pointing and laughing begins then. will it ever stop/
  7. The ones that went overboard were claimed on insurance, so it was all the same to those b*****ds. It was quite a regular practice on the slave runs I'm afraid. Here's one of the more notorious examples: https://historyroom.org/2019/04/06/horror-on-the-high-seas/ For those wailing that statues shouldn't be torn down / no one gives a f**k about them, not true; statues commemorate a version of history. In that the Bristol event on Sunday did everyone a service, as I doubt many not born in Bristol or who had studied history at a reasonable level would even have heard of him before the weekend. On the statue itself, this long essay is worth reading: even in the nineteenth century the city worthies struggled to raise the money to pay for it, and a big sum had to come from one donor to save the project. Even 125 years ago Colston was a difficult subject. https://www.brh.org.uk/site/articles/myths-within-myths/ The loudest current defender of the statue, and condemner of the actions of the protestors, is a racist Tory gammon whose previous claim to fame was being obliged to resign from the party and the council over a golliwog.. Scotland has a long and inglorious involvement with the history of slavery and it is a very sore point for many whose sense of selves / sense of Scottishness is challenged by this history that simply is not taught in schools. Nor is it widely known that the compensation that had to be paid out to slaver owners was so vast that our taxes only stopped paying off the debt five years ago, in 2015. It is good that Colston being torn down has started this debate about who we once really were. We all have to reckon with our own past in the end. In an ideal world there should be a long public discussion and debate to raise awareness of the fact that a good proportion of Scotland's wealth in the eighteenth and nineteenth century came from the exploitation, trafficking, murder and rape of Africans forcibly transported to the Caribbean and elsewhere. Once there's better awareness of that, haul the statues down, and re-name the streets named after slavers and mass-murderers. Given that it's 2020 and such complexities can't be reduced to 240 characters or a smilie, maybe just haul them down. I understand why some people are uncomfortable with how Colston's statue was demolished on Sunday. But there is a broader context to it, a long local debate which got nowhere, and a filibustering Tory minority which thwarted a desire to get rid of a sculpture to a man that's long been an embarrassment to most locals. No one's trying to have the individual erased from history- it's not possible, if properly taught. But then surely it's understandable as to why folk didn't want to walk everyday in the shadow of a man who enriched himself through human misery and mass murder. Looks like a reckoning is coming in many respects. https://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/history-of-slavery/scotland-and-slavery/
  8. In summary (t spare posters the pian of having to read this): Rangers are genius visionaries. Scottish football's problems lie with Cowdenbeath playing Brechin four times a season. The Big House Must Stay Open."
  9. Why is writing to your club expressing an opinion on something you don't agree with the behaviour of a "zoomer"?
  10. Yep Davie Robertson really isn't a serious answer to any footballing question.
  11. Wear one to the supermarket, yes, and would if on public transport. A cross section of my Tesco shows I'd say about 10% of folk wearing them. Permanently raging late middle aged gammon whose faces have the complexion of uncooked Lorne sausage are the least likely demographic to wear them- presumably "we" won the war without face masks so why would we need one now...
  12. Pish cup final unfortunately and Dynamo a bit hard done by. League game between these two last Wednesday was much more entertaining. On yt games to watch are Shaktyor-Belshina and Isloch-Energetik from this weekend, best goals in there.
  13. Embarrassing stuff. I hear the distant, barely audible scraping of the world's tiniest violin...
  14. BATE comfortably top now after seeing off a very poor Slutsk 3-0 in a first v second clash. Energetik continue to catch the eye with a stylish win over an awful Dynamo Brest side. Last season’s champions in free fall. Today’s three games were soporific viewing if I’m honest. Dinamo Minsk’s single goal victory over Isloch being the only minor note in 180 mins’ worth of dross.
  15. C’mon, the good ship Hearts is going down with all hands, and this is one last desperate pop from a flare pistol before Capn Budge heads for Davy Jones’ locker.
  16. Really smart shirts after Orient’s brown carpet tile disaster last season.
  17. He's had a nightmare over this story. To us it's damaged him. However as has been pointed out in the world of clickbait and professional contrarianism, maybe it hasn't. The BBC haven;t really had anyone to fill Traynor's obnoxious, oafish loafers since he fucked off to Ibroz. Maybe English is being lined up for the role, and it really wouldn't surprise me if it's all a clumsy attempt to curry favour with Sevco, and mend the long running feud. By the way it's a pretty low bar for the title "intellectual" if English is being held up as an example of the breed. Even Spiersy- who plays up very well to the "posh intellectual" stereotype on twitter, tongue in cheek, cheerleads deeply middle of the road guff like Elton John and Deacon Blue when he's not posting about football.
  18. Think a lot of Lancashire / Yorkshire clubs did at that time. The Stanley manager that season was Walter Galbraith, who managed many other clubs. I see he managed Hibs in the 60s as well but seems to have spent most of his career in NW England. He was a burly fellow with thick Mick McGahey glasses who had a long career as player and manager. Interesting to hear your story there of the Stanley keeper and the link to Gordon McQueen which I’d no idea about!
  19. It’s always a sobering anniversary. Horrible, mentally scarring event for so many who survived. It’s remarkable how City re-built after that event. I always like to see them doing well. Those couple of months in 1985 were horrific. Can remember vividly the shock in people’s voices on Radio 2. ( pre 5 Live) that day.
  20. I think it will be later in the summer before things begin to open up and nothing will really be the same until they find a vaccine or other effective way of managing this. Scottish football starting in July as suggested my MacLennan yesterday is I'm afraid laughable fantasy. They seem to be a bit less in denial down south where no one's expecting fans back in grounds until well into 2021.
  21. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Meadowbank, surely...
  22. It’s just another take on the all- new wholesome family club image you’re attempting to peddle here, unsuccessfully.
  23. Is a convicted drug dealer who was the subject of an assets forfeiture as recently as 2018 still involved at first team level?
  24. Taking a tedious rap lecture from “Livingston”, of all people, on fairness, probity, and proper governance, is like being scolded by Enoch Powell for being a bit too right -wing.
  25. Accrington Stanley in 1955/56. The last EFL team to field an all-Scots XI in a league game, a 1-1 draw at Rochdale. Only Sunderland had done it before in the twentieth century (1902) and it hasn’t been done since. Scots were prominent in Stanley teams of that era.
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