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  1. The relegation play-offs? Forfar in a real mess I'm sorry to say. Looked a decent team until early this year but since then been absolutely woeful. Back to the days of Jim Moffat and Marco Andreoni.
  2. TNS are the only f/t team in a part time league so are always going to dominate. Connah’s Quay went full time for a season or so under Andy Morrison but Covid + tiny crowds scuttled that. Nomads knocked TNS off their perch for a while. The top end teams are mid table Scottish league one and most below the top 4-5 are L2 standard. It’s all about building credibility for the Cymru Premier so last night will have been a sore one for “TNS”.
  3. A very wealthy owner (a horrible, homophobic Tory Brexiteer) who has bankrolled the club since the 90s, having made a fortune in IT.
  4. Decent enough from Dundee, a good professional second half. I liked the look of Lyall Cameron, looks a great prospect. 3-0 just about right with Anderson's third being the goal of the night. TNS confirmed as full time flat track bullies in a largely pish part time league. The league has dropped off a little since Andy Morrison left Connah's Quay Nomads & their challenge to TNS fell away. Caernarfon should give Clyde more of a game tomorrow.
  5. glug glug glug for Ten Nasty Scousers, a horrible club. Dundee should look for a third and see the game out from there.
  6. dire f**k up from the pass back and then from the gk.
  7. Y Seintiau Newydd- The New Saints in Welsh. Dundee started really well but are hellish disjointed in the final third. Would be better playing with 10 men than with that bearded oaf Sheridan stealing a jersey. Dundee should be winning this- The New Saints are a mid table Scots League One side at best. But for all their (slightly better) quality Dundee gave up too much of the ball in the second part of the first half. All to play for.
  8. Y Drenewydd has two vowels in English, you moron. Y can be a vowel in the Welsh language as well.
  9. It's also live on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBjzgq1Kk_A (Cillian Sheridan breathing out his arse after 20 minutes more than a little embarrassing)
  10. wishing on a star. most Tory backbenchers know they're goosed already and will cling on to privelige and power until obliged to give it up.
  11. In what way would it 'finish off the government'? by what mechanism would they be ejected? Turkeys don;t vote for Christmas and this lot will cling on grimly until 2024- doing a lot of damage in the meantime.
  12. Hartley was a complete and utter disaster at Hartlepool so I doubt there'll be too many suitors queuing up to take him until Cove next have a vacancy. He will argue it was the wrong job and he didn't have enough time to make an impact but it's been a grim couple of months down there for him. Nothing at all went right and the signings he made (step forward Regan Tumilty) miles out of their depth at that level.
  13. so follow an unfortunate failed appointment with a deranged one? well, it's a strategy. of sorts.
  14. This is their league: https://www.teamstats.net/league/ev2-sportswear-sheffield-and-hallamshire-county-senior-league/division-2/league-table Step 13 on the English pyramid. One or two steps above a kick about in the park with your kids. Thanks but no thanks lads. No credibility at all.
  15. Are Liam Fox's credentials before United not based on Hearts youth teams, six months being Davy Martindale's cone man, and a catastrophic failure (20% win rate) at Cowdenbeath? Risky AF.
  16. Oldskool Gretna needed a letter of permission every year from the SFA to take part in the FA Cup, when they played in the Northern Premier League. That said : * Gretna were a Scottish club playing in the English system back then; *Gretna is right on the border *Gretna were a credible semi pro team in the 1990s, a mixture of old Carlisle United boilers and semi-pro Geordies who had histories with the likes of Blyth, Gateshead, strong Northern League clubs. (see here: ....not a made up publicity hungry Sunday league outfit 200 miles south of the border with no infrastructure, a 46 year old keeper who do battle with teams called "Sheffield Medics"
  17. They seem to be largely a social media account for an amateur team playing so far down the pyramid they haven't been found by Egyptologists yet. Get them to f**k
  18. Royal death protocol being enforced to the bitter end. You will remain at home and be miserable. Preferably with the curtains drawn.
  19. This weekend I went to Tonbridge Angels against Dulwich Hamlet in National League South. After a close-ish first half the Angels sent a pisspoor Hamlet staggering back up the road, their ears ringing from a 3-1 cuffing. Hamlet have a good and noisy following but they were unable to help their team, whose manager Gavin Rose is in the carrion stage of his job there; it's not working, the players are arguing amongst themselves, no pace or organisation at all about the side. Tonbrige were suffering from a lot of injuries and had had a run of defeats before the game but they ended up winning deservedly. Four fine goals with Gard's late run at a defence which obligingly opened up for him the pick. Forwards Lewis Collins & winger Tetteh-Quaye Addy were good to watch as well. Long serving Angels keeper Jonathan Henly is a Scotland U-21 cap but I;d never come across him before. He had a really good game too. There was a crowd of just under 1,000 there and it was a good day out. The ground, on the outskirts of town in the middle of a nice park, feels a bit half-built but they seems to be working on it a lot. I quite liked Angels, a friendly, laid back atmosphere with some good beers on offer for those on the supporters' bus and generally a decent day out. £15 to get in.
  20. I’m down south so took in Bromley v Scunthorpe in the National League. For two full time teams game was of a poor Scots League One standard. The first half was more entertaining with Bromley’s captain dismissed for a brainless stamp on Scunthorpe’s no.9, with the home coach dismissed shortly afterwards, after a prolonged seething meltdown on the touchline. Scunthorpe unfortunately are comically shit these days and despite the man advantage were laboured and disjointed. Bromley scored a comedy-stricken goal early in the second half after some appalling defending and never looked like letting the narrow lead slip. Bromley are a big physical side likely to be on the fringes of the NL play-offs. As for Scunthorpe, oblivion beckons I’m afraid. An absentee owner, terrible manager & poor squad means they are likely to face yet another battle to avoid dropping into Tier 6. Nice ground, a bit sunburnt.
  21. A great shout. Leanne would do a decent job. Kenny Mac can get so far to f**k. Unlistenable, OF-obsessed shite presently
  22. I must admit it's sad to see old rivals in such a mess. When I saw Cowden play Airdrie I thought an OK- if not promotion challenging- season beckoned. There are one or two tidy youngsters in the team. However things have gone south very quickly since that afternoon. A traumatic relegation like last season's can leave a big hangover for a long time. Very obvious now that Maurice Ross is not the answer. Talks a good game and his sides play nice football but are wanting both in goalscoring (Cowden have always had little visible goal threat in the last 12-18 months) and a string vest of a defensive line, also lacking in physicality and the ugly side of the game. However, I assume there is no money to pay off Ross and as this is meant to be his re-set job after the trouble he caused himself at Notts County, little chance of him walking away. Whenever he does leave a Gary Jardine-type will be required. The existential problems the club faces- deadening local apathy, a small and exhausted band of diehards doing all the work, paying through the nose to rent a crumbling / decaying ground- will take vision and a generation to fix, probably. I cannot see that you could do any worse renting Kelty's park for 2-3 seasons whilst trying to progress a community focused sports facility- or perhaps entering into a ground share with the Haws and helping to make further improvements at that park. Without control of the ground and revenue streams Cowden are a badge, Lowland league membership, a few umbro strips and a dozen and a half players no one else wants. You can't build on that, merely exist for the sake of existing. I'm not saying this to be snide- Montrose fans lived that reality at the bottom of league 2 for twenty years and had our own brush with the exit in 2015. I understand things look very bleak now but those of you who still go more often than not are the club's hardcore on which you have to try and build up again. I hope things turn for the better soon.
  23. Yep felt the show was terrible yesterday and "Kenny Mac" a sneery weegie w**k. Awful. I switched off the discussion about VAR as it was cringeworthy. Well, as it is. It's always difficult to follow a legend in whatever walk of life and it will take a while for people to stop comparing this imposter versus Richard Gordon. Gordon was far from perfect but was a great professional. Everything "Kenny Mac" isn't
  24. Tough start against Rothes who should have won at Glebe Park last season (denied by a very late free kick from Max Kucheriavyi) and who I expect will be one of the stronger sides- perhaps even an outsider in the title race- again this season.
  25. A nice macron effort for Scunthorpe United’s first season in the National League- relegated last season after 72 years in the EFL.
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