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  1. Sandy Clark was actually doing an alright job at the Shire, re-shaping the squad and making them much better organised / hard to beat after Derek Ure's long overdue dismissal last year. Yes Shire had a poor season but could have been much worse. Hope for Rovers that it works out, can't believe that they fluffed their lines in consecutive games against Bonnyrigg & Stranraer.
  2. Great result & performance, fair play Scotland. Such a tonic- didn’t expect much from this game at all.
  3. In any case as a foreigner he'd have to have sat in the home dressing room listening to Willie Miller berate him about how much the club means to the city before he could reasonably be considered for the job.
  4. They really are the unflushable turd. Defiantly carrying on with three fans post-Ferry; little more than an ever-changing badge, a few training bibs, a couple of sets of balls & kit, and the league membership. Broomhill are at this level because when the LL was set up Kenny Moyes (Davie's brother) had a lot of influence at the SFA. No other reason whatsoever.
  5. very much doubt anyone's on £600 a week at Peterhead.
  6. In fairness Peterhead were quite competitive the games I saw them, at home. Clearly not the case on the road although the support appears to be divided on whether this sacking was a good idea from the official facebook page. Many blaming a lack of investment from the chairman.
  7. Yep signing boys from tier 9 in England to play at this level is, well, optimistic. Ikwa has looked completely out of his depth at this level and cost two goals in his first two appearances. I felt in the few times I've seen Peterhead recently Davie Robertson had at least improved home performances and organised the side a bit but clearly I wasn't privy to the meltdowns at Falkirk and Airdrie. No surviving that really. From the outside the club would appear to need a total re-set and new investment in the summer.
  8. Just over 40 years ago and keeping in theme of the current weather: Berwick 0 East Stirlingshire 3 at snowy Shielfield, February 1983
  9. Cockroaches will be chasing a rusty Coke can around the radioactive remains of Hampden.
  10. Yes Bill & Sophie were there supporting Montrose when we ejected Edinburgh City from the Cup at Meadowbank c. 2010. Probably the last time I saw him- behind the "jakey with a plastic bag" image which he played up to, he was a good guy.
  11. East Stirlingshire 5, Dalbeattie Star 1 Was passing through the pebbledashed suburban skidmarks in between Edinburgh and Glasgow yesterday and it was a toss up between this and the Stenny game. As I hadn't seen the Shire since the day they dropped out of the SPFL set up in 2016, I opted for a freezing afternoon in the echoing Falkirk stadium.. Entry was free but I donated my ticket money to the collection for a local hospice. It was good to see that Shire still have a reasonable following of jovial eccentrics and outsiders although sad to recall that Mad Bill is no longer with us. Reckon there was 150-200 there and fair play to the half-handful of Dalbeattie fans who travelled all the way to watch this pish. Shire, clad in a strange black shirt that seemed to have had white artex sprayed on it, were in front almost immediately and accumulated steadily. Pick of the goals was the nutmeg of the keeper for the second or the rifling drive for the fourth but the fact that Niyah Joseph scored four of Shire's five gives you an idea of the overall quality. Dalbeattie scored late on in rare breakaway and the Shire keeper was beside himself with rage at losing a clean sheet against the divisional backmackers, berating his defence for a good minute after the goal went in. Dalbeattie's no 10 was ordered off for (?) I really don't know, maybe dissent or badmouthing the referee, and protested long and loudly on his way off the park. Rumour was the Police Scotland wanted to speak to him for being in possession of an indecent moustache, which had got in a time machine from Stevie Maskrey in 1983 straight onto his top lip, the poor lad. The Shire fans are a friendly, welcoming bunch and long years of deadening failure have learned them not to take the game too seriously. They had one or two decent wee players but hard to judge them against such poor opposition. Sandy Clark is trying his best with virtually no resource it seems and his side did try and pass and move at pace, with mixed success. Decision making was patchy and a good cross was often followed by a dismal, aimless sclaff into the yawning empty whale's mouth of the south stand. Dalbeattie tried to be organised but largely failed, and seemed to have accepted their impending relegation some time ago. A quick detour to see the Kelpies on the way home so not bad overall .
  12. Peterhead are a bit more spirited and better organised than earlier in the season, but having seen them on a few occasions recently would be shocked if the Pars don't win by 2 or 3. They frustrated Falkirk for an hour last weekend but then the roof came in spectacularly
  13. The relegation powerjet has not yet been invented that will scrape the Coatbridge roughcast off the gable end of the SPFL, and long may it continue. Rovers will be fine and would much rather have a club like them in the league than "Spartans", or some diddy made-up podcast team. The Rovers fans seem mostly to keep to their own company on their own forum these days which is a shame. Still, must head along to Cliftonhill before the end of the season.
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