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  1. Yep some size of a guy. I think he's away back to Poland now
  2. off you pop to the Lowland League forum, and worry about your future survival.
  3. Carlisle City's appeal rejected and they are now playing in the Northern League for definite.
  4. Clach also have a knot of 15-20 fans who go to away games. They were very vocal in the aforementioned game with the Vale last season, particularly when their giant lump of a Polish centre forward, a cross between Dolph Lundgren and one of the less successful Frankenstein prototypes, got himself sent off.
  5. the competition is as historic as the name of the "county".
  6. Hull and Dundee look OK to me. The original 90s kit (by the notorious "Matchwinner") is below. The restricted tiger stripe is definitely much nicer.
  7. Fraserburgh reliably get 500 or so for home games, more than that for derbies or games v league leaders. Buckie would be about the same and get more when they are doing really well. Wick also have a very loyal support. Inverurie I'd guess average attendance 250-300 depending on opposition, Formartine rarely break the 200 mark, normally 100-150. The smaller teams get anything between about 30 (Fort William, Keith) to around the 120 mark. Last HL game I went to last season was Deveronvale v Clach, there were about 130 or so there.
  8. Goldberg was also manager at Bromley which he previously owned. Steve King must have been sacked after Welling lost the play-off final to Woking- seems harsh. Pleased that Gateshead survived, somehow, doubt they'll be in the National League North promotion race though- with very few players they'll do well to survive at that level. Think Spennymoor will really challenge for the title in that league this season. Carlisle City have been bunted to the Northern League Div 2 from the NWCL- will be interesting to see how they fare. In the top division Hebburn Town and Whitley Bay seem to be making lots of eye catching signings. Oh- sin bins will be trialled in the Northern League next season
  9. Aaran Taylor signs from Workington Reds- a good non league goalie at EvoStik level (prob not much different to SFL2). Alex Mitchell moves the other way.
  10. Fraserburgh are too inconsistent for me. The kind of side that batter the league leaders and then stumble away to someone like Nairn or Keith. They've always been there or thereabouts but never show enough mettle to really go for a title. Brora have a good first choice squad but there isn't a lot of depth there; a few bad injuries could do for them. They were unlucky last season. Formartine, Locos- meh. Big oil clubs with no fans really. Hard to see what they'd bring to the table in the event of promotion.
  11. Lynas is a jinx. Relegated with every club he has played with so far (Alloa, Shire, Brechin City).
  12. The lower the turnout, the better for Farage. Raging Brexiteer knuckledgraggers will be out in force to vote for him. If no one of other persuasion can be bothered then the smugger he will be on Sunday night. I'll be voting Green later. It's the one election where the vote might actually count.
  13. Agree with this, as an outsider the behind the scenes divisions at Berwick seem, charitably, totally deranged. Club will keep going downwards until it's resolved.
  14. I actually saw Peterhead-Berwick back in the autumn at Balmoor, when Horn was still in charge. They lost 0-1 that day and were a touch unlucky not to take a point. Astonishing how bad they are now, six months later. I think that team would struggle in the Lowland League. I know Berwick have one or two absolute wallopers as followers but I do feel sorry for them. It's a lovely town and a good day out. A shame to see them go in some ways, and it will be a very long way back.
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