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  1. Surely now is the time (see multiple Daily Record articles written on slow news days during the Glasgow Fair, featuring over 60s celebrities or moneyed Yankee exiles "originally from Cathcart") for Third Lanark to step forward and claim their rightful heritage as part of the senior set up? Surely rebuilding Cathkin and bringing the old club back wasn't all attention-seeking bullshit?
  2. Very good, Paul Doyle playing for Ashfield Juniors two seasons ago. His career wound down quickly after leaving us; a season at East Fife, a wee bit of time with the Shire, then off to the juniors. Always felt he could have made much more of himself. He had a good centre half pairing with Neil Stephen for a while in Henry Hall's team c.2005. Here he is warming up with Stuart Ferguson- where he?
  3. Spot the ex-Montrose player in this action shot from the Glasgow juniors. A toughie.
  4. Duncan McLean am sure he a played against him boys club.Dundee when he was younger before us not sure what happened if he went in to play junior or what. Yep, played in a Euro tie for Dundee. Half a season or do for us. Last heard of not making a mark at Coupar Angus juniors and working in a shop. Who knows what became of him.
  5. Now at Hastings United in Southern Premier Div 1 (South-East). Poor lad was miles out of his depth even in a very poor Montrose side. Heaven knows how he ended up at Hearts.
  6. 7 team split means one team sitting it out every matchday. This looks a great solution, sadly the bigoted arsecheeks are firmly opposed to any 14 or bigger team leagues, so it won't happen.
  7. What's the crack with "going into abeyance"? You see it sometimes with junior clubs who hit hard times financially, or whose committee resigns and can't be replaced in the short term. These clubs take a year out and return when the committee and the biscuit tin has been replenished during the year out. I'm guessing there's a reason why SPFL clubs can't do this. But I'm struggling to see why if next season is wrecked by this too...which looks odds on I'm afraid..clubs couldn't shut down to keeping the grass cut and minimal obligations paid off following the season's end. Keep the ground maintained, the floodlights working, keep raising funds where possible, but batten down the hatches until the world has beaten this thing. It's not like the SPFL wants to lose members and I can't see why they couldn't accommodate this. Better that than clubs going down the drain trying to pay bills with no income streams.
  8. They should just promote Brora and Kelty and leave Brechin where they are. Some may say it's fortunate for Brechin if that's what happens, as having seen them a few times this season, I've never seen a club more certain to lose a play-off. Several unfit players in a squad of jobbers and makeweights. When Brechin lost a goal the heads just dropped. Assuming the club can battle through a dark time of zero income then when playing resumes they'll have been put on notice, really. Hopefully they'll be more competitive again when that time comes.
  9. Stenny have really stepped up to the plate with their community work. Fair play 🙌
  10. New shirts could also have the cachet of “shirts for the season that never was” if 20/21 is also destroyed by this fucking virus.
  11. Guys I’d be surprised if there’s any football until a vaccine is found. That’s well into next year according to most accounts. The only question for clubs for the forseeable future, whatever the SPFL decide with regard to this season, is how to survive without any income. It’s a horrible situation for the clubs and for us for whom football is such a huge part of life. I can see a lot of wartime-style “going into abeyance” for clubs and a bit of a chaotic couple of years after we get the all clear to start playing again.
  12. Agreed. Sadly I suspect that it will be well into mid-2021 before any of us get to enjoy a "normal" footballing Saturday again. Until a vaccine is developed, tested, marketed and distributed globally, risks will simply be too great. Even optimistic commentators say a vaccine is a year away.
  13. very, very scary from Italy in this thread. 60+ and thos with health complications (ie diabetes, hiv) won’t even be assessed let alone treated. social isolation the only way forward.
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