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  1. Fair play. I have admired their stubbornness in persisting against all the odds for years and have been at games where the only non-playing staff was the team bus driver (this was up at Fraserburgh a couple of seasons ago). They always did have one or two decent players, too. It will be a new level of Lazarusness for Fort to survive these problems, though.
  2. Joke club, really. Would anyone other than Godfrey from Trowbridge miss them if they withdrew from the league? No one local to the place gives a shit other than the staff and hugely beleagured committee. Amusing to see Mr Blackford describe them as "entwined with the community" when he hasn't shown the slightest bit of interest, for years. In saying that he's just the same as 99.7% of his constituents. Assuming they last the season off the park this will be Fort's last season at this level for some time, I think. Will be comprehensively eviscerated by any of the likely play off opponents (BOD / Lochee U / Broughty). Better for everyone that they go to the NCL if the club can be kept afloat for that long.
  3. Nearly four hours of extra time. Like one of those fifth Wimbledon sets that someone finally wins 29-27
  4. Yep Turriff were better organised than they have been for a couple of seasons and made Brechin work hard for the win. Brechin will have to be patient at home and absorb some rough treatment. That was Gary Wood's fate this afternoon- the neddy wee boy wearing 5 for Turriff very lucky to stay on the park after stamping on the prone forward at the beginning of the second half. Meanwhile Brechin had a man ordered off for two something-and-nothing challenges. The standard of refereeing was absolutely appalling, I have to say. I wouldn't have that guy in charge of a BB match. Totally out of his depth and got so many big decisions wrong. Brechin certainly scored three very good goals and were the superior team. They had to manage the game after the ordering off after an hour and did that very well indeed. I think the team is shaping up to be built around "Davo" and the partnership between Paton and Kucheriavyi in the middle of the park which is very promising indeed. Paton worked so hard all afternoon and although Max is slight he can hold his own when the physical stuff is being dished out. With Cox presumably absent injured, Garry Wood soldiered on up front and held the ball up really well. He was pretty unlucky not to have got on the scoresheet. The referee was the only man in the stadium not to see him being blatantly hauled to the ground in the area late on in the match. Young Scott looks a player and got a lot of joy down the Brechin right. Brechin have still a lot of gelling to do- some players are not quite on the same wavelength yet and there was a frustrating lack of a final ball, or wrong decision in the box, at times. But that will come with game time and players getting used to one another. Lovely hot day and I got a bit sunburnt. Brechin couldn't really have asked for a better start but much bigger tests than this lie ahead.
  5. Decent enough from Montrose but we just have no outlet upfront presently. Hopefully the manager has a couple of names to bring in soon. Dundee passed the ball well and both Jakubiak and Ashcroft clattered the bar in the first half. A wordly save from Fleming in goal, low down to his right from close range, after about an hour, had us thinking maybe an unjust win on penalties might just be on the cards. Unfortunately Dundee's penalty (merited as far as could be seen from seventy yards away) and a swift second sank the tie completely. No one could complain about the result. A couple of things; Montrose showed great team spirit and appetiite for the game and defended very well for large parts whilst riding the luck when it mattered. Once again we were well organised and difficult to break down which was pleasing to see against a good team. Jakubiak diving in the box not once but twice in the first ten-fifteen minutes looking for a penalty against a League One team was pretty criiinge- have a word with yourself son. Not even the rotten match officials were buying that pantomine dame-ry. Steeves at left back and Masson in the middle of the park put in very good shifts. A tough season in an even more cut-throat League One lies ahead and if we can get the striker siutation sorted we'll be fine I think. Hard to see what Dundee would have taken from this beyond the points and minutes in the legs, but they were well drilled, pretty fit, and passed the ball about very well indeed. Just lacking a final ball tonight, and not sure how that front pairing will fare against full time Premier League defences. It was also great to be back watching a football match in front of a big and good natured crowd, and to see folk I haven't seen since the pandemic started. In that context the game was always going to be background noise, really. Onwards & upwards.
  6. Enjoyed the game tonight. I've seen Brechin on and off as they circled the SPFL drain in the last couple of seasons. That's the hardest I've ever seen a Brechin side work. You can see immediately what Gary Wood brings to the team at centre half (presumably he'll be showing up a but further forward too once the squad fills out) and Kieran Inglis also did really well on the right of the defence. It must be odd for Paton to be reduced to the ranks as a player but you can see he's determined to make up for last season. He had a really good game in centre mid alongside the young Ukrainian, Max. Cox went off injured (think just a precaution) but what a nightmare he is for defenders when in the mood. Great touch, a low centre of gravity, tremendous work-rate and desire. Still, to my surprise, an absolute bull terrier of a forward and great to see him on a football pitch again. I think about half of Alloa's team were second stringers and they had most of the ball in the first half, clattering the bar from a free kick. I have also no idea how the ball stayed out the Brechin net midway through the first half when they looked as though the couldn't miss from inside the Brechin six yard box, but it went begging. Scott came on for the injured Cox early in the second half. Alloa had already had a warning when the young forward hit a shot scudding low past the left hand post from an angle, but they didn't heed it. A quick interchange of seemingly innocuous passes suddenly saw the young man sprinting clear between Alloa's two centre halves. He rifled a great shot from about fifteen yards out into the roof of the Alloa net. Wee Barry was apparently seething and in a bad mood even before kick off and he began to ring the changes. Unfortunately for Alloa, one of them was Connor Sammon. Sammon had two great chances- blazing over in a one on one situation and then from a similar position hitting his effort straight at Jack Wills in goal. Alloa just couldn't find a way through the Brechin defence who rode their luck a little in the last ten minuites but probably just about deserved their win. Coach Kirk had some convincing to do when he took this job but I like the way his side are developing- a determined, hard working team who pass the ball really well. You can tell a few of the boys have just met but give them a few weeks and good luck with injuries /suspensions and this team should be really strong in this season's Highland League. Brechin are still a bit light numbers wise and I guess will be looking at signing four or five more for a squad. But I think they have a lot to look forward to at Glebe Park this season. As for Alloa, I know this is a diddy cup and 60-70% of the teams see it as a series of competitive pre-season friendlies...but defeats to Cowdenbeath and Brechin aren't a great start for Barry Ferguson. He'll brush this off though and I think once he's had time to settle in and work out his best team Alloa should have a good season ahead. No one will remember this result if Alloa finish the season in the top four. They are a big, strong team just lacking a final ball and a bit of composure. Was fantastic to be back at a game - I was last at a Highland League match in the brief window of opportunity last November. Really has whetted the appetitie for tomorrow night's game against Dundee at Links Park- the first time I'll have been there since March 2020.
  7. Guys is it pay at the gate tomorrow? Might head along if so.
  8. At that moment You heard no noise The ruin was within
  9. Why do players speak behind their hands as though they’re a declining Nicky Santoro in Casino? Who at this stage cares?
  10. A Cowdenbeath-like display from Italy in the first half. Maybe Gary Bollan will be brought in for a foul-mouthed half time harangue & put the fear of God in them. Big changes needed if they are to pose any second half threat.
  11. Did Ukraine go down the pub for the night & let Moldova take their place? Appalling display & performance. England played well but the defending for the 2nd-4th goals…🤷‍♂️
  12. He signed for Formartine after we survived the first play off in 2015. Formartine don't seem quite as well off these days as a lot of people are leaving. I saw him a few times subsequently, he's a decent player still and a very useful signing who knows the league well.
  13. They're in the LL because Kenny Moyes had a lot of purchase at the time in the corridors of power at the SFA. Who knows whether he does, still. With the breaking of the formal link with the boys club it's hard to see the purpose of the first team and 20s. The project made sense when the first team was an outlet for their youth teamers and with that community behind them lack of fans didn't quite matter so much. I quite appreciated that model and it does take time to build a fanbase and a home. Clearly this has drifted in the last few seasons when they've become a port of convenience for lower league jobbers. Without that link with the youths the club are a badge, sixteen or so semi-pros, one or two officials, some uhlsport teamwear and the LL membership, nothing more. Will anyone other than Alloa even notice if they go?
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