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  1. Yep felt the show was terrible yesterday and "Kenny Mac" a sneery weegie w**k. Awful. I switched off the discussion about VAR as it was cringeworthy. Well, as it is. It's always difficult to follow a legend in whatever walk of life and it will take a while for people to stop comparing this imposter versus Richard Gordon. Gordon was far from perfect but was a great professional. Everything "Kenny Mac" isn't
  2. Tough start against Rothes who should have won at Glebe Park last season (denied by a very late free kick from Max Kucheriavyi) and who I expect will be one of the stronger sides- perhaps even an outsider in the title race- again this season.
  3. A nice macron effort for Scunthorpe United’s first season in the National League- relegated last season after 72 years in the EFL.
  4. Took this one in yesterday. Cowden were nothing like as bad as some catastrophists were suggesting. The team is still gelling for me. Martins and Robinson looked decent at the back & the young keeper made two outstanding saves in the first half- one a worldly from a downward header low to his right. Goal two was a poor mistake by the left back, allowing Cammy Ballantyne a debut goal for Airdrie. Goal three relied on one or two very kind bounces of the ball in the box. Still, Airdrie were streets ahead, looked pretty slick in the main & had a nice shape. Cowden very much a team in the making and sensible to use these games as competitive friendlies. I think after 2-3 weeks & with a couple more bodies in Cowden will be fine. If they can replicate that workrate & enthusiasm every week, and find a reliable goalscorer, they will have far too much for a lot of teams in the LL. The home support seemed pleasantly surprised by the display. Scorcher of a day- a contrast to the last time I was at Central Park, a freezing, raw late December day and a goal-less draw with Albion Rovers.
  5. Charlton Athletic are one of many clubs to sign up with Castore who are growing fast. Gillingham (L2) stick with Macron and whilst not bad it's a bit meh. MK Dons have dropped errea, also for Castore:
  6. It's been a very quiet summer overall for every club. Lots of fans expressing frustration at the lack of signings. Unusual, to be honest. I'm afraid players are on holiday or have just come back to pre-season and are in no hurry to sign / make their minds up until the right money comes along. Failing that, they will stick with what they have. I do also wonder how much travelling from the Central Belt or any distance to training twice a week and a weekend game will be for some. Energy costs will really hit clubs and players this season and it's a time of great uncertainty generally. Petrie is conservative in his approach to who he signs at the best of times so it's no surprise things are slow. I do think we need anything between 3-5 players in yet but it's only the first week in July so we have time yet. Just need to be patient.
  7. Balmoor's easy to find but would get there quite early as parking will fill up very quickly for what will be a near-capacity crowd.
  8. Managers when they were players. Alex Neil in the colours of Mansfield Town, 2004-5. He lasted just a season at Field Mill despite being a near ever-present with 41 appearances. Keith Curle was sacked by Mansfield during the season and his replacement, Carlton "The Relegator" Palmer, freed Neil at the end of the season- after which he came up the road to finish his career with a long spell at Hamilton Accies. Andy Barrowman was at Mansfield then too. Neil is front row, second from right in the team group.
  9. One of the best goalkeepers I've ever seen and sad news yesterday. RIP.
  10. Their kit last season much nicer. They must be short of money to pick that pub team template for the home shirt.
  11. Millwall ditch macron for hummel. Not bad but not exceptional either.
  12. Former football league club Bradford (Park Avenue), who in the reformed guise have gone just about as far as they can in National League North. Home top looks like an old 2018/19 template from macron's bargain bin. Away is a bit more contemporary.
  13. The realist in me agrees with that. However, thankfully, football isn't a game for realists.
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