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  1. The bigoted cheeks are an absolute pox on our society. They should be shut down, all holdings and possessions nationalised, stadia demolished and turned into something useful, like affordable housing or an urban farm. Our divisions got closed down because Celtic just had to go to Dubai and take the piss. Now this. If Nicola closes down the season as a result no one can really have any complaints. With an election in the wind she won't, though. For fans of the part time clubs in the lower two divisions this latest two fingers in our faces from 25-grand-a-week OF footballers really is enraging.
  2. Can still remember Gordon Parks greeting in his Record column about "the wee blond guy from Montrose who did a Ronald Koeman" when Kevin Webster rifled home a last minute 25 yard free kick at the old Firs Park in a 1-1 draw, when Parks was turning out for Shire as the last senior stop during his entirely undistinguished playing career. Such a poor game as I recall, that free kick is the only thing that has kept it in my mind. By then Parks was only playing as it was the last of Shire's £10-a-week seasons IIRC, and their gaffer was fielding a threadbare XI of schoolboys, ex-juniors and has-beens. Parks is a Champions-League fanny.
  3. I had never heard of Vale of Atholl! Club now plays in the second division of the Perthshire Amateur League so still going. A long way back if they are ever to feature in the senior Scottish again.
  4. It’s done. Clubs would be as well going into hibernation as far as possible until a re-start with some fans present, is possible. I don’t think there’s any guarantee that this will be in August, either. This is a grim, grim crisis for the lower leagues - and there is still no exit strategy that anyone can hold onto. The lower leagues are caught between two bodies who really don’t care very much about their specific problems- the Scottish government on one hand and the SFA on the other. I understand fully that the government have far more important things to worry about and have no issue with their stance. I’m not sure what the football authorities excuse is though.
  5. This. Clearly it's an academic discussion at present, but if the youth teams of these scumbags are allowed to pollute the lower leagues I won't be back.
  6. Tommy Wright will do a decent job down there. Must be a relief for the Killie support after 48 hours of agents of the ghosts of managers past (Pressley, McIntyre) rattling their clients chains to any media outlet who’d listen.
  7. Highlights of the Cliftonville game will be worth watching when they go up. Sounds as though it was a great game...
  8. I like and appreciate the Scottish government, in the round. I do think however that they couldn't care less about football and I do think they have been a bit rigid and inflexible on the matter of crowds. This concerns me a bit. On the other hand we have the football authorities who don't seem terribly interested in engaging with government other than as a supplicant. We need an advocate for the smaller clubs and that ain't the current authorities. The relationship is a bit of a problem in the current things. I get that the visit of Stranraer to Cowdenbeath isn't exactly a priority for government in the present times but it'd be good to have a bit more certainty on when these things will be possible. Football is just a microcosm of wider society. As such, it suffers from the same lack of forward plan / clarity / hope / thoughfulness that we face in the other parts of our lives presently. I don't care about the season being paused. It's the right thing to do. I don't care if there's no more football this season as long as we have some idea as to when it's expected we'll get back in next season. For people to buy into the collective management / mitigation of the effects of the virus they need a wee bit of hope and a general sense of when some of the things we enjoy might be possible again (based on a much clearer and more detaiuled plan of when we will be vaccinated and how long that will take). The current approach of just banning things at 24 hours notice coupled with ministerial hand wringing along the lines of "we know this is tough" isn't going to work too much longer I fear.
  9. Darryl Broadfoot is an aggressive, carnaptious wee shite.
  10. It's been a weary inevitability for a while. The government are damned if they do, and damned if they don't. This new strain seems horrendous in terms of its infectiousness and if getting on top of it means the season is paused for a few weeks I don't see the problem. Yes, it is galling that Celtic's dumbfuck dash to Dubai- as though the virus can be ignored like the SFA- has in part caused this. But it is the right decision I think as it was becoming increasingly difficult to justify football continuing when so much of the rest of our lives are banned / forbidden / postponed indefinitely. However if this new strain persists into March then football once again faces a very difficult set of problems. The SFA have been absolutely terrible throughout this crisis and I have no confidence that they have the shoes for the big puddle of shit football is currently in. In the longer term we have to find a way of living with this as the virus will not be going away. Lower league football has no long term future without crowds. If in a year's time the majority of us are vaccinated but still living in tier 2 style restrictions then crowds of some kind have to be allowed back in. I do think the Scottish government has been indifferent, rigid and inflexible on this. Such a nightmare and no sign it will ever end.
  11. The "wordlwide reset" conspiracy theory is far-right drivel, putting two and two together and making 477. With all the actual real news hitting us day after day I am amazed that those with a sinister agenda can attract cretinous simpletons to their conspiracy nonsense. It doesn't stand up to 30 seconds scrutiny.
  12. It's great for Marine, this cash can maybe keep them going 5-7 years. They used to be a good top-end NPL side back in the day, but have struggled a bit with the non league pyramid becoming more and more professional down there. Neil Young did an OK job with the re-formed Chester so quite surprised he's dropped down to this level. No one cares what the score is, it's a classic FA Cup mismatch and helps them out no end.
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