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  1. Fort William 😃 (complete shambles, really)
  2. Here you are lads, the mural with the man himself. He was terrific at Mansfield, Plymouth and Torquay. I remember he took on a Plymouth side that had made the FA Cup semi finals in 84 and took them up a division. He did well at Torquay too who were always a penniless shambles in those days. Never sure what happened at Dens. Even as a kid, before the internet, I knew through fanzines etc that Dundee fans hated him and regarded him as a cretinous galoot. Until this thread I had no idea he was from the city though. I had always thought he was a good lower league English manager who came briefly to Scotland, didn’t really understand the league, failed horribly and vanished never to be seen again.
  3. Dai Hopkin is flatlining at Cappielow- could he be tempted back? Peter Grant is an interesting shout too.
  4. Of course, absolutely, Belarus has done so much better and Lukashenko has nothing to hide.
  5. In Sweden they went for herd immunity which was a disaster that the government subsequently apologised for. I suggest you google Belarus and COVID if you’re asking seriously. Maybe you’re one of those types that rage tweets comparisons of Sturgeon to Lukashenko or Kim Jong Un, because Tier 3 restrictions closed your local gym.
  6. Agreed the lack of a worthwhile opposition is a real problem. At the last GE my choice was between some nice identikit SNP family-man type or Ross fucking Thomson’s successor. I’d also sooner drink hemlock than vote for Labour or the “Lib Dems”. At some point though not being the Tories or Labour won’t be enough of a reason to vote SNP. Once independence is achieved I doubt I’ll ever vote for them again. On top of the sleazy stuff mentioned above there’s a seriously corrupt and corrupting lobby culture emerging in Edinburgh. If we’re going to be independent to be run by a sleazy government whose instincts are increasingly mediocre and right wing, then people will begin to ask what the point of independence is. If this is the kind of government we want then we’d be as well sticking with the original version in London. I want independence because Scotland can be a much better place, governed much better. It’s sad that the SNP seem ever more unlikely to be the party that will take Scotland in that direction.
  7. France Sweden Italy Spain (all functioning, fully independent democracies who have had a torrid time with the virus) or if you prefer- Russia (23000 infections in one day last week and a fantasy vaccine) Belarus (virus let rip by psycho dictator) Brazil (ditto). Note all these countries are fully independent. Scotland has the right to differentiate from UK policy and have tried to maximise that. However, to some extent, our capacity to act is hobbled by the crazy bullshit down south. Yes there are things to criticise about the response here and any inquiry will be tough. Yes Scotland has been badly affected and yes things could have been done better. The difference is Westminster have been more interested in managing perceptions of their handling of the virus, whilst doling out vast amounts of public money to cronies, whereas in Scotland an attempt has been made to treat it as a public health rather than a PR problem.
  8. From the off the Westminster government were far more interested in controlling perceptions of their handling of the virus in the media, rather than the virus itself. Throw in an incredibly craven, lickspittle, non-functioning media south of the border, and garnish it with centuries-old Tory indifference to old aged, poor and working people dying, and you have the answer to your riddle IMO.
  9. Some blunders were made, yes, in keeping with every other government who's had to face COVID cases in large numbers, globally. Far from being an SNP fanboy but I do commend NS & the Scottish government for doing a reasonable job by comparison with many others. That said a comparison with the corrupt thatch-heided tumshie, his inbred rich mates, and the beady-eyed bald sociopaths who run them all down south, is hardly a tough standard to be judged against. Yes there were awful mistakes re : care homes. However our test & protect scheme (whilst still with flaws) is clearly better than the outdated spreadsheet drivel down south that is costing the UK taxpayer billions. I also really resent the politicians are all the same pish. I've heard it all my adult life and it has coincided with (until the last decade in Scotland) record levels of disengagement with politics and a consumerist attitude towards who governs us. This lazy excuse for people switching off from who governs us and how we are governed was a big factor in democracies in Europe and the US being captured by far-right actors hell bent on breaking up their countries, and selling off the parts, whilst enriching themselves. Democracies require active engagement to preserve them. That lesson if nothing else has been learned very painfully since 2014.
  10. On the football, it is going to be harder now for the SG to retain the same stolid indifference towards clubs having to play behind closed doors. It is insane that people can mix in pubs, restaurants and supermarkets under strict conditions but can't watch a football match in the open air under agreed strict conditions. On the vaccine, I can't wait and get back to enjoying football probably next season. Glad that there appears at least to be some end coming to all this even if the next few months waiting for that relaxation will be very frustrating.
  11. This is a bit of a Scottish Labour / STURGEON RUINED MA BIZNISS type post
  12. with a whole seven followers on twitter, waiting for his nuanced analysis of the game with bated breath. If that gets you a press pass then it should only take folk a couple of hours to make the bar.
  13. Clyde will be fine, light years away from the toothy turnip and his junior all-stars days. Hope you get your shit together after this weekend though. The big X-factor in the division is Thistle, think everyone expected them to dominate the league in a two way race with Falkirk, but it isn't quite working out that way thus far. At present they look as likely to have a season similar to Dunfermline, when they finished seventh at this level, a few seasons back. Think Peterhead and Forfar are the strugglers this season. Somehow East Fife look weaker too. Clyde should have enough about them to finish well clear.
  14. Cove to sneak a 2-1 win and push this thread towards 50 pages. Significant seismic activity reported in the Grangemouth area as Hartley does a jig of delight in the away dugout as the ref blows for full time In all seriousness, the Falkirk fans queuing up on Cove's twitter with a mixture of withering putdowns and outright abuse the day Hartley got the job up there, was one of the funniest things of last season on football social media. Cove are deserving of being top of the table though, are a very tough side, and I can see the "greasy obese mess" and his charges taking at least a point this weekend. They'll be in the title mix come the end of the season.
  15. I'm out. In the fresh air, i.e, not being at work, which is on a computer.
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