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  1. I see goalkeeper McMinn has scored 😳 Great win for Brechin who were almost at the point of losing radar contact
  2. Dennon Lewis beaming as he holds aloft the famous maroon jersey at a hastily-convened press conference?
  3. Keith Hill's right hand man at Rochdale and knows the leagues well. Underwhelming, sure, but benefits from not being the brown-shied buffoon he replaces. Steady improvement and a mid table finish will mark progress for Beech with quite weak financial backing.
  4. Yep. Comes across as an over-promoted photocopier salesman
  5. Routine win for Carlisle...Dulwich had a lot of the ball first half but did little with it. Third goal a screamer. Good performance in a potentially difficult game
  6. Great result for Montrose! Looking forward to my first game in a while next week.
  7. Was entertaining for the neutral. Edinburgh clearly a much better side but Brechin hung on and battled and might have sneaked a point. The last ten minutes were turbocharged. Manager Wilson clearly has to do his best with this group until the window and then bring a few in. Brechin 3-4 players short of being competitive. Midfield dominated by a slick visiting team and the defence is horrendous. Never seen so many passes go astray from two centre halves. The boy McLaughlin at left back has something, Hill maybe, but would bomb the other two out. To Wilson’s credit Brechin have a bit more about them since he came in. A critical period coming up for them now with games against QP, Stenny, Albion and Stirling in the next few weeks. Hope they can manage to put some better results together and pull away from danger. Hard times at the Glebe presently.
  8. Yes a very sparse crowd at Glebe Park today. Annan very worthy winners, completely nullified Brechin’s danger man McManus who totally lacked any service. Tricky winger Matthew Knox was also kept quiet. Brechin looked disjointed and had no answer to Annan’s organisation and determination. I’ve no idea why the visitors resort to gamesmanship and time-wasting so often though-totally unnecessary when they were well on top. I guess it’s called “game management” these days. Cant remember Brechin having a serious effort on goal other than one hopeful long range punt late in the game. Annan are masters of defending deep and breaking fast, in numbers. They’ll give Edinburgh City a tough game in the next round.
  9. Was your no. 3 (Pyper) I’m sure, but you guys know the squad better than me!
  10. Broxburn were excellent today, well organised and set up and with a good shape about them. Thought their no. 11 in particular looked a player. A flat and half hearted performance from the league team in the other hand. Second best for most of the game and took the lead in the rare period if the game when they were unquestionably on top, through David Cox. Broxburn’s desire exemplified by their equaliser, when the hesitant Pyper was turned inside out and bullied off the ball by the non league winger, before the equaliser was blasted home off the helpless keeper’s body. A draw was the least Broxburn deserved and arguably, with a bit more of a cutting edge, they could have won. Cowden on the other hand were surprisingly poor and I can’t imagine “Bobo” Bollan was delighted with that. Some Cowden fans certainly made their feelings known at full time. I can’t see them being as listless in the replay and today may have been Broxburn’s best chance. The team did their town proud. Shame about the bigoted songbook making an appearance.
  11. Heavy rain warnings in place in East of Scotland for next twelve hours so maybe a few waterlogged pitches ahead, sadly. Hope not, was planning to head to Cowden-Broxburn tomorrow.
  12. Great result for us. Hope we can continue to make steady progress now. Well done to the lads.
  13. Took this one in. Agree largely with Infirmary Street above. Brechin the better team for 70 mins; McManus and someone else unlucky with really close range efforts. Big Emil late in seemed agonisingly short of converting. Last 20 mins all Stirling, McMinn a great late tip onto the bar and some wasteful finishing prevented them securing an unlikely win. Stirling’s better fitness really paid off. Promising patches in the game for both sides. I thought Brechin passed the ball very well in patches, but they really are unfit, and until that’s addressed they’ll find it tough. That’s a key task for the new manager and he may need to be ruthless in shipping out those who can’t / win’t reach an acceptable level of fitness by the Jan window. Also far too one-dimensional; the goalkeeper always blooters it down the park looking for McManus from dead ball situations and it’s so predictable. Ludicrous once big Emil came on late in the game; he’s about a foot taller. Stirling looked okay too and pretty dangerous once Daryl Duffy came on. Look a bit lightweight up front but certainly not bottom of the league material. Thought the game was entertaining. Having seen many Montrose-Shire wooden spoon encounters back in the day, the quality wasn’t all that bad. Both sides should be well clear of bother come late April on this evidence.
  14. There was no practical way back in for Bury. They were expelled a bit too quickly IMO as that final bid on the table seemed credible. Once you're expelled, however, you're out. I guess, if they are successfully re-formed, they'll start again in NPL Div 1 North West, Tier 8, maybe even the North West Counties League below (Tier 9 or, if really unlucky, Tier 10). That means the likes of Widnes, Congleton Town, Kendal, Prescot Cables in front of crowds of 150-200; the NWCL, even less than that. Quite a fall.
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