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  1. Jim Weir would be perfect but I'm not sure what happened after his nasty car accident. Sometimes a horrible thing like that can make folk re-assess where they are with their life, perhaps he has decided to concentrate on other things. But if he is available and willing to come wouldn't look anywhere else. It's a tricky appointment, not one for taking risks with an untried guy from the LL / EoS IMO. Yes they could be a Tam Courts but can just as easily be a Johnny Harvey. Bollan did you guys a turn for a while, but shouty disciplinarians have a shelf life and he was well past his. However I think you need someone with expereince to steer the club away from trouble. With the squad Cowden have mid table - maybe sneaking into fourth- should be well within the collective grasp. We also shouldn't forget that Bollan spoke for the whole of Pie & Bovril when he invited the Berwick Rangers Social Media Manager to "away and take your face for a shite". Probably his key contribution to Scottish football that will live on in the ages.
  2. I'm also attending this as a neutral, with a pal whoi has some tickets. Pal is a Par so we'll be sure to be SEETHING come 3 o'clock.
  3. To be fair if you are dismissing a whole social demographic or group as "scum" then the problem is more likely to be with you. I agree that the idea that Scotland is more "equal" than down south is a comforting lie we tell about ourselves. There's always the same clauqes running things at local level; the wee fat mayor with his gold chain, the local Chief Super with his newly minted epaulettes, "entrepreneurs" with local business connections (Probus clubs, Rotary clubs et al), the minister, self-appointed "community leaders" never out the local paper, etc etc. All linked together by funny handshakes, nods and winks, all with a thoroughoing contempt for the 18% of the electorate that vote for them once every four years. That's a type of snobbery / set of social relations that's survived de-industrialisation in small town Scotland. When I was growing up in the seventies it tended to be areas such as Bearsden, Newton Mearns, Giffnock, Morningside, et al, where you'd like to find the old fashioned pre-internet snobbery; quiet Tories, kirk-goers, privately educating children, plus hissing-soft voiced disapproval of people "not like them", and a determination to stay separate from them. On the class inequality contempt thing, of course. It's the natural outcome of forty-fifty years of social inequality getting worse and worse under successively more deranged right wing governments, plus being encouraged to think, quite wrongly, that class doesn't matter anymore. Social class may no longer be as easy to determine, but it is more pernicious and walls between the classes higher than they've ever been in my lifetime. That things are slightly better for the poorest north of the border than they are for the same group down south is hardly a cause for huge celebration.
  4. Ross started at Alloa when they were in League 1 so no doubt he can handle himself at this level. Probably would have been there for a while but for a very nasty injury in a game against Brechin City.
  5. I predict a turgid, attrititonal 0-0 draw between two square footed teams. Chances at a premium. NHS Tayside buses in some insomnia patients from across the region whose co-ordinated relieved snoring drowns out the discontent from both sets of fans. Both managers to make pompous statements afterwards using terms like "process", "narrative" and "identity" which reveals them to have the sort of grasp on reality more normally associated with a jailed ex-dictator in solitary confinement. Willie Miller to sound fairly disappointed on Sportsound.
  6. Montrose had the longest running temporsary grandstand in history, which was from a Highland Games some time c. 1926. It lasted until demolished to make way for the new stand in the mid 1990s. Cliftonhill's main stand has been around since 1920.
  7. Victoria Park was really neglected and run down the last time I was there. It's great to see the improvements that have been made- looks very decent, now.
  8. ....And Nadine Dorries is now UK Culture Se Secretary of State for the Culture Wars.
  9. Lads Petrie's not coming. He wants to stay part-time. Every single time his name is mentioned when a full time club empties a manager, every single time he doesn't move. It suits him at Montrose which is clearly a far smaller club than Dunfermline but, dare I say it, much better run. Although he's not got Montrose up yet his situation at Links Park is not 100% dissimilar to Dick Campbell's at Arbroath. In the same way Levein has committed to a project as a football consultant with a very good personal friend (Kevin Mackie) and he won't be walking for the Dunfermline job two months into it. He has a nice gig trying to re-build Brechin which also enables him to keep his hand in with Sportsound. I think Dunfermline need something imaginative and new when the Arnold Clark salesman finally gets his jotters- which can't be too far away with results as they are. Which probably means you'll appoint Jimmy Bone.
  10. It's genuinely one of the worst pieces of public sculpture I've ever seen. I have also seen the Ronaldo statue in Madeira, which looks like it was made by Rodin in comparison to this cartoonish lump. Embarrassing.
  11. “There’s no easy games in international football anymore”…. against the side ranked 178. Ok, we won, but….embarrassing
  12. Only San Marino, Liechtenstein, Andorra and maybe Gibraltar are weaker than Moldova in Europe presently. Their league is a corrupt shambles and doesn't produce any players. Those that do go on to have good careers abroad do so in spite of, rather than because of, any football training at home. Most playing abroad play in diddy leagues- the Turkish second tier, serie C, and so on. The previous manager left because results were dross but also because he was trying & failing to implement some basic standards- i.e. that people aspiring to play international football should at least be fit enough (many weren't when he called up his first squad). Their better players are all the wrong side of 30. Their most dangerous striker, Nicolaescu, is I think suspended (he was sent off against Israel.) Yes, it's the type of game Scotland make a meal of. But if we fail to win this comfortably then we're not qualifying anyway. 3-0 with two late goals to calm the nerves.
  13. Yes, he mentioned that Cherie wanted to see the dessert menu, and you obliged
  14. Gretna were a really tough wee side in the 90s whose annual participation in the English FA Cup required a letter of permission from the SFA. They were a mixture of Unibond league Geordies and Carlisle players put out to pasture from memory. A unique little club utterly ruined by the Mileson fantasy (in retrospect the move to the SPFL was ill advised.) I can remember them *almost* embarrassing Bolton at the old Burnden Park..lost 2-3. There's also these highlights of a home draw with Rochdale in 91/92 (Dale won the replay 3-1 at Spotland).
  15. A Major- General outlines latest developments whilst a bored Boris looks around the room and wonders when he can go home. Press conference statement : flubble wubble difficult yurr Rest of the World (assuming they even notice): Partridge shrug
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