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  1. You've posted this in the wrong forum m8. Your team is in the Championship.
  2. I could make a better omelette for free. How much would you be willing to pay for an omelette?
  3. I have discovered that he's scared of the handheld hoover.
  4. Why the f**k is this song glorifying toxic relationships? BTW I've got some stories to tell about these Abba dickheads.
  5. French press? Is it similar to Geggenpress, except you give up?
  6. Why the hell would anyone want their hand taken off and sent to a fictional place?
  7. Fucking terrible cars. What drugs do you take?
  8. This b*****d song romanticises having a fast car. However, driving fast is a surefire way to die horribly. Would you prefer to have a slow car?
  9. Should I throw him a party? I could invite Paul O'Grady.
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