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  1. I actually thought Hughton had a done a pretty decent job, wouldn't be too surprised to see him in another job after Christmas. Out of curiosity, what were Newcastle's aims for the season? Thought 16th or higher would have seemed realistic enough
  2. If I remember correctly you turned to me and said "why didn't you know about this???" And why did people jump every two bloody minutes!! I hate Michael Bay and those that applaud at the end of films. Twats.
  3. Whats everybodies favourite Wrestlemania? Only asking as we are closing in on that time of year. As an older fan i'd say either Wrestlemania III or in more recent years Wrestlemania XVII. One for Savage vs Steamboat, the other Rock vs Austin and a strong undercard.
  4. I laughed when I seen that, the best wrestler on the planet getting mentored!! Only Vinny Mac could think of that!!
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