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  1. Yeah, Sturgeon has gone over Westminster’s head, Liz. You don’t get a say in it.
  2. Told you this would be better than yesterday.
  3. Would be less effective as he has hair now IMO. Would soften the blow a bit.
  4. i got a 24 hour ban off Twitter last year for calling him a Tory cunt. Grass.
  5. Should be as good as the Manchester derby yesterday. If not better.
  6. I know a boy from Forres who was a couple of years above him in school and said he was a wee grass.
  7. Ridiculous. No wonder there's loads of near misses on that road.
  8. This is our best squad in fuck knows how long. But yeah, lets start trawling the fucking Skybet and the PL under 23s for some no mark no one has ever heard of who's gran was born in Ayr in 1947 and moved to England when she was 11 days old.
  9. That's my thinking too. The pull of playing for Real or Barca is enough for any footballer to leave the Barclays. Well any non-Englishman anyway. That's why it happens all the time.
  10. The rest of the teams, bar Thurso I believe, all play on those fenced 4g type pitches or public parks. So even if they got the rest of the license stuff in line, none of them will get one due to this factor.
  11. The line markings on Culduthel Road should be illegal. They’re horrendous and make zero sense.
  12. I think Guardiola is there until he wins the Gazprom with them.
  13. 2 dogshit teams serving up utter dogshit as expected.
  14. He’ll be at Real Madrid by the time he’s 25 in 2025.
  15. Not as good as Harry Kane remember.
  16. You’d hope so, given he’s 7 years older than Haaland.
  17. Surely Guardiola tells them to go for it in the 2nd half.
  18. He’s far too good for that league. Folk on here and on Twitter saying he’s not as good as Harry Kane.
  19. I think it's more you're doing the classic Celtic fan thing of 'Why can't you say aww our players are brilliant!' It's a very Rangersy trait of Celtic fans.
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