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  1. Yes, identical to what happened last time. He's a terrible coach and a terrible man-manager. What's the saying? Fool me once....
  2. Agreed. If I want to drive at 80 on a dual carriageway then I will. It's on me if I get caught speeding. Staying in the outside lane and not letting folk past is cunt behaviour.
  3. If things stay as they are, Rangers will win the league before the split, and that's a shoot, brother.
  4. Did I read wastecoatwilly there saying Rangers being far better than Celtic is nonsense? He's right, they're fucking miles better.
  5. I've got an Honor 8x just now but it's not great, if I do stay on Android I think I'll go to Samsung.
  6. It's brutal. Why can't people accent we can't have 'normal' things at the moment? I mean, I know the vast, vast majority of the general public are fucking morons, but come on to fuck.
  7. I'm in the market for a new phone, and the unnerving, raging hard on's all reviewers have for the camera quality is something I hate. Maybe it's just me, but the main things for me on any phone are battery life and reliability, you know, apps being stable and fast responding. If I want to take amazing photos (I don't) I'll buy a decent camera. I get it, a phone lets you have an all encompassing piece of kit that's a camera, a laptop effectively, and a telephone. But the time and effort in these review videos dedicated to the camera is way OTT. Even the mainstream reviewers take up about 70% of their videos reviewing the cameras. The photos they take never look that impressive, they always compare the camera to other phones and again, they all look the same. They're all just HD photos. The average phone user doesn't spend all day in the countryside taking pictures of trees and mountains. They're texting or tweeting or calling, switching to different apps constantly, so need a fast, reliable OS and a good battery. That's what really matters in a phone IMO, and what should be the main focus of these reviews.
  8. The late Alan Hercher's headshot ahead of our 2nd season in the SFL (95-96). Telford Street in the background.
  9. The Caley's Iain Stewart, an utter goal machine in the lower leagues for us, celebrates a goal against Montrose in 1997. This pose was what Steven Gerrard modelled his celebration when Liverpool rode Man United at Old Trafford in 2009 on.
  10. I love taking part in Sectret Santa at work as if I get drawn a male I buy the same gift every year, a Brokeback Mountain DVD for them.
  11. Alisson has really bad skin IMO. It's all red and blotchy. Not a ride.
  12. You're going to absolutely ride Standard Liege at home so that's 13 points at least.
  13. That's Rangers effectively won the group, give the other 2 sides in it are utter shite.
  14. Hartson will be giving it 'the players aren't giving enough'. Completely ignoring who keep picking them.
  15. Ajer leaving it for Bain and Bain probably expects Ajer to clear it. Lovely stuff.
  16. Quite a few on them are under decent length contracts so we can rule them out straight away.
  17. Everyone has their own coaching style I suppose.
  18. Was just thinking that. You'd be troubled to find a player who didn't think he was one of the best, if not the best, coaches they ever worked under.
  19. Are Livi likely to go for someone currently not managing? Or do they have a rainy day fund to buy out someone's contract? The usual candidates will be people like McCall, Robertson, maybe Stevie Crawford. Stuart Petrie will be sounded out too I reckon. I know Robertson is tied up until 2022 at The Caley.
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