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  1. Really good episode last night. Less features which is good, I’d rather listen to the guys talk in the studio than the montages a lot of the time.
  2. What should the board members backgrounds be?
  3. Celtic twitter is going mad at that decision. How do people not know the offside rule?
  4. No Alex, even without the lines you can clearly see the defenders leg is playing Roofe onside.
  5. Surely he’s there for the season? Would McGregor swallow his pride and bin his project 2 months in?
  6. Mercer is a fucking wanker. He kept saying Hutchings was ‘doing his job’. Can we presume at that public school, Tory Sandhurst Army college you’re told to shoot any non-white or non-Protestant civilians?
  7. Easton is a good example of the players you should be approaching. Good players from the league or two below. Trying to sign Robinson and McManus then ending up with Wilson and Ruth is definitely an issue.
  8. Aye probably after trying and failing to get players out with your pull as a league one club.
  9. Was there not a 3/4 week spell in the summer when you didn’t sign anyone? That was probably the reason.
  10. It depends who these other teams are trying to sign. If Falkirk are trying to sign players released from the Premiership and missing out on them all, the shite you end up with may be the only players left by that point.
  11. Do you know the other 12 strikers you missed out on? Using Robinson and McManus may have been intentional to highlight the fact that they were offering deals to strikers you had little chance of getting, both money wise and level wise. I highly doubt Robinson would drop down 2 levels, McManus possibly would've dropped down one level but obviously the Welsh could offer him much more money. I'm guessing you probably enquired about Duku, Godorov etc. I sound like a broken record here but a lot of guys won't be prepared to drop down to the 3rd tier.
  12. I’m getting the train to Kirkcaldy on Saturday. Shall maybe send him a pic of me and my mates drinking on the train without a face mask in sight.
  13. Murray beats Tiafoe 2-1 in Antwerp. Good result that.
  14. Terrible penalty. Doesn’t MacGregor always go across himself with them? Open the body up and roll it into the corner ffs. Yes I have Celtic -1 on.
  15. Is this Q&A being streamed tonight? I think it'll be more entertaining than the CL games.
  16. Graham was fucking horseshit against us a few weeks ago when we easily beat Thistle, looking like a League One striker at best. Football’s a funny game.
  17. You’d quite blatantly be better off with McKay up front that Jordan White or whatever other forwards you have. Vigurs I agree. I literally said ‘fuck me, what are they doing?’ when I saw you had released McKay and Gardyne, and I don’t believe for one second that their replacements are on less money.
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