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  1. Presumably no one. That’s why Inverness, despite it only having a population of 65-70k is a great shout for a city. It’s a transport hub for the north and beyond, with flights to places like Dublin, Belfast, Heathrow and Amsterdam, has a massive tourist industry, and is home to massive shaggers. Dunfermline and Stirling are just generic, run of the mill Scottish towns.
  2. The fact that Halliday plays for the team Rangers we’re playing won’t have even entered the Sportscene producers heads. They would simply see ‘ex-Ranger, so he’s good for a pro-Rangers sound bite’.
  3. ***s walking about town in Inverness with their faces tripping them. Standard.
  4. That’s fully deserved. It’s been all Rangers since half time.
  5. I see someone is making himself the centre of attention again.
  6. Some lovely #banter in the bbc studios with the #lads!
  7. Rangers can suck my fat toby. I hope Hearts do them good today.
  8. Aye, we definitely won’t be able to sign better players due to having more money if we go up.
  9. Yep, a lottery is random chance where you have no influence over the outcome, other than buying a ticket to give you said chance. Each penalty kicker has the chance themselves as to whether they score or not. That’s not what a lottery is. It’s the equivalent of picking the winning numbers yourself.
  10. Scott Allardice is our best midfielder by a mile, followed by Roddy McGregor.
  11. There's been seats there since about 2007 but was only used for 1 season then this season the YT asked the club if they could go there. It's shite though as there's no roof so you can't hear them. I could hear the Arbroath fans louder who were twice the distance away last week.
  12. I've been to McDiarmid 3 times and 2 of those games didn't involve the Super Js - 03/04 Challenge Cup final v Airdrie (W 2-0) 10/11 SPL v St Johnstone (L 1-0) 17/18 Challenge Cup final v Dumbarton (W 1-0) Was too hungover to go to the 09/10 Challenge Cup final defeat v Dundee.
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