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  1. I mean, how else do you word ‘we have to accept that we’ll never eradicate Covid and unfortunately people will die’?
  2. Great tribute to Triple H there from Gosens with the high knee on Pavard.
  3. ‘A miss hit from Gundogan’ Yes Clive, probably because he didn’t want to get crunched by the tackle coming in.
  4. Aye Andrew, he’s chosen to miss 3 years of competitive tennis as he just thinks he’s injured.
  5. Yeah, there's a reason why Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic qualify for tournaments all the time. They have better players than Scotland. It's not that difficult to comprehend.
  6. Did White not just sign for County permanently? Plus he starts for them.
  7. Lads, calm down, Messi hasn't turned you down ffs.
  8. So yeah, we chose his first option then, an east coast club near his family.
  9. Was he? Even though he made it clear that he wanted to move back down to the east coast?
  10. Good player. He' a target man type but his control isn't great, but his finishing is pretty good. Kind of like the opposite you'd expect from a target man.
  11. 410 people died of cancer in the UK yesterday and 3 from Covid. I know you can't catch cancer but fucking hell that a ridiculous stat.
  12. That's a fucking horrendous record. 0 for 10 in getting out of a group at a tournament. Fuck me.
  13. Again, why is it accepted that a piss poor flu vaccine (with boosters) can't stop thousands of vulnerable people dying every year from flu, but a much more effective Covid vaccine which means a lot less people will die from Covid, can't be? The fallacy of 'We've known about the flu for hundred of years' doesn't wash I'm afraid.
  14. Fairly slim seeing as he's moving back down the road.
  15. Yeah, the East/Edinburgh area is where I'm hearing he's headed, so could be anyone of Pars, Live or Dundee.
  16. Dundee or Dunfermline I'm hearing as someone at The Caley told me he wants to go back to the East/Edinburgh area.
  17. Going by the chat on here, I assume Ayr United have offered Godorov a contract?
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