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  1. The list is for this weekends games. It’s published before every round of fixtures.
  2. They better get much, much better at war then.
  3. They still sell tickets off the back of their first album. It's not a good yardstick of how they they are in 2022.
  4. I'll watch the Qatar games to laugh at how unbelievably shite they are.
  5. In the games I've seen him in, that Kio looks like a poor player.
  6. Are they.................resigned to the fact that another Indyref will be a Yes victory? The stuff they're coming out with these days suggests so.
  7. Isn't there a member of Coldplay who claims to be a Raith fan?
  8. Is she not a mad bible basher? She would definitely vote against the bill IMO.
  9. The lowest of hanging fruit, I’m glad someone ate it!
  10. No wonder. You have to be fucking mental to spunk money on a football club with almost zero chance of seeing any of it back. It’s why MacGregor at County’s family are at him to walk away now too.
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