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  1. He's be ideal for a return to Derby then, they're barely paying their players.
  2. Yep I was told to isolate for a day just after Christmas.
  3. Bizarre signing, even with Roy's hard 4 incher for former The Caley players, as Savage says, he's not going to improve you, he's Championship at very best. Even there he struggled for the most part.
  4. These fucking morons saying the vaccines don't stop transmission need fired into the sun. How can you transmit a virus you don't fucking have?
  5. 'Yeah, but I didn't know he talked like that.'
  6. Liverpool's strongest 11, the 11 they basically played every week for 2 years that saw them win the CL and the Barclays, is still the best in the country. However their, bench/rest of the squad is probably about 6th strongest in the country, at best. The drop in quality as soon as they get a couple of injuries is staggering. Wright mentioned Origi, Minamino and Shaquiri but you also have both Williams, Jones, Gomez. Players who are bang average, Barclays mid table fodder at best.
  7. We haven't played this year you fucking banger. It's highly difficult to gain points without playing any football matches.
  8. He’s looked utter shite whenever I’ve seen him but, as usual, if he signed for us it would be the best spell of his career, like has happened with about another 100 players.
  9. We’re 8th now 😂. When the fuck are we actually going to get to play a game?
  10. It’s not required in the Championship I don’t think. So it’s a cost the club won’t spend.
  11. To quote Mark Corrigan; this dynamic could go on indefinitely. Cases and deaths start to drop due to lockdown and the vaccines, so they announce a new variant. Then WM and the SG shit themselves, without any actual data, and we’re in lockdown for months and months.
  12. The mainstream UK media are fucking arseholes. Knowing that the lowest common denominator lap up everything they tell us and that 70% of us will be dead from COVID within 18 months.
  13. Here for the daily run down from @superbigal
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