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  1. A decent result in isolation but it doesn’t help with pulling away in 4th. That said, QOS and Dunfermline have one less game to catch us.
  2. He was a decent impact sub last season. He seemed to score every time he came on. This season not so much, but this run in the team has certainly shown what he’s capable of. He’s the latest in a line of about 35721 players who other teams fans told us were shite and have come to The Caley and are realising their potential.
  3. Alloa have conceded double the goals of nearly all the other sides in the league. I think we can safely they they are the worst at defending by some considerable distance, and don’t fall into the ‘like most of the ‘Championship’.
  4. They’re playing against a team who can’t defend for shite. May have something to do with it.
  5. There’s always going to be part time teams in the Championship at certain stages as some full time teams would need to be relegated for them to be there. Namely Falkirk and Patrick. I think there’s only 22 full time teams in Scotland?
  6. I used the iplayer app on my Sky Q box. Hot dang, Andy Halliday is shite.
  7. Channel 4 seem to be the most centrist UK broadcaster. Good to see they aren't drowning in shoe polish from all the licking of boots.
  8. Griffiths running onto reverse shroo balls from Allan next season is it bois?
  9. Aye good for it, it's still Coronavirus, which we have several vaccines for.
  10. Can't believe Hearts could be promoted to the Premiership tomorrow and the fans on are on the verge. If my team were wrongfully relegated and were about to bounce back at the first attempt, my 8 incher would be hard all day.
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