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  1. Peep Show

    I've never done glue, never boffed a tranny. I've hardly lived!
  2. Fucking boooo he won a game.
  3. 3-0 in the 2nd now. Could be on or a rare double bagel here.
  4. Paywalls

    Aye, so my 2nd theory then.
  5. Pretty sure Photoshop wasn't around in 1918.
  6. Paywalls

    Indeed. For example, Partick charge for theirs and ICT don’t. But for Saturdays game all we had was Walsh’s goal and Ridgers penalty save filmed from them back of the Jackie Husband, in horrendous quality, needing very strong binoculars to see. In about a 40 second clip. We usually provide a good 5-6 minutes. I’m surmising that, because Partick charge, they probably asked ICT not to film as folk would just watch our highlights. Either that or our camera guy wasn’t there.
  7. Paywalls

    Clubs who make people pay to watch their highlights belong in the South of Scotland league.
  8. Kettlewell is rattled that Ayr and United haven’t read the script IMO.
  9. Peep Show

    The secret ingredient, is crime.
  10. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    When did he stop being called Ricky Foster?
  11. Work colleagues

    He’s got the Friar Tuck hairdo.
  12. He’s contradicted himself almost immediately in the article. First implies the plastic pitch is the reason Celtic didn’t score yesterday. Then straight after he says it was the heroic performance of Kelly, Halkett and Lithgow that stopped Celtic. Edit - Hes basically implying that Livingston and Hamilton have no right sharing the hallowed ‘turf’ with the like of the Old Firm and Aberdeen etc. And that Dundee United need to get their act together so that the top flight has all the biggest names in it again.
  13. Might be something to do with the Partick highlights being behind a paywall, so they perhaps asked us not to film our own? Either that or the videographer couldn’t make it?
  14. Work colleagues

    Sounds like my (now ex) boss; Strolls in at 10 past 8 every morning (8 is the start time), takes 1 hour 15-20 for lunch (it's an 1 hour lunch break), doesn't have the actual knowledge to do the job, never answers his phone, shrugs his shoulder or says 'don't care' when you come to him with a problem or issue, pervs on the young blonde, recently married lassie in accounts. I could go on all day here. He's worked at the firm for 31 years and never had a direct boss himself to report to. Just a director who is based in another branch, so I'm guessing over time he's gotten more lazy, more content, and stretching the boundaries of what he can get away with (he regularly fucks off for an hour without saying a word in the morning and comes back with a haircut). He's disliked by everyone in the office and is basically a fat, bald, lazy old cunt. And he's a Fifer.
  15. Peep Show

    Yeah, alright Armitage Shanks.