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  1. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    Djokovic to beat Nadal as per every second slam since about 2008 then?
  2. Peep Show

    Weekend in the Boondocks.
  3. Work colleagues

    Not all bosses went. His line manager didn't go, and his line manager's line manager. Yep it was BA from Aberdeen to Heathrow they went on. No idea why he didn't try to get the Inverness to Heathrow lunchtime flight.
  4. Work colleagues

    He's on holiday for the rest of the week. Took Tuesday to Friday off to recover from Vegas.....
  5. Australian Open Tennis 2019

    It's just not quite happened for Raonic has it.
  6. Peep Show

    So, Toni's friends! Who? What? Why?.....Where!?
  7. ICTFC 18/19

    Exactly my thinking. Robbo ins't a fan of loanees full stop by all accounts.
  8. Worst Town In Scotland

    The most pointless dually in the world as well. Doesn't fucking go anywhere. Single carriageway all ways out of the place.
  9. Scottish Cup Final 2015 - Falkirk Vs ICT

    It was yep, looked like he was auditioning for Swan Lake, the useless cunt.
  10. Scottish Cup Final 2015 - Falkirk Vs ICT

    A total makeshift defence as well with Warren suspended and Raven injured. Danny fucking Devine at centre half too. What was the back 4 that day? Was it Tremarco (LB) Meekings (CH) Devine (CH) Shinnie (RB)?
  11. ICTFC 18/19

    They must be really keen on McCauley if they're willing to pay a fee. Although he's in the last year of his contract so it'll probably be pennies.
  12. Modern Pop Music You Like

    Clean Bandit have some good tunes.
  13. Your kit this season is quite decent IMO.
  14. ICTFC 18/19

    Looks like we're getting him. https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/irish-league/coleraine/darren-mccauley-set-to-complete-switch-to-scottish-championship-37735381.html