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  1. Again, you're not taking into consideration what level the clubs play at. Even if a player isn't from Scotland, it takes about 8 seconds to check what level they play at.
  2. Ah they do realise The Caley are playing tomorrow. Seemed as if they were thinking thats Kilmarnock clear at the top.
  3. You do realise players have a say in where they go out on loan to?
  4. No matter how much a club official talks up their club to a potential signing, you can't change what league they're in. Not every player plays for the money, some want to test themselves at a certain level and won't drop down past a certain point. Holt can talk up Falkirk all he wants but if a player doesn't want to play in the third tier then he won't sign.
  5. Nothing wrong with trying to improve yourself imo.
  6. Yep, players don't just go for the wages. A lot will see what league clubs are in and say 'all the fucking nope'.
  7. What are Colin Norway and Nigel Denmark's thoughts?
  8. Well no, those places listed are separate towns. Culloden, Smithon and Balloch are housing estates that are clearly part of Inverness.
  9. The 67,000 is including Smithton, Culloden and Balloch which to anyone with a working brain, are now part of Inverness, having been separate to it when they were originally built about 60 years ago.
  10. 67,000 is the population I believe. I don' think there's 12 more places with more people in than that. I may be wrong. Edit - Fair point on the *** part.
  11. The difference with Inverness of course, is that its a bustling, beautiful metropolis with a major international airport hub and a major cup winning football team. Something Stirling, Perth or any other central belt, ***-infested shitehole doesn't have. Perth can only equate to Inverness with the major cup winning winning football team part.
  12. Alloa were a strange side under Grant. If they scored first they were usually alright. When they lost the first goal it was curtains, all players heads went down and it was cigars out time for the other team. I think their problem, much like you this season, is heads dropping after you go 1-0 down. Players not fighting to try to equalise. That's a major problem and that's on Grant.
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