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  1. “Every breath you take…….every move you make…yeah”
  2. I actually thought for the longest time that they never scored against us but they actually scored twice. We beat them 2-1 and 6-1 in two of our meetings.
  3. This is great isn't it? Even though we're just quoting The Office.
  4. TIm's brilliant in it too. 'What of you?' 'No, he's looking at picture of his girlfriend' 'Sorry, it just sounds a bit gay'
  5. 'This one doesn't, he's gay.' 'Well he shouldn't be allowed near animals, should he?'
  6. 8 league games left with the useless Ayrshire cunt. It's just about surviving through them with him in the dugout and get a whole new coaching team in. What a fucking joke of a season, after what we nearly achieved last year.
  7. Training. Without a shadow of a doubt. 'Dogs'.
  8. BoD would be just 2 points behind Fraserburgh without their deduction. A pretty good first season for them. That's a bad result for Buckie and takes their one hand that was on the league trophy, off IMO.
  9. It’s typical Sky when the latest Barclays club gets bought by a foreign country. Chelsea were barely on live before 2004, likewise City before the 11/12 season when they started really spending. It’s so they have footage for when they eventually win the league so they can have all the action/soundbites captured by their commentators for future montages.
  10. I think its probably more their anti-SNP/Unionist/BBC leanings that see them like all the anti-Trans stuff. It's a typical trait with middle-aged Scottish Labour and Tory voters; oppose anything the SNP say or do, regardless of your own thoughts on the matter.
  11. The PT's working for free I think came across wrong. What Marnie (I think) means is that they'll be self-employed. She won't pay them a salary. Which happens in a lot of gyms. Their clients pay them directly and are allowed to use the gym for training their clients. The PT's obviously pay the gym for the use of it. It's common practice in the fitness world.
  12. Flynn didn’t really have to say anything no one doesn’t already know - Labour and the Tories are pro-Brexit so don’t expect much to change when Labour are elected to govern next year.
  13. I put a tenner on her when the final 5 was announced.
  14. Yeah Karen and Linda both said her business has potential there. I think she’s the winner.
  15. Marnie has this in the bag. The associates are actually asking her intricate details of her plan. The other 4 lassie’s ones are just getting absolutely ripped to shreds.
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