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  1. The game at Highland Rugby Club in January may be a factor but every time I’ve been to a HL game at Clach in the last couple of years there’s been a healthy number of away fans. Sometimes up to 50 (Cove, Buckie, Brora) so it may not be far off the mark.
  2. Roberts is good but will probably be injured a lot.
  3. North Ireland teams are probably the equivalent of Scottish League One teams quality-wise.
  4. A ‘clusterfuck’ of an answer which is 100% factually correct. Unlucky.
  5. I’m all ears for these ways about how one of the 40 other SPFL clubs can challenge the Old Firm without anything close to their revenue.
  6. That’s all well and good but the Tv money being split evenly 12 ways would require a 11-1 vote in favour of it which would never happen. Because of the monumentally fucking stupid 11-1 voting system.
  7. What the fuck are you talking about? A club like Leicester, Everton, Wolves are far more likely to win The Barclays than someone else win the Scottish Premiership out with Celtic or Rangers. I couldn’t care less what the odds are or were. It happened in 2016 down there.
  8. FWIW, Toshney was excellent for us in the Championship when he signed in January.
  9. I swear we’ve have had the same group for the last 4 seasons.
  10. Im correct though aren’t I? The bookies got it completely incorrect.
  11. IMO, what Leicester did was 10 times more likely to happen than someone other than Celtic or Rangers winning the league here. There’s just too much financial gulf and number of supporters for the pair of them.
  12. 05/06. They started with Burley, then had Graeme Rix for about a month, then ended up with some Lithuanian whose name escapes me. Credit to them though, they won the SC and finished above an EBT-laden Rangers.
  13. TheScarf


    Unbelievable shoot from O’Sullivan yesterday. Right up there with the likes of Kevin Nash talking to Sean Oliver.
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