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  1. What a difference when we have Keatings fit. It forces us to play it on the deck, and the quality we have can carve open every team in the division. Even more so when we have Welsh and Walsh back.
  2. We seriously need Welsh and Walsh back. I think we can reel United in if we can keep that two fit.
  3. Against us two weeks ago he looked so awkward on the ball. Like he'd never run with a ball at his feet before.
  4. 4th is nowhere in this league. All it does is leave you heavily handicapped in the playoffs. 1st and 2nd or you're snookered imo.
  5. You need some physicality in this league. No point in playing 11 midgets who get eased off the ball by a gust of wind. It'll get you nowhere.
  6. Dunno, our reserves and under 18s combined XI absolutely bummed Morton a couple of months back.
  7. Fans of both Dundee sides showing desperation already with regards to The Caley and Ayr United and the Christmas trees have just gone up. You simply adore to see it.
  8. I thought this game was at Somerset not at Caley Stadium. With that in mind, I have a bad feeling about this. 2-0 Ayr.
  9. Watching a documentary on BBC Alba just now on Elena Baltacha. Really fascinating and good to see Sergei senior and junior.
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