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  1. I saw him talking to Richie Hart at the end. Presumably he was there to see where all County’s 19s will be plying their trade next season when they all get released.
  2. Yep, we be as well getting Todorov back, he’s the same type of player as Oakley but better.
  3. There was definitely more The Caley fans there than Brora. There only seemed to be a handful of Rangers supporting locals who were gurning all game there supporting the home team. One old boy seemed to be quite the Brora diehard, decked out in a Rangers shirt and cap. I don’t think Brora are that well supported at the best of times.
  4. It was fucking Max Ram. Perry Kitchen wasn’t there. Whoever claimed he was playing was taking utter shite. Unless Perry Kitchen has black hair, an English accent and goes by the name of ‘Max’ then number 15, the 3rd ‘trialist’, was Max Ram.
  5. Zak Delaney and for some reason Max Ram was listed as a trialist even though he’s signed. He was really good actually. Looks solid.
  6. When asked in January by Maloney if he wanted to come back here on loan, he apparently laughed at him, so he was punted to Killie.
  7. Yeah…..that’s not our one. That’s the Celtic one. Do you work for the Daily Record?
  8. Well yes. They need to shoehorn as many Tory/Unionists as they can onto the panel. There aren’t that many up here.
  9. Aye Harper hasn’t really improved as he was expected to when he broke through in the Covid season. He’s definitely stagnated. As mentioned above I think this season is his last chance.
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