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  1. My auntie used to live in Crail. It's well nice.
  2. Here's what i said on the Netflix thread about them expecting to turn up and ease past Celtic in the first episode of series 1 - The Celtic game pissed me off too. I actually remember seeing the result on livescore at the time and thinking it was impressive to beat a just relegated Barclays team 5-0. But when you actually see it on the first episode of series 1, you kind of wonder how Celtic didn't score more. Sunderland were a team of complete jobbers. Celtic had superior players in every position and 6 months earlier had drawn with Man City home and away in the CL. Celtic were always going to absolutely beast them.
  3. As ICTChris said, Dundee were 15 ahead of us in late 2009 and we ended up 12 ahead of them in April 2010 when we won the league. A cool 27 point swing.
  4. TheScarf


    Some ending to series 3 there.
  5. On a couple of points, the NMP was great for watching football. The old stand there gave a great view. City gave out a few hammerings there. Lister Park is no more. The dugouts and changing rooms have been flattened, the fences round the pitch removed and the pitch is just back to as it was before, just line markings like the rest of the Bught Park pitches. Fraser Park is also a cricket pitch so I can possibly see some resistance from Highland Cricket Club.
  6. Yep, United and Dundee doing what Sunderland did which was literally sending a cheque to some American no mark every month and him signing it. Terrible business model.
  7. He has been missing on here since he was rightly rinsed for blatantly ignoring the social distancing and staying at home rules. Travelling up to Inverness it seems.
  8. Im like that with the 2014 LC final at Parkhead when Aberdeen beat The Caley on penalties. It was an awful game and ill never watch it back.
  9. The wife is just back from Asda where she said there was loads of couples in doing their shopping. She had to shoe a lady from one of the couples away from her at the till as she kept walking towards her even though the wife was stood paying. Fucking idiots honestly. A couple of about 60 she reckoned.
  10. Hes a political commentator based in Basildon.
  11. Is Peter Sweden the Swedish version of Joey Essex?
  12. English people think they're the best at literally everything.
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