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  1. At the end of the episode where Hugh Abbott has clearly given her Ollie’s number and you hear him going ‘sorry, who is this?’
  2. Wot. They'll just sign a bunch of Premiership quality guys in their early 30's on massive wages again to bounce straight back up.
  3. Looks like he was watching Sportscene when Peter Grant was on.
  4. 'Some of my best friends are money grabbing wankers'
  5. This is exactly what will happen. Dodds is one of these managers who will always play the players he's signed over youngsters who have been at the club for years or loanees who belong to another club.
  6. He's got a verified Twitter account, so he must be an utter #baller.
  7. Another striker signed finally, Joe Hardy on loan from Accrington Stanley.
  8. Aye there won't be many stations with them across the country. Only the main ones/terminus' Shirley have them?
  9. Is Cammy Devlin even 5ft? I can’t remember seeing a footballer as short as him before.
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