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  1. That’s big John Bercow now a member of the Labour Party.
  2. Isn’t that the point though? The league winners will obviously sign better players for playing in the league above?
  3. Yeah let’s all boycott a 34 year old who’s probably going to retire in a couple of months.
  4. Only saw him in the flesh once and that was against The Caley where he obviously ran the show and tongued McCoist.
  5. Indeed. It’s more of a shock that Hungary draw with France than Scotland draw with England. It’s a perfectly fine quote.
  6. Shock as the greatest player in the world has the cigars out yet again.
  7. Seeing loads of Nigels on Twitter getting a card with their first dose details on it. I didn’t get anything like that after my first. Do you get it after you’ve had you’re second? If not is there somehow you can prove you’re vaccinated?
  8. ‘Cawwnt believe the facking jocks are celebwating a facking drawwwr’ - Every England fan today. Yeah, it’s not as if we’ve just given ourselves a lifeline with the added bonus of showing the rest of the teams that you’re bang average.
  9. Did I imagine it or did Grealish try and pass to a sub just after he came on?
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