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  1. That's eye watering considering you were in the Championship for 4 years.
  2. Aye winter is shite. 'Aww I love winter' is almost exclusively spouted by lassies who don't have a job and/or have about 6 kids. As they get to walk around taking Snapchats or Instagrams of some tree with brown leaves, or one of their litter standing next to the worst snowman ever built.
  3. That'll never stop until it's dualled. Whenever the fuck that'll be.
  4. Celtic are doing well here despite having Sheamus Duffy playing.
  5. Why is Celtic's bench always stronger than their starting lineup?
  6. Back at the football very soon. Pleasing.
  7. If Rangers win tonight I think they're pretty much guaranteed to get out of the group. Standard Liege are a gang and Rangers should beat them comfortably at Ibrox when they play, so that's 9 points.
  8. Indeed. Potter came in at Brighton, probably the first day of training, took one look at him, and got him to fuck.
  9. You can kind of see his point, he doesn't want folk coming into his shop. He could have been less of a dick about it, of course.
  10. You're going to win fuck all this season if you don't sack Lennon m-eight.
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