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  1. White Russians are my favourite but I haven't yet found a place that makes one that matches the dearly departed Bar Kohl which used to be on George IV Bridge. Still raging that place shut down to be replaced by some pishy 'traditional' pub aimed at tourists. Otherwise anything tequila based usually goes down nicely, or a caipirinha.
  2. Kind of amazing to me that British politics is such a knock-off of American politics now that we even have our own version of Steve Bannon - a pish stained alky weirdo who has somehow convinced everyone that he is a genius because he leveraged racist Facebook memes to win an election.
  3. When I was coming out of uni I went for a graduate scheme interview with an Edinburgh-based financial firm. Had got through a couple of rounds to the final in-person interview day. Started out relatively normal, just a standard competency based interview, thought I was doing ok. Then for the last question they slid a copy of The Economist across the table, told me to choose an article and they'd be back in ten minutes to discuss it with me. I ended up arguing with them about some nonsense about whether it was a good idea to reduce the size of the British army or something. The weirdest was yet to come though, when the two people who had been interviewing me left the room to be replaced by an older, presumably more senior guy, who sat down and said 'i don't know who you are and I'm not going to ask. I'm just going to ask you one question. How do you think history will view Barack Obama?'. Can't even remember how I tried to answer that one but the whole demeanour just seemed calculated to piss you off. Unsurprisingly didn't get the job but at the same time I had been going through a recruitment process to join the NHS on about half the salary, which at each step had felt like a better and better culture etc, and they ended up offering me a job. In hindsight it's probably a good thing that the choice was made for me as I do occasionally look back and think I had a lucky escape.
  4. The pricing really is very good isn't it. £15/£20 for the West stand for arguably our biggest home game in what, a decade? Is there a single Scottish Premiership team where you can get an adult ticket for that price? I know enthusiasm for Scotland has been low for years but it's kind of amazing to me that there are so many tickets still available, if the number of available sections on the website is anything to go by. Do you think the general public don't really understand how big this game is? The fact that it is significantly harder to get a ticket for any game at the Six Nations at Murrayfield than a ticket for a crucial playoff at Hampden blows my mind a bit.
  5. Vivid Faces by Roy Foster. Extremely good. One of the rare occasions where the quote on the blurb from a reviewer is recognisably spot on - 'what few have managed - an account of the Irish revolution that captures its quixotic ardour without succumbing to it'. Interesting to get a personal picture of some of the personalities involved - particularly those who didn't end up on top in the new order. Foster seems to have a broadly negative view of the likes of de Valera and is more sympathetic to some of the people like Rosamond Jacob who seemed to be slightly disappointed by the new reality.
  6. Finishing a Duolingo course doesn't make you fluent though. In my experience comparing a Duolingo course to studying the same language from scratch at uni, a Duolingo course is equivalent to roughly 1.5 years of academic study. At that point you've got enough to get by somewhere but are by no means fluent. I think for a language which is so structurally different to English, Duolingo is never going to be enough on its own. Unless you're going to immerse yourself (probably difficult for Gaelic) you'll probably need to go to in-person classes to pick up the finer points of grammar etc.
  7. Also watched Downsizing on Netflix the other day. Could have been great but ended up crap. Couldn't decide whether it wanted to be a comedy, a drama, a sci-fi or a a parable and ended up being nothing. Went off a cliff in particular the moment they left the main settlement bit.
  8. Where on earth did that last 20 minutes come from
  9. This is off topic, but I'm not sure I'll ever get used to people saying footballers have 'torn their ACL'. To me it'll always be 'he's done his cruciate', but that seems to have gone out of fashion.
  10. Think orm is first person and ort is second person. So tha briogais orm - I have trousers on, tha briogais ort - you have trousers on. Feels weird to have the bit that tells you who you're talking about at the end of the sentence rather than the start. I'm on weather - cannot for the life of me get the difference between sgothach, gaothach, ceothach and reothadh to stick.
  11. Not even a Hibs fan but it is impossible to see past the cup final. Scottish football's game of the decade. 'what a moment this is...'
  12. The London Review of Books has taken its paywall down until mid January, which is great if you're into longform articles.
  13. Pronunciation is quite hard isn't it. I'm doing Duolingo but second guessing myself - on the 'food' module and I can't help but pronounce idir as basically 'eejit' with a soft t, and is the sound at the end of 'biadh' supposed to be a g sound? That's what it sounds like when the guy says it.
  14. Made a big batch of cider last year with the apples from my garden. No apples this year, blaming climate change.
  15. Fired in an application for the €50 tickets at the Hampden games and the potential game vs England at Wembley. Not expecting anything but you never know.
  16. Got my wife two tickets to Edinburgh vs Southern Kings in January for her Christmas. Any tips for someone who hasn't been to Murrayfield before? You can buy booze in the stadium can't you?
  17. Utter nonsense. The man has dreamt of being prime minister for 50 years - he's not resigning until he gets kicked out.
  18. The trouble McLeish had was that he couldn't choose anyone apart from Robertson as who else was a stick on to start every game? Doubt Clarke will change it now, certainly not to either of the two mentioned, but if the vacancy had arose now you might give it to McGinn or McKenna or someone. Who the captain is is an overrated question anyway. All it really means is which player has to do more media stuff - most of them are probably happy to have less to do.
  19. Anyone know of any in the Linlithgow/Falkirk region? Think I'm going to head out tonight on the hunt
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