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  1. It was stated in the BBC Scotland walkround of the hotel that each player has their own room
  2. To go back to what initially started the chronic Gascoigne chat - I was fairly impressed by Foden in the English team. Didn't do too much on Friday night but you could tell he's a player. The bit early on where he brought the ball down out of the air before getting caught offside was very good and would have deservedly been compared to Gascoigne in 96 if he'd made anything of it.
  3. There was an "Oh, Stephen O'Donnell" chant in the pub I was in when he tackled Grealish. Absolutely superlative.
  4. 🎵 all to play for, all to play for, Scotland's still got, all to play for! 🎵 https://youtube.com/watch?v=mVUMJyh9P3Y&feature=share
  5. I had this at the weekend too. Turns out there is a cure.
  6. It's a shiter for O'Donnell because he has been good for us in recent games. But if you don't drop a player after that performance, when do you. Can see Clarke starting Forrest.
  7. Yeah yesterday was a good reminder that believing in anything - especially Scotland - is a surefire route to disappointment.
  8. Also doesn't help that people had been in the stadium since 11 o clock - I've never seen a less 'refreshed' Scotland support.
  9. One of those ones where you feel like a tit in the hours afterwards for briefly believing we could get something
  10. Today was I'm pretty sure literally the only time I've been in the ground and Flower of Scotland has been sung in time with the music. I thought the atmosphere was significantly better than I was expecting tbh. Last ten minutes was a bit flat once it was abundantly clear we had absolutely fucked it.
  11. The worst part is they were absolute guff. We looked good after Clarke brought on Adams at HT, the second just knocked the stuffing out of us. Even then if we'd scored anywhere up to about 80 minutes I'd have backed us to take something from the game. If you were looking at that from the perspective of 20 other countries in Europe, you're thinking 'can safely forget all about these 2 after the next week or so'. If you were looking at it from the perspective of England and Croatia, you're rubbing your hands with glee.
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