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  1. The trouble McLeish had was that he couldn't choose anyone apart from Robertson as who else was a stick on to start every game? Doubt Clarke will change it now, certainly not to either of the two mentioned, but if the vacancy had arose now you might give it to McGinn or McKenna or someone. Who the captain is is an overrated question anyway. All it really means is which player has to do more media stuff - most of them are probably happy to have less to do.
  2. Anyone know of any in the Linlithgow/Falkirk region? Think I'm going to head out tonight on the hunt
  3. Nutmeg is good but different to WSC - more serious.
  4. 23 leaflets from the lib dems is ridiculous. Have they all been different or have you been getting doublers?
  5. Haven't read a football autobiography for years but Tony Adams' was alright and I'm surprised it's not been mentioned yet. Goes into full detail about his alcoholism in a way which IIRC was quite shocking at the time. I saw a few months ago that James Forrest had had one ghostwritten. I don't want to single him out unfairly as he's an excellent player and most footballers are fairly boring, but other than Celtic-daft children who need encouraged to read more, I can't imagine who would want to read that.
  6. People always moan about never seeing a canvasser or parties 'not trying' in their area but the truth is that the manpower just isn't really there. In my experience your average constituency in the SNP has a core of well under 50 people who you can actually count on to do anything regarding delivering leaflets etc. Even then most of them tend to prefer street stalls or leafleting to canvassing. When you consider how long it takes to go door to door, the limited time available in darkness and shit weather etc, it's very hard to do much at all. Politicians will also obviously focus their efforts where they are most effective. If you live in an affluent area don't be surprised if labour and the SNP are focusing their attention on making sure your poorer neighbours turn out rather than reminding you and your statistically more Tory pals to vote.
  7. Delighted to confirm I completely lost the place for the equaliser. As clichéd as it is, the full time/part time thing really shone through, and we fell away after about 70 minutes. Pretty clear to see all over the park which was the team of professional athletes and which was the team of semi-pros. Falkirk gave away a lot of fouls which to me was at least partly down to that - just physical mismatches. Feels harsh to criticise any individual player as we were always on a hiding to nothing tonight but Slaven looked like a rabbit in the headlights to me.
  8. They're in a shite situation TBF. £32 would have felt like a snip if it was a case of win and we're through. And they can't lower the price now without shafting the people who bought tickets early.
  9. I think my wife stayed in one of them for a hen do - I remember thinking it looked like the shitest, tackiest hellhole I'd ever seen.
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