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  1. Yes and no... Either way I think Campbell's influence will be relatively minimal. Of course if we were to hold then lose a second referendum then everything will go haywire anyway but that's among the less likely outcomes. In the short/medium term any theoretical leadership election in the party will be very bland unless one of the real crazies is a serious candidate - which they won't be unless one of them can finagle their way into Holyrood. All just imo.
  2. Politically Campbell is a busted flush at this point. He and his acolytes gambled that enough SNP members would side with them against the party over indyref 2, trans rights and Salmond to give him some influence, and they are in the process of losing that gamble. No doubt he'll retain enough weirdo internet-addicted pensioners with more money than sense to give him a comfortable income but the majority of people will stop or indeed already have just stopped listening.
  3. In terms of cookbook recommendations - I've found the ones by "The Spicery" to be very good. You get a cookbook and 4 tins of spice mix that you combine in different ways to make different dishes, I've got the Indian and Mexican ones and have made loads of nice things out of them. Only potential criticism is that there's only so many ways you can combine 4 tins of spices so some of the dishes are slightly samey but still worth a shot imo!
  4. Closing your eyes helps yeah, plus 3 or 4 deep breaths before you start to settle yourself. It only really started to be a bit unpleasant for me once I got past the 2 minute mark. Looking up the world record I assumed it would have been about 5-6 minutes - these freedivers going for over 20 minutes without a breath is scary.
  5. 2 minutes 39 seconds for me on the breath holding thing.
  6. I of course sympathise with everyone's desire to eat more healthily etc but I can't decide what's more depressing - the thought of people convincing themselves that diet soft drinks taste better than the proper versions, or the possibility that they actually believe it. Absolute nonsense - they're all utterly horrible. Diet Irn Bru in particular is nigh on undrinkable.
  7. Depressing thread - all the options are very poor and pretty much all would represent a rightward/reactionary shift in the party.
  8. Notwithstanding the fact that I think most of us are agreed it should be possible to have fans in stadiums - that article is blatantly a targeted leak from inside UEFA to put pressure on the governments of Scotland, Ireland and Spain. And as such it should be viewed in the same dim light as any other multinational company which tried to throw it's weight around in order to influence government policy.
  9. When I lived down south 5 or 6 years ago watching games at my local non league club leaning over the barrier with a pint of cider in the sunshine still lives in the memory as one of the most blissful, all-is-right-with-the-world experiences I've had. Similarly, sitting in the large bars at places you go to essentially as a tourist like Dulwich Hamlet & FC United during and after games were both great fun. Equally, necking a pint of £5 Carling in 5 minutes on a crowded concrete concourse at Villa Park was completely shit. Relax things imo except for at OF and Scotland games which are too full of steaming daytrippers and whas-like-us merchants with pish patter as it is.
  10. I won't claim to have followed this particularly closely now that it has descended into process based legal stuff but my general take on it at the moment is that while there is a lot about the whole situation that is tinpot we're basically at the stage where if you're going to take Salmond at face value you have to buy into the notion that Nicola Sturgeon and a cast of thousands at the top of the SNP, the civil service and legal system conspired maliciously to jail salmond, for motives that have never been explained. And now the same conspiracy has reached the crown office etc who are doing the bidding of these people. Which isn't credible to me. The stuff about the Lord Advocate being the law officer in the cabinet in particular elicits a 'so what' from me. The alternative and much more likely explanation being that Salmond is deliberately acting the c**t because Sturgeon refused to make it go away/seems to believe the complainers.
  11. My auntie and uncle went to this game and had a half and half scarf or a ticket they kept as a souvenir or something like that. Growing up I always thought it was just impossibly glamorous that a Scottish team would play a team with as cool a name as Borussia Dortmund.
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