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  1. Escape capitalist exploitation by simply becoming one of the people doing the exploiting. Appropriately cynical bullshit for the hopeless age we live in.
  2. @NotThePars, @Kima Greggs, @Genuine Hibs Fan @invergowrie arab and @Detournement make the politics forum readable which is no mean feat- nice one m9s. Always glad to see @Baxter Parpand @WhiteRoseKilliefighting the good fight as well. @rentonhas been the overall best poster on the website over the last decade and more imo - a textbook case of consistency and quality over quantity. @Sergeant Wilsonand @Barry Ferguson's Hatthe funniest posters as several have mentioned. Some rogue shouts from left field to finish with - you have to salute @The_Kincardine's indefatigability and he's an enjoyable poster if you can ignore the content. I was also extremely pleased to see the return this year of @oaksoft- one of the few posters whose posts I would stop to read on any topic which is surely the very definition of Box Office.
  3. Mate, gonnae just post the Top 50 footballers list please.

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