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  1. Just to add a cracking game in general. Both team going he’ll for leather for the win. Good atmosphere and crowd.
  2. FT Arthurlie 2-1 Beith. Healy last minute winner.
  3. Fair point, just the way it works out I suppose, league is more important than cup games and they seem to be cropping up on a more regular basis recently. I suppose 3 is not too bad.
  4. A very tight league where everyone can beat everyone else on their day. Who would have thought Peasy would have ran Darvel so close or Hurlford would loose to the Lang at home. One issue I am starting to see is that there is still too many cups and it stops clubs gaining momentum. out of our last 4 games (including next week) we will have only played 1 league game.
  5. Rob Roy 0-2 Arthurlie Carroll with a screamer from the edge of the box and Simeon with a 2nd after a flowing move starting from the back. 2 weeks in a row Rob Roy have been well beaten by us. Barely had a shot on target over the 2 games.
  6. I am not saying it is right but I am saying I can understand it. Arthurlie don't do it anymore and I am glad but possibly it could be that Darvel have decided to keep doing it. It was a regular thing at cup ties up until 4/5 years ago.
  7. Why? I have seen plenty of clubs operate the practice of only giving tickets to people they don't recognise. Also it was well known an East Ayrshire clubs had a gate in a separate part of the ground where they told some of their own supporters to go to avoid having to give out tickets. For years Arthurlie took the decision, no matter who the opponent, to operate gate checkers after an incident with an East club who tried to give us so little money it was embarrassing. Now actively avoiding (cheating) giving your opponents an accurate cut of the gate is far worse than having gate checkers is it not? Not saying Talbot did or do this, have had plenty of cup ties at Talbot and never once thought they did this practice (their committee is the gold standard at this level of football!) but plenty of other clubs have!!
  8. We only have 6 points as we lost our appeal against the reduction the other night
  9. Who was the referee? That looks painful. Hope the player gets back playing quickly.
  10. No and none. 4-0 after 15 mins the Steven McNeil went off injured and they brought the back up keeper on but he can’t be blamed for any of them. In fact Arthurlie finished with 10 men for the last 5/10 as Mick McNeil got injured after we made all our subs. Scorers were Smith (3) Healy (3) Layden (2) Simeon McGregor Carroll
  11. Brilliant from us today. Not a fault in the team. Could have been a few more too.
  12. Perhaps but it may put people off travelling on the day when they aren't guaranteed to get in. Is there the chance that a supporters club could bulk buy as a portion of our supporters clubs may not be able to purchase online if it is determined to be a high demand game. To go further, this process could exclude those without bank accounts or with no or limited access to internet. I actually thought the original idea of giving tickets to visiting clubs to sell was a better and fairer idea. As I said earlier this is not all Pollok's fault but at the same time there must be a better way of dealing with this. BTW how does the club determine a high demand game and what happens if a non high demand game reaches capacity with say a large unexpected walk up crowd?
  13. I saw it mentioned somewhere that the incident happened on Closeburn Street which is the street opposite the ground.
  14. I should think they would have to find a way as Pollok should have to set aside a certain % for travelling fans. If you don't do that what is to stop clubs from not selling to away supporters by going all ticket and only selling to their fans making games a mockery (BTW not suggesting Pollok are doing that in any way just giving an example) It such as shame as the first competitive Pollok v Arthurlie game at Newlandsfield for several years would have been well attended by fans of both sides and now potentially only a small number of visiting fans will get the chance. Also just to add in response to Paul's point above its all well and good saying it was communicated through social media but plenty of people don't use that and there are plenty of fans who don't like or want to buy tickets online. I feel for Pollok as it is not of their own doing but they need to do a better job or the league needs to step in to ensure that away fans get a fair allocation.
  15. I find it bizarre that pollok are selling tickets to the away fans? How can they know they are selling to away fans and not just to random people or their own support who missed out on tickets? Shouldn’t it be up to the visiting teams to decide how their tickets are distributed? Something needs to be done about this.
  16. The issue are more related to remedial work that would have to be done to the terracing, toilets, barriers and other areas like exits as we would run into the same problems that Pollok have had and we would probably be in a worse position for this to be resolved. However these are no insurmountable just takes planning and funding.
  17. I can get it if only the first team was being scrapped but they are also doing away with everything above under 18s and their ladies team but it makes no sense and I doubt it only has to do with a senior team as my understanding there was no funding required from Harmony Row and they were self sufficient. I believe that it is more to do with individuals and not money.
  18. Ok 4 leagues apologies. So here for me is the key question what guidance was received from the SFA? If the guidance was to call the game off then fair dos it’s out of the leagues hands but we know the advice from DCMS was to allow the leagues/organisers to decide. If the SFA stated to call them all of there is not much the league can do as the SFA provide the match officials and I am guessing that if they say it should be cancelled then that means referees are unavailable.
  19. you still had a choice to stick up for your members. You could have said we will show respect by asking teams to hold a minutes silence and wearing black armbands. Another question. I thought the South Challenge Cup was operated by all 3 leagues? Does the secretary have the authority to make a unilateral decision without consulting the 3 leagues or representatives there of?
  20. Last I heard the SYFA games were going ahead tomorrow including the Scottish Cup so if you are looking for football that might be an option. I can't understand why clubs were not given the option to choose to play or not. My workplace didn't shut today (although for political reasons some things were scaled back) so why is football shutting tomorrow? Seems that the Scottish FA didn't want to take any flack from certain sections as the English games were all called off. I am not a royalist but I admired the Queen's public service but you should be able to go about your business however you choose how or if you want to show respect for the passing of someone, be it a family member, friend or public figure you can choose that too. Poor decision by the authorities including the West of Scotland League who should be asked why they came to this decision by the clubs. PS not all football was cancelled when King George V passed away.
  21. It depends what is says in regards to the competition as suspensions are specific for those comps. Don’t know what is says for the boy.
  22. I kind of find it symmetrical that our first win back in the premier came against the team that relegated us!!
  23. His videos are great and great advocate for football in Scotland!!
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