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  1. Sorry, just to be clear I was be generic. There was never a winter shutdown in the juniors but there was a we don’t play on public holidays. So when you could (weather permitting!) play games you weren’t actively encouraged or outright blocked from doing so. Example we wanted to play on a midweek afternoon on a public holiday between Christmas and new year to play catch up but were told no. I am hoping that won’t be the case in the WOSFL.
  2. I would be hopeful that the league encourages clubs to play games at non regular times (ie Friday/Sunday) throughout the season including over Christmas and new year when in the juniors there was a shut down. I know players are part time and need time with their family but consequently there is a chance for clubs to bring in fans. A balance could be found imo.
  3. Not sure if they can be dual members but they couldn’t just play in the cup (is my understanding) but also the league too. Hibs and Berwick were dual members being in the EOS and Stranraer had a team in the SOS.
  4. McLaughlin came from us back then and you also had Stevie Convery from us too. Clyde became a bit of a who’s who of junior football. Which made sense when the management and coaching staff were from the juniors.
  5. Thanks. I wasn’t able to open the file with their proposal in it. Reading it here it looks even more ridiculous. I agree with your point. I get the feeling they are proposing this to make it as easy as possible for them to reach a higher division. This should be rejected out of hand by the clubs and shown for what it is.
  6. What are the merits though? Players don’t all come from the town or indeed area where the clubs come from so travelling is a red herring. Local rivalries don’t attract the crowds they used to so again for me it’s a red herring. Then there is competitive balance. If your a bigger club in a weaker conference then you have an unfair advantage on other clubs in a stronger conference. I agree with Colin’s point (or the SFAs) that we are one region why go back to splitting them into conferences inside that region is not a good idea going forward.
  7. My understanding is that it was the SFA the decided it as they are now terming youth football as up to under 18 and anything above as adult meaning that it no longer fell under the purview of the SYFA.
  8. Well good evening sunshine. Hope your doing ok petal and those big meanies running the social media at the league aren’t causing you so much chagrin.
  9. I agree it makes sense with the leagues the way they are with teams across the west and east areas cutting down on travelling time and associated costs.
  10. As you should. To have come from where you were to this point is an outstanding achievement and having got to know a good number of the club over the time I know the hard work that has been put on by a lot of people. The seethe is to be expected sadly which is a mixture of jealousy and trolling. It shows that your doing something right when people act like this [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. I’ve never understood the regional argument for conferences. Players don’t come from one town or area anymore so the i don’t see the sense in it. You want to play against the best and challenge yourself. If you play the same teams week in week out it breeds apathy and does nothing to further the game imo.
  12. Why? It’s not hurting anyone. The only people it could hurt would be themselves with embarrassment if something went wrong. All clubs who have got or will get their license this season should be congratulated and hopefully it will encourage more clubs to do so. Clubs like Bankies, Cumnock and Irvine Meadow are showing how it can be done with self financing and Darvel showing their ambitions with funding from a private investor (which there is nothing wrong with before people start of that thread!!) into improving their facilities. Improved facilities will (hopefully) encourage more fans into games at this level and with the additions of floodlights see the mad dash at the end of the season becoming less of an issue in some of the leagues!
  13. Was there not mention of a couple of SPFL sides looking to enter teams? I heard a couple of names but they escape me right now.
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