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  1. 100% agree with everything you have said there Satori. Three goals gifted to Whittlets with Craig Gordon not having much to do sums it up. Going forward we created a number of half chances and some good ones too but some decent keeping and last ditch defending kept us out. I agree I thought we are looking for structured and working harder and there is some improvements and McDuff and McLaughlin look decent players and certainly worked hard. Onto Dalry and hopefully a better defensive performance will help us get 3 points.
  2. If it was abolished it would lead to higher memberships fees we were told when we thought about proposing it.
  3. Can’t disagree with that assessment. We gave them 3 goals while passing up numerous chances with a combination of good keeping, defending a poor finishing doomed us today. 3rd goal was a belter.
  4. Emmm, Arthurlie have indoor toilets as well as out door toilets. We could just shut down the outside ones if it came to that or put a roof over them!
  5. Really impressed today. Thought we were outstanding for most of the game. Even after going down to 10 men we had all the chances. Was impressed but the new youngsters McDuff & McLaughlan making their full debuts. All players worked their socks off and deserved the 3 points.
  6. I didn’t say that, I know what it involves and I am not trying to take anything away from the clubs that went and got licensed. I was expressing my opinion on this topic about the future of junior football and posts on it. Anyway I have expressed my opinion and tried to describe why I have that view.
  7. But its well documented that clubs know only way they can get licensed is to join the pyramid. It’s no surprise that clubs that moved across went and got licensed.
  8. It’s all about opinions. Mine is different from yours in this regard. That’s life. Most clubs in the top 2 divisions in the west have or will at least know what is required for club licensing. For some it will be a deciding factor but for most it will be who is going to move.
  9. It’s a fair point but clubs know what they can and cannot achieve moving to the pyramid. Trying to look for the posts on the topic is becoming harder and harder.
  10. Excellent article which tries (and succeeds) in giving balance to the whole debate. On another point, this topic seems to keep getting hi jacked by other matters that have no impact on the discussion. Who cares what’s happening in other countries it has nothing to do with this topic. Like wise Camelon getting a licence is big news for them, and they deserve nothing but praise for that, but had nothing to do with the topic in hand.
  11. Again I don’t disagree but some anonymous poster on pie and bovril isn’t going to sway the chairman of a club who have been told (wrong) information from a trusted body. As I have said all too often through this process there should have been statements giving clear and concise facts to combat misinformation. That has been going on since 2008 at least with £250k toilets etc. There hasn’t even been a statement to say there is no more PWG meeting. This allowed for a statement to go to clubs that said negotiations are ongoing when quite clearly there not.
  12. I agree with most of what you post but why take a shot at the clubs? This is the sort of misinformation that has been spread by people in power to sow doubt into the decision making process of clubs. This is what happens when there is a vacuum of information whoever puts information out there first is normally believed as a trusted source. If clubs don’t want to go for whatever reason they shouldn’t be ridiculed as seems a section on here want to do.
  13. I’m guessing your message is for me. I don’t know where the £350k has come from but as you are aware I looked into this a few years back and it was nowhere near that amount for floodlights, but it wasn’t to far away when an astroturf pitch was added in but we wouldn’t be doing that. I am not trying to say it would be easy or cheap but it can be done. Other clubs are doing it without sugar daddies etc, it can be done and wouldn’t be anywhere near what you are quoting and that’s only if we go for a licence (although I don’t see the point in being in the pyramid and not trying to get one)
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