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  1. I kind of find it symmetrical that our first win back in the premier came against the team that relegated us!!
  2. His videos are great and great advocate for football in Scotland!!
  3. Spot on. Dominated the ball on the first half. Second half the red cards meant meadow had more of the ball without doing much with it. First red card was a red for me, second I thought was harsh especially as it was given for an elbow which from my angle it wasn’t. Aaron was magnificent today and thoroughly deserved his goal. Great performance by us in the sweltering heat.
  4. As I said on another thread that not always but someone screenshot the SFA suspension list with him on it and it will have transferred with him so he was suspended on Saturday. It hurts more as it is likely that you will lose the result and be fined and the player will still miss the next 2 games.
  5. It can depend as some reds only count in that competition but looking at the screen shot above it says recognised team game meaning he should have missed yesterday. Seems a slam dunk three points, fine and player will now miss the next 2 games.
  6. Thought your second goal was offside and so did a few of your fans I spoke to at the end. Listen I didnt think they make some terrible decisions but both missed some very obvious calls both ways and both had moments of hesitation. I agree with your comments on the ref.
  7. TBH thought 3-1 flattered but no arguments over the fact bankies very much deserved the win. I think with the amount of players we had out today or not fit enough to start (7 with at least 5 of them starters on top of players playing out of position) and then 2 loose 2 players during the game, one with a very serious head knock which resulted in him being taken to hospital, I am not to disheartened to loose to a team who should be up their challenging. A word on the match officials today. We had a 16 year old linesman and the other couldn't have been any older than 20. It was an impossible situation to put them into and both looked out their depth but that may have been down to nerves. I am guessing the sfa are struggling but it won't do much to their development doing games like that when they are not ready. No excuse for the result but just would worry me if this is going to continue. At times we would have been better without them letting the referee judge.
  8. They will have not have built it without expressions of interests or concrete bids from parties and they cannot show bias to one bid over another due to where the team is based. Just remember that KRR chose to move away from Adamslie without a new ground built and chose the money over security. Its not up to the council to bail them out of their current situation unless the bid is the best for the community (which I would guess it will be!)
  9. It has nothing to do with Scottish Government unless they are using their funding to build it and if that is the case they would be well aware of what is happening.
  10. I agree with you on that but you can't just decide to give it away to one organisation without letting others make offers. I would think the offers are more about what you can do for the community rather than just finances.
  11. Why? The council owe KRR nothing and there only objective should be to get the best value for money for the residents of East Dunbartonshire. The council are building this with public money for the benefit of the community its not like KRR are contributing anything too this currently (I believe they have plan to expand further using their own funding for that).
  12. No worries, for what its worth I feel for KRR but I also think clubs shouldn't be moving ground until the alternative is in place. Baillieston is the best example of this and it cost them their very existence. I've been involved (quite a while back now!) in relation to Arthurlie moving ground. The first condition of any discussion was that the new ground had to be ready to move into before we would finalise any deals. Several promising options were looked at but none that worked for the club, hence we are currently still at Dunterlie. KRR has been kept going by a hardcore fan base, tireless work by the committee and especially their manager and they all deserve credit for that, but, I do think some of the comments from them around the ground development are (to me anyway) almost like wanting the council to bail you out because of your mistake you made and that they should be give the ground no matter what. Sadly they have made their bed and have to lie in it. I hope it gets sorted and if their bid is the best then they can move forward back in kirkie then great.
  13. IIRC I think the expectation was that they were going to build their own place with profits made on the sale of the land that the ground and social club were on. They ran into difficulties with SEPA as they intended on building it on a flood plain. I think the council run facility was always an alternative plan but that doesn't mean that is the reality. The council has to get the best value for money for the residents. I am sure if the KRR proposal is the best then they will get the lease but there are other parties interested (I previously heard Glasgow City were one).
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