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  1. Here is the UK Government’s announcement last week. It is not the lottery money and is mainly made up of loans https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-300-million-sport-winter-survival-package-to-help-spectator-sports-in-england
  2. Pretty sure you are talking about 2 different things. The money for the Welsh teams is from the National lottery and the money or loans in England are from the UK Gov as part of wider money to sport in England and targeted at below the Football League due to the ongoing discussions with the PL to find them. The SG could get consequentials out of it for it but it depends on how the UK Gov term it as they have not given consequentials for other things funded in England through a technicality very recently. The Big Lottery in Scotland have apparently given the money to sports in Scotland (I am sure that I read it somewhere) and the SFA are looking how to distribute it which will hopefully lead to some funding for clubs soon.
  3. I’m not sure it will as it is mostly loans and the UK Government at the moment seem to be taking money from other policy areas or from future budgets meaning there are no consequential funding for the devolved administrations. Hopefully this is different but with the loans to the governing bodies I am not sure how that will work.
  4. Your missing my point though which is that it might not be our politicians that have missed the trick its maybe England and Northern Ireland that have. We don’t know the evidence provided to governments say. Personally I think we should have the evidence and the government should treat people like adults and provide as much detail about why decisions are taken.
  5. I know and agree with your point regarding that players not being paid out with the Super 6, which has also been called off. I wasn’t doing it as a comparison was just making a general point that other sports have been cancelled and clubs that have chosen to play should be thankful for the decision taken to allow them to keep playing.
  6. It could be worse. Scottish Rugby today called off the entire club rugby season. At least there is football at this level and maybe we should be thankful rather than shouting for more exceptions for fans to return.
  7. Having worked with Jason Leitch on an issue relating to creating a safe working environment for a key sector I can tell you that he and PHS look right across the world to what is happening but just because one country does it doesn’t mean others should. At the end of the day the politicians are given advice and choose to follow it or not. It maybe that the health professionals in England didn’t want fans at any games but the politicians decided it was ok at smaller venues. My best guess would be that is the case given that when Liverpool area moved to the highest level of restrictions (prior to lockdown) they told fans not to go to games. Most if not all posters on here are not privy to the discussions and evidence being given to the politicians on this issue so we might never know what the reasons are.
  8. Jason Leitch answered the question on a radio advert regarding crowds at our level. The issue (as I have said many times in the past few weeks) is not exclusively the people in the ground it is travelling. The advice that PHS have given SG is the people travelling unnecessarily is causing an issue (hence the travel guidance becoming law as of Friday which I think is overreach by SG).
  9. My point was in relation to fans being not allowed in. It is down to the guidance provided which I believe doesn’t require the wearing of masks as long as social distancing is being observed. The difficulty for the league organisers is enforcing any guidance as they will not have the resources that the SPFL would have. People have to trust the processes being put in place and observe them. So far it seems to going really well and well done to the clubs for that and hopefully fans get back in soon to help them out financially but I think there are still a few hoops to jump through and the vaccine will have no impact on what happens in the short term. It all about following the rules, bringing the numbers down and then things will get back to normal. The vaccine at that time in the spring will help keep numbers down but there are still a ways to go no matter what some people on here think.
  10. I really don’t think the grounds are the issue it having people travelling that the SG/PHS have an issue with. They don’t want people travelling in level 3 or 4 for events like football. They are treating football the same all the way down the pyramid and I can’t help but think this is due to the argument that was made that we are professional and allowed to start hence treating all the same with crowds as there seems no sensible argument to not allow crowds back in socially distanced. One other point is I would guess many clubs at this level won’t have a defined capacity due to not having a licence so I do wonder if that might be an issue for clubs when it comes to how many are allowed in.
  11. John Boal was one of the best people I have ever met. Loved Beith and you could see that with the passion he had for them. He provided me with some sage advice on a number of occasions and always invited me in for hospitality when visiting bellsdale. Get well soon John.
  12. There isn’t one. The guidance won’t allow teams to play unless they are in level 0, 1 or 2. With many teams in level 3 they can only do non contact training in small numbers. Need to wait until the levels drop to allow the league to start if possible. Also issue if league starts then the next week different teams fall back to level 3 or 4 then they couldn’t play until coming back out.
  13. Sorry thought i had read that on your thread. Will change the post.
  14. On a side note does anyone really think committees are going to make decisions that will impact on their long term viability? Of course they aren’t. Clubs are making decisions that they think are right for them and the only people they have to justify it to is their members.
  15. To tell someone not take it personally when they have just stated they are suffering online abuse and it causing them stress is poor form. People who run clubs are volunteers and shouldn’t be subjected to abuse wether direct or indirectly. It’s just a game. They have explained why it happened believe them or not it happened and maybe people should just move on and leave the abuse where it should be.
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