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  1. I’ve said it before that in the summer I spoke to a number of people involved with clubs in the west who all said similar thing and that was they were very likely to consider not renewing the junior membership for next season. One told me that they did it due to not being able to consult with their fans but having read messages online it is was likely fans were happy to not renew. Another said they did it as they had to make the decision quickly but regretted it as the couldn’t see how the junior cup could ever be fitted into the season without it being regionalised as it will possibly be a midweek tournament as other tournaments will take precedence. I did hear another person say that their club would likely use the junior cup for their development squad and fringe players as it is totally devalued. It’s a sad end but hopefully it can be completed next season for the 5 (I think) clubs remaining. After that it should be put out to pasture imo.
  2. Completely agree with most of what you say. Those clubs could have put their foot down and said no we are going to stay. John Fyfe would have still been involved as he moved to the SJFA, I’m pretty sure Felix McKenna would have stayed given some of his comments you could have them recruited a management committee from the remaining clubs. I think they chose the east option but I firmly believe in the long term it will have been the right one. Year 1 has been as mess due to the pandemic but once the league have settled down after a year of the conferences then most if not all the clubs will be where where they previously were. The delusion of grandeur comment is what got me and we know the clubs this is aimed at. It’s poor form for a manager who has been involved as long as he has in the game. Clubs want to be successful and will go about it in different ways, some will get money from investors and some will do it through fund raising no 1 way is wrong. I firmly believe that the league, which is already attracting more interest than the previous equivalent in the juniors, will go from strength to strength and will offer a pathway for clubs to find their level in the game and to move up if they find success rather than creating a glass ceiling. The juniors had its day and could have been in the position that the leagues find themselves now but those at the top didn’t want it and ridiculed and talked down to people who wanted a successful pyramid, myself included. I wanted it to be as part of the juniors but that wasn’t to be.
  3. Does billy actually understand that nothing really changed and to add that he would have still been classed as professional and offered the option to play if he had stayed junior!! The move allows clubs to find their level and that was the point of this. I do agree though that clubs should have proper enclosed stadiums but the juniors did allow both Gartcairn and Rossvale to join and gave them time to get their grounds up to order which should be allowed to any clubs wanting to joining the WOSFL should be given too. His argument about something between professional and amateur is a nonsense as that might of been how it was back in the day but it’s not been seen like that in a longtime. Clubs should always be part of their community and being part of the WOSFL should not alter that. Did have to laugh at the old TJ line of Wednesday night in Elgin are we sure it wasn’t him who wrote it!!
  4. Thanks for clarifying, your right but I do think clubs will look to improve facilities for a number of reasons including the facilities will need updating etc. Clubs will naturally find their levels and the whole point of the pyramid is to allow that.
  5. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sport Scotland’s funding taking a major hit. The main reason for this will be the knock on effect of the delays in criminal trials which can lead to confiscation orders (they can be done without criminal trials/convictions but still need to go through court). This will see less money heading to the crown to be distributed through cash back for communities sadly.
  6. Why do you think it will end up like the juniors in the west? To judge things in year 1, which is taking place during a global pandemic is wrong. I know of a number of clubs up and down the leagues who are looking to improve their facilities and I have no doubt that when others see for themselves the improvements will consider what they can do. The east clubs have done well getting to the position that they are in but the west clubs are 2 years behind. If things are progressing in 2 years then criticism should be directed at the clubs no doubt.
  7. Oh I know. I was in the room and to be fair it wasn’t all Ayrshire clubs some were very open to it but they were in the minority but for some it was down to travelling for fans. I always felt that the SJFA missed a trick in that they should have spoken to the premier clubs before hand to try and assuage the fears of those clubs. I and the club were for it and thought it was a really good idea. The fellow ‘central’ clubs in the room were mostly in agreement but there was one who was against. I am coming round to the suggestion that an exception can be made for Harthill due to the meters involved in being over the boundary.
  8. Considering the amount of complaints from clubs at the WRJFA meetings about travel between Ayrshire and Lanarkshire I can’t see some clubs being to happy about adding West Lothian into the fold.
  9. Thanks again Colin for clarifying and that eases some of my concern in regards to that. Still would prefer set boundaries but as I said as that currently doesn’t exists then there is nothing to stop them applying.
  10. I just want to clarify that I have no issues with these clubs as they are not doing anything wrong. My issue is that there is no boundary and that the 3 leagues almost a year after the wos was set up still haven’t sorted it. My other issue is that the clubs from the east juniors COULD get an advantage in the they would only be one step away from tier 6, where as, if they had gone to the EoS they would have had to start from the bottom that’s my bigger issue.
  11. Thanks for clearing some of the points up. Still feel it was unnecessary to mention the East Junior clubs but it is what it is.
  12. 100% this. I know that there has been a lot going on this season but I cannot understand how this issue is only being discussed now!!
  13. I have no idea, but again why not make a bland comment about there being a number of interested clubs? Why specifically mention the east juniors? There was no need. There has been plenty of speculation but now what Mr Boyd has done confirmed its more than that. Why?
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