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  1. Not that I have heard but they will have to have one with either a SPFL/LL/EOS/WOS/SOS team to enter the league. They would have to play under that teams name also which is strange why they don’t mention it.
  2. Firstly I don’t think it’s the 9th or 10th time? secondly if your not insinuating that he dives then why mention it? And lastly have you been at every game he has won a penalty this season. I thought it was soft but speaking to people behind the goal after the game they all thought the defender fouled him. What wasn’t called for was your 5 trying to dig up the penalty spot. That was totally uncalled for and then when going head to head with our striker running away to try and avoid a yellow card (along with making gestures to the crowd). The referee was poor yesterday and as you say he didn’t impact the final result.
  3. To be fair I think the referee was poor for both sides. He missed 2 penalties for Arthurlie before awarding the 3rd shout which I thought was soft. It was good to have a really atmosphere back at Dunterlie. Hope it can continue.
  4. Massive 3 points for Arthurlie today over Shotts. Puts us 2 points behind with 3 games in hand. Good crowd too, looked like around 600.
  5. It extremely frustrating for all clubs that are remaining but especially those who have been played these teams who have lost points. Players work hard every week only to find out weeks/months later that it was all for nothing. Plus the costs of hiring pitches etc. Very hard for the league too especially when 5 of the teams have been from one conference.
  6. This seems extremely harsh considering in the past clubs have been given a slap on the wrists by the SJFA when there fans have shouted racist abuse at an opposing player.
  7. Maybole 0-2 Arthurlie. Simeon and Smith with the goals.
  8. Thought the Arthurlie v Whittlets game was one of the best games I have seen at any level for a long time. Both team wanting it and never backed down. Thought whittlets were deserving of at least a point but will take all 3 to go back to the top of the table.
  9. Arthurlie beat Maryhill 2-1 so it will be us facing Bens in the next round.
  10. Went along to the game and it was the first time I had seen Darvel since they beat us back in the championship. Was disappointed in their performance but it really was a good tactical coaching and playing performance from Pollok. Pressed at the right times and took their chance when presented. On the opposite hand thought it was poor from Darvel. They never adapted to what Pollok were presenting them with tactically and never really looked like scoring after going a goal down. With the experience that they have at their disposal they certainly looked like they lacked leadership.
  11. Now I know you are talking pish!! Your having a laugh with Ultras!! Bye now.
  12. You have no idea who I am so don’t cast aspersions. I was at the Glasgow Uni game and never saw a thing like you mentioned. Pray tell what did you see?
  13. I’ve obviously been on the wrong committee as I paid for the privilege. As for being intimidated by our support I take that as a compliment but sadly most of those people are no longer around. Anyway you must soon be running out of IDs for all these accounts that get banned.
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