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  1. Better today. Still gave away some sloppy goals but felt we could have got something from the game.
  2. I give credit when it’s due and have given it to the manager when it’s due (check my other posts from earlier this season). Maybe I am wrong about the budget (I don’t think I am) but he had a squad of 21 players at the moment all of which he has signed maybe he should be signing better ones. Your right we are not the team we once were but I expect better than some of the performances I have witnessed over the last 3 seasons. The manager took a tough job and did well getting us towards the top last season, but he hasn’t fixed any of the issues from last season. All we do is lump the ball forward and hope for a second ball to break our way. It’s horrible to watch. The score line flattered us today and if Beith took their guilt edged chances and Craig Gordon didn’t pull off some good saves it would have been double figures. Ps well done for the snide Mr Arthurlie comment. There are far deserving people of that moniker who have done way more than me. I’m just a fan (now) who wants my team to do well. If Sinky takes us forward I will be the first one back on here congratulating him but I don’t think he is. Football is all about opinions, no need to try and dismiss mine by make snide comments.
  3. Great suggestion. I mean the committee would be massive if anyone who expressed an opinion on the club. I (and others) just want the best for the club. Just because we disagree with the manager doesn’t mean we need to join the committee. Fans are allowed to have opinions and to state them. Ps I did 9 years on the football committee and other years helping out as well as having served on the social club committee before that.
  4. What does it matter what names are mentioned? So because we haven’t mentioned names we should stick with a manger who is clearly not good enough? Resources are not the be all and end all. Coaching, tactics, motivation and being able to spot a player are more important. Our budget will be one of the better ones at this level and we are not producing. He is it fully responsible but we are terrible at the back and he hasn’t fixed it. This isn’t only about today this is about the season as a whole where we have only played well in one game!! Personally I would love to see a young manager to take the team forward.
  5. Score line flattered us today. Wasn’t expecting much today but that wasn’t good enough. He has time to fix the problems of last season but has failed.
  6. Totally agree with you on that. My work do a lot of social media posting and the difference with having someone with experience in that field is night and day.
  7. Totally agree that it was papering over cracks for a long time. I and others over that time haven’t done a good enough job of keeping the fans interested. There was attempts but at the same time there was also a sense of being risk adverse. What the club needs is a boost. Get the enjoyment back by playing winning/good football. I would have games where we would take donations at the gate. I would have sponsor days to try and attract new sponsors. I would get someone to film the games (even if we had to pay) to boost the reach of the club and finally work with agencies and organisations in Barrhead to put the club at the heart of the community.
  8. Maybe it will turn out better than last seasons but we should be aiming for promotion. If we aren’t good enough to go up whose fault is that? Our fan base is dwindling (the Petershill game attendance was pitiful) and I know of many long time Arthurlie supporters (myself included who now pick and choose what games to go to) I have followed Arthurlie home and away for over 20 years and on and off for 10 years before that and I haven’t witnessed an Arthurlie team this bad or badly organised. I’m sick of watching it tbh. The club need to do something to energise the fans or we will keep on falling away. I hope I’m wrong but I haven’t seen any evidence this season (other than the Shotts game) that I am wrong. Sorry for the rant but it’s been bugging me for a while.
  9. The Arthurlie team last season at times played some great football and scored a good number of goals. But they also could be a soft touch and conceded a high amount of goals most of which were of a similar making. The manager signed 2 defenders in the summer both from Neilston. One has worked out but the other is out injured. We are still making those mistakes and it’s costing us. We are good enough going forward imo but we keep conceding goals. Until the defence is sorted will won’t be coming back up unfortunately.
  10. It’s a fair point and maybe giving someone new a chance just now could improve the chance of going up.
  11. Didn’t make it there but after our last 4 performances (we have steadily been in decline since the shotts game) results like this have been coming. We are nowhere near good enough to go up and unless something drastically changes another year beckons in the championship. I have never been Sinclair’s biggest fan and gave him the benefit of the doubt as he didn’t have the time to build his own squad last season. But he has this season and hasn’t rectified the issues from last. We still concede sloppy goals we still look devoid of ideas when teams get physical with us and he has no idea how to change the game when things aren’t working. I’m not calling for a change (yet) but he has to improve and get the team playing better or soon it will be time up.
  12. They have but very few committees have changed. It was proposed to copy the model used by the EOS. We supported it as it would have suited us to have the 20/21’s play on a different day allowing easier access to them for a Saturday. If it is to happen it will be long overdue and should be welcomed!!
  13. This was proposed by East Kilbride Thistle a few years ago with very support from other junior clubs.
  14. Totally agree. Glad to hear the management encouraging and demanding they play the ball on the deck. If we are to go up we need to rid ourselves of our inconsistency as the better team (of which we have only played one so far) will beat us.
  15. Agree with most of what you said apart from we never looked like losing. Other than the penalty Peasy had the better chances. Only a couple of good saves from Craig Gordon prevented them from scoring. It was a very poor performance and yet again we played hoof the ball up the park. Peasy had a centre forward at centre back in the second half and yet we continued punting the ball forward. We created very little in the second half and not much more in the first. A draw was a fair result on the balance of play imo but we were very poor. I know we have a lot of players out just now but the changes that were made were baffling. What we were doing wasn’t working. Why not make changes tactically. We took McKay off and brought on Slick and punted the ball at him. Why?? The only player who got pass marks were Rossco, Tam & Craig Gordon, other than that it is was embarrassing. It was like watching us last season at times. Kindlan did ok on debut as well but looked a but unfit and hopefully he can get there.
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